"Patrick Riedel" <>
Subject:  [DBY] Sellers in Derbyshire

I am descended from a Samuel Sellers, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Sellers
who was born in Debryshire in 1655. His grandfather, Robert Sellers married
a Mary Francis and he died in Belper in 1618. Any information on any of
these people would be such a big help to me. Thanks!!

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PATRICK - Our SELLERS discussion group would love to hear of your family  =
Name, Date, Place =
We have some working on the England families and perhaps you could help each other-
We are slowing trying to connect/document the children of  Samuel 1655 and their kids and esp son Samuel 1690 on down.
YOUR family Would be Welcomed and Appreciated.
marie, iowa

I am descended from Mary Sellers, daughter of Samuel and
Anna(Gibbons)Sellers. She was born in 1687 and later married William
Marshall. I have several genarations back into England and the line up to
the present. Any help we could exchange would be great.
                                    Karen Riedel

KAREN - Thank You - I don't think we have a copy of Mary Marshall/Vernons children. If you'd like to share their names, ages, who married and Where Went would really appreciate.

We have MARSHALLS in OH closely associated with our SELLERS and have never known exactly where they came from. MARSHALLS have been around us a Long Time, maybe before WM? or closely associated.

I'm sure some of our SELLERS would appreciate sharing info. We have a discussion group, share and collect family documents and save them on county/state pages with addresses to whoever is working in this area, etc.
I haven't worked on the SELLERS 'overseas?' , but, understand, they have Some Good Church records. Our Other SELLERS are more knowledgable than I am on them and perhaps we can all help each other.
THANKS for Sharing, marie, iowa