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The following is what I have abstracted from the New Hanover Co. NC Court
Records re: SELLERS.


BOOK 1779-1798 P. 1-448 NO INDEX

Fri Jan 10, 1782 List of forfeited properties: Gilbert MCKINZEE, Archibald
SELLERS & c..P.64-5

Wed Jan 8, 1783 Application to court was ord. that Catherine SELLARS have
leave to occupy the plantation which formerly belonged to her husband
SELLARS-during her natural life. P.93

Tues Jan 5 1790 Last Will & Test. of Cath. SELLERS was prov. by Duncan

BOOK 1792-1793 P.1-267 ITEM #4

Tues Nov 20 1792 Deed fr. Alexr. MCDUGALD & Hannah to Duncan SELLARS prov.
by Archibald SELLARS P.28

Tues Feb 26 1793 Deed fr. Matthew SELLARS & Ann SELLARS to Nehemiah HARRIS
prov. by Isaac BERNARD..P.39

Tues Feb 26 1793 Deed fr. William MOSELEY & ____ MOSELY to Simon SELLARS

Wed Feb 27 1793 Jury sworn in suit of John WALKER vs Thomas WOODWARD: (4)
James SMITH (6) John NICHOLS (8) Simon SELLARS..P.42

Mon Aug 25 1794 Deed fr. William MOSELEY to Joseph NEWTON prov. by Simon

Mon Aug 25 1794 Deed fr. Joseph NEWTON to Edward NEWTON prov. by Simon

Sat Sept 26 1795 Jurors Next County Court: (8) Archd. SELLARS (9) Stephen

Tues March 22 1796 Last Will & Test. of John MCKOY prov. by Matthew
Simon SELLARS qualifed as Executor..P.165

Tues March 22 1796 Deed fr. Spefford DRURY to Ronald MCDOUGALD prov. by
Simon SELLARS..P.165

Fri Sept 25 1796 Jurors next Term: (3) George LOGAN (6) John SELLARS (14)
Peter MCBRIDE (16) Bart. BURNS (23) James SMITH (25) Saml. NEWTON &

Tues June 20 1797 Deed fr. Ronald MCDUGALD & Mary MCDUGALD and a deed fr.
Ronald to Hannah MCDUGALD prov. by oath of Simon SELLARS..P.215

Mon Sept 18 1797 Deed fr. Simon SELLARS to Henry CRAIG ack..P.223

Wed Dec 16 1805 Deed from Elias CRAIG to Simon SELLERS prov. by Simon

Sat July 10 1807 Jurors for County Court May Term 1807: James DEVANE,
SELLERS Sr, Enoch NEWTON, John SELLERS & c..P.179

Mon May 18 1807 Deed fr. John SELLERS & Mary SELLERS to Anguish SELLERS
prov. by George BANNERMAN..P.181

Tues May 19 1807 Grand Jury drawn & sworn: Simon SELLERS & c..P. 185

Fri Nov 25 1808 Venire for Feb Term 1809: Simon SELLERS & c..P.260

Tues Feb 21 1809 Deed fr. Thomas PAGE to Archd. SELLERS prov. by James

Fri Aug 25 1809 Jury for Superior Cout Oct Term 1809: Archd. SELLERS,
Charles BANNERMAN & c.. P.290

Tues Feb 20 1810 Venire for Superior Court April Term 1810: Obedh. SMITH,
Daniel SELLARS & c..P.314

Mon Aug 20 1810 Anson MEADOWS an orphan boy bound to Simon SELLARS with
LARKINS & Jonathan ROTHWELL security..P.328

Thurs Nov 22 1810 Jury Feb Term 1811: William MITCHELL, James DEVANE,
SELLARS & c..P.344

Wed May 15 1811 Deed fr. Thomas PAGE to Archibald SELLERS prov. by Thomas

Fri May 17 1811 Jury County Court Aug Term 1811: Josiah REGISTER, John
SELLERS, Isaac SIKES Sr, Simon SELLERS Sr, Hillory MOORE & c..P.373

Tues Feb 11 1812 Deed fr. Timothy BLUDWORTH to Daniel SELLERS prov. by
Timothy W. BLUDWORTH..P.399

Sat Feb 15 1812 James NEWTON, Duncan ROBESON, Timothy HATCHES, Angus
& Thomas CORBIT Jr. apptd to divided Est. of Malcolm ROBESON between his
heirs; and also Est of James KEER between his heirs P.406

Thurs May 14 1812 Jury Aug Term 1812: Simon SELLERS Sr, Obed. SMITH, James
MOORE, Daniel SELLERS, John SELLERS & c...P.421

Mon Nov 9 1812 Grand Jury: Josiah REGISTER, Daniel SELLERS & c..P.432

Mon Feb 8 1812 Grand Jury: John SELLERS, George BANNERMAN & c..P.449

BOOK 1798-1805 P.1-304

Wed Dec 19 1798 Jury apptd Next Term: Joshua POTTS, Timothy ORR,
RUSS, John SELLERS & c..P.30

Sat Mch 21 1801 Jury to serve next County Court June 1801: Saml. NEWTON,
John SELLERS, Jeremiah HAND, Reuben NEWTON & c..P.95

Wed June 17 1801 John SELLERS vs Exors. SPAULDING. Judgt. confessed for
lbs & costs P.106

Thurs Mch 16 1802 John LIGIER vs Captn. RUMNEY. Jury: James CORBET, Simon
SELLERS & c..P.142

Thurs Mch 16 1802 Simon SILLARS vs Thomas BIRKLEY. Ass. judgmt. 6.00 lbs.
costs P.142

Fri Dec 24 1802 Jury apptd. County Court March Term 1803: (7) Thomas
(23) Simon SELLARS & c..P.194

Mon Dec 19 1803 Adm. on Est. of Andrew RIDDLES granted Peter MCBRIDE with
Archd. SELLARS & Jas. B. WHITE security P.240

Tues Mch 20 1804 Deed fr. James LEE to John SELLERS prov. by Edward

BOOK 1814-1820 P.1-464 ITEM #4

Mon Aug 8 1814 Grand Jury: Angus SELLERS & c..P.3

Mon Aug 8 1814 Admin. on Est. of Ronald MCDOUGALL granted to Simon SELLERS

Sat Aug 13 1814 County Court Venire: (20) George SELLERS (21) Ebenezer
(28) Charles BANNERMAN & c..P.14

Sat Feb 18 1815 County Court May Term 1815: (4) James NEWTON (6) James
Jr (16) John SELLARS (25) Isaac NEWTON & c..P.41

Mon May 8 1815 Admin. on Est. of Archibald SELLAS be granted to Barbary
SELLERS with Duncan ROBESON & Charles MURPHY security..P.43

Mon May 8 1815 Deed fr. Francis DEVANE to Duncan ROBINSON prov. by Duncan

Fri May 12 1815 Venire Aug Term 1815: (11) Simon SELLARS & c..P.58

Sat Nov 18 1815 Venire Feb Term 1816: (2) John CORBETT (9) Reuben NEWTON
(14) John PARKER (29) Angus SELLARS & c..P.89

Mon May 13 1816 Will of John SELLERS offered for probate objected to
that same be put on the Trial Docket & an issue of devisavit bel non be
up; that notice issue to John G. MORRIS, Robert HENRY, Angus SELLARS, Caty
SELLERS & Jane SELLERS. Admin. on Est. of John SELLERS granted to Mrs.
SELLERS widow with William H. BEATTY & Duncan ROBESON sec..P. 112

Mon May 13 1816 Elizabeth MCDUGAL apptd. guard. of Runner, Allen, Henry &
Effy MCDUGAL with Simon SELLERS & Charles B. GAUSE sec. P.112

Tues May 15 1816 Ord. Admin. on Est. of James SHAW be granted to Daniel

Fri May 18 1816 Deed fr. Daniel SELLERS to James USHER prov. by William

Tues Aug 13 1816 Ord. that William ROBINSON, Duncan ROBINSON & Charles
MURPHY divide personal Est. of Arcd. SELLERS bet. his widow Barbara and
Duncan SELLERS. P.138

Tues Nov 12 1816 Ord. that Letters ad colligerdum on Est. of John SELLERS
granted to Angus SELLERS & Charles MCALLISTOR with Col. Richard PARISH &
Neill MCLAURIN sec..P.151

Tues Nov 12 1816 Exors. of John SELLERS vs John G. MORRISS, Robert HENRY,
Caty SELLERS & Jane SELLERS. Devisavit bel non. Find for the Defts. Appeal
prayed & granted. P.151

Tues Nov 12 1816 Ord. that Duncan ROBINSON, Charles MURPHY & John CORBET
be apptd to divide personal Est. of Archd. SELLERS decd..P.153

Wed Feb 12 1817 Catherine SELLERS & others vs Mary SHAW & others.
Ord. that prayer of Petitioner be granted & that Duncan ROBESON, Robert
HENRY Jr, Taylor HOLLOWAY, John FUTCH & Charles MURPHY be apptd.
commissioners to divide the land mentioned in petition. P.169

Mon May 12 1817 Admin. on Est. of John SELLERS granted Mary SELLERS with
Robert MURPHY & John COLVIN sec..P.189

Sat May 17 1817 Venire Aug Term 1817: (18) George SELLERS (20) Alexr.
(23) Ebenezer ROUSE & c..P.213

Tues Aug 12 1817 Ord. that Adm. on Est. of Duncan SELLERS decd be granted
Barbara SELLERS with William H. BEATTY & Richard PARRISH sec. P.220

Fri Aug 15 1817 Deed fr. Duncan SELLERS to Barbara SELLERS prov. by

Wed Nov 12 1817 Deed fr. John C. DEVANE to John SELLERS ack P.244

Sat Nov 15 1817 Venire Feb 1818: (3) Angus SELLERS & c..P.251

Thurs Feb 12 1818 County Court Venire May 1818: (24) John SELLERS (25)
Thomas CORBET Jr (28) Josiah REGISTER & c..P.271

Thurs Nov 12 1818 Venire FEb Term 1819: (2) George SELLERS (4) Wright
REGISTER (24) Thomas PLAYER (26) John SELLERS & c..P.352

Tues Aug 10 1819 Ord. Charles B. MORIES to take into his charge the
& property of Simon SELLERS until next term. P.406

Tues Nov 9 1819 Admin. on Est. of Simon SELLERS granted William GRISSOM
Jno. F. BURGWIN & Levin LATCHUM sec.P.422

Wed Nov 10 1819 Ord. that Mrs. Elen MCDUGALD be allowed at the rate of $4
per month for maintenance of 3 of the infant orphans of Simon SELLERS &
sum of $7 per month for maintenace of Ellenor SELLERS ___ & also an infant
orphan of sd SELLARS & that admor. pay same P.430

FEB 2003
from RAY
Ray Revette []

>From Book C pages 399 & 400 dated 16 Feb 1789

In the name of God Amen. I Catharine Sellers of New Hanover
County, being of sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be
God, in this sixteenth day of February in year of our Lord 1789, and
in the thirteenth year of our independence make and publish this
my last Will and Testament in x???x   following, that is to say, viz.
I give and bequeath unto my son, Archibald SELLERS all my
property, but in the case that he dies Catharine Robinson senior,
shall have an equal share of all that ???  with the rest of my
    I hereby make and ordain my true and trusty friends William
Robinson and Duncan SELLERS for my Executors of this my last
Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I the said Catharine
Sellers ???  to this my last Will and Testament set my hand and
seal the day and year above mentioned.

Signed Catharine SELLERS ( X her mark)
Witnessed  by Allan Shane (?) and Duncan Robertson.
This was proven by Duncan Robertson  Jan 1790