Marie: Thanks for the update.  Here is the small amount of information I have on the Sellers side of the family.  This was just given to me and has not been verified.  I don't seem to have much time to spend on my genealogy these days. SELLERS, Davis John  b.1830 d.? m. 1853  Mary Sellers (maiden name unknown) b. 1835  d. ? Children: Luther           b. 1854  d.  ? Francis          b. 1855  d.  ?  (Female) John              b. 1857  d.  ? Malinda        b. l859  d.  ?  (Married John McMillian-date unknown) Louisa           b. 1860  d.  ? T.A.             b. 1866  d.  ? (male twin-name unknown) T.W.            b. 1866  d.  ? (male twin-name unknown) Loyd            b. 1868  d.   194?  (Lloyd Joseph-ex-husband's father) m. Anna Maria Kerner 1885  d. 1963 W.A.            b. 1869  d.  ?  (William) Some additional notes:  On the census records for Eldora Township, Hardin County, Iowa on Sept. 3,1870 Davis John Sellers was listed as David Sellars. He was born in Ohio and Mary was born in North Carolina.   First 2 children were born in Illinois and the last 7 were born in Iowa. They settled in Des Moines, Iowa. Lloyd Joseph Sellers was known by family and friends as  Joe Sellers.  Anna Maria Kerner had 6 children by her first husband Carl Schwab.  They were Anna,Carl,Louise,William,Adelaide (Carol) and Francis(Frank).  Lloyd Joseph and Anna Maria had two children. They were Gene Sellers and Mary Ethel Sellers Landenberger.(Later changed her first name to Merry). William A. Sellers(wife unknown) had  6 children.  Lloyd,John,Gladys,Edna,Ethel & Verna. Hope this will help a little with the Sellers family page. I appreciate your entering  this info. as I wouln't have any idea what to do.  I have a scanner, but have not gotten it hooked up yet.  When I come  across any more info, I will send it on.  Merry Sellers Landenberger passed away last year and her daughters have been giving me some info. Please advise the new address for the new list you will be on so that I may subscribe.  Have a great day and let's keep in touch.  Thank you! Pat Charais Sellers