Hartsell, George             Bucks Co.           22 Sept
Rudey, Dedrick               Bucks Co.           22 Sept
Seller, Philip Henrick       Bucks Co.           22 Sept

Rody, John                   Bucks Co.           22 Sept
Bergstraser, George          Bucks Co.           22 Sept
Hartsle, George Henry        Bucks Co.           22 Sept
Frey, John                   Bucks Co.           22 Sept
Server, Jacob                Bucks Co.           22 Sept
Bergstraser, George          Bucks Co.           22 Sept
Hartsle, George Henry        Bucks Co.           22 Sept
Frey, John                   Bucks Co.           22 Sept
Roup, George                 Bucks Co.           22 Jul
Roup, Peter                  Bucks Co.           22 Jul
Levick, John                 Bucks Co.           22 Jul
Hasell, Elias                Bucks Co.           22 Jul
Keefer, Jacob                Bucks Co.           22 Jul
Knopp, Lenard                Bucks Co.           22 Sep

 Ship Albany

[list7A] Palatines imported in the ship Albany, Captain Oxman. 
Sworn 4th Sept. 1728
Daniel Bengal                    Jacob Weis
Simon Shaller                    Johanes Schenefelt
Jacob Beigel                     Jerig Frederick Bergenslott
Hans Jerik Beigel                   Van Hokmel (in Germantown)

    "At the  Courthouse of Philadelphia, August 19th, 1729,...A list was 
presented of the Names of Seventy five Palatines, who with their families
making in all about One Hundred & Eighty persons, were imported here in the
Ship Mortonhouse, James Coultas, Mr., from Rotterdam, but last from Deal,
as by Clearance thence dated 21st of June last." From Minutes of the 
Provincial Council, printed in Colonial Records, Vol.III, p.367.
Jacob Bowman                      Rudolph Walder
Anna Bowman                       Hannah Barbary Walder
Betsila Bowman                    Hendrick Killhaver
Anna Bowman, Jun'r                Simon Reel
Apalone Sneeveler                 Eliz'a Seller
Jn'o Casper Inkleree              Jacob Seller, Jun'r, formerly in 
John Miller                       Pennsylvania
Jacob Over                        Nicholas Carver
Anna Marye Over                   Jacob Eshelman
David Montandon                   Welder Keyser
Jacob Reeif,formerly in Pa.       Agnis Keyser
Jn'o Dan'l Worley                 Abraham Kensinger
Valentine Fickus                  Anna Barbara Kensinger
Jn'o Adam Moor                    Frenee Kensinger
Freenick Reeif, who is wife to    Richard Halder
  Jacob Reif, inhabitant in       Baltzar Roer
  Pennsylvania                    Katherine Ramerin

At the courthouse of Philadelphia, August 17th, 1733.  Present:  
The Honourable the Lt Governor.
With several of the Magistrates.
Ninety Palatines, who with their Families, making in all Two hundred & ninety one Persons, were imported 
here in the Ship Samuel of London, Hugh Percy, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Deal, as by 
clearance thence, this day took and subscribed the Effect of  the Government Oaths, & also the Declaration 
prescribed by the Order of Council of the 21st of September, 1717, & their Names are as follows:
Johs. Michael Probst
Henrich Bishof
Hans Georg. Zoller
Hans Jurg Ruck
John Casper Korber
Hans  Georg. Ruck
Johan Henrich Fisher
Hans Jacob Ruck
Andreas Wagener

Peter Fisher Berks Co. 07 Sept Paul Durst Berks Co. 07 Sept Conrad Keller Berks Co. 07 Sept
Philip Lowdenback 
                                                    Berks Co 
                                                                   5 Apr 
  George Yoh 
                                                    Berks Co 
                                                                   5 Apr 
  Christian Weeks 
                                                    Berks Co 
                                                                   5 Apr 
  Conrad Keller 
                                                    Berks Co 
                                                                   5 Apr 
  Adam Gerhart 
                                                    Berks Co 
                                                                   5 Apr 
  Jacob Wyler 
                                                    Berks Co 
                                                                   5 Apr 

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             Hugh and Sandy Sellers <>

>From "SELLERS LETTERS" (c) M. Sims


SELLER, Philip Henrick of Bucks Co. "time of taking sacrement" 
        Sep 22, 1740
KELLER, Michael of Bucks Co. being a Quaker, on Apr 11, 1749 repeated
        Oath and declaration
KELLER, Henry of Bucks Co. amount list of "foreigners who became
        natural Born Subjects of Great Britian" Sep 24, 1751 in Supreme
KELLER, Mathias of Philadelphia Co. took sacrement Sept 22, 1751 recorded
        in Sep term 1755 Superior Court on Sept 24, 1755
KELLER, Conrad of Berks Co. sacrement taken Sep 7, 1760
KELLER, Jacob and KELLER, George of Lancaster Co and KELLER, Hans of
        Berks Co have resided here seven years, took the sacrement of
        the Lords Supper within 3 months of Court date and "being Quakers"
        took oath.  Recorded Apr 10 and 11, 1761
SAILER, Philip of Berks Co. too oath Sep 10, 1768
SEYLER, Jacob of Lancaster Co. a Quaker took oath on Nov 16, 1763
ZOLLAR, John of Philadelphia, a foreigner, haveing resided here 7 years
        took oath Sep 23, 1764 in Sept Term Court
SAILER, Valentine of Phildelphia, a foreigner, having resided here 7
        years took oath Apr 7, 1765
SELLOR, Philip of Northampton Co, a Quaker took oath at Sept Term Court,

"A List of Foreigners naturalized by an Act of Cort, Philadelphia, April/
Sept 1740" included:
SAILER, Abraham (April Term 1740)
SAILOR. Balthazor of Phildelphia Co took sacrement Sept 1, 1740
SAILOR, George, a Quaker of Phildelphia Co took sacrement Apr 5, 1743
        recorded in Sept 1743 Court
ZOLLER, John of "Upper Hanover township", Phildelphia Co took sacrement
        Sept 23, 1764
SAILER, Valentine of Providence Twp, Philadelphia Co, took sacrement
        Apr 14, 1765.