Subject:          Descendants of Samuel Sellers    Date:          Sun, 27 Sep 1998 01:48:44 EDT    From:       1.  Name: Elisha Hugh Sellers                                  Born: August 04, 1807  In Brunswick Co., NC -came to AL with other  members of his family in 1835    M.   Married:        March 20, 1834       In California       Died:     January 03, 1883     In prob. CA.-later he migrated to California,  where he          married       Spouse:   Harriet T. Thomas  I think that the CALIFORNIA location is incorrect; however, I have no  documentation to prove otherwise.    Descendants of Samuel SELLERS:    FIRST GENERATION    1.  Samuel SELLERS1,2,3,4 was born on 17 Apr 1788 in Brunswick County,  North Carolina.2  He moved on 29 Jan 1835 to Missouri Beat, Pike County,  Alabama (25 mi. NE of Troy on the Three Notch Road).2  He died on 11 Jul  1857.2  He died on 12 Jul 1857 in Pike County, Alabama.3  He was buried in  Sellers Family Cemetery, Inverness, Pike (now Bullock) County, Alabama.2  According to Patricia Dodd GREATHOUSE, the Sellers Family Cemetery is on  the Alabama Register of Landmarks.    He was married to Sarah STANALAND (daughter of Hugh STANALAND Sr. and Sarah  OGEDON) on 31 Jul 1806 in Brunswick County, North Carolina.2,4,5  Marriage  bondsman was Henry MINTS; Witness was John GAUSE, Jr.  Sarah STANALAND1,1,3  was born on 4 Aug 1786.1  She died in 1867 in Pike County, Alabama.5  She  was buried in Sellers Family Cemetery, Inverness, Pike (now Bullock)  County, Alabama.5  Samuel SELLERS and Sarah STANALAND had the following  children:         +2      i.      Elisha Hugh SELLERS.         +3      ii.     Samuel Joseph SELLERS.         +4      iii.    Sarah Margaret SELLERS.         +5      iv.     Calvin SELLERS.         +6      v.      Luther Rice SELLERS.         +7      vi.     Cornelius Walton SELLERS.         +8      vii.    Hosea Pickett SELLERS.         9       viii.   Hannah SELLERS1 was born on 12 Mar 1818.         10      ix.     Nathaniel SELLERS1 was born on 8 Sep 1819 in North Carolina.5         +11     x.      Gamaliel SELLERS.         12      xi.     Elizabeth SELLERS1 was born on 23 Jul 1823 in North Carolina.5         +13     xii.    Louisa SELLERS.         14      xiii.   Mary H. SELLERS1 was born on 14 Jan 1826 in North Carolina.5,1         +15     xiv.    Rebecca Jane SELLERS.         +16     xv.     Harriet Caroline SELLERS.  SECOND GENERATION    2.  Elisha Hugh SELLERS1,1 was born on 4 Aug 1807 in Brunswick County,  North Carolina.5  He moved after 20 Mar 1834 to Alabama.1  He died in 1883.    He was married to Harriet T. THOMAS on 20 Mar 1834 in North Carolina.1  Harriet T. THOMAS1,1 was born on 8 Dec 1815.  She died on 14 Sep 1881.  Elisha Hugh SELLERS and Harriet T. THOMAS had the following children:           +17     i.      Harriett Luann SELLERS.         18      ii.     Penelope SELLERS1 was born on 28 May 1835.         19      iii.    Elisha A. SELLERS1 was born on 19 Sep 1836.         20      iv.     Asa F. SELLERS1 was born on 26 Mar 1838.         21      v.      Martha C. SELLERS1 was born on 17 Feb 1840.         22      vi.     Armantha M. SELLERS1 was born on 12 Dec 1841.         23      vii.    Evander D. SELLERS1 was born on 7 Nov 1843.         24      viii.   Harriet L. SELLERS1 was born on 16 May 1846.         25      ix.     Doherity Winfield SELLERS1 was born on 13 Nov 1848.         +26     x.      Robert Wade SELLERS.         27      xi.     Infant SELLERS1 died in 1855.  He was born on 7 Mar 1855.         28      xii.    Travis W. SELLERS1 was born on 11 Nov 1856.  He died on 15 Jul 1857.         29      xiii.   Dorentha SELLERS1 was born on 17 May 1859.    3.  Samuel Joseph SELLERS1,5 was born on 9 Feb 1809 in Brunswick County,  North Carolina.5  He died between 1890 and 1900.5    He was married to Rebecca FOWLER on 15 Mar 1835 in Pike County, Alabama.5    4.  Sarah Margaret SELLERS1 was born on 2 Nov 1810 in Brunswick County,  North Carolina.5  She died before 1854.5    She was married to William THOMAS in 1833.5    5.  Calvin SELLERS1 was born on 5 May 1812 in Brunswick County, North  Carolina.5  He appeared on the census in 1840 in Pike County, Alabama.5 He  appeared on the census in 1850 in Pike County, Alabama.5  He died on 25 May  1898 in Clay County, Texas.5  He moved to Texas.5   He was married to Elizabeth Jane Thomas on 28 Mar 1833 in Columbus  County, North Carolina.5    6.  Luther Rice SELLERS1 was born on 29 Sep 1813 in North Carolina.5  He  died in 1871.5  He moved to Pike County, Alabama.5  He moved to western  part of Jefferson County, Alabama.5    He was married to Margaret CRASWELL in 1840.5    7.  Cornelius Walton SELLERS1,5 was born on 17 Feb 1815 in North Carolina.5   He died on 24 Mar 1871 in Bullock County, Alabama.5    He was married to Cydia Eason THIGPEN on 31 Dec 1839.5  Cydia Eason  THIGPEN5 was also known as Ciddie.5    8.  Hosea Pickett SELLERS1 was born on 27 Apr 1816 in North Carolina.5  He  died on 24 Oct 1902.5    He was married to Elitha THIGPEN in Nov 1841.5    11.  Gamaliel SELLERS1 was born on 15 Jan 1822 in North Carolina.5  He  lived in Perote, Pike (now Bullock) County, Alabama.5    He was married to Kisiah PARTIN.5    He was married to Susan SPENCER.5  Susan SPENCER5 was also known as Susie.5    13.  Louisa SELLERS1 was born on 13 May 1825 in North Carolina.5    She was married to William CHILDS in 1845.5    15.  Rebecca Jane SELLERS1 was born on 16 Dec 1827 in North Carolina.5,1    She was married to John R. CHILDS on 26 Jun 1844 in Pike County, Alabama.5    16.  Harriet Caroline SELLERS1 was born on 24 Sep 1830 in North Carolina.5    She was married to George W. PARTIN on 10 Mar 1853 in Pike County, Alabama.5   THIRD GENERATION    17.  Harriett Luann SELLERS1 died on 5 Oct 1915.1  She was buried in Lee  Cemetery, Winnsboro, Wood County, Texas.1    She was married to James Allen DYKES (son of Capt. Wilson N. DYKES CSA and  Susannah Croley HUTTO) on 18 Jan 1882.1  James Allen DYKES1 was born in  1849 in Perote, Pike (now Bullock) County, Alabama.1  He moved in Nov 1884  to Wood County, Texas.1  James Allne DYKES and his family traveled by train  to Texas, where they were met by his brother Osbon DYKES, who had moved to  Texas earlier.  He died on 13 Nov 1909.1  He was buried in Lee Cemetery,  Winnsboro, Wood County, Texas.1  Harriett Luann SELLERS and James Allen  DYKES had the following children:           30      i.      Mary H. DYKES1 was born on 20 Dec 1883 in Pike County, Alabama.1  She lived in 1973 in Tyler, Smith County, Texas.1         31      ii.     Cora Dykes DYKES1 was born on 9 Jun 1885 in Center Point, Wood  County, Texas.  She lived in 1973 near Quitman, __________ County, Texas.1         32      iii.    Huey Manora DYKES1 was born on 17 Sep 1887 in Center Point, Wood  County, Texas.  She died on 6 Dec 1965.  She was buried in Hopewell  Cemetery, Wood County, Texas.1    26.  Robert Wade SELLERS1,1 was born on 19 May 1852 in Sellers Cross Roads,  near Perote, Bullock County, Alabama.1  He died on 5 May 1935.1  He was  buried in Sandfield Cemetery, Zebulon Baptist Church, Pike County, Alabama.1    He was married to Elizabeth REEVES (daughter of John Hamilton REEVES and  Lydia Margaret STANALAND) on 24 Dec 1879.1  Elizabeth REEVES and Robert  Wade SELLERS were married on Christmas Eve, 24 December 1879 at her  father's home by Thomas BENTON, M.G.  Elizabeth REEVES1 was born on 29 Aug  1849 in Pike County, Alabama at the 14 Mile Post on the Three Notch Road,  north of Troy.6  She appeared on the census in 1870 in Pike County,  Alabama.  She died on 31 Jan 1905.1,6  She was buried in Sandfield  Cemetery, Zebulon Baptist Church, Pike County, Alabama.6  Robert Wade  SELLERS and Elizabeth REEVES had the following children:           +33     i.      Acie Bibb SELLERS.    He was married to Nettie PARTIN after 31 Jan 1905.1    FOURTH GENERATION    33.  Acie Bibb SELLERS1 was born on 31 Jan 1881.1  He died on 25 Aug 1935.1   He was buried in Headland, Henry County, Alabama.1    He was married to Fletcher Gertrude BASS on 12 Dec 1904.1  Acie Bibb  SELLERS and his wife, Fletcher Gertrude BASS were killed in an automobile  accident on 25 Aug 1935 and had a double funeral.  Fletcher Gertrude BASS1  died on 25 Aug 1935.  She was buried in Headland, Henry County, Alabama.1  Acie Bibb SELLERS and Fletcher Gertrude BASS had the following children:           +34     i.      Blanche Gertrude SELLERS.         +35     ii.     Robert Dell SELLERS.   FIFTH GENERATION    34.  Blanche Gertrude SELLERS1 was born on 1 Jan 1906.    She was married to __________ BIVENS.1  Blanche Gertrude SELLERS and  __________ BIVENS had the following children:           +36     i.      Frances Gertrude BIVENS.    She was married to L. G. SWORD.1  L. G. SWORD and Blanche Gertrude SELLERS  were living in Mt. Dora, __________ County, Florida in 1974.    35.  Robert Dell SELLERS1 was born on 22 Mar 1908.1  He died on 5 Sep  1968.1  He was buried in Memory Hill, Dothan, Houston County, Alabama.1    He was married to Evelyn ODOM on 1 Sep 1928.1  Robert Dell SELLERS and  Evelyn ODOM had the following children:           +37     i.      Franklin Bibb SELLERS.         +38     ii.     Robert Darby SELLERS.   SIXTH GENERATION    36.  Frances Gertrude BIVENS1 was also known as Toots.1    She was married to Robert MARTIN.1    37.  Franklin Bibb SELLERS1 was born on 30 Nov 1931.    He was married to Dorothy Nell MC KAY on 26 Apr 1957.1  Franklin Bibb  SELLERS and Dorothy Nell MC KAY had the following children:           39      i.      Susan SELLERS1 was born on 29 Mar 1958.         40      ii.     Franklin Bibb SELLERS Jr.1 was born on 12 Sep 1959.         41      iii.    Sarah Kathryn SELLERS1 was born on 31 Oct 1968.    38.  Robert Darby SELLERS1 was born on 5 Feb 1939.    He was married to Margaret OWENS on 17 Jun 1966.1  Robert Darby SELLERS and  Margaret OWENS had the following children:           42      i.      Curtis Darby SELLERS1 was born on 12 Mar 1968.  SOURCES    1.  Samuel, Dorothy Stanaland.  "The Descendants of Hugh Stanaland, an  early settler of Pike County, Alabama".  Brown Printing Company,  Montgomery, Alabama 1974, Re-Print 1986.  2.  Sellers genealogical information from various SELLERS researchers. All  information with this source should be considered "UNDOCUMENTED" unless  other sources are provided.  <>.  3.  John Phillip Johnson.  "The Ancestors of Rebecca and Rachel Johnston".  Troy State University Press, Troy, Alabama, 1976.  4.  Clark Heaslett Watters and Elizabeth Stone Watters.  Some Descendants  of William Sellers, who was in Tarboro, North Carolina in 1750.  Clark  Heaslett Watters and Elizabeth Stone Watters, 1418 Johnston Drive,  Anniston, Alabama, 36201. 1974.  5.  Patricia Dodd Greathouse.  E-Mail, Subj:  Samuel Sellers Descendants.  <>.  6.  Pike County Historical Society, Troy, Alabama.  "The Alabama Historical  Quarterly, Vol. XXXV, 1973, Nos. 1, 2, 3, & 4, Pike County Alabama Tomb  Records, sponsored by the Pike County Historical Society, October 26,  1972." and Papers of the Pike County, Historical and Genealogical Society,  VOL. XXXV, Nos. 3 and 4, 1996.  Milo B. Howard, Jr., Director, Alabama  State Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama, 1973 (for  "The Alabama Historical Quarterly, Vol. XXXV).
I need information on the Sellers of of Pike Co., Alabama.  Would appreciate any help.

                  marie sellers hollinger <>

PATRICIA - thank you for sharing SELLERS!

I would appreciate discussing your JAMES and ALICE HODGSON SELLERS and
how you have documented them to SAMUEL and SARAH STANDLAND SELLERS -

SAMUEL SELLERS born ca 1787NC, married 1806 BRUNSWICK CO, NC to Sarah
Stanaland, Bondsman = Henry MINTS; Witness = John GAUSE, Jr.

ELISHA SELLERS born ca 1740/1801 will of 1801 BRUNSWICK CO, NC, proven
in 1813 lists SAMUEL SELLERS as an heir in the division of his land.
Therefore, the connection.
But, we do have more than one SAMUEL SELLERS also!

Would appreciate you sharing what info, etc you have on JAMES and ALICE-
THANK YOU Patricia,
marie, iowa

Kenyatta D. Berry,

Would you look-up in WFT 1-7 the following Sellers?
Thanks for this service
1.  George LaFayette Sellers b. 14 March 1875 d. 9 Apr. 1930 Troy, AL. Pike

2.  Jackson D. Sellers b. 13 Mar. 1849 d. 19 Sept. 1906  m. Victoria Frances
3.  Julius Sellers b. 9 Oct. 1873 d. 22 Jun. 1895 marrried 13 Dec. 1837 Pike
Co., AL to Eliza Reeves
4. John Wesley Sellers married Cora Livingston
5.  Matthew I Sellers b. 4 Jun. 1873 d. 23 Oct. 1940 married Annie Pittman
6.  Grady Sellers (lived in Montgomery, AL) married Chester Renfro
7.  Walter Lee Sellers b. 14 Feb. 1886 d. 9 Apr. 1963 married Emma Chancellor

8.  Samuel J. Sellers b. 26 Nov. 1883 d. 27 Mar. !963 married Lillie Mae or
Lilla Pittman
9.  Lon Sellers and Becky Paul
10.  J. D. Sellers married ???????? Veasey
Thanks again!


           Fri, 20 Jun 1997 21:51:47 -0700
           marie sellers hollinger <>

PAT - thanks -
CENSUS info does NOT prove much=
SOMETIMES, they had another name or initials they used - makes it hard
to trace and SOMETIMES, census taker spelled it differant !

1830 PIKE CO,AL=
B.R. SELLERS, page 23, Southern dist
James SELLERS, PAGE 28,   "       "
KNIGTH SELLERS,page 23,    "       "
JESSE B. REEVES, page 18, Southern dist

1840 PIKE CO, AL
ALMOND L. SELLERS, PAGE 365  (his children are listed under his

1850 PIKE CO, AL
Z.SELLERS 27/37? nc, page 277
Eliz 33 GA
Jesse 11 Al
Martha 8 Al
Mathew 7 Al
Rebecca 5 Al
DANIEL 2 Al (WHAT was JACKSONS middle name?)

WM P. REEVES, page 172

1860 PIKE CO, AL
JULIUS SELLERS, page 396 , Brundidge twn (READ CENSUS for NAMES)

1880 PIKE CO
H.C. 12M AL

1900 PIKE CO, AL
JACK D. SELLERS 51 -3/1849 AL
FRANCY 50 - 9/1850 AL
JOHN 28/38?AL
MARTHA SELLERS48 (2/1852 AL) M=mother????(read actual census and
Nettie BARNES 18 AL servant
LEWIS COOPER 26 AL servant

did NOT prove much-

PIKE CO,AL has land deeds from 1830 - we probably need to read to
seperate these SELLERS-

marie, iowa

           Sat, 21 Jun 1997 20:19:02 -0700
           marie sellers hollinger <>
> Thanks for all of this wonderful information. Are you researching the Sellers
> of Pike Co., AL, also.
> Pat
PAT, I have the SELLERS FAMILY GENEALOGY PAGE and WORK on trying to help
others connect SELLERS -
By sharing our charts/info and posting under that county/and links to
that member - HELPS others come/look/search!
I am sure YOU have a page - probably whatever you sent me - the first
time and I usually link to your county you started and WENT is very
important - I should have looked before I wrote! marie, iowa
ADVISE, if any links don't work and other info!

There are Sellers on the Greathouse side of my husband's father's side of the
family and his mother was a Sellers.
I have a copy of a pamplet written about The STANALAND AND SELLERS.  It was
written by W. F. Stanaland, Sr., a grandson of both Huey Stanaland and Jesse
T. Reeves, in the State of Alabama, PIKE County, November 1st, 1945.

Two pioneer families from South Carolina in early 1800 or between 1800 and
1803,  the young and newly wed Huey Stanaland and his wife and Jesse T.
REEVES and wife came to Alabama.

If you e-mail me your address, I will copy this information and mail it to

Patricia Dodd Greathouse

PAT, yes, would enjoy reading/checking=
WE do have a chart on part? of this family, but, I do believe you had
another line entered and would appreciate looking at it - NEED to check
out EACH lead!

Marie Sellers Hollinger
12871-285th St
Mason City, Iowa 50401-9118

        Wed, 23 Jul 1997 22:08:40 -0400 (EDT)

Marie and Wes,
This is the information that I have on your Sellers.
Cornelius Sellers born 1815 NC died 1871 AL married 1839 to Cydia Thigpen.  I
did not have any children listed under them.  I was glad to know about Joseph
Samuel Sellers and would love to have more information on him.
His father was Samuel Sellers born 17 Apr. 1788 Brunswick Co., NC died 11
July 1857 Pike Co., AL married 31 July 1806 Brunswick Co., NC (Bondsman:
Henry Mints; witness: John Gause, Jr.) to Sarah Stanaland born 1786 NC.
 Children: 1. Elisha Hugh Sellers b. 1806 NC married Harriett Thomas b. 1815
SC  2. Sarah Margaret Sellers b. 1808 d. bef. 1854 married William Thomas 3.
Samuel J. Sellers b. 1810 Brunswick Co., NC married 15 March 1835 Pike Co.,
AL to Rebecca Fowler
4.  Calvin Sellers b. 5 May 1812 BrunswickCo., NC died 25 May 1898 Clay Co.,
married 28 March 1833 Columbus Co., NC to Elizabeth Jane Thomas  5.  Luther
R. Sellers b. 1813 NC Margaret   ???  6.  Cornelius Sellers and Cydia Thigpen
  7.  Hosea Pickett Sellers b. 1816 NC To Telitha  ???  8.  Gamaliel Sellers
b. 1821 NC
(lived in Perote, AL) married ??Keziah or Susie Partin??  9.  Elizabeth
Sellers b.1823  10.  Louisa Sellers b. 1825  11. Rebecca Jane Sellers b. 1827
married to John G. Childs on 26 June 1844 Pike Co., AL  12.  Harrett C.
Sellers born 1831 married to George W. Partin on 10 March 1853 Pike Co., AL.
 Samuel's father was Elisha Sellers b. c1744 NC died 16 Nov. 1801 marrried
1st wife Sarah; 2nd wife Mary Willets;  Elisha and Mary's children:  1.
  Samuel Sellers and Sarah Stanaland 2.  Matthew Sellers b. c1760/1770/1780
Brunswick Co., NC died 12 Nov. 1849 Pike Co., AL married Sara Jane Ward b.
1796 NC d. Pike Co., AL.  3.  John Bryant Sellers (youngest son) died a minor
 4.  William Sellers  5.  Thomas Sellers  6. Willets Sellers  7. Sarah
Sellers married McClelland  8.  Mary Sellers married Singletary  9.  Ann
Sellers Peoples Mintz.  This Elisha Sellers' father was Benjamin Sellers d.
1761 Edgecombe Co., NC married Sarah Hickman b. 1738 d. 1816 Edgecomb Co., NC
(father: Nathaniel Hickman).  Benjamin and Sarah's Children:  1. Matthew
Sellers and Esther Neal 2. Joel Sellers and Amelia  3.  Elisha Sellers and
Mary Willetts 4.  Jeconias Sellers b. 1746 d. 1813  5. Mary Penelope Sellers
b. abt 1747 and Arthur Robbins 6. Simon Sellers b. abt 1748 d. 1817 and
Winney Baker  7. Benjamin Sellers b. 1740 d.Oct 1817 Brunswick Co., NC and
I do not have William Sellers of Tarboro as the father of Elisha Sellers born
1744 NC died 1801 NC.   P. S.  Marie Wes' e-mail addresss was return as not
an aol address.
Patricia Dodd Greathouse

        Thu, 24 Jul 1997 19:10:28 -0400 (EDT)

James Sellers and Alice Hodgson are not the parents of Samuel Sellers and
Sarah Stanaland.  Another relative gave me this information and after further
research, I found that the information was not correct.
John Perry Greathouse is the son of John Greathouse and Martha Sophronia
Martha Sophronia is the daughter of Dohority Winfield Sellers and Mary
Matilda Dykes.
Dohority Winfield is the son of Elisha Hugh Sellers and Harriet Thomas.
Elisha Hugh is the son of Samuel Sellers and Sarah Stanaland.
Samuel is the son of Elisha Sellers and Mary Willetts.
Please excuse me for posting the wrong information in my query.
John Perry Greathouse married Fannie Lou Sellers.
Fannie Lou is the daughter of George LaFayette Sellers and Martha "Mattie"
Rebecca Amos.
George L. is the son of Jackson "Jack" Daniel Sellers and 2nd wife: Victoria
Frances "Fannie" Morgan.
Jackson D. is the son of Julius Sellers and Elizabeth "Eliza" S. Reeves.
Julius is  the son of Matthew Sellers and Sara Jane Word.
Matthew is the son of Elisha Sellers and Mary Willetts.
Elisha is the son of Benjamin Sellers and Sarah Hickman.

Forwarded message:
From: (Mary in AZ)
Date: 97-08-23 13:09:04 EDT

Hi Pat,

On Greathouse I show the following in Alabama Notes 4 by Flora England-
Page 65

Bibb County, AL Minutes of the Probate Court, 1872-81,pg 56.
W. J. Greathouse, admr of est. of H.W. Hodnett..
p.577 14 Apr 1879. Bal. in favor of admr.  No list of heirs.

On the Sellers family in this volume it shows the 1850 and 60 census of
Wilcox County for a Samuel Sellers family, C.C. Sellers family and in 1860
an Eliza Sellers family.

Volume 3 has nothing on the Dodd or Greathouse families.
On page 39 it shows the Bible record for William Thomas Sellers and Mary
Givhan, married in Perry County on Oct. 8, 1891.
Their children and some other marriages are here.  Let me know if you are
interested in this and I will type it up.  It's a full page and I won't
send it unless you want it.

           marie sellers hollinger <>
           1 wrote:
> ---------------------
> Forwarded message:
> To:
> Date: 97-08-24 20:20:32 EDT
> Hi Pat,
> I believe that my husband's great grandfather was possibly a slave of
> the Threadgills of Anson County. i have not written for any will, estate
> inventories, etc. But i do have some Threadgill information that was
> sent to me by others. i will forward the information to you.
> Linda

PAT - thanks - SOME of my indexes are NOT up-to-date=

CAN you show me where the SELLERS married into THREADGILL's?

AND perhaps NOT connected BEFORE that date?

Thanks for sharing,
marie, iowa

Harold is doing research on Pike Co., AL ancestors.  Harold Grant was a Prof.
at Auburn Univ.  He has retired from Auburn.  I have been sending him
information about the Sellers and the Greathouses.
Dr. W. Harold Grant   
201 Jackson Circle
Midland City, AL 36350    home phone 334-983-3086
Another Sellers researcher:  He is not on line.
James B. Jolley
209 Westview Drive
Enterprise, AL 36330
home: 1-334-347-6148    Goes to Enterprise, AL on Tuesday, phone:

Forwarded message:
Date:    97-11-10 20:32:32 EST
From:    PGreatho01

I do not have an Allen Sellers listed under Julius Sellers and Eliza Reeves.
These are their children:
1. Jesse 1839
2. Martha 1841
3.  Matthew 1843
4. Rebecca 1845
5.  Jackson Daniel 1849
6.  Eliza 1853
7. Geore W.  1855
8.  Julia Anne 1858
9.  Frances 1862
10.  Manda   ????


Julius S. Sellers b. 9 Oct. 1813 Brunswick Co., NC (farmer); 1860 Age:
22 June 1895 at age: 81 yrs. 8 mo. 13 days, in Pike Co., AL buried
Cem. in Pike Co., AL  md. 14 Dec. 1837 by B. W. Hodges, J. P. in Pike

 Father: Matthew Sellers  b. 1768 Brunswick Co., NC d. 12 Nov. 1849 Pike

AL (DAR # 430728 & DAR #495454) buried in Catalpa, AL md. abt. 1803
  3rd wife: Jane Ward b. ca 1783 NC ( DAR # 763240) d. 18 Jan. 1848 Pike

AL near Troy. AL .

  ( This is my husband's Maternal Sellers' Line.  We are connected to
Sellers on the Maternal side and Paternal side. Robert Otis Greathose,
Lou Sellers, George LaFayette Sellers, Jackson Daniel Sellers, Julius S.

Sellers, Matthew Sellers, Benjamin Sellers, & Elisha Sellers.)

 Wife: Elizabeth "Eliza"  S. Reeves b. 30 Aug. 1818 GA ( 1860 Age: 42)
March 1897 Pike Co., AL 73 yrs. 6 mos. 25 days, buried Catalpa Cem.,


 1.  Jesse  b. 5 Jan 1839 Pike Co., AL( 1860 age 21) d. 26 Jan 1890 Pike

AL buried Catalpa Cem.

 2.  Martha b. 1843 Pike Co., AL ( 1860 Age :17) md. Amos Turner.

 3.  Matthew b. ca1843 Pike Co., AL md. 19 July 1863 Pike Co., AL  Emily

 4.  Rebecca b. 1845 Pike Co., AL ( 1860 age: 15) md. John  A. Ross.

 5. Jackson Daniel Sellers b. 13 March 1849 Pike  Co., AL  ( 1860 Age:
19 Sept 1906 Pike Co., AL bur. Catalpa Cem.across St. from Ebenezer
Church  md.   14 March 1867 Pike Co., AL to Frances " Fannie" Victoria
b. 13 Sept 1849 Pike Co., AL d. 6 July 1912 Pike Co., AL bur. Ebenezer
Pike Co., AL. Parents: Reuben Raney Morgan & Francis Malone Nance.

 6.  Eliza  M. Selleres b. ca1853 Pike Co., AL ( 1860 age: 7)

 7.  George Washington Sellers b. ca1855 ( 1860 Age: 5) md Elizabeth

 8.   Julia Anne b. 19 July 1858  Brundidge, Pike Co., AL ( 1860 age: 2)
Sept. 1941 Pike Co., AL bur. Catalpa Cem., md. Seborn or Seaborn R.

 9.  Frances "Fannie"  Victoria  Sellersb. 2 Aug. 1861 d.  22 May 1935
Co., AL  md.12 March 1882 to Joseph T. Evans b. 18 Oct. 1862 d. 18 Aug.

  Their children were Iola, b. March 1883, d. ?; Minnie Lee, b. 2 July
d. 19 May 1978; William Alto, b. Oct. 1891; Julius Gay, b. Aug. 1894 d.
June 1929; Lilly M. b. May 1889.

 Joseph's parents were John R. Evans b. 1813 NC d. 29 Feb. 1884 Pike
Caroline Qutler (?) b. 1817 NC d. 23 March 1889 Pike Co., AL.  John and
Caroline had at least 10 children.
REF: Family Bible; 1900 Census Covington Co., AL; ED 36 Sheet 23;
license, Covington Co., AL, 12 March 1882; 1840 Census Pike Co., AL, p.
63/389; 1850 Census Pike Co., AL, p. 232; 1860 Census Pike Co., AL, p.
1880 Census Pike Co., AL ED 147 Sheet 39; Info. found 3 Aug. 1998 in
titled Genealogical Society Of Okaloosa County, Ft. Walton Beach, FL,
4; Winter 1982, Issue 24, Letter telling his family history written by
Robert E. Smith of Annandale, VA on 3 Sept. 1982 , p. 101-105, Frances
Sellers'  family on p. 104.

 10.  Amanda "Manda"  "Pet"  Sellers b. ca 1853 Pike Co.,  AL md Jacob