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> > OK.  You guys did so well with the Cain creek wondered how much info I
can > > get on "Deep Creek" It is listed in the 1850 Census in the Macon Co...
> Smoky > > Mtns district.  Wonder if it is close to the tenneppe Valley and how
far > away > > from these other creeks, silver, muddy, cain..etc.   Thanks:)

lunaloba wrote:

> Okay, I'll take you up on it!
> There is no Deep Creek in present day Macon Co, but there is one in
Haywood > Co, created from Macon. It's coordinates and a map showing its position
are > at:
> &f_latlong=352451N0825957W&f_ht=.5&server=TIGER
> There is another Deep Creek in Swain Co also formed from Macon, that
seems > larger and longer. It seems to come down out of the Smokies at the TN
state > line(Mount Collins area) and runs to Bryson City. A map of Deep Creek in
> Swain Co
> &f_latlong=352601N0832620W&f_ht=.2125&server=TIGER
> All of this is a considerable distance from Burke/McDowell Co. I'd say
60-70 > miles as the crow flies.
> Could not find Tenneppe Valley listed. Is there another spelling? What
towns > are near it?
> Cindy

CINDY - quick note - in the old days - the "S" was written = kinda /did
look like a "P"
marie, iowa

DAWN - I believe we MOVED from Burke Co, NC (McDowell in 1842) to Macon Co,
NC or another county before?
Don't believe this is a Land/County Change like when McDowell Co was Made
From Burke Co, LAND.

THERE is a part of LINCOLN CO, NC (Dawn, you have our county pages?) that
was made from BURKE CO, NC =
A part of Burke County was annexed to Lincoln Co, NC.  The act of 1783 was
amended in 1818 ... from the three cornered Island in the Catawba River to
the bent of Little River in James Fox's land .. agreeable to the act of
1793 to have a portion of Burke county annexed to Lincoln county 1779 ....
Signatures on the petition are as follows:  (they are not in alpha order,
but in the order they appear on the original petition)
Listed on Burke Co, NC page
These may be listed on the Burke Co Land page now,msh , but, you can find
link on NC,BURKE CO
Don't know if any is Same Land = NO ONE has sent us the Lincoln Co, NC land
records, which my book states are available.
AND, don't have ANY of our SELLERS pages linked to Lincoln Co, NC - Now
connect to Macon Co, NC
AND, I kinda thought HAYWOOD CO, NC?
CAN anyone kinda annotate some of our SELLERS here - So we can link back to
correct CO?
marie, iowa


In ”Records of Old Macon County, N.C. 1829-1850”, compiled by Barbara Sears McRae, I found refs. to some deeds from Deed Book C (1840-43).

1146 William Sayers to Elizabeth Sherrell … Wit. James Sellars, Jael or Joel Sawyers… (Elizabeth Sherrill was sister of Jane Thompson and Joel Sawyers was brother-in-law of Jane Thompson; Jane Thompson md. an UNK Sellers)

1147 & 1149 William Sawyers to Elizabeth Sherrell… Wit. Nathan Thompson, Sr. , Joel Sawyers… (Nathan Thompson, Sr. was father of Jane Thompson)

All of above proven in Mar 1840 and registered, June 11, 1840.

1599 & 1600 James Sellars to Jason H. Hunter, Wit. G.W.F. Moore, D.R. Lowry; wit. WM. H. Thomas, G.W.F. Moore (both proven Mar 1843 and proven June 9,

Mr. Sellers who md. Jane Thompson appears to have died somewhere between 1839 and 1850 (last known child of marriage, Ruth E Sellers was b. 17 Sep 1839 in Rutherford Co. NC and Jane Sellers Thompson and entire known family were in St. Francios Co. MO in 1850). Two of the other known children, John Sellers and Margaret Minerva Sellers md. children of Rice Farrar Ross (Emily F Ross and Oliver Franklin Ross, respectively) in Coffee Co. TN. MM Sellers md. Oliver Franklin Ross, 15 Jul 1844 and John md. Emily F Ross ca. 1849). So looks like the Sellers´s may have moved to TN by 1844? Maybe James sold his land in NC prior to the move? Have in a previous mail noted a Manson Sellers living in Coffee Co. TN in 1850, age 19 b. NC (so b. ca. 1831)with wife Mary age 22 b. TN and son William age 7/12 b. TN (and with Sherrills in the neighbourhood). Manson might be a brother of MM Sellers (b. ca. 1825) and John (b. 1828) and Justiana (b. 1835) and Ruth (b. 1839) (all b. NC). The gap in ages certainly makes it possible that Manson was another child of Jane Thompson Sellers and Mr. Sellers.

Any thoughts anyone?

linda peacock []