CENTRE CO, PA ( made in 1800 from Lycoming, Mifflin,Northumberland)

Now lays next to Mifflin, Huntingdon, Blair, Cambria, Clearfield, Clinton, Union, Snyder


Rev War wifes=
Bethinia YORK




Pulser Sellers Spring, Centre, Pennsylvania


H A Sellers Haines, Centre, Pennsylvania
John Sellers Boggs, Centre, Pennsylvania
Joseph Sellers Half Moon, Centre, Pennsylvania
Joshua Sellers Miles, Centre, Pennsylvania
Paulser Sellers Patten, Centre, Pennsylvania
Thomas Sellers Howard, Centre, Pennsylvania

Joseph Watson Boggs, Centre, Pennsylvania
Joseph Watson Half Moon, Centre, Pennsylvania



Patton, Centre, Pennsylvania
Balser Sellers 67 Mary Sellers 74 David Sellers 36 Elizabeth Boyer 30 James Hewey 11

Halfmoon, Centre, Pennsylvania
Mary Sellers 66 Elizabeth Sellers 22 Frances Sellers 24 Simon Sellers 24 Duffey John Sellers 16

Patton, Centre, Pennsylvania
Agnew Sellers 34 Catharine Sellers 32 Ema Sellers 5 Caleb Sellers 3 John Sellers 1 Catharine Glenn 30

Harris, Centre, Pennsylvania
William Sellers 30 Susannah Sellers 27 Augustus Sellers 6 James Sellers 4 William Sellers 1

Amos Sellers 28 Margaret Sellers 22 Jane Vanomer 10

Miles, Centre, Pennsylvania
George Zellers 46 Margaret Zellers 41 Mary Zellers 13 Margaret Zellers 11 Isaac Zellers 10 Amelia Zellers 8 Susannah Zellers 5 Hannah Zellers 3




Patton, Centre, Pennsylvania
Thomas Sellers 51 Sarah M Sellers 45 Balser A Sellers 17 Philip E Sellers 15 Catharine S Sellers 12

Patton, Centre, Pennsylvania
Agnew Sellers 46 Catharine Sellers 41 Mary E Sellers 15 Caleb M Sellers 13 Anna C Sellers 7 Clara A Sellers 5 Frances A Sellers 3 Laura Sellers 3/12 James Hewey 22 David Sellers 50

Milesburg, Centre, Pennsylvania
Tamson Sellers 47 Sarah Sellers 20 Joseph Sellers 15 Hannah Sellers 8 George Sellers 6

Harris, Centre, Pennsylvania
William L Sellers 41 Susannah Sellers 37 Angeline Sellers 16 James Sellers 14 William Sellers 12 Charles Sellers 9 Agnes Sellers 5 Mary Sellers 3 Edward Sellers 4/12 Martin Houser 33

Halfmoon, Centre, Pennsylvania
Simon Sellers 34 Elizabeth Sellers 32 Anna Sellers 9 John Sellers 7 Lemuel Bradly 40



Davis Sellers 59 Catharine Sellers 38 William S Sellers 8 Davis E Sellers 7 Mary R Sellers 5 James H Heverly 15 Eliza Johnson 14


David Sellers 69 pa, pa, pa, Patton, Centre, Pennsylvania
Catharine Sellers 45
Elsworth Sellers 17
Lilly M. Sellers 4
W. O. Steward 21
Gertrude Tannier 18

Tamsine Sellers 66 pa,pa, pa, Milesburg, Centre, Pennsylvania, widow
George Sellers 25 pa,pa, pa, son, single ,works on railroad

Sarah Sellers 65 pa, pa, pa, widow , Patton, Centre, Pennsylvania
Susan Stevenson 53 pa, pa, pa, servant, widow

Agnew Sellers 65 pa, pa, pa, Patton, Centre, Pennsylvania
Catherine E. Sellers 61
Anna C. Sellers 27
Francis A. Sellers 21

William Sellers 61 pa, pa, pa, farmer, College, Centre, Pennsylvania
Susan Sellers 57 Angeline Sellers 36 Charles Sellers 26 Agnes Sellers 24 Mary Sellers 22 Edward Sellers 20 Lincoln Sellers 18

Simon Sellers 53 pa, pa, pa, tailor, Taylor, Centre, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Sellers 51 John W. Sellers 27 William Sellers 14

Agnew Sellers 37 pa, pa, pa, farmer, Patton, Centre, Pennsylvania
Esther E. Sellers 28 Elsie M. Sellers 6 Harry B. Sellers 1 Cacious C. Davis 13

C. M. Sellers 32 pa, pa, pa, farm laborer
Mary C. Sellers 29 Willis M. Sellers 3

John M. Bush 58 Mary E. Bush 44 Charls B. Bush 20 John M. Bush 18 Ellen M. Bush 12 Rachel Jane Bush 10 Kate Sellers 25 pa, pa, pa, SD, M, visitor
Mary E. Sellers 4 mo, pa, pa, GD
Emma Gummo 16

Michael Shank 37 Hannah Shank 28 Alta Shank 10 Bertha Shank 8 George Sellers 25 pa,pa,pa, BL, single, laborer

James Sellers 25 pa, pa, england, m, works on farm , College, Centre, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Sellers 22 pa, pa, england, m

Ellen Sellers 24 pa, pa, pa, M,
Sellers A Sellers 2m, pa, pa, pa, son
Cora M Sellers 6m




Gordon Koerner [judygak@ntelos.net]

Name: William L Sellers
Age in 1860: 41
Birth Year: abt 1819
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1860: Harris, Centre, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Post Office: Boalsburg
Value of real estate: View Image
Household Members: Name Age
William L Sellers 41
Susannah Sellers 37
Angeline Sellers 16
James Sellers 14
William Sellers 12
Charles Sellers 9
Agnes Sellers 5
Mary Sellers 3
Edward Sellers 4.12
Martin Houser 33




Esther E Sellers 78
Annie M Sellers 49
Inez G Sellers 37

Charlotte sellers <csellers@hsonline.net>
> Family Histories & Genealogies...at the Centre County Library &
> Historical Museum, Bellefonte, Pa.
> Seaman, Vashti, Ruth S. Wineman, and Flora A. Curtin.
>         Genealogy of the SELLERS Family (1970).

Posted by Judy Heald <jwh6@psu.edu> on Mon, 07 Dec 1998

                    Surname: SELLERS, WATSON, CLEAVER

Mary Ann SELLERS was born in Annville, Lebanon County, PA, 7 Mar 1816. She died 6 Mar
1882 in Clearfield County. Since this was about the time Lebanon County was formed from
Dauphin, I figure records could be either place. Her father was Joseph SELLERS, bn 23 Feb 1784
died abt 1852. Her mother, Mary Ann CLEAVER was born in Friendly, Tyler County, WV. This
would be before Tyler County was formed. I think they had eleven children.

Joseph WATSON and Mary Ann SELLERS were married in 1835, possibly in the Stormstown
area of Centre County PA (SW corner of the county with Quaker and non-Quaker families). I know
her family was in this community prior to 1935. Joseph and Mary Ann's first child was born in
Milesburg, Centre Co (NE corner of the county - no Quakers) but I cannot find record of their
marriage in Centre County, PA. Looks like another eleven children.

I can track the SELLERS line back to the immigrants who came to Chester County, PA with the
Quaker immigration in late 1600's early 1700's.

Have no earlier information on CLEAVER or WATSON. SELLERS were Quaker prior to 1800,
but when and why did someone appear in WV briefly? Was there a Quaker community is this area
at that time? This line was not Quaker by 1835. I sent a query to Tyler County.

Any help appreciated. Thanks,

Judy Heald


A highly esteemed member of the
enior High school English depart-
ent faculty, died at her home,
34 North Third street, Bellwood,
t 11.50 o'clock last night of a
omplication of ailments following
n extended illness. In addition
o teaching at the Senior High,
iss Lauver served as attendance
irector of girls and enjoyed a wide
riendship among the students as
ell as the faculty. She was born
n Bellwood on JuIy 7, 1883, a
aughter of Christian A. and Eliza-
eth (Sellers) Lauver
, and had re-
ided in Bellwood all her life.
raduating from the Bellwood
igh school, she continued her
ducation in the Millersville State
eachers' college, at Penn State
nd was awarded her master de-
ree at Columbia universtty. Miss
auver had taught for the past
hirty-seven years, serving as a
eacher and principal of the Mey-
rsdale High school for a period
f fourteen years. In the Altoona
chools she taught for one year at
oosevelt Junior High school and
or the past six years in the Senior
igh. She was an active member
f the Bellwood Methodist church
nd Sunday school, serving as a
eacher in the Sunday school for
number of years. She was also
member of the Quota club of
he city. Surviving are four sis-
ers, Mrs. I. M. Watters, Mrs.
nnie Myers and Mrs. R. M. Baker,
ll of Bellwood, and Miss Clara
auver of Denver, Colo. The re-
ains may be viewed at the home
fter 2 o'clock tomorrow after-
oon. Funeral services will be
eld In the Bellwood Methodist
hurch at 2.30 o'clock Saturday
fternoon. Interment will be made
n Logan Valley cemetery, Bell-
(Source: Archie Claar Obituary Collection, Vol. 1, 1933-4, p. 61. This is ll the information on these individuals that is given. I have nothing