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UNION CO was made in 1813 from Northumberland


                                                        John PONTIUS 1-0-1
                                                         Frederick PONTIUS 1-2-3
                                                         Nicholas PONTIUS 1-3-2
                                                          Henry PONTIUS 3-6-4
                                                          John PONTIUS 1-2-4
                                                          Andrew PONTIUS 1-2-5*(SOME of these are kids of Anna Catharine SELLERS/Johanns PONTIUS - which are listed in some histories in UNION CO, PA (made 1813 from NORTHUMBERLAND CO)

                                                          Peter SELLARS 1-4-3

Peter Zellers listed as a private under Joseph Green's company of the Northumberland County Frontier Rangers. PA Archive 3-23-349 also a Peter Zellers PA Archive 3-23-248.


e vercellino  (View posts) Posted: 13 Apr 1999 7:00AM
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Surnames: Pickle, Bickle, Bickel, Zeller
Looking for information on Tobias Pickle/Bickle/Bickel born 1718 Germany died 1790 Northumberland county PA His 1st wife, Margredalis Zeller born 1715 Schoharie New York, died 1748 Berks county. Would like to know if Tobias served or took Oath of Allegiance during American Revolution. Thank you

ARBOGAST, ZOELLER (ZELLER?) Posted on: 20 Feb 1999, by Judy Dulles Localities > North America > United States > States > Pennsylvania > Counties > Northumberland Have DAR records for Franz Zoeller of Berks County, now Northumberland County. It list a peter Zoeller as a son. Also habe Arbogast family Bible that lists Jonathan Arbogast who married Anna Biech and...

Looking for info John Andrew Pontius, born 1745, in Tulpehocken, PA. Father- Johannes Pontius Mother-Catherine Zeller. John Henry Pontius served in the Revolutionary War as a Lt. Brother to John Andrew P., et al.
Looking for into on John Andrew's Revolutionary War service or patriotic service to this country during the Revolution of 1776 +. Please send info asap. Thank you.

J. Calland


1800 Tobias Seiller Moghentongo, Northumberland, Pennsylvania 1 2 3


Virgil Reynolds transcribed the above from copies supplied by Robin Arvickson. They were taken from the Recording Register of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania and recorded in 1802.

No. 16. For cash paid John Zeller for hauling grain to the river L 0 18 5


Index to Northumberland County PA, Administrations 1772-1813.
SEILER Valentine 1800
SELIN Major Anthony 1792
ZELLER Dubois 1812
ZELLER Henry 1791
ZELLER John 1809


ZELLER, Benjamin, page 299, Mohantango twp
ZELLER, Frederick,   "      "           "              "
ZELLER, Frederick Jr,"      "           "              "
ZELLER, Henry,          "      "           "              "
ZELLER, Tobias,         "       "           "              "
ZELLERS, Adam              339, W Buffaloe
ZELLERS, Benjamin         325    E       "          twp
ZELLERS, George            325    "         "           "
ZELLERS, John                 "         "         "           "
ZELLERS, Peter                 "        "         "           "
ZILLER, Catrout                 299 Mohanteango twp
ZILLER, Henry                    339 W Buffaloe
ZILLER, John                         "      "     "
ZILLER, Peter                         "      "     "

SELLERS, John                    338 W Buffaloe
SEILER, John                        252 Mahoning twn
SEERS, John                          252 Mahoning twn
SALLER, D.                           168 Mahoning twn
(other possibilities, if you knew neighbors)





Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, 1777-1854: Stone Valley Lutheran and Reformed Congregations about David Seller Name: David Seller Description: Communicant Event: Communion Date of Event: 9 May 1835 Church: Church Records of Stone Valley (Zion's) Lutheran and Reformed Congregations, Lower Mahanoy Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, 1777-1854


DEEDS, Northumberland County    File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Tim Conrad. 







Zeller, B.F. Letters at the Mt. Carmel or Shamokin Post Office Mar 9, 1894


Copied from History of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania  by
Herbert C. Bell  1891

                    RALPHO TOWNSHIP.

        RALPHO township borders on Columbia county on the north and
east, Coal township on the south, Shamokin on the west, and Rush on the
north.   Its territory was part of Augusta from 1772 to 1785, of
Catawissa from 1785 to 1788, of Ralpho in 1788-89, and of Shamokin
from 1789 to 1883.

 The Society of Friends has been represented in Ralpho township since
its first settlement, but no local meeting was organized until 1840,
when, through the efforts of Elida and Perry John, a number of
Friends residing in this locality and formerly connected with the
meetings at Catawissa and Roaring creek were separately constituted.
A school house and subsequently Krickbaum's mill were used as places
of worship until the present brick meeting house was erected.
        Elysburg Presbyterian Church was organized in 1850 from a
formerly connected with the old Shamokin church. Prominent among the
first members were Obadiah Campbell, William Kase, Alexander Moore,
Samuel Sober, and their families. They built a brick church edifice
and worshipped therein until 1889, when the present brick building
was erected upon the same site.  Reverends Samuel Henderson, John
Sellers, John Hudson, Mr. Williamson, David Hull, Mr. Sturgis, John
McElroy, John Caldwell, W. B. Mather, Mr. Finney, and F. F.
Christine, the present incumbent, have successively served as pastors.

Albert N Yeargers Mount Carmel, Northumberland, Pennsylvania abt 1884 Pennsylvania White Son
Annie M Yeargers Mount Carmel, Northumberland, Pennsylvania abt 1894 Pennsylvania White Daughter
Emma E Yeargers Mount Carmel, Northumberland, Pennsylvania abt 1864 Pennsylvania White Wife (Sellers, per
Mary E Yeargers Mount Carmel, Northumberland, Pennsylvania abt 1892 Pennsylvania White Daughter
Pearl E Yeargers Mount Carmel, Northumberland, Pennsylvania abt 1898 Pennsylvania White Daughter
Sarah J Yeargers Mount Carmel, Northumberland, Pennsylvania abt 1890 Pennsylvania White Daughter
William Yeargers Mount Carmel, Northumberland, Pennsylvania abt 1857 Pennsylvania White Head


REED. The Reed family of Little Mahanoy township is of old Berks county (Pa.) stock, and from the similarity of names between those of the earlier generations in Northumberland county and the posterity of the progenitor in Berks county there is no doubt that the branch in which we are interested descend from Johan Leonhard Rith, a German by birth, who was the ancestor of a numerous race. The name has undergone various changes in spelling. Johan Leonhard Rith, born in 1691, died in 1747. He was one of the many of his nationality who suffered under the terrible oppression of Governor Hunter, of Schoharie, N. Y., his being one of the twenty-three German families who in 1723 fled through the wilderness in spite of the deep snow, to the land of the Tulpehocken in Penn's Province. That these early pioneers suffered terribly is well known. The awful cold, the primitive conditions, hunger, and the savage Indians made the journey nearly unbearable, but their undying faith in their Maker, and the comforting solace of the Bible, inspired them to superhuman efforts, and they finally reached their destination, where peace was found beyond the power of the tyrant. John Leonhard Rith married Analisa Catrina, and their union was blessed by the birth of these children: (1) Johan Nicholaus (born June 4; 1715, died Jan. 7, 1788) married Maria Barbara Seibert (born May 18, 1722, died Oct. 14, 1807), and had children, Jacob, Mrs. Jacob Schaeffer and Mrs. Jacob Anspach. (2) Johan George (born in 1717, died in 1791) married Catrina Elsa, and they had children, John Leonard, Catharine (married Henry Minnich, who removed to Virginia), Jonas, Peter and Frederick. (3) Johannes Friderick (born March 15, 1718, died Dec. 24, 1794) married Maria Engel, and they had a son, Jacob, whose son was John Jacob (married Eva Maria Seibert). John Jacob Rith was born April 10, 1770, and died Nov. 1, 1835, and George and Edward Reed, living at Ottawa, Ill., are of his descendants. (4) A daughter; Margaretha or Wilhelmina, married Heinrich Zeller. (5) Leonhard, Jr. (born Sept. 10, 1723, died April 28, 1801 or 1803). (6) Peter married Maria Catrina Ziegler, and they had three children, John, Barbara (married Jacob Moyer) and Catarine (married Adam Lehman). (7) Jacob (born in June, 1746, died March 28, 1821) married Margaret and their children were: John Jacob, John and several daughters. John Jacob married Margarid Emerich, and among other children they had a son, John. John Jacob in 1840 sold his farm and went West, and some of his descendants now live in the vicinity of Dayton and Martinsburg, Ohio. Johan Leonhard Rith was not the only one of that name, however, who had settled in Schoharie, N. Y., later to come to the Province of Pennsylvania before 1740, as it is thought that the following were all relatives, they coming from one place and settling permanently in the Tulpehocken Valley: Michael, Casper, Adam, George and Peter. Michael Rift (Reith, Reed), one of the pioneers from the Livingstone Manor, and later of the Schoharie, N. Y., came to the Tulpehocken settlement in Berks county in 1723. and there took up land lying adjacent to the land of John Leonard Rith and George Reith. The relationship of these three is not known, but there is no doubt that they were related, probably being cousins. The map of the Tulpehocken settlement made by Mr. Charles Lindenmuth, a very accurate piece of work made with much difficulty, shows the location of the Reith settlements. It was published in the "Pennsylvania German," Volume V, in October, 1904, and appeared also in a recent Berks county work. The first ancestor of the Reed family in Northumberland county was Leonhard Ried, son of "John and Eva Maria Ried." In the record previously given, Johan Leonhard Rith had a son Johannes Frederick, whose son Jacob was the father of John Jacob, who married Eva Maria Sei- END OF 907 bert. It would seem likely that this Leonard Ried was their son. He was born March 10, 1790, and died Feb. 22, 1852. His wife, Elisabeth, born Feb. 18, 1784, died Feb. 10, 1861. He was a native of Marion township, Berks county, and came to what is now Little Mahanoy township, in Northumberland county, before his marriage. His wife. whose maiden name was Dunkelberger, was a member of one of the very earliest families in what is now Little Mahanoy township. This family experienced the hardships of life as entailed by the primitive conditions of the times. They settled on the tract of land which has since remained in the family, now owned by their grandson Samuel S. Reed, and Leonard Ried also followed his trade of stonemason in addition to farming, helping. to lay the foundations for many houses and barns in the vicinity. He and his wife were Lutherans, members of the Little Mahanoy Church, where their remains rest. Their children were William; Amos, who settled in Rockefeller township (his wife, Rebecca, born Aug. 21, 1826, died Nov. 23, 1850); Solomon; Catharine, who married Peter Fetterman; and Elizabeth, who married Abraham Shaffer.