1st battle of French + Indian war in sw Pa

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Roster of the Virginia Regiment at Fort Necessity
A Roster of the Virginia Regiment
at Fort Necessity 1754

      Colonel George Washington
      Lieutenant Colonel George Muse + Elsod's intermarry-became enemy
of Washington for leading his exposed men within the fort,without orders.

      Major Robert Stobo- have a book on him-captive 1754 to Canada
      Captain Peter Hogg
      Captain Andrew Lewis
      Captain George Mercer
      Captain Jacob Van Braam
      Captain Thomas Waggoner built forts n+s of Moorefield,WV
      Lieutenant William Bronaugh
      Lieutenant John Mercer
      Lieutenant John Savage
      Lieutenant Adam Stephen
      Lieutenant James Towers
      Surgeon Ensign James Criak     Dr
      Ensign William Peyrouney (wounded)
      Ensign Carolus Splittdolph
      Ensign Walter Stuart
      Cadet Thomas Bullet      1773-74 Ky Surveyor
      Cadet William Wright
       Non-commissioned officers
      Sergeant Thomas Buckner (wounded)
      Sergeant Thomas Carter
      Sergeant Robert Grymes
      Sergeant Thomas Hamilton (wounded)
      Sergeant Mark Hollis
      Sergeant Thomas Longdon
      Sergeant Richard Trotter
      Sergeant Robert Turnstall
      Sergeant James Tyrell
      Sergeant Edward Wagener
      Corporal John Allen
      Corporal Josias Baker   JOUSHA?
      Corporal John Boyd
      Corporal Edward Evans
      Corporal Nathan Lewis
      Corporal Nicholas Major (absent)
      Corporal Hugh McCoy
      Corporal Nicholas Morgan
      Corporal John Smith
      Corporal Richard Smith
      Corporal James Thomas

Rank and File
      Drummer James Carson
      Drummer Ezediel Richardson
      Charles Allbury
      Jacob Arrens (taken prisoner)
      Samuel Arsdale
      Henry Bailey
      William Bailey (killed)
      Nathaniel Barrett
      Solomon Batson (wounded and deserted)
      James Batty
      Joseph Baxter
      Edward Bayley
      Robert Bell
      Robert Bennett
      John Biddlecom
      Daniel Billot
      Thomas Bird (wounded)
      John Bishop (missing)
      James Black (absent)
      Richard Bolton
      Charles Bomgardner
      Godfrey Bomgardner (absent)
      Henry Bowman
      Rudolph Brickner
      Henry Bristowe
      Bibby Brookes
      William Broughton
      John Brown
      John Brown (absent)
      John Bryan
      John Bryans
      John Burk
      Thomas Burk
      Thomas Burney
      Bartholomew Burnes
      Robert Burnes
      Thomas Burris
      Joshua Burton (wounded)
      Christopher Byerly
      Edward Cahill
      William Cairns
      James Cammack
      John Campbell
      John Capshaw
      John Carroll
      William Carter
      Edward Caygile (wounded)
      Thomas Chaddock
      Matthew Chape
      John Chapman (wounded)
      Nathan Chapman (wounded)
      Andrew Clark
      John Clements
      Garrett Clerk (killed)
      John Coin
      William Coleman
      Phillip Connelly (wounded)
      Bryan Conner
      Timothy Conway (wounded)
      William Copland
      Joseph Costerton
      Matthew Cox
      Patrick Coyl
      James Daily
      Claud Dallowe
      William Dean
      William Devenney
      James Devoy
      James Dewey
      Thomas Donahaugh
      Bernard Draxter
      Bernard Droxeller
      Charles Dunn
      John Durham
      Matthew Durham (wounded)
      Patrick Durphey (wounded)
      Henry Earnest
      Peter Efflock
      Robert Elliot (wounded)
      Peter Essleet
      John Farmer
      John Featon
      Duncan Ferguson
      John Ferguson
      John Field
      William Field
      Thomas Fisher (killed)
      James Ford (wounded)
      James Ford
      Nicholas Foster
      Thomas Foster
      Andrew Fowler
      John Franklin
      Michael Franks
      James Fullam (wounded)
      Jacob Funkhauser
      John Gallahorn
      Patrick Gallaway
      William Gardner (wounded)
      Joseph Gatewood
      Phil Gatewood
      Benjamin Gause
      Benjamin Gaven
      William Gerrard
      George Gibbons
      Joseph Gibbs
      George Gobell
      John Goldson
      James Good (wounded)
      Edward Goodwin (wounded)
      David Gorman (wounded)
      Jacob Gowin
      Edward Graves
      James Gwin
      Benjamin Hamilton
      William Harbinson
      Thomas Harris
      John Harwood
      Southy Haslip
      Abner Hazlap
      Chris Heisley
      Cornelius Henly
      Thomas Hennesey
      James Heyler
      Dennis Hintin
      William Hogan
      William Holland
      Argyle House (wounded)
      Arthur Howard
      Matthew Howard (missing)
      John Huston
      Samuel Hyden (wounded)
      Saul Isdel
      Charles James
      Henry Johnston (wounded)
      John Johnston
      Wile Johnston
      William Johnston
      Adam Jones
      John Jones
      Matthew Jones
      Robert Jones (wounded)
      Joshua Jordan (wounded)
      Anthony Kennedy
      Edward King
      Dennis Kinton
      John Kitson (killed)
      William Knowles (absent)
      Adam Leonard
      John Lee
      James Letort indian trader from Cumberland,Pa trained by Steelman
      Matthew Levison
      William Lowry
      James Ludlow
      John Maid
      Daniel Mallatt malott
      George Marcum
      John Martin
      Abraham Mashaw
      John Maston
      Jesse May
      Michael McCannon
      Daniel McClaren (killed)
      James McCommac
      Robert McCulroy (wounded)
      Angus McDonald
      John McGrager
      Michael McGrath
      Michael McGraw (wounded)
      John McGuire
      John McIntire
      Robert McKay
      Barnaby McKan (killed)
      Patrick McPyke
      John McQuire
      George McSwine
      John Mears
      James Meggs
      Joseph Mellon
      Edward Mercer
      James Milton
      Joseph Milton
      Edward Minor
      William Mitchell
      Dominck Monan
      David Montgomery
      Isaac Moore
      Gasper Moorhead
      Jesse Morris
      Thomas Moss
      John Mulholland
      Robert Murphey
      Jacob Myer
      Thomas Napp
      Henry Neal
      Matthew Nechison
      Thomas Nicholson (wounded)
      Thomas Ogdon
      John Ogilby
      Bryant Page
      James Parson
      Hugh Paul
      Thomas Pearce
      Alexander Perry
      John Poor
      John Potter (wounded)
      Joseph Powell (wounded)
      John Power
      Martial Pratt
      James Price
      Robert Pritchard
      William Pullen (killed)
      John Ramsay (killed)
      John Ramsay
      Hugh Ratchford
      Michael Reilly (wounded)
      John Robinson (killed)
      Ware Rocket
      John Roe
      Francis Rogers
      John Rogers (wounded)
      John Rogers
      James Rowe
      Fredrick Rupart
      James Samnel
      Joseph Scott
      Thomas Scott (killed)
      Michael Scully
      Francis Self
      Thomas Sellers
      Mathias Shampe
      James Short
      Demsey Simmons (wounded)
      William Simmons (killed)
      Dudly Skinner (wounded)
      Thomas Slaughter
      Charles Smith
      James Smith
      John Smith
      Zachariah Smith
      Benjamin Spicer
      William Stallons
      Mathew Stanard
      Daniel Staple
      Thomas Stedman
      John Stephens
      Alexander Stewart (wounded)
      John Stewart
      Hugh Stone
      George Swiney
      Torence Swiney
      George Taylor (wounded)
      Thomas Tedman
      Nehemiah Tendell (wounded)
      John Thompson
      John Thornton
      John Tratnon (killed)
      John Truston
      William Tyan
      James Tytus
      William Underhill
      Charles Waddy
      Michael Walker
      William Willors
      Elijha Ward
      Philimon Waters
      Arthur Watt (wounded)
      Thomas Wedman
      Daniel Welsh
      James Welsh
      Edward Whitman
      Daniel Wilkinson
      Pergsise Williams (wounded)