BERTIE CO, NC (made 1722 from CHOWAN CO, NC)

4-1-1724 MATHEW SELLERS land grant of 170 acres on south side of the Meherrin, next to his own land.

11-10-1724 MATHEW SELLERS witness, deed of Wm and Isaac RICKS on land on south side of Kirby's Creek and Reedy Branch.

2-1-1725 MATTHEW SELLERS land grant of 192 acres on south side of Meherrin River at "PATTYS Delight"

11-9-1725 MATHEW AND CATHERINE SELLERS witness for John NELSON to Joseph BOON for land on south side of Meherrin.

11-8-1726 MATHEW SELLERS sells 100 acres on south side of Meherrin at Redy Swamp to Timothy HIND, being part of the 170 acres granted to him in 1724.
Wit = Richard WASHINGTON and John COLSON

8-7-1727 MATHEW SCELLER sells 100 acres on south side of Meherrin at PATTYS Delight to JOHN SCELLERE, being part of his 192 acre grant of 1725.
Wit=Daniel O'QUINN and Henry TURNER

4-1-1728 MATTHEW SELLERS witnes land sale of Robert SHERWOOD to John Mahha = 100 acres on Mill Path.

12-19-1729 MATTHEW SELLERS buys land from John MOHERE on the south side of Moratuck River at branch of Kerby Creek, part of 1719 Patent of 640 acres to Robert SHERWOOD.

8-13-1734 From Bertie Co, NC Court Minutes: 13 Aug 1734 - Ordd. That a New Jury Vizt: Jno. Sherrod,
Wm. Hayse, John Moroe, Thos. Vincent, Jas. Lassiter, Fras. Pridgon, Andrew Collins,
Thos. Tulley, Danll. OQuinn, Jno. Maynor, Wm. Wilson(Nelson), Jno. Tulley, Rt. Sherrod,
Robt. House & Jno. Sellers or ____12 Do Lay out a Road from Wm. Kanes to the Road
_______ Swamp leading to Maherring River And that James Lasis__ be & he is hereby appd.
overseer of sd. Road &c And that all ye Inhabitants from ye Mouth of ? Swamp & Pottycasey
and up ye Swamp as high as ye Parcoson Branch do Clear & maintain ye sd. Road &c.
1-11-1735 Henry CRUMPTON'S  Will,daus=Susan,Elizabeth,Jane and Anne

1737 JOHN SELLERS owes estate of Francis PARKER

8-7-1738 MATTHEW SELLERS witness land deed between Michael HANLEY and wife and John JOHNSON

8-31-1738 MATTHEW SELLERS witness sale of 210 acres in Maherring Woods next to Joseph BOON (from Jospeh BOONE to Humphrey PRYER
Wit= Joh DEW and Benjamin HILL

7-6-1739 MATTHEW SELLERS witness land deed from Joseh STRICKLAND to Andrew IRELAND

2-1740 BENJAMIN SELLERS of Edgecombe Co sells 50 acres of land on the south side of Meherin River and Kirby Creek that my father MATTHEW SELLERS bought of Benjamin FOREMAN wheron my mother now lives.
And 50 acres which my father bought of John MOHERE
And 170 acres patented in my fatheres names, ALL said land joining together.
Wit= John CAMPBELL, Christopher LAHEY, Samuel MIRRET

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8-1740 CATHERINE SELLERS, appointed Adm for husband MATHEW SELLERS



6-18-1741 Henry CRAWFORD land grant #2129 = 200 acres in Bertie Co   on north side of Meherrin River joining sd river, the County Line, Cypress Swatch and JOHN SELLERS

12-29-1747(Bertie/Northampton) WILLIAM SELLAR wit for GEO