Elisha Sellers and wife Elizabeth Sellers
   William Riley Sellers (son of^) m. Louise Clemmons (daughter of Tim
                                                            Clemmons &
    children: Ann Eliza Sellers b.Mar.8,1856, d.Jan. 10,1901
                     Thomas Sellers b.1854, d.?
                     Riley Sellers b.??, d.??
                     Emma Jane Sellers b.June 26,1866,d.Nov.9,1929
                     Ellie Sellers b. Feb.18,1862, d.Feb. 24,1938
                     Charles H. Sellers b.Aug.8,1859, d.Dec.3,1934
                     S. Peter Sellers b.Feb.17,1872, d. July 19,1946
                     Elisha Sellers b. July 1, 1869, d.Apr.7,1935
                     Lilly Sellers b. Oct. 30,1877, d.June 13,1906
                     Amanda Sellers b.Nov.9,1868, d.Feb. 26,1910
                     Rebecha Sellers b. Feb.14,1874, d.Apr. 17,1950
                     Ida Sellers b. July 5, 1879, d.July 6, 1907

I have their families also if anyone thinks there is a connection.  These
the earliest Sellers that I have so far.  Hope to hear from a cousin or
Pam/NC   ICQ#17510037

My Sellers are from Brunswick County, NC; around the Supply, Shallotte and
Southport (or Smithville) areas mostly.

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William Riley Sellers, Co.G., 36th Regt., private, enlisted August 24,
Brunswick County, detailed.  Vol.11, page 734

Information from Moore's Roster of NC Troops:

Craven Ledrue Sellers, US Army, 1917-1919 WWI.,81st Wildcat Div. France
Herbert T. Sellers, US Army, 1917-1919, W.W.I, 42nd Rainbow Div., France
Germany, discharged May 1919, home by May 13.
William R. Sellers, son of CL Sellers and wife Lena J. Sellers, US Army,
W.W.II, Northern France, Rhineland, D Ardennes and Central Europe. Hg.Co.
Armored Med.Bn.,Tech.5th Grade. Discharged at Ft. Bragg, Sept. 28,1945.
enlisted August 9,1940. 5 years, 1 month, 20 days served.
Elisha Sellers, Jr., US Coast Guard, W.W.II, on Destroyer Escort Convoy
Served 5 months during 1951 on Destroyer Duty. In US Navy.

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My Thomas Sellers married Kren Benton, children:
   Amanda Sellers m. Albert Inman
   Willie R. Sellers m. Rosa Mintz
  2 infants died.

Amanda Sellers and husband Albert Inman, children:
  Floyd Inman m. Maggie Babson
  Geneva Inman m. Newman King
  Jean Inman m. 1st Wesley Todd, 2nd Roland Harrington
Willie R. Sellers and wife Rosa Mintz, children:
  John Sellers
  Ike Sellers

PAM - Thank you for sharing your SELLERS - Your Wm Sellers born
when/died when/where?
Did any of their kids move from Brunswick?
What is the age of your Elisha SELLERS? and wife Elizabeth how old?
Do we know when/where they died and Any other children of theirs?
Have you ever found William Riley SELLERS on an 1850 Census?
At one time we show him as a child of Elisha and ANNA HICKMAN SELLERS or
perhaps, we are discussing another Wm or another Elisha -
Thanks for helping  make this plain for me. - marie, iowa

Hi Marie,
    So far I haven't shown any of my Sellers leaving Brunswick County, NC
coming from anywhere else.  The information I have gathered is from a
book written in 1957 and there are very few dates for anyone.
 I have more than one Elisha Sellers:
   Elisha Sellers Sr., son of William Riley Sellers/Louise Clemmons)
            b. July 1, 1869; d.April 7.1935
      married 1st Theodocia V. Stallings; 2nd Leah Stevens

   Elisha Sellers Jr., (mother Leah Stevens)
      married Mary S. Williams; son-Michael J. Sellers

   Elisha Sellers I (brother of William Riley Sellers)
       married Elizabeth Sellers

   Elisha Sellers II b. April 1, 1825, d. April 8, 1888
        m. Mary Elizabeth Price b. Feb. 22, 1832, d. Oct. 18, 1888

Those are the ones I can find at the moment.  I think your William and
may be different from the ones I've got.  I don't show any Anna Hickman
marrying any of my Elisha's.

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