"A History and Genealogy of the Sellers Family" by David Randolph Sellers.  Cincinnati:
Robbins Advertising, Inc., Printers, 1996

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Following is from the booklet "A History and Genealogy of
the Sellers Family" by David Randolph Sellers.  Cincinnati:
Robbins Advertising, Inc., Printers, 1996
   It was in Turtle Creek township north of Lebanon, Ohio
that Jacob Sellers settled, remaining on the same farm until
his death in 1853.  He was buried in the Old Methodist
Graveyard, Lebanon.  His wife's grave is located in the
Presbyterian Cemetery.  At the time he purchased land Jacob
Sellers was the head of one of the original families of that
then remote region and can be considered one of the true
pioneers of Warren County, Ohio.

 Description of Jacob Sellers written in 1890 by his
grandson, Peter Sellers:
   My recollection of grandfather Jacob Sellers is that he
was a man of rather less than medium height, well made and
active; rather quiet in his movements.  He made regular
visits to his children living near him, about once a month,
and always came on horseback.  He rode a good animal; well
kept, and gentle and a good traveler, and always well
groomed.  He was always neatly and cleanly dressed and
smoothly shaven.  Hair white, with a pleasant, cheerful
countenance, and a great friend among us children.  We were
always in high glee when grandfather came.  He spoke very
broken English, and asked the blessing at table in German.
I remember the queer sounds of his words yet.  He was a
zealous active member the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in
Lebanon at the time of his death, and had been for many
years before.
   Grandfather came to Turtle Creek township north of
Lebanon, in 1798.  He remained on the same farm until the
time of his death, which was in 1853 or 1854, if my memory
is not at fault.  He was not a great man, nor exceedingly
wise.  He never became wealthy, nor tried to do so, was
possessed of some 160 acres of land and some money and
property; but he was a good man, honest and loyal, and a
good christian, of a type not to be mistaken.
   WILLIAM RUNKEL SELLERS, son of Jacob and Christena Runkel
Sellers, was born in Rockingham County, Virginia on July 19,
1795 and came with his family to Warren County, Ohio as a
young child.  He married in 1816, ELIZABETH AUGHE, who was
born in Virginia on March 12, 1797.
   He was a farmer in Clear Creek township, and census
records suggest that he remained there until his death on
September 28, 1870.  his wife died on July 3, 1873.  The
couple were buried in the Kirby Cemetery, a few miles north
of Lebanon.
    FERDINAND SELLERS, son of William R. and Elizabeth Aughe
Sellers, was born in Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio on May 3,
1824 and died February 8, 1911.  He married REBECCA HORMELL,
whose life and ancestry is recounted in some detail below.
An 1850 Warren County census record shows the couple living
in Clear Creek, and Ferdinand working as a huckster.
However, A. Clark Lackey writes, "I had always understood
that Great Grandfather Sellers was a cabinet maker.:  Mr.
Lackey also informs us that in later life Ferdinand Sellers
lived in Springfield, Ohio with his daughter Addie, who took
care of him until his death.  The graves of Ferdinand and
Rebecca Sellers are found in the Miami Cemetery,Waynesville, Ohio.

   Ancestry:  Rebecca Hormell Sellers was the daughter of
Henry Hormell, Jr., who was born at Brownsville,
Pennsylvania in 1791 and died near Ridgeville, Warren
County, Ohio in 1828, the year of her birth.  He owned a
farm across Clear Creek, opposite his father's farm, and was
for many years a Methodist class leader.
Rebecca Sellers' mother MARGARET FRY, was born in 1793, Hagerstown, Maryland,
and died in 1859, probably in Warren County, Ohio.  She was
buried in the Sharon graveyard.
   Rebecca's grandfather was Henry Hormell, Sr. (1747-1834),
who moved with his family from Brownsville, Pennsylvania to
Ridgeville, Warren County, Ohio in 1808.  He was a
Revolutionary War veteran, having served as Ensign in
Captain Swaney's Company, 5th Battalion.  His wife, the
grandmother of Rebecca Hormell Sellers, was ELINOR LEE.
He then goes on to list the descendants which can be found
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The booklet goes back to John and Adam SELLERS with a note
that author thought their father was John ZELLER/SELLER.   As I said, it
is a very small booklet written to share information with the family.
He gives credit to several family members for their providing information
and to:
The Warren County Historical Society - Lebanon, Ohio
The Cincinnati Historical Society
The Methodist Home on College Hill - Cincinnati, Ohio
The Public Library of Cincinnati