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  old newspaers, mostly of
North East.  ( go back to 1700's)

Bear in Mind - HALL and SELLERS printed newspapers in ------here - after
a while, you will know if just published by them or an article on
SELLERS or Whoever you are searching -
Extracted some to give you an idea - probably more than I realized -
Very Good, marie, iowa

October 31, 1765 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #37043
October 31, 1765
The Pennsylvania Gazette

Imported in the Myrtilla, Captain Caton, from London, and to
be sold by WILLIAM << SELLERS>> , At his Shop, in Arch street,
between Second and Third streets, two Doors above Isaac Jones,
Esq; a neat Assortment of Books and Stationary, among which
are, BIBLES and Prayer books; GobbsArchitecture; Price
Carpentry; LoveSurveying; Robertson, Wilsonand
PatounNavigation; HerveyLetters and Meditations; Ditto
Letters to Westley; NewcombeHervey; Cole, Dyche,
Baileyand JohnsonDictionaries; FenningBook of
Knowledge; Spectator, Guardian and Tatler; The Rambler,
Universal and Female Spectator, Adventures of a Guinea, &c.
&c. Virgil, Horace and Ovid Delphini, and various other School
books; an Assortment of Chapman Books and small Histories; a
Collection of the best Plays single, and Variety of
entertaining and instructive little Books for Children.

Also Writing Paper of different Sorts, by the Ream or
smaller Quantity, embossed and marbled Ditto, Parchment, Ink
powder, Quills, Sealing wax, and Wafers, Memorandum books,
Scales and Dividers, Slates and Slate Pencils, Leaden Ink
pots, black Lead Pencils, Penknives, Temple Spectacles,
Variety of Copper plate Copies, Blank books, &c. &c.
May 30, 1765 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #35906
May 30, 1765
The Pennsylvania Gazette

CUSTOM HOUSE, Philadelphia, Inward Entries.

Sloop Mary, E. Butler, from Halifax. Brig Jane, J.
<< Sellers>> , Boston. Brig Charming Polly, R. Wilson, Ship Rachel,
W. Hardcastle, and Ship Planter, J. Atkinson, Liverpool. Sloop
Jane, J. Cook, Honduras. Ship Joseph, J. Crew, Cagliari.
Schooner Martin, T. Haddon, Schooner Little Peggy, O. Galt,
Sloop Nancy, E. Core, and Schooner Nancy, L. Parker, Virginia.
Sloop Sally, T. Albertson, Maryland. Schooner Elizabeth, F.
Feariss, Antigua. Schooner Industry, B. Darrell, Barbados.
Schooner Phoebe, D. Lawrence, Jamaica. Sloop Cape Fear Packet,
T. Mulford, and Sloop First of August, T. Barnes, N. Carolina.
Snow Elizabeth, J. Montgomery, Newry. Sloop Polly, A. McKenny,
Bermuda. Schooner Speedwell, T. Jackson, N. Providence. Brig
Bristol Packet, S. Eustace, from Bristol.

OUTWARDS. Brig Minerva, J. Burrows, for Madeira. Brig
Patty, P. Long, Jamaica, Schooner Dolphin, W. Budden,
Montserrat. Snow Barbados Packet, W. Greenway, Barbados. Sloop
Betsy, T. Rogers, and Ship Joseph, J. Crew, Newfoundland.
Sloop Mary, B. Hinson, Coracoa. Brig Nancy, C. Lyon, and Sloop
Mary Ann, J. Mitchell, St. Kitts. Schooner Martin, T. Haddon,
Virginia. Schooner Rose and Rebecca, J. Sharp, Pensacola.
Sloop Sally, T. Albertson, N. York. Schooner Polly, J. Erwin,
for Antigua.

CLEARED. Sloop Three Batchelors, P. Deady, to Maryland.
Sloop Patience, J. Evans, Schooner Kensington, F. Moon, Sloop
Sally, H. Harrimond, Brig Liverpool, W. Dow, Schooner Newburn
Packet, W. Allibone, and Brig Jane, J. << Sellers>> , N. Carolina.
Sloop Success, T. Matthew, Montreal. Brig Francis, S.
Brownlow, and Brig Mansfield, W. Sutton, Jamaica. Sloop
Deborah, J. Waterman, Schooner John, J. Whitemarsh, and
Schooner Dolphin, J. Smith, Boston. Sloop Dove, D. Ferguson,
and Schooner Susannah, R. Albertson, New York. Sloop Manby, J.
Ford, Virginia. Ship Prosperity, S. Strawbridge, and Ship
Hope, J. Ross, Cork and Gr. Britain. Sloop Dolphin, J. Adams,
Tortola. Schooner Phoenix, N. Gardner, St. Kitts. Brig Miriam
and Ann. W. Haselton, and Brig Tobago, J. Scott, Antigua.
Sloop Mulberry, A. Boys, Pensacola. Ship Ann, J. McClure,
Lisbon. Sloop Elizabeth, J. Harvey, Madeira. Sloop Elizabeth,
O. Morgan, to Virginia.
October 22, 1761 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #27492
October 22, 1761
The Pennsylvania Gazette

Shippensbourg, July 11, 1761.
WHEREAS the Wife of the SUBSCRIBER was most inhumanly MURDERED
on the first Day of the Date hereof; and as it is supposed to
be done by the aftermentioned Persons, viz. ABRAHAM FREEHOLD
and ROBERT BROWN; The said Abraham Freehold is about 5 Feet 5
Inches high, 35 Years of Age, of a dark Complexion, down Look,
and one Shoulder higher than the other; had on a Regimental
Coat, blue faced with red. Robert Brown, about 5 Feet 6 Inches
high, of a pale Complexion, long Visage, and long pale Hair;
wore a Thickset Coat, of a Snuff Colour; he is about 19 or 20
Years of Age. Any Person or Persons apprehending and securing
said Persons, so as they may be brought to justice, shall have
TWENTY POUNDS for each, or FORTY POUNDS for both, paid by me


N.B. FREEHOLD is a Deserter from the Jersey Regiment.
BROWN was formerly a Soldier in the Pennsylvania Regiment, and
was Waiting man to Lieutenant Colonel GEORGE ARMSTRONG.
July 23, 1783 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #68867
July 23, 1783
The Pennsylvania Gazette

NATHAN & DAVID << SELLERS>> , CONTINUE as usual the Manufactury of WOOL
and COTTON CARDS, on the North Side of Market street, near Sixth street,
where they may be had at the lowest Rates.

They also carry on the WIRE WORK in all its Branches, such as ---

Rolling Screens for cleaning Flax seed;
Rolling and Standing Screens for cleaning Wheat;
Shorts Cloths and Indian Meal Bolts;
Snuff Sieves and Bolts;
Fan Screens and Riddles;
Flaxseed and Indian Meal Sieves;
Reying Sieves and Garlick Riddles;
Bricklayers and Plaisterers Screens and Sieves;
Paper Moulds, Washers and Dusters;
Spring house and Cellar Windows;
Wire Work for Safes, &c. &c. &c.

All which is done in the neatest and best Manner, on the shortest
Notice, and at the most reasonable Rates.

They flatter themselves the long Experience and great Practice they have
had under their Father (John << Sellers>> ) will enable them to execute such Orders as they may
be favoured with to the utmost Satisfaction.

Orders by Post or otherwise are carefully attended to.
They have for Sale, a few Thousand 12 Ounce Tacks.
April 11, 1781 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #66086
April 11, 1781
The Pennsylvania Gazette

CAME to the plantation of John << Sellers>> , in Darby township, Chester
county, some time in December last, two brown MARES, the one with a blaze in her face, the
other about 14 hands high,
neither brand her ear mark. The owner or owners are hereby desired to
come, prove their property,
pay charges, and take them away, otherwise they will be sold for the
same. April 4,

December 29, 1779 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #65018
December 29, 1779
The Pennsylvania Gazette

A small Quantity of Brass Wire, Of suitable sizes for Brushmakers,
drawing wire, button shanks,
sieves, riddles, &c. &c. TO BE SOLD BY NATHAN and DAVID << SELLERS>> ,
In Sixth street, between Market and Arch streets, Philadelphia; where may be had,
as usual, WOOL CARDS, of the best quality, By Wholesale and Retail.
February 16, 1780 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #65100
February 16, 1780
The Pennsylvania Gazette


The Bill entituled "An Act to enable William Clingan, Thomas Bull, John
Kinkead, Roger Kirk, John << Sellers>> , and John Wilson, to build a new Court House and Prison in
the county of Chester, and sell the old Court House and Prison in the borough of Chester,"was
read the second time, and being debated by paragraphs, was ordered to be transcribed for the third
reading, and ordered to be published for consideration.

Extract from the Minutes,