OHIO CIVIL WAR (I kinda think we should have ONE page for SELLERS, etc on CIVIL WAR pensions, as many moved and filed claims in diff states, msh)


OHIO CIVIL WAR PENSIONS (others served, these lived to draw a pension and may show town/state of birth)

Name Widow State Filed Relative Minor
Louis Seller Mary Seller Ohio
Isaac Seller Ohio

John E. Sellers Susan Sellers Ohio
John H. Sellers Aurilla P. Sellers Ohio
John L. Sellers Ohio
John M. Sellers Olive Sellers Ohio
John N. Sellers Martha A. Sellers Ohio
Joseph S. Sellers Ohio
Samuel L. Sellers Ohio
William D. Sellers Rebecca J. Sellers Ohio
William D. Sellers Ohio
William H. Sellers Drusilla A. Sellers Ohio
William H. Sellers Elizabeth E. Sellers Ohio
William H. Sellers Ohio
Winfield S. Sellers Malinda Sellers Ohio
Charles F. Sellers Ohio
David Sellers Fidelia Sellers Ohio
David Sellers Ohio
David Sellers Ohio
Elias Sellers Emmarette Sellers Ohio
Ezeciel Sellers Almira Sellers Ohio
Franklin Sellers Ohio
G. A. Sellers Ohio
George L. Sellers Ohio
Grover C. Sellers Sarah Sellers Ohio
Grover C. Sellers, son of John H. Sellers, b. 1848 in Greenfield, Highland,
OH is from my family. John Sellers John and Ruth Sellers [johnsellers2@comcast.net]

Gustavess W. Sellers Ann E. Sellers Ohio
Henry Sellers Rachel Sellers Ohio
Jacob Sellers Ohio
Waldo H. Sellars Ohio
Harry J. Sellars Ohio
Henry Sellars Catherine Sellars Ohio
George W. Soller Mary E. Soller Ohio
James Sollars; James Sellars Sarah J. Sollars Ohio
Wilson F. Cellars Ohio
Guy A. Cellars Ohio

John F. Zeller Margret J. Zeller Ohio
John J. Zeller Eliza A. Zeller Ohio
John L. Zeller Anna Zeller Ohio
Lewis Zeller Emma Zeller Ohio
Peter Zeller Genevra Zeller Ohio
Samuel Zeller Wilhelmina Zeller Ohio
Theodore J. Zeller Susan Zeller Ohio
William Zeller Christina Langenheim Indiana and Ohio
George Zeller Ohio
Gustav Zeller Magdalena Zeller Ohio
Gustave Zeller Ohio
Abia Zeller Ohio
Henry Zeller Lydia A. Zeller Ohio
Henry Zeller Caroline Zeller Ohio
Ira R. Zeller Ohio
Israel J. Zeller Ohio
Jacob Zeller Eva Zeller Ohio
John A. Zellers Rachel A. Zellers Ohio
John C. Zellers Ohio
George Zellers Ohio
Henry Zellers Ohio
Jacob Zellers Rhoda Zellers Ohio
John Zollars Catharine Zollars Ohio
Lewis C. Zollars Ohio
Roy J. Zollars Ohio
Zepheniah B. Zollars Harriet Zollars Ohio and Indiana
Frank Zollars Ohio
John Zoller Dora Zoller Ohio
John Zoller Ohio
William Zoller Lucy A. Zoller Ohio
Fred H. Zoller Ohio