FROM: Dennis Haun

Green County, PA
Orphan Court Docket. Vol. 3, p.130 No.12
November Term 1849

Iams Richard and Sarah Guarding for.
And now towit November 17, 1849 Pre Petition of Roland Hughes of White County State of Indiana, who is Guardian of the said Richard & Sarah Iams Minor Children of Peter  Iams late of Green County deceased, in the said County of White, State of Indiana, presented to the Court, Setting forth, his appointment as Guardian &  J,  And also that Moses Johnson of the County ofGreen Pennsylvania, is Guardian of the same minor Children, under the appointment of the Orphans Court of the County of Green, and that the said Johnson both now in his possession the whole estate of the said Minor children, that said children reside in White County, State of Indiana, and for their Education & support it is necessary for said funds in the hands of Moses Johnson be removed &J. And praying the Court to grant leave to the said Roland Hughes to receive the funds & estate belonging to said minors out of the hands of said Moses Johnson Guardian as aforesaid. Same day the Court grants leave to Roland Hughes of White County, Indiana state, to receive the funds aforesaid. ( see petition filed ) Certificate of the appointment of Roland Hughes as Guardian in White County Indiana  filed. Power of Attorney to J. Phelan of Waynesburg, Green County, Pennsylvania from said Roland Hughes, filed with petition.

   From: DENNIS

     This Mary Iams= iams was the daughter of George and Mary (Sherman)
Sellers. You will find her listed in George Sellers 1837 Will of Green
County Pa. along with the listing of her two children (no names given for the
children). Mary Sellers was born in Green County about the year of 1810/12.
She married a Peter Iams from Morris Two. Green County, about the year
1832/33. Peter Iams died Sept. 7, 1836. I found in the Orphans Dockets
(which I. Fail to write down No. and page of book). That Mary's father George on
the date of Sept. 20, 1836 was granted guardian of their (Peter & Mary's Iams.)
two children, = Richard born April 6, 1834, and Sarah Rose born Nov, 1835.

You will find them living in George Sellers house hold in his 1837 Will.
Daughter Mary must had died about the 1st of June 1844. For I also found 0n
the June 1844 Orphan Court Docket, " June 12, 1844, Rule granted to Moses
Johnson Guardian of minor children of Peter Iams." I know that in the
Orphan Court Docket 3, p. 82 No, 13 February Term 1849 of Christian Sellers
that it has Mary and the children Richard and Sarah as James, not Iams.
in said docket it list "Jon. Pheian Atty. of Roland Hughes as the guardian
these children" To verify what I have written above, and the true spelling
this last name " Iams" I am sending with this an attachment of the Orphan
Court Docket date November 17, 1849, Vol. 3, p. 130 No 12. Of the Green
County, Pa. Court given guardian to Roland Hughes. Along with this
I am also sending you another attachment of the Iams family line living in
Green County Pa. and in White County, Indiana. On line 72 of this Iams
line you will read of the marriage of Mary to Peter, and what became of
two children. Line 73, you will read about Roland Hughes.

72. PETER10 IAMS (RICHARD9, RICHARD8 IIAMS, JOHN7, RICHARD6, WILLIAM5, ROBERT4 I'ANS, ALEXANDER3 INNES, ROBERT2, JAMES1) was born April 26, 1812 in Morris Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania, and died September 02, 1836 in Morris Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania. He married MARY SELLARS Unknown, daughter of GEORGE SELLARS and MARY SHERMAN. She was born Unknown, and died Unknown.

Children of PETER IAMS and MARY SELLARS are:
 i.  RICHARD11 IAMS, b. April 06, 1834, Morris Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania; d. July 22, 1919, Indianapolis, Indiana.
 ii.  SARAH ROSE IAMS, b. November 1835, Morris Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania; d. December 22, 1879, Monticello, White County, Indiana; m. JOHN SAUNDERS, February 04, 1857, Monticello, White County, Indiana; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.