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P.S. I forgot to give you the info on Max and Isabelle Sellers. They live right on Main Street in one of the apartments above the stores. I don't know their exact number, but in a small town like this, they would get it by just sending it to their name at Main Street, Columbus Junction, Ia 52738 Everyone downtown knows Max and Isabelle. Max is probably the one you would be interested in. The Sellers name popped in some of the old Peckinpaugh history too. I don't have it right at hand--it's in the basement and I am in my kitchen. I don't run up and down stairs so good any more. I can check it out later when I am down there on one of my good days. Sorry I am not much help. Norma

NORMA- very interested- we have SELLERS/PECKENBAUGH connected in BROWN/ADAMS CO, OHIO into IND AND Harrison Co, Iowa? memory - don't believe we have connected into other IOWA counties, but, I few charts may help- I haven't time to post to SELLERS board - but, if you send your info - will post to a page for you and may help connect- THANKS, marie,iowa

The Peckinpaugh/Sellers marriage we have is George Peckinpaugh and Sally Sellers married in Breckinridge, Ky on 15 July 1815. Their son Abias married Mary Ann Kerr and their daughter Mary Emily Peckinpaugh married 1)Levi Hester 2) his cousin, Stephen Hester. Stepen and Emily's daughter Mary Isabelle married Alvin Wharton Jennings who is my husband's grandfather. We have the Peckinpaugh line clear back to the point of immigration, but I haven't attempted to trace the Sellers line to date. I have no idea who her parents were other than they were living in Breckinridge, KY, presumably. I'm not really pursuing genealogy for myself at this point as I have several manuscripts in progress that I want to complete along with this website. The only line I'm really working on right now is a McCorkle line on my side right now. My husband's genealogy for the most part is complete as he also hooks into Jeffries, Darlington and all those other good lines that the Cope family did many years ago. Thanks for offering to post it, but I think I'm involved enough right now. ----------