ck MARION CO, IN history also for ABRAHAM SELLERS 1805 NC


JAN 2003
HERMON B FAGLEY [hermfagley@juno.com]

Capt-Lt-Rev-JP George Brown m Elizabeth McQueen. Died 1814 at mills on
creek and Rt 743.
Adam Fisher m Susanah Jones,and,1799, lived RTS 743 and 756. Son Hon.
David Fisher
m Pvt Lawrence Byrn,of near Pt Pleasant's dau.
David Brown,d 1819 m Margaret Abraham [Abrams] d 1829     Buried at
Samuel Ashtomn m [1] Hannah Johnson.  1811 near Marathon,on the 1818 co
Wm Smith m Lucretia Johnson [sister of Hannah]   1809 RT 133 n of
Williamsburg 5 milss
 Peter Harden m Rowan. 1806 to Afton
His dau m Richard Burk,and lived in Jackson twnsp
Lewis Fagaly m Mary Ann Fox,1830,and 1851 to Bethel. Dad in Cincy 1808.
James Blackman m Ruhama Champion. 1815 joined sister,Mrs Rev John
Rev Jesse Justice m Elizabeth Wilson. 1805 to west of Bethel on RT 125
James Leeds m Rhoda Byard    1806 to Rts 756 and 743.
Samuel Ely m [1] Rachel Leeds. 1806 home flooded by Lake Harsha.
Isaiah Johnson 1770-1830 m Mary Sooy [?]   Son Charles m an Allen,who m
Cornelius Harlow.  Also Isaiah's dau Elizabeth , 1st -Kain,and [2] Samuel
Ely ,
Allen Johnson m [1] Behymer is my wife's while Samuel Ely is mine.
Benj Ely m 3 Mary's. Mine was Thomas Hitch and Jane Smullen's gdau,and
also gdau
of Adam and Mary Hatton Simmons.
Mott Titus,widower,and sister,Anna Titus Stone,widower, to Batavia, 1835
John and Mary Medary Iden got a 1834 Quaker certificate to move to
Bethel, 1834.
Nathanial Behymer m [2] Thomas Manning's dau on upper 10 Mile Creek.
Bartholomew Adams Gaskins and Nehemiah Ward's children married in Pierce
Andrew Kirkpatrick m Alex Hill's dau in 1800 in the Pisgah Ridge area of
old Clermont.
James Kirkpatrick m Mahala Sellers ther,1839,but had become Brown Co,Oh
in 1818.
Elmer Kirkpatrick m Izora Kellum,and are buried in Williamsburg,where I
Must be more,but hand's sore from typing. Can expand on most.