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Hello all!  With all of these Sellers I am seeing on the list, does
anyone have information about Hardy Sellers, Sr., born 2 Mar 1757,
Johnston, NC?  Died 17 Jan 1835, Probably chesterfield, CO SC.  Will: 14
Jul 1834.  Served in Rev. War.  Do not know name of 1st wife (the one I
need!)  2nd Wife Lavinia Gulledge.  Have his Rev. War Application and
Will.  Have been told he owned Sellers Mill in area of Ruby, SC, but I
have no documentation myself.  Have his children, beginning with John
Sellers (my ancestor), born 19 June 1782, died 22 Jan 1844.  Buried in
Seller's Cemetery, Carroll Co., TN.  Wife of John is said to be
Henrietta Norwood, but, again, I do not have documentation to prove
this.  (Other than it was information my grandmother gave to my aunts.)
Any help appreciated!  Thanks.

Will be happy to type up the will and post it under a separate page so
it will not have these messages on it.  Would be interested in copies
of  any Johnston Co. or Chesterfield Co. records.  I have Henrietta
Sellers census information and tombstone pictures of her and her husband
John in Carroll Co.  If you want, I will also photocopy the will
(attached to the Rev. War Record) and mail it if you need it.


             Norma Wade

I also descend from John and Henrietta Sellers, through their daughter,
Zilpha, who married John William Perry Wilson.  Do not have much on your
Isaac, other than born circa 1819 (a correspondent says July 1819) in
SC, Married 1 Mar 1842 Elizabeth P. Brecheen, or Burken, or Burker, and
sometime after 1860 he married a Clara A. (last name unknown).  My
sources for this information include a deed from heirs of John Sellers
to Arthur Tosh (husband of John and Henrietta's daughter, Candace),
recorded in Carroll Co., TN Deed Book L, Page 273, dated 28 March 1845
for 87 acres, 30 poles in District 13, Carroll Co., TN.  Have typed
copy  only (need to get a photocopy of the original).  I also have a
typed copy of Deed from Heirs of John Sellers to Wm. R. Sellers, Deed,
Book Q, page 5, dated 3 March 1863, recorded October 1867.  I have not
researched the names of Isaac's children.  Please tell me where you
connect to John and Henrietta's son, Isaac.

What I need is proof of the last name of Henrietta (wife of John
Sellers).  Oral information from my Grandmother to my aunts was that her
last name was Norwood, but I do not have any documentation of this, and
have not found anyone who does...nor have I found anyone who believes
her name was other than Norwood, for that matter!  Would very much like
to find proof.

I have some information on John and Henrietta Sellers' children and
spouses, if you need it.

There are others researching the Sellers name who have been very helpful
to me and if I can return this favor to someone else, I am happy to do
so.  Feel free to contact me off list if I can be of help.


marie sellers hollinger wrote:
> BOB - will send thru our SELLERS DISCUSSION GROUP - We have a few working
> this line and they can bring us uptodate. Don't know if we have proof of
all of
> John and Hendrietta's kids or not.
> Do you have Isaac's family and who married and kids and who they married
> Went to?
> Would appreciate
> A member did send us Hardy SELLERS will from SC naming his kids, which
was a
> Great Help!
> Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa
> =======
> wrote:
> > Marie
> >
> > I'am researching the Sellers name.  My line starts with John Sellers
> > Jan. 19, 1782 born in S.C. and died Jan 22, 1844 in T.N.  He was
married to
> > Henretta born Nov. 4, 1784 in N.C. and died July 24, 1866 in T.N.
Their son
> > Was Isaac P. Sellers.  Do you have any information on that line?
> >
> > Bob