From: Edward Bulger

Subject: Sellers

Hi, Hope you don't mind me emailing you..I saw on GenForum your message
about getting into the Sellers site at Roots Web.  I could not get into it.
(Quite a novice) Could you give me more detailed info..I am looking for a
Carol Novis Sellers from Cal..A relative in England is looking for her
family line.. Her Father was a singer and part time actor.  He died in
Any information on her would be greatly appreciated..Thanks Nancy at

"Charlene L. Nix" wrote:

This email was sent to me.
Nancy wants to get on the Sellers list.  I gave her some pointers but I
thought you could help introduce her to all that your list offers.

Charlene Nix
from Florida
Still looking for Alsey Sellers parents (Johnston County, NC)

Hi, Have been on a search for Carol Novis Sellers and family for a couple
of  months.  She was born in 1939 in the Pasadena, Cal area. She married at
16, however I do not have her husbands first name. Carol's father was a
popular singer in Cal and Disneyland. He died in 1966. Mary, a relative
from England would like to find Carol, she has been trying for years.  I
have gotten this far, to the Sellers link, but hope this site might help
me. I have called many Sellers in the US withour succes, but have spoken
with such nice people..Thanks for any information. Nancy Bulger

NANCY,  - Some of the Younger Sellers are as hard to Trace as Older -
Start -
Oldest Proven SELLERS =
died when/where ( he will have a death certificate and an obit in that town - many online now)
His Wife =
married when/where=
Any Kids names and born when/where and married where

AND whatever connection to ENGLAND ? - is this another family or same?

This should get us to where  our SELLERS discussion group will know Who you are and Where - We must get their attention or too many letters are deleted. IF they don't know town/county/names-

Now you are talking California?
Sent info and Thanks for sharing,  EVERY little bit Helps, marie, iowa

When we have such little info on Novis and Sellers - Sometimes, you can
the local genealogy society and they have the records and perhaps would
for you - You have the approximates, just not exact dates/names.
And Sometimes, they will take the extra time to Care and Look up for you
I don't think they are on line - with an email address - would be a little
BOX 94774
91109-4774 (Kathryn Bassett []-feb 2006)

We do have a California page - But, doubt it if helps - Will Add Pasadena
to your name- (feb 2006)

Even if we had an obit on a child of hers-AnyOne, may give you a relative,
Some Obits are on line - But, Thats a Big Town.

Do we have any NOVIS/SELLERS marriages anywhere?
marie, iowa