On the attached picture, you can see the layout of the Sellers markers in
Sellers Cemetery - the big stone in the middle is for John and Rachel - the
side you can see has John's name and info - the other side is for Rachel -
the two small markers on each side are the real headstones, which are
father and mother, respectively - the other two small stones are the
footstones, which are marked J. S. and R. S., respectively - the larger
marker to the left is Thomas Spencer Sellers and to the right is Rachel
Dressa Sellers, the two unmarried children of John and Rachel

From Jim

Elizabeth's (the elder) marker in the cemetery -
she died 11/18/1877 - she would have been born 10/15/1800
From Jim

The Gate to Cemetery
From Jim

This is the Sellers Home located in Springhill Township, Greene County, PA
definitely the home of Joseph and Rachel Null Sellers - probably by John
Rachel Moreford Sellers (parents of Joseph above) and maybe Joseph and
Elizabeth Sellers (the parents of John) - though the second picture of the
gate I am told is the location of the grandparents, Joseph and Elizabeth -
its location is directly across from the cemetery
the first is the house you visited Dennis - it is where Joseph and
Rachel Null Sellers lived and some of Rachel's relatives - it is now owned by Greg
Null, New Martinsville, WV - I think John and Rachel, who were buried in
the cemetery and were Joseph's parents lived there also - but not for sure

2)  There was another house almost across from the cemetery down in the
bottom next to the run - you can barely see the old gate - the house was
torn down 5-10 years ago - this may have been where John's parents, Joseph (?)
and Elizabeth lived

   From: JIM

The Sellers family in the Sellers Cemetery in Springhill Township, Greene
County, PA, are likely connected to the Christian Sellers line many of us
are pursuing - but the connection is not clear at this point - the cemetery is
part of the John Sellers homestead - it is found on Stockdale Road (TR335)
between Garrison and Deep Valley - within the cemetery are found markers
for Sellers, Stockdale - Poland - Hafer - Petit and maybe others

John Sellers - b 12/23/1806 - d. 3/16/1896
    married Rachel Moreford - b. 3/28/1841 - d. 2/23/1905
    (both are buried in the Sellers Cemetery)
        John and Rachel had 6 children (5 are listed on the 1880 Greene
County      soundex Marie posted on 3/10/2000 @10:30:46PM - night owl like
    Lucy - b. abt. 1864 - m. Willis Moss McCracken 6/12/1888 - Docket 2, p.
    Joseph - b. 1866 - d. 1947
        m. Rachel Null b. 1876 - d. 1963 (married about 1900)
        (both are buried in the Sand Hill Cemetery, Ned Ridge)
        one child (that I know of)- Wilbur Stanley - b. 6/11/1902 - d.
            Wilbur m. Jeanette McGuffie
    John Fletcher - b. 2/12/1868 - d. 11/6/1950
        m. Cora Ashby - b. 4/13/1874 - d. 3/25/1940
        (both are buried in Grandview Cemetery - Freeport Twp w/ infant
        I believe they had six other children - Clara (Pyles) - Alice
(Beverlin) -            Byron - Lucy (Stern) - Brinton - Alta F.
    Caroline - b. abt. 1871         m. W. F. Stockdale
    Rachel Dressa - b. 8/30/1877 - d. 9/26/1944 - never married
    Thomas Spencer - b. 6/29/1880 - d. 12/16/1944 - never married
        (only one of immediate family not on 1880 soundex - still in oven)

also in the Sellers Cemetery is Elizabeth Sellers - d. 11/18/1877 - 77y,
1m, 3d
    wife of Jos. Sellers - these two may have been John's parents or Joseph
    could have been John's brother

John bought the land the homestead is on from Thomas J. Bissett on
- he also obtained land from the county Sheriff, Hannah Cummins and Perry
W. Martin, among others - altogether he had 150 acres - Wilbur lived there
after his mother and father - now owned by the Null family

The farm was divided among his family when John died - Greene County Deed
Book 60, pp 383ff
also in Greene County Will Book 10, p 74., No. 6202 - the will of Rachel
Null Sellers is recorded, mentioning Dressa, Thomas, Fletcher and Lucy


Hi Jim, I just had a chance to look over your information that you sent out
on the people buried at said cemetery, and the dates on the stones. I find
them all as I had written down. except the date of birth for John Sellers.
had written down born Dec, 23, 1820, you have month and day the same, but
year 1806, was I that far off? or is it as you said, you are just tired,
you will correct any mistakes or errors tomorrow. On the bottom of John's
stone it had -J.S & R.S. I was never sure of just what that meant. I
maybe Son of J. S.  & RS But I could not think of any other J. S.  that
fit into our line of the Sellers. I have written down from Book 10 page 74,
Rachel Sellers who died March 6, 1905, Springhill Twp. Green County, and it
then list to who what goes to whom, daughter Dressa, son Thomas S.  and to
son J.F.= John Fletcher./ And then Thomas Spencer Sellers Will Aug, 11,
To my sister Dressa, to my brother Joseph Sellers of Green Co. to my
J. Fletch Sellers and to my sister Lucy (Sellers) McCracken of Green Co....
I could not connect these names to this John Sellers.-- Rachel Sellers stone,
must had been one of the stones that you turn over, that I had missed. All I
can say is thank you for putting the pieces together for me. As I wrote
either 1806 or 1820 for John's date of birth. that would still fit into the
time farm of the missing John that I am looking for. The son of George and
Mary Sellers, and the brother of my ASA. Well, goodnight Jim.  Dennis H.


( Sarah Sellers, daughter of George and Sellers, Greene County, PA)

Greene Mount Cemetery Records copied by Richard and Malvine Zollars, p.24
Section B, Lot 36
Hon. William Cotterel  d. Jan. 14, 1886
Francis Cotterel  d. May 8, 1847  age 23y-1m   removed April 27, 1856
Sarah Cotterel  d. May 14, 1892

ROSEMONT Cemetery, Rogersville, Center Twp, Greene Co, PA. File submitted for use in the USGenWeb Archives by: Bonnie Van Orden

1924 SELLERS Sarah J. Sellers* 1865-1929 William Lindsey Sellers* 1860-1934 (separate stones under single large stone inscribed SELLERS. With these stones is one for Kathleen Tennant.) SELLERS George Sellers* 1888-1927 Verna F. Sellers 1895-1984 Virginia Maye Sellers* 1922-1929

" SELLERS "Mother" Belle U. Sellers* 1855-1940 SELLERS "Father" David E. Sellers* 1847-1931 

   From: DENNIS

  I just wanted to pass this information on to you. While trying to
match up some of the information that we have on the Sellers of Green Co.
= Census, Marriage, Obituary's and Cemetery records. I have found a mistake
listed in the booklet "Cemetery Records of Green County, Pa. Vol. 2, 1975
Center Twp.= Rosemont Cemetery."  It list David E. Sellers d. 11-25-1931,
52. = On David's and his wife stone it has, " Father" David E Sellers b.
1847, d. 1931. & "Mother" Belle U. Sellers b. 1855, d. 1940== David E.
Sellers was the son of George and Nancy (Rogers) Sellers  (see 1850 Green
census) and was the Grandson of David and Elizabeth Sellers. = David
Bell A. Ullum (both of Rogersville Twp.) Nov, 7, 1875. = (see Marriage list
for Green County). We find this family in the Center Twp. Census of 1880
listed as= David Sellers age 33, farmer. = Belle age 24, wife. = Georgie
03, daughter. I did not find this family listed in the 1910 Green County
Miracode Index Census listed= "Ancestry.Com.= Also listed among the Sellers
in Rosemont Cemetery is a Verna F. Sellers 1895-1984= her marker is found
George Sellers 1888-1927 & Virginia Maye Sellers 1922-1929. = Also among
these markers is one for Kathleen Tenant.
  Marie, when I was in Green County Pa. date 6-26-1996, I went to Green
Cemetery in Waynesburg Pa. At that time I knew very little about my Sellers
line, I did write down some information from the Sellers Markers.=Sec. B.
Lot. 55 = George J. Sellers d. June 14, 1901, age 86. = Wife Elizabeth.
Sellers d. June 1899 age 83. = & Atkinson Sellers d. 1928, also in same
( IM not sure if this marker was with the others) was a Nancy J. Sellers,
Oct, 14.1936. age 81. This family of Sellers= George and wife Elizabeth
(Richmond ) Sellers, and son Atkinson was the family that Vern Anderson
about in his Marshall Co. W.V. =Which I now believe this George "Just"
be the son of George and Mary (Shermon ) Sellers of Center Twp. Green Co.
Pa.= see 1830/40 & 50 Census of said County. I don't have the cemetery book
of Green Mont Cemetery, would you ask one of your readers on line that has
said booklet to contact me, that I might ask them to look up some
for me.  Thanks. FDH. Dennis. 

I am afraid that I might had found another discrepancy on
this George Sellers b. 1814 with wife Elizabeth b. 1815/16. Buried in Green
Mount Cemetery Waynesburg, Pa. also found in Green County 1850 Richill Twp
Census. Listed as George age 36, =Wife Elizabeth age 32.=Marie age 09, =
Margaret age 08, = Acheson (Atkinson ) age 06, and John age 02. == We next
find this family listed living in Marshall Co. WV 1860 Census, = George
Sellers Pa. age 46, Wife listed as Elizabeth (Richmond) Sellers age 43, Pa.
children listed as Margaret age 18, Pa. = Atkinson age 16, Pa. = John age
Pa. and Francis age 09, Pa. also living with this family Joseph Richmond
73, Pa. We next find this same family again living in Richill Twp. 1870
Co., Pa. Census = George age 56, wife Elizabeth age 49, and son Frank age
 I found no listing for George and Elizabeth in the 1880 Green County
= There is no question that this is the same family that had 5 children. ==
The problem comes in when we read the Obituary of Franklin Marion Sellers
(which Jim put on the Green County Pa. web site). It says that Frank
was born in Richill Twp. June 28, 1851, the son of George and Elizabeth (
Morris ) Sellers. That he was the last of a family of five children. Vern
Anderson tells us that Elizabeth was of the Richmond family, but as I
out his (Franks family) list his mother Elizabeth from the Morris family
line. Please give me some feedback on this.  Thanks. FDH. Dennis.

            "Joe Basinger" <>

The below information was sent to me from Becky from Green Pa. list.This is
my family.

This is taken from Dorothy Hennen's Vol 11 of the Greene
Co., Cemeteries; Richhill & Gray Townships:

Page 788
Sollars Cemetery

Sollars, James B. d. 12-8-1848, aged 19 days
       , Mary E. d. 10-8-1846, aged 5 yr, 7 mo, 19 da
       , Levi B. b. 4-6-1850 d. 6-2-1865
              Co.K, 49th Vol. Inf. Pa. (wow, so young!)
       , Elizabeth d. 8-25-1889, aged 64 yr., 27 da
       , Levi d. 4-25-1892, aged 82 yr., 8 da
               Co. C. 18th Pa. Cav.
       , D. W. b. 1-22-1844 d. 1-7-1921
       , Mary A. Messenger b 8-28-1843 d. 4-23-1925
            w/o D. W. Sollars
       , Hannah A. Bogard b. 2-5-1845 d. 4-21-1870
            w/o D. W. Sollars
       , Margaret A. b. 8-14-1853  d. 6-18-1854
       , Infant son of L. & E. b.& d. 7-29-1830
       , Infant son of L. & E. b. & d. 9-23-1862

Knieriem, William  aged 74 (or 71) yrs.
                 Co. E, 24th Ill. Infry

Burns, Infant d/o James & Sarah d. 12-1-1868
     , James H. d. 2-12-1876, aged 17 yrs.,1da
            s/o William & Lucinda Burns
     , Elizabeth d. 5-23-1839, aged in her 29th yr.
            wife of Alexander Burns
     , William L. d. 6-2-1863 aged 27 yr, 9 mo, 24 days

Hitchcock, Leroy M. d. 5-14-1876, aged 1 yr. 7 mo. 18 da
            s/o David & Lucinda Hitchcock

         "Joe Basinger" <>
                    SOLLARS CEMETERY

feb 2003
Mr. Haun ?

My name is Craig Sellers. Recently I have taken an interest in documenting the genealogy of my family tree. I have taken the liberty of highlighting several items of your post in order to help you with your own investigations. First I would like to say that I am familier with this line as it belongs to my own family tree and that the Sellers's buried here are not related to those you are searching for. I was sorry to hear about the shape of the cemetery, I have plans this summer July 28, 2003 to take a few weeks off and return to the cemetery to upright the stones, and clean up the grounds. John Sellers, born Dec, 20, 1820 died March 1896 S/O J. S. & R.S.  This John Sellers would be my Great Grandfather. He is the son of Joseph and Elizabeth however not J.S and R.S. The R.S. would be Johns wife - Rachel Sellers. Joseph Sellers - Johns father died in 1839 in Jefferson -Greene County. Joseph was my Great Great Grandfather and the Elizabeth you saw there was his wife.

Bash D. Sellers, daughter of J. J. & H. (? Pettit ) died 1885.--  I have no idea who this could be. I will have to see the stone for myself. I have no records of such a person.
As I have never been to the Cemetery I would like to know if you could send me the directions if you still have them. I would appreciate it.
Sincerely, Craig Sellers

may 28, 2003

Green Mount Cemetery
     Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania

Sellars, Frank M, b. 1846, d. 1937, s/w Lucy L, Sec G & P, Row 1
Sellars, Lucy L, b. 1856, d. 1945, s/w Frank M, Sec G & P, Row 1
Sellers, A. H, b. 1844, d. 1928, (Atchinson, d. Jun 1928 *), Sec B Lot 55
Sellers, Asa, b. Nov 17, 1852, d. Dec 24, 1921, s/w Mary C, Sec G & P, Row 2
Sellers, Charles Roy, no dates, s/w Jane Moore, Sec G & P, Row 13
Sellers, Elizabeth, d. Jun 1899, age 83y *, Sec B Lot 55
Sellers, Elizabeth, d. Oct 22, 1853, age 4y 18d, as listed in the records. Only her age can be read on the stone, but it does match *, Sec C Lot 17
Sellers, Emma Woods, b. 1846, d. 1916 (d. Jan 29, 1916 *), Sec C Lot 21
Sellers, George, Jr, d. Jun 14, 1901, age 86y *, Sec B Lot 55
Sellers, James, b. 1846, d. 1937, Sec G & P, Row 6
Sellers, Jane Moore, no dates, s/w Charles R, Sec G & P, Row 13
Sellers, Mary C, b. Aug 25, 1851, d. Nov 10, 1927, "His Wife", s/w Asa, Sec G & P, Row 2
Sellers, Nancy J, d. Oct 14, 1936, age 81y *, Sec B Lot 55