NOV 29, 2002
     I have some questions about slavery here.   1787-88,the Contental
Congress outlawed
slavery in the NW Territory. [Did that include the Va Milatary District?
1802-03,the state of Ohio prohibited slavery in Ohio.  For 24 hours,they
allowed free
black men to vote,while prohibiting white women. I suppose the slavery
issue came up later.
 Kentucky owned the Ohio River,up to the low water mark,on the Ohio
side,so legal slavery
occured on river boats.
New Richmond and Ripley ,Ohio are known for Underground RRer's. How about
the smaller
Ohio River villages like Moscow,Neville,Chilo,Rural,etc?  I read today
about the numerous
Sargent family of Franklin twnsp ,s e Clermont,being anti-slavery. .They
were close to the Fee
    I've been studying one of the many families who lived on both sides
of the Ohio River.  My own
Fisher family had lands on both sides. I'm looking at an uncommon name.
Augustine McClanahan.
I find the name on the Bracken Co,Ky side owning slaves,and as a tobacco
farmer on Bullskin Creek,se
Clermont. One man,or cousins,or unrelated? And if 1 man,when his Ohio
tobacco needed harvesting,did
slaves come across to work?
   That brings me to General Richard Collins,of Rev John and Sarah
Blackman Collins. He was 1st
cousin to my Mrs Savil Justice,who lived exactly here from 1824.   A
lawyer and merchant,and son-in-law
of a Maysville,Mason Co,Ky merchant,  Richard Collins came from Ky in
1845,and built a mansion
that was torn down,1970's,and which stood on the Tate beech of Lake
Harsha,East Fork State Park.
I was thru the southern style,pillered  brick mansion,from basement to
roof,and,1970,it then had 16
rooms,and a huge center hallway,with a stairway rising 3 floors.  12
fireplaces. I always heard that there
was once a frame portion for Richard Collins slaves as large as the brick
portion,,that had been removed before my memory.
        My mother,1901-94,walked 1 1\2-2 miles to the black McNair
sisters to have her special dresses
made as a girl.  The McNair sisters were reputed to be of Col Richard's
slaves,and [?] were given a
2 story brick farmhouse that I remember,and which was at least the medium
house of the area. They are
remembered as southern ladies in their manners.  Did Richard Collins have
slaves in Ohio 1845-55?
He was a lawyer,and might have used the indenture method of holding their
   How about the families of s e Clermont and sw Brown Co. Did they use
slaves from their Bracken
Co,Ky farms.
I can,especially in Evans and Stiver's "History of Adams Co,Oh" learn the
surnames of those Ohio
men who were bounty hunters for escaped slaves. I can't name one from
Clermont,though I'm sure there were many.