Calvin Tellers Mary Russell, Otoe, NE abt 1846 Pennsylvania Self (Head)
Mary Tellers Calvin Russell, Otoe, NE abt 1850 Illinois Wife
Orlena Tellers Calvin,Mary Russell, Otoe, NE abt 1870 Iowa Daughter
Lurena Tellers Calvin,Mary Russell, Otoe, NE abt 1872 Illinois Daughter
Clarence D. Tellers Calvin,Mary Russell, Otoe, NE abt 1879 Nebraska Son

             Cyrus Zellers - NE 1897
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             "Mary A. Ellingson" <mellings@ops.esu19.k12.ne.us>

Here is another obituary I have found.

Unadilla Newspaper  Unadilla, Otoe, NE  15 May 1897

Cyrus Zellars, who came here from KS a short time since, committed 
suicide Monday, by shooting himself over the right ear with a 32 calibre 
revolver.  His body was discovered about 5 o'clock in the evening in a 
small barn belonging to the premises occupied by Mr. Tuttle, with whom he 
was living.  Deceased was during , a member of Co. L Eighth Illinois 
infantry.  His wife, who came here last December to be treated for a 
chronic disease, died suddenly, and it is thought this preyed on his mind 
so that he took his own life.  He left four small children whom we 
understand he had provided homes for.  a note was found on his person 
stating that here was enough money in his pocket to pay funeral expenses, 
and search revealed the fact that he had about $58 in his pocket.  He was 
interred in Park Hill cemetery.

I don't know if this is still applicable to you, but I am a decedent of the Peter Zellers/Margaret Knard line.  Their child, Matilda Zellers, was my great-great-great grandmother. (Peter and Margaret my great-great-great-great grandparents).  I have the rest of their line via Matilda if you're interested.  I would be interested in who Peter and Margaret's parents, etc. were.
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ELISABETH, I will forward thro our SELLERS board in case we still have members working on ZELLERS. Did you contact the ZELLERS adm? I will post your note/info . marie, iowa