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Just a couple of comments about the area where Saybert Solarz is found listed

on the 1810 Buncombe Co., NC census.


1. Saybert Solarz is listed on page 260 of the actual census.  The 0081

number is the image number from the census roll M252-39.


2. The area that Saybert Solarz is listed in became Yancey Co., NC in 1833. 

Then it became Madison Co., NC in 1850.  Looking at the census Saybert Solarz

is living in what is now present day Shelton Laurel of Madison Co., NC.  Note

on the census page the Shelton heads of household, and also listed is Colbert

Hensley.  These families were living in Burke Co., NC prior to the formation

of Buncombe Co., NC in 1791, although I don't know if Saybert Solarz was there

then or moved into Buncombe later.  I don't really have any references to this

Saybert Solarz.


3. Yes, Greene and Washington Co., TN are boundaries with this area of

present day Madison Co., NC. The route from Asheville into Greene Co., TN ran

through this area, originally an old Cherokee Trail, after the Revolution lots of

Blockhouses (Guard Stations) were built along the route to station militia

troops for protection. By the early 1800 this gap was being used by travelers to

move in and out of TN and it later became the old Buncombe County Turnpike also

known as the Drover road because it was used to move livestock and other

commodities back and forth to market between western NC and east TN.







Joseph Celler Not Stated, Yancey, NC 44 1815 Male
Elvira Celler Not Stated, Yancey, NC 44 1815 Female (ckMcDowell,NC,per Charmaine) and Horry,SC?per Brandy/Travis
Elizabeth Celler Not Stated, Yancey, NC 19 1840 Female
Sarah A Celler Not Stated, Yancey, NC 16 1843 Female
William Celler Not Stated, Yancey, NC 14 1845 Male
Mary Celler Not Stated, Yancey, NC 13 1846 Female
Pinckey Celler Not Stated, Yancey, NC 11 1848 North Carolina Male
Josiah Celler Not Stated, Yancey, NC 8 1851 Male
Loueza Celler Not Stated, Yancey, NC 4 1855 Female