I'm searching for descendants of my great aunt, Addaline Thompkins, born
1875 in South Carolina.  She married John Sellers, born abt. 1863 in SC.
Their children: Ellin, George M., Essie, Harry, and John Jr.

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PAMELA - were the children born in SC? Do we know where Addaline
THOMPKINS/JOHN SELLERS married? Thanks, marie, iowa 

Yes, the children were all born in SC.  It looks as though Addaline
married John Sellers in SC, but have no proof as of yet.  According to 1900
census, they had been married for 7 years.

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PAMELA - what county in 1900? and can you send census info=
I looked at my 1880 Index - Not all posted and didn't see John this age 

 Hi Marie,

In the 1900 census, John & Addie Sellers are listed with their children in
DogBluff Township in Horry County, SC.  According to my records, they're on
the microfilm stamped page #107A, starting on line 22.  As far as the 1880
census, I don't find John listed in DogBluff Township of Horry County.  The
approximate birth year I gave for John (1863) is the year listed in the
census.  Please let me know if you come up with anything.  And feel free to
contact me if I can be of more help.



PAMELA - I read the 1880 soundex index for SELLERS/ SC and couldn;'t
find - it is possible his parents called him by first or middle name.
I  haven't read the 1900 census - I'd appreciate it, if you could send
us the data you extracted on SELLERS - have you compared it with the
1880 census?
Have you read the 1910 and 1920 census?
When did they die and where=
Where did kids go=
Do we know who Addaline Thompkins parents are and where they are in 1900
and 1880 if you have it -
I looked at 1870 SC census also - Mine is mostly index and does NOT show
each child-
IS John SELLERS 1863 age the same on other census?
We have a Sellers Genealogy Page and I will put your info on there and
link your e-mail to Horry Co, SC -
When we receive new info , usually is posted fairly soon to SC pages and
noted who it is contributed by - = your page and
linked to Horry,SC , which has our Sellers info. Advise, if any links
don't work
Thanks , marie, iowa

   From: PAMELA
    I suppose it's possible that John Sellers' parents called him by his first
middle name, I'm not certain.

This is the data I extracted on this SELLERS family from the 1900 census:

Sellers, John - b.Feb 1863 - 37yrs. old - married 7yrs. - he & his parents
born in SC

(wife)  Addie - b. Mar 1875 - 25yrs. old -  same - mother of 3, all 3
living -

(dtr)  Ellin - b. May 1894 - 6yrs. old - born in SC

(son) George M. - b. Sept 1896 - 3yrs. old - born in SC

(dtr) Essie (I'm not sure if middle intial is E. or C. or L.) - b. Aug 1899
9mos.- SC

I haven't checked the 1870,1910 or 1920 census yet.  And as I said, I
find John listed in the 1880 census.

Yes, I do know who Addaline's parents are, she's my grandmother's sister.
Their parents are Cornelius & Emma Thompkins.  They are listed in the 1900
census right before John & Addaline, on the same page.  In the 1880 census,
Cornelius & Emma (Emily) are listed in Dog Bluff Township again, in Horry
on the Stamped page 264 D, line 22.

Hope this helps.  Keep in touch,