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"John Sellers, carpenter Twp
Xenia, Green County Pa. (see below)
Was born in 1824, is the son of Jacob and Susan Sellers, who were both born
in Warren County Ohio, and they had a family of seven children-John M.,
Elizabeth, Cynthia, Newton and Jane. John is the subject- he was married in
1846 to Miss Olive Holcomb, came to this city ( Xenia ) in 1852 


Xenia 1061805 Populated Place = Greene Co., OH

can't find a XENIA, GREENE CO, PA, msh


From Charlotte sellers <csellers@hsonline.net>
> "Paths Through The Wilderness" by Don Ross
> Stories from the Springboro area (probably in WARREN CO., OH)
> In a section on Springboro historical cemeteries:
> 1821 burial of ADAM SELLERS, 74, in the Salem Cemetery on East Lower
> Springboro Road, Clearcreek Township.
> In another section:
> Dr. JOHN SELLERS was a witness in an 1860s lawsuit.

             HJZM01A@prodigy.com ( SHERRY MAZZETTI)

     Here are Sellers marriages for Warren Co OH
Adam Sellers and Mary Nixon 19 Aug 1829
Benjamin Sellers and Rachel Hagerman 07 Feb 1822
Charles J. Sellers and Mary Denny 06 Dec 1826
Gabriel Sellers and Naomi Hathaway 14 Seot 1828
George Sellers and Anne Sellers 25 Sept 1814
Jacob Sellers and Christina Monger 24 Sept 1808
Jacob Sellers and Susan Keever 28 June 1821
John Sellers and Elizabeth Gallher 06 Jan 1814
John Sellers and Mary Woodruff 15 Aug 1828
William Sellers and Maria M. Harrison 15 April 1829
William R. Sellers and Elizabeth Aughee 15 Aug 1816 (Listed also
under Zellers)
Elizabeth Sellars and William A. Camron 14 Dec 1817
Mary Sellars and Abraham Miller 03 Oct 1832
Nancy Sellers and John Jack 24 Dec 1828
Peggy Sellers and Leonard Scratch 07 Mar 1816
Polly Sellars and Teter Kisling, Jr. 26 Oct 1811
Ann Sellers and George Sellers 25 Sept 1814 (same under Grooms)
Catharine Sellers and John Fudge 03 May 1821
Christina Sellers and Peter Hashman 26 March 1807
Elizabeth Sellers and Malachi Swift 23 Feb 1809
Elizabeth Sellers and John Longstreth 16 June 1831
Lucinda Sellers and Christina Miller --Feb 1827
Margaret Sellers and John Long 29 July 1830
Mary/Polly Sellers and James H. Jack --May 1825
Nancy Sellers and John H. Gollaher 02 July 1818
Nancy Sellers and William Crossley 27 Oct 1831
Sarah Sellers and Samuel Sheets 29 Jan 1824
     In the county history, there is mention of Jacob and Peter
Sellers.  On pages 475 through 477

there are some cemetery lists of interest.  I only note Sellers below.
Methodist Graveyard
Jacob Sellers died 1853 aged 87
Christena Sellers died 1841 aged 68
(two above listed together--must be Christina Monger)
William Sellers died 1844 aged 47
Parthena Sellers died 1828 aged 26
(two above listed together)
Presbyterian Graveyard
Mrs. Christena Sellers died 1807 aged 36

             HJZM01A@prodigy.com ( SHERRY MAZZETTI)

     Although I believe that the Jacob Sellers to Christina Monger is
the only Monger/Sellers marriage in Warren Co OH, I can post the
other Monger marriages, if wanted.  I have marriage books 1803-1834.
Let me know, if you want them.  Note that I have already posted
Sellers marriages.

     I have,someplace, an every name index [only] of BEERS "WARREN CO" And I
have about 500 pages from the middle of a Beers "WARREN cO"
Hermon Brown Fagley ,  2679 St.Rt.125 ,Bethel,Oh  45106 HFAGLEY@aol.com

COWAN - Have some information on the following surnames from a genealogy
published in 1919:
COWAN, MULFORD, SELLERS, KEEVER. The Cowans settled west of Lebanon in
Sec. 17 on
Turtle Creek in 1800 when Warren County was still part of Hamilton County. I am trying to update
my 1919 genealogy of James COWAN, Sr. and his descendants in preparation
for a reunion being
held in Harpers Ferry, WV 10-12 July 1998. John Cowan, John


           HJZM01A@prodigy.com ( SHERRY MAZZETTI)

     Here is another Sellers in-law family belonging to me.  The Lee
connection to this family is
taken from info from CJ Lee, Pat Junkin, and others.  Most of the
Sellers info is from a biography
of Henry Harvey Sellers taken from A BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF CLARK CO
ILLUSTRATED.  The S.J. Clarke Publishing Co, 1902.  Read on CD repro.
 Marriage of William
Runkel Sellers taken from Warren Co OH marriage books.
          From the biography of Henry Harvey Sellers.  "On the
paternal side he comes of German
lineage and on the maternal side is English.  Three brothers of the
name came from the fatherland
about 1690 and settled in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia."  It goes
on to say that two went to
Hamilton Co OH.   Because of connections with Washington Co PA folks,
I suspect some time
spent there/or other family there.  William Runkel Sellers, the first
who is named, lived in Warren
Co OH.  Here is what I have of this family.
          WILLIAM RUNKEL SELLERS was a farmer and ran the Four Mile
House.  Was a
Methodist, as were most descendants mentioned. Had two brothers "in
the medical profession."
He may have signed at least one paper belonging to my Daniel Ulrey, a
Dunkard.  Married
ELIZABETH AUGHEE August 15, 1816.  Eight children--four living in
1902.  Died in Warren
Co OH aged about eighty.
          Children of William Runkel and Elizabeth (Aughee) SELLERS
(living in 1902):
1.  Mary married MCDONALD
2.  Melvina married BURNETT
3.  Amanda married RUSSELL
4.  Ferdinand b. 1828 d. aft 1902 married 1847 Warren Co OH to
Rebecca HORMELL b. 1828
prob Warren Co OH d. 1887 Burlington, Greene Co OH
Rebecca Hormell was daughter of Henry HORMELL and Margaret FREY,
granddaughter of
Henry HORMELL and Eleanor LEE, great-grandaughter of William LEE and
(ROSS?). (I am descended from William and Cathern's daughter Phebe.)
Hormell family believed
to be Quaker. More on the Lee family, if anyone wants it.  Ferdinand
and Rebecca had nine
children--two died in infancy.  Ferdinand operated a sawmill, did
general merchandising and was
postmaster in Clinton Co OH.  Apparently moved back to Warren Co OH
to be with father until
his death, then.moved to and operated a sawmill in Greene Co OH.  Son-
in-law E.E. Lackey
operated it later.
          Children of Ferdinand and Rebecca (Hormell) SELLERS (living
in 1902):
1. Laura m. Ellsworth E. LACKEY
2. Owen M.
3. Wilbur S.
4. Ettie m. Frederick LUCAS
5. Charles E.
6. Addie (probably single)
7. Henry Harvey b. July 13, 1868 near Lebanon, Warren Co OH d.aft
1902 married Sept. 26,
1888 in Springfield, OH to Millie DARROW b. Nov. 1869 Dayton, OH dau
of William J.
DARROW and Isabelle SEGROVE. Henry Harvey is the subject of the
sketch and quite a bit is
written about him.  In 1902, he was cashier in the post office in
Springfield and a Methodist.
          Children of Henry Harvey and Millie (Darrow) SELLERS:
1.  Darrow Hormell b. June 26, 1889
2.  Joseph William b. March 25, 1893
     Hope this helps someone.  Would be interested to know more of
forebears of William
Runkel Sellers.  Obvious clue is "Runkel."  Mother's maiden name???
(Runkel's connnected in Rock Co. VA, msh)

             Helen Hancock <Itakia2@ix.netcom.com>

I found a copy of a SELLERS book of the descendants of Heinrich Sellers
by Frank M. Sellers in 1984. George Washington Sellers on page 54 as

George Washington SELLERS
B. 27-May 1838 Warren County, OH  D: 23-February 1927, San Jose, CA
Married in 1869, Elwood IA to Rachel WELLS
Children 1. Rosa E., 2. Albert C., 3. Mary E., 4.Eva F., 5 George G., 6.
Benjamin T., 7. John M., 8.Christopher H., 9. Grace M.

George W.'s  father and mother:

B:1806, Warren County, OH. D: 1853 Warren County, OH. Married 15-August,
Warren County OH, to Mary Woodruff, B: 1811 D:?
1. Mary Jane, 2. Martha Jane, 3.Henrietta, 4. Catherine, 5.George W.,
6.Gabriel B., 7.Sarah Ellen 8. Margaret Ellen

Next is
B: 1765 Augusta, County VA. D: 27 October,1839 Warren Co., OH. M:
2-December 1793, Rockingham Co. VA. to Henrietta SMITH D: 10- January
1844, Warren Co, OH.
1. Anna  2.Margaret 3.Gabriel, 4. Jacob S., 5. Catherine, 6. Elizabeth
7. Benjamin 8. Simeon, 9. John
John was one of the earliest settlers of Warren Co. OH. A codicil to his
will added 15- August , 1837, made his son John responsible for
Benjamin's share of the estate.
First child Anna SELLERS married  first cousin George SELLERS in Warren
Co. 25-September 1814.
John was the son of Peter SELLERS third son of Heinrich SELLERS.  Peter
like brothers John and Adam furnished livestock and food to American
forces from 1780 to 1782.

I have found that my SELLERS line descends from  Peter's brother John.

I hope this helps unfortunately  I  don't  have anything on George W.'s

             Helen Hancock  Itakia2@ix.netcom.com

In  "History of Warren County"
Lebanon, Ohio
Turtle Creek Township
Page 475 Methodist Graveyard

Jacob Sellers 1853 age 87
Christena Sellers 1841 age 63
William Sellers 1844 age 47

Presbyterian Graveyard
Mrs. Christena Sellers 1807 age 36


The first schoolhouse was a low rough log cabin. It stood on the bank of
Turtle Creek, not far from where the west boundary of Lebanon now
crosses Main street. The first teacher Francis Dunlevy opened the school
in the spring of 1798. Some of the boys who attended his school walked a
distance of four or five miles. Among the first students Gov. Thomas
Corwin, A.H. Dunlevy, Judge George Kesling, Hon. Moses B. Corwin,
William Taylor, Matthais Corwin(future Clerk of Court) Daniel Voorhis
and John Sellers and Jacob Sellers.
( I think that Sellers married Corwin, I wonder if these are the same

Also  listed: G.J. Mayhew, John E. Day and P. Stoddard  decided to open
a school on 10-2 -1847. Teachers were elected and salaries set. Among
the teachers were Henrietta Sellers salary $36.00 per quarter and
Caroline Sellers salary $30.00 per quarter.

Perhaps someone has info on Henrietta and Caroline, I'd like to know
more about them.

I was hoping that the above info would be of help to someone.

Helen Hancock

10-23-1884  MARTHA E. SELLER of Clear Creek, Warren Co, OH died-No husband-
WILLIAM F. SELLERS, probates will
heirs =
HARVEY G. SELLERS, BROTHER, OF TROY OHIO = (Harvey in 1880 Miami ?)

EXEC = brother Wm Sellers (no initial, msh)

NOV/DEC 1884=

DEC 1885=Legacy to=
JOHN M. SELLERS (IS this Milton?msh)
services to =

        From: FRANK SELLERS

I have some information about your Sellars/Fudge inquiry.  There are so
many John Sellers in Warren Co., at an early date, that it is a very difficult

A researcher I was in touch with in the 1970s, Mrs. John Copeland Holmes of
Indianapolis, said Catherine Sellars' (with an "a") marriage record to John
Fudge is recorded in Warren Co., OH records.  (The same family name was
spelled both ways at different times.)  The officiant at the marriage was
Rev. William Gray, and the marriage occurred near Springboro, OH.  Mrs.
Holmes said that John Fudge was the son of Henry Christian Fudge and
Elizabeth Nicholas.  She said he was one of four brothers who moved to
Greene Co., OH from Virginia.

She said that Catherine Sellars was the daughter of John and Henrietta (
  ) Sellars, whose land was adjacent to the Christian and Elizabeth Fudge
property.  Mrs. Holmes may have made this surmise due to the two families
being listed next to each other in the 1830 Warren Co. census.

Children of John Fudge and Catherine Sellars:
1.  Joseph H., b. 2-15-1824, d. 1888, m. Cinderella Sutton.

2.  John S., b. 3-7-1827, m. Martha J. Boots on 10-28-1847, moved to
Co., Indiana in 1864.
3.  Jacob M.,
4.  David F.,
5.  George A.,
6.  Simeon M.

(One of the tips I've used in research around this area during this time
period is to watch the dates when counties were split.  Sometimes families
didn't move, but they were in a new county due to creation of new counties.)

The Ohio 1810 Tax Duplicate compiled by Gerald M. Petty (1976) shows John
and Henrietta Sellers' land ownership history:
1.  John Sellers and Henrietta, listed as already residents of Warren Co.,
OH, made a purchase of land in Warren Co., OH in 1805.  They bought 200
acres in Sec. 13, Twp. 4, Range 4 from John Smith and wife Elizabeth of Hamilton
Co., OH, on 8-19-1805, for $900.
2.  Another land record shows John Sellers and wife Henryetta sold 60 acres
of land for $600 to Jacob Zellers on 11-12-1821.    Said land was located
in Section 7.

Another John Sellers in Warren Co., OH at this early date was
3.  John Sellers married Elizabeth Gallaher, 1-6-1814 in Warren Co., OH
records.  This John Sellers was born 2-25-1790 in Virginia, the son of
Jacob Sellers and his first wife Nancy Runkle.  This family is written in the
Biographical Cyclopedia and Portrait Gallery of Ohio (1880).  There were
seven children, including a prominent Troy, OH attorney named Harvey G.
Sellers (b. 9-28-1819 with a twin).

Another John Sellers appearing in Warren Co., OH records is:
4.  John Sellers m. Mary Woodruff, 8-15-1828 in Warren Co., OH records.

5.  John M. Sellers, b. 1822, son of John and Elizabeth Gallaher Sellers,
lived in Clear Creek Township in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census. In 1850
1860 he is with his parents.  In 1870 he has his wife Elvira, one son,
William W., b. 1860 and his mother Elizabeth living with him. with his own
family and his mother Elizabeth. He married Elvira (        ).  He d. 1902
and is buried in Springboro Cemetery.

A Warren Co., OH history said one of the earliest schools in the county was
operated by Francis Dunlevy.  Two of his students in 1798 were John and
Jacob Sellers.

There is more but this is long enough.  All Warren Co., OH.
Frank Sellers

 Taken from book-History of Green County Pa.----- John M. Sellers-(
carpenter) Xenia Twp. Was born in the year 1824-is a son of Jacob and Susan
Sellers, who where both born in Warren County Ohio, And had a family of
seven children. John M.  Elizabeth, Cynthia, Newton, and James S.  John the subject was married in 1846 to Miss. Oliver Holcomb. -came to this city 1852.


I was at the Springboro Cemetery last weekend to take pictures of some
headstones (Sellers & Sheets).  One of the markers lists
John Sellers b. 25 Feb 1700 d. 12 Jun 18_3.  I can't read the date it looks
like a 6.

I make the assumption that the Elizabeth Sellers (mother of George M.
Sellers 1819-1851 who was married to Rowena G. Mundy  1835-1858) is John's
wife because of other markers that say dau of John & Elizabeth Sellers
(Nancy Crossley __ Nov ___ (marker broken in half right on the birth date)
to 20 Dec 1864) and one that says son of John & Elizabeth Sellers (James
unfortunately the picture does not show any dates).

Elizabeth's marker has 1796-1891.  So my questions are, do you know:

   - Is this John the one that was married to Elizabeth?
   - Did this John live over 100 years?



I have information in one of my Sellers books (Cradled by Massanutten: The
Zellers/Sellers family) about the John Sellers you mention. I have him as
the son of Jacob Zellers, grandson of Johannes Zellers, and great grandson of
Heinrich Zellers. John was born February 25, 1790 and died September 5,
1863, (this could be the probate date) He married January 6, 1814 to Elizabeth
Gallaher, born ca. 1795. Children:

1. Nancy m. William Crossley.
2. Sarah Ann
3. John Milton m. Olive Holcomb
4. Harvey G. (twin)
5. George H. (twin)
6. Matilda Jane
7. James
8. William F.
9. Martha E.

My book mentions the will, but it doesn't seem to be in it.

Jim Sellars

> *These graves are near Elizabeth Sellers (and George & Rowena)* Pictures
are > being provided to Marie (by way of a very non-cooperative email system).
> 1. Nancy m. William Crossley. **
> 2. Sarah Ann
> 3. John Milton m. Olive Holcomb **Possibly, there is J_ Sellers
> 4. Harvey G. (twin)
> 5. George H. (twin)
> 6. Matilda Jane
> 7. James **
> 8. William F.
> 9. Martha E. **(Looks like F. vs E)
> I'll go back to the cemetery (probably on the weekend) and draw a map of
> grave locations.  There are some more Sellers on the "old" side, but not
> really near the above.  I'll mark those down, too.
> Are there any other LAST NAMES I should look for near by while I'm there?
> I haven't checked out the "new" side for Sellers.  If time permits, I'll
> check it out.
> Robin

ROBIN - Thank You.
#2 SARAH is shown as married a MUNGER
#6 MATILDA JANE is shown as married H.R.BENHAM
#9 MARTHA E. born 1843/died 1884 may have been married to a SIDES - But her
she is listed as MARTHA E. SELLERS
#4 AND #5 ARE listed as twins=Harvey G. and George H. born ca 1824. They
listed as alive and on #9 MARTHA will of 1884.
NOW, the second chart for CHRISTIAN SELLERS that came here in 1805 and went
IN and died 1841 and his wife MARY A. ELIZABETH SELLERS (she is in PARKE
CO, IN on 1850 census)
lists GEORGE H. SELLERS 1819 as HIS son and married ROWENA MUNDY
Christian had a dau Mary married JAMES H. JACK and Another dau Eliza
DAVID T.S.JACK in Warren Co,OH. Doesn't show where these died. Several went
to Parke and Clinton Co,IN
LOOKS like we could have an error here?
marie, iowa

Sellers, Jacob        1853   87 1766  Meth. Pg. 475   1                   006
 Sellers, Christena 1841       63   1778        Meth. Pg. 475   1        007
 Sellers, William    1844    47   1797   Meth. Pg. 476     2              002
 Sellers, Parthena    1828       26   1802       Meth. Pg. 476    2       003
 Sellers, Mrs. Christena     1807    36               1771         Pres. Pg. 477   2             061

        "* Charlotte" <coats@hotmail.com>
Subject:  [MCKAY] Louella McKay

Ellsworth E. Lackey, b 9, 30, 1844 m there, 9, 26, 1867 at Springboro,
Laura Sellers, Episcopal Methodist, b there 3, 20, 1848; living, 1912; a
dau of Ferdinand Sellers, formerly farmer, merchant, b 5, 3, 1824 and
Rebecca Hormell b 5, 27, 1827 both in Warren Co. Ohion.  For many years
Ells worth owned a saw mill at New Burling, Ohio and dealt in lumber.  He d
at Xenia, Ohio 1, 9, 1903; bur at New Burlington
1. Walter V. b 1, 23, 1869 in Warren Co., Ohio m 6, 18, 1891, Louella
McKay; no issue
2. Raymond L
3. Bert L.

       NE NJ Baptists>n Va [ne WV]>SE Pa>sw Ohio + w Illinois
       Thu, 17 Jan 2002 18:37:28 -0500
       HERMON B FAGLEY <hermfagley@juno.com>
       WVHARDY-L@rootsweb.com, OHWARREN-L@rootsweb.com,
       OHBROWN-L@rootsweb.com, Jimitts@aol.com, swamsley@concentric.net,
       bobfagley@sisna.com, watalley@kih.net, pstark@infi.net, mari@netins.net,
       buckseibert@prodigy.net, danpat@mediaone.net, EarlRoss@prodigy.net,
       x1957@aol.com, Rufpeg@aol.com, cmontrose@beol.net,

We've been talking on WVHARDY-L@rootsweb.com about the
Revs Anthony and David Badgley, from NE NJ,1760'S to the
South Branch ,Potomac,
and,1796,under Rev David Badgley,on to New Horizion,Monroe
Co, w Illinois.
 But there are several on-line researching Baptists like Wm
Lee, whose migration  was Gerrardstown,WV n of Winchester,Va> Gerrard's Fort and
10 Mile Creek,Green Co,sw Pa> JONATHAN GERRARD'S Station,near Columbia, e
Cincinnati, and north  into Warren,Clermont,and Miami Co,Oh. Va's Pat Judkin is an
exceptional researcher
of those near Wm Lee,and the Gerrard's,and I repost,with
commets, her post on the Gerrardstown,Berkley Co,WV Baptist church nnw
Winchester,Frederick Co,Va.

Rev Henry Lovell,of the nww Baltimore Md and
Gerrardstown,WV,and Mexico,Md
was ordained at Piscataway,Woodbridge township,Middlesex
Co,Pa near New Providence Presbyterian[Turkey]. and Scotch Plains
Baptist,NJ,WHICH WAS cAPT Benj
Stites. Rev John Gano,Sr m Stites,was tained at Rev Hart's
Baptist academy-which preceded Brown U,IN R.I.
ReV sAMUEL Heaton,Jr ministered a Baptist church at
Morristown,NJ before Gerrardstown,Va [WV]
I'm 'guessing ' ties betweeen Rev Benj Miller,of Scotch
Plains,NJ AND Gerrardstown,NJ,
Newtow,sw Oh and  Warren Co,Oh.
The several Sutton's,once from Cape Cod,and Piscataway,NJ
,were sw Pa's 1770+
Baptist ministers,and 1797+ Warren Co,Ohio's. Abraham
Sutton's wife was Mary Chenoweth,and several siblings of theirs were at South
Lebanon=dEERFIELD,Warren Co,Oh 1800-15 era.

Elias Gerrard,Jr lived between Uley's and Corker's Runs,
From: "Patricia Junkin" <pajunkin@erols.com>
To: HERMON B FAGLEY <hermfagley@juno.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 12:42:17 -0500
Subject: Re: DUNHAM-DONHAM: Re: Dunn line, reply to SCE
: <pajunkin@erols.com>

           Thu, 6 Jun 2002 19:26:51 EDT

This information was sent to me from one of my other lines. These Sellers
related to the Rockingham Co., VA Sellers. The John Sellers listed below was
the son of Peter Sellers and grandson of Heinrich Zeller of Rockingham Co.
Simeon and Gabriel are John and Henrietta (Smith) Sellers' children. The
names below are the only Sellers found in that cemetery. The other few
were mostly Jeffery family members and two Monger graves.

Jeffery Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio. (small family cemetery)

John Sellers  (no dates)
Henrietta Sellers w/o John  d. Dec 2, 1843 Age 68yr 9 mo
Gabriel Sellers  (no dates)
Simeon Sellers d. Nov 14, 1845  Age 36yr 5 mo 27 days
Mary Ellen Mast, consort of Absalom Most, former wife of Simeon Sellers  (no

I hope this helps someone.

Jim Sellars

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From: FDHaun@aol.com [mailto:FDHaun@aol.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2003 05:53 PM
To: Sellers.Michael
Subject: Michael, is this the same family that you are seeking info. on?

"John Sellers, carpenter Twp
Xenia, Green County Pa.
Was born in 1824, is the son of Jacob and Susan Sellers, who were both born
in Warren County Ohio, and they had a family of seven children-John M.,
Elizabeth, Cynthia, Newton and Jane. John is the subject- he was married in
1846 to Miss Olive Holcomb, came to this city ( Xenia ) in 1852

RE: Michael, is this the same family that you are seeking info. on?
Date: 5/23/03 11:39:04 AM Central Daylight Time
From: msellers@acresgaming.com
To: FDHaun@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

I think this particular "John Sellers" that you sent me the info about is part of the Heinrich Zeller line which descended down from Heinrich's eldest son, Johannes (John).  If so, they run paralell to my line, which descends from Johannes' younger brother, Adam.  Both lines were in Virginia as early as 1750 after Heinrich migrated the family there from somewhere in Pennsylvania.
This particular John was the son of Jacob S. and Susan (Keever) Sellers, the grandson of John and Henrietta (Smith) Sellers,  the great grandson of Johannes and Elizabeth (Pirkey) Sellers, and the great great grandson of Heinrich and Anna Maria (Fechter) Zeller.
You seem knowledgeable about this Sellers line.  Are you in any way connected or related to it?
Good hearing from you!
Michael Sellers
  sept 7, 2003

Dana Kime [danak@jps.net]

I only found 1 William

in Warren Co.  He is 80 years old.  Hope he is yours.

111 Silver Street,

William born Ohio

Father born U.S.(has something else written, but crossed out)

Mother born U.S. (Has something else written, but crossed out)

Wife, Elizabeth, 77 born Oh, parent Eng.


Sellers, William    View Image Online

   Age:  80  Year: 1920

   Birthplace:  Ohio  Roll:  T625_1447

   Race:  White  Page:  8B


   State:  Ohio  ED:  270


   County:  Warren  Image:  1024


   Township:  Turtle Creek


Feb 2004

sarnafarm [sarnafarm@alltel.net]

Hi Michael,  The 1810 census for Oh was destroyed in the War of 1812.  The

only Swift family in Warren Co in 1820 is T. Swift.

Malachi Swift is on the Tax list for 1809 in Warren Co, Turtlecreek, pg 09

but I don't have access to what would be on that (possible you could find

info on the Warren Co genweb site if you haven't tried that already).  In

1840 there is a Malachi Swift in Butler Co, Milford twp, pg 73;

Males 1 under 5; 1 in age 5 - 10; 1 in age 30 - 40;

Females; 1 under 5; 1 in age 5 - 10; 1 in age 20 - 30;

Could he possibly be a son?

Also, in 1870 there is a Malachi Swift age 62 , born OH, living in  Indiana

so if you don't already have info on him,  the Indiana list should be able

to help you out there.



----- Original Message -----

> I'd like a lookup for a Malachi Swift on the 1810 Warren County, Ohio,

Census.  He married Elisabeth Runkle Sellers in February 1809 after

Elisabeth's first husband, Peter Sellers, died of Yellow Fever in 1807.

> Nothing else has been found for Malachi Swift, so I'd like the lookup in

hopes of locating him.


> Thanks!


> Michael Sellers





Vol. 68, pg 41, Ohio History

In a letter to his friend John Widney, Williams

virtually sobbed out the story of his expulsion: "I am no

longer a member of the Methodist E. Church! And while I

write this sentence a deep & involuntary sigh bursts from

my aching heart."9 Adam Sellers, dismissed from the local

ministry at Lebanon, Ohio, experienced the same pangs of

sorrow, confessing that he "never knew or felt the full import

of the word expelled before."10

The preachers in charge of the Williams and Sellers trials

may have shared the victims' grief, but often they were

powerless to save the defendant from congregational wrath.

Indeed, circuit riders who failed to bring the accused to

justice stood in danger themselves of being charged with

neglect of duty.

10 Adam Sellers to James B. Finley, February 22, 1852.


VOL 45, PAGE 333


Civil War relics; W. R. Milot, Columbus.

Stone Axe and Celt; Lyle Hightman, Lebanon.

Flint Blades, two; S. M. Sellers, Lebanon.





OHIO HISTORY (this may be a diff county, msh, reread)

A curious forerunner of things to come

was the center-rail system of lightweight

cars and other equipment called the "Pio-

neer System," which was proposed by

George Escol Sellers, a Philadelphian who

lived in Cincinnati for ten years. He saw

the need for cheap, easily built railroads to

open up the West, but he was unable to

enlist backing. A generation later the be-

lievers in narrow gauge railroads used

similar arguments to support their case.

Still another generation later the promoters

of the interurbans were repeating these

arguments, and within thirty years inter-

urban buses were proving some of the

arguments still valid.

Sellers is here credited for the first time

with being the maker of a model locomotive

and tender (eighteen-inch gauge) on dis-

play in the Ohio State Museum in Colum-

bus. It was built to prove the feasibility of

the center-rail system, the author says,

pointing out that although the principal

parts essential to that system have been

removed, enough vestiges remain to clinch

the identity.

This book is a credit to the author, who

is associate curator of transportation of

the Museum of History and Technology

of the Smithsonian Institution. It is an

attractive little monograph, well researched

and, happily, well written. The index falls

short of perfection but the rest of the

scholarly impedimenta appear adequate.