GRANVILLE CO, NC (made in 1746 from Edgecombe
lays next to


Johnston Co. --Sellers 1748-1763 land grants

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Look in this book or resource:
The Granville Dist. of N. Carolina,
> 1748-1763 Land Grant Abstracts Vol. 2
> Other helpful information: Land bought in the Smithfield, Selma, Four
> Oaks, Benson, Boon Hill area by the Sellers family
> I am looking for the Father of Alsey Sellers.  I can not find his parents
> but I heard that they lived in this area for many years.
> Any help you can give would be much appreciated
The Book, Land Grant Abstracts Vol. 2 has:
SELLERS: James, Samson and Robert,
all were "chain carriers"
in 1761 Orange county, working for/helping the
surveyor Mr. W. Church with land surveys.  The land was on
Mill/Mile creek and Hawtree. They may be listed in another
Volume as to where they had land.

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Subject:  [NCBLADEN-L] Granville District information

The questions about Granville just caught my attention, I think that my
Carters and Sellers were up there.  So I looked it up in the NC Gazetter,
the district originially was the portion of NC allotted to John Carteret,
Earl of Granville 1600 - 1763, one of the Lords Proprietors who refused to
sell his interest in NC to the Crown in 1729.  The upper half of present
NC  was included in the District which extended from the NC VA border to 35
degrees 34' a strip sixty miles wide.  The souther line was run from the
coast to Bath in 1744 to Haw River in 1746 and to Rocky River in 1766.  The
District was lost to the Granville estate at the time of the Rev. War.

Granville Parish was established in 1758 in the west part of Granville
County which was cut from Edgecombe in 1746.  Granville Parish was created
from a division of St. Johns Parish.  The east half of the ST. Johns wound
up in Bute County .  Granville Parish had 1022 white taxables in 1767.

Deborah Byrd