I would love to have any info on the Sellers.  My ancester was Hans George
in Weinheim, Germany,  Hans Paul b. 1641 and Hans Adam b. 1669 and Philip
Henry b. 1669 all in Weinheim.  Then John Leonard b. 1727.
Nancy Sellers Stalker

My line from John Leonard, Philip Henry, Leonard to Lima Ohio in 1836-37.
Leonard born in 1782 in Bucks Cnty PA
And departing in 1860 in Allen Cnty Ohio. This man was my gg grandfather.
Roger Sellers in Las Cruces

NANCY - Thanks for getting in here - don't know if we can help you, but,
bet you can help others - by sending us the names/dates/places of the
children you connect to. WE need the kids of these older SELLERS and
Where they went. Can you help?
marie, iowa

I got all my info from :
These are all Sellers and are on Family Tree Maker, I wish I could send
my file,
but I'm new to the computer and haven't learned how to send it yet.
NANCY, Thanks - don't need a large tree to 'know' your family - a few
ages, places and then you may find some more cousins
Family tree maker has a help group on line - you can go thro it and read
messages on sending files or gedcoms - They do a Good job of explaining -
for me And I have to have it line by line!
Mainly we Need All connections to this family that we can find - so others
connect to them - esp if they left PA. marie, iowa

From: Nancy
Hi Marie, I'll give you my line back to :
George b. Oct 22, 1807 in Franklin Co. PA.  M. Eleanor Wallick in Ohio.
   David b. Nov. 20, 1835 in Summit Co. Ohio M. Elsie Robinson   1862, in
       Clarence  b. Oct. 06, 1873 in Grundy Co. Iowa M. Olive May Hubbard
Dec. 9, 1899 in Dallas Oregon
        Albert b. Nov. 17, 1902 in Dallas, Polk co. Or.  M. Merle Ryals
24, 1926 in Polk Co. Or.
Melvin b. July 14, 1927
Elva Jean B Aug. 03, 1928
Nancy  b. Nov. 13, 1929
Children of Albert and Helen Mclean:
Harold b. May 24, 1922 in Pasadena, Ca.
James b. July 29, 1923 in Porterville, Ca.
Nancy Sellers Stalker