ST FRANCOIS CO, MO (made in Dec. 19th, 1821, the county was organized from parts of Ste. Genevieve, Washington and Jefferson

Lays next to

In the south-eastern portion of the State, is bounded on the north by Jefferson and Ste. Genevieve Counties, east by Jefferson, Ste. Genevieve and Perry, south by Perry, Madison and Iron, and west by Iron and Washington Counties, and contains 280,091 acres.


About 1845, the manufacture of pig-iron was begun at Iron Mountain and Pilot Knob, and the hauling of the iron to Ste. Genevieve, the nearest landing on the Mississippi, gave remunerative employment to a great number of teams, and the colliers, smelters and others furnished a home market for the surplus farm products.


Margaret Minerva Sellers was born in North Carolina in 1824-8





Jane Sellers District 80, St Francois, MO abt 1796 North Carolina (ck 1860 Tippah Co., MS)
ck Jeff Co., Tn? msh

Minerva Ross 26 NC (ca 1824)

James R Sellers District 80, St Francois, MO abt 1850 Missouri , 8/12 months.
John Sellers District 80, St Francois, MO abt 1828 North Carolina (ck McNairy Co., TN)

Emily Sellers District 80, St Francois, MO abt 1828 Tennessee

Jane C. Ross 3 TN

Martha Ross 1 TN
Justiana Sellers District 80, St Francois, MO abt 1835 North Carolina
Ruth E Sellers District 80, St Francois, MO abt 1841 North Carolina



Catharine Wallace District 80, St Francois, MO abt 1795 North Carolina

Justina W Thompson District 80, St Francois, MO abt 1846 Missouri with
Samuel Thompson District 80, St Francois, MO abt 1795 North Carolina


1860 ST FRANCOIS CO., MO = 0

1870 = 0

1880 = 0

1900 = 0


Henry Sellers St Francois, St Francois, MO abt 1864 White Male ,( State Hospital, violent insane impossible to get any info.) (age looks like 16 = 1896)



Robert Sellers Perry, St Francois, Missouri abt 1871 England White
Lizzie W Sellers Perry, St Francois, Missouri abt 1859 England White

Harry Sellers Farmington, St Francois, Missouri abt 1892 Nova Scotia White,



Hattie V Sellars St Francois, St Francois, MO abt 1904 Missouri Inmate


Published by THE LEAD BELT NEWS, Flat River, St. Francois Co. MO, Fri. Aug. 14, 1925.

As Welch turned to shoot at Barton, treacherous Camden quickly drew his gun and fired at Sheriff Welch. Camden then turned quickly and removing his coat as he ran, escaped through a line leading to the R. H. Sellers place. Welch fired two shots at Camden as he fled, his rifle jamming on the third shot. Camden escaped, the reports are that he ate dinner at the home of Allen Short who lives three miles directly east of the place where the shooting occurred.



SELLERS, Henry 444 9


SELLERS, Chas M. Sep 7, 1888-Jan 9, 1968 (ck 1930 St Louis )
Minerva C. Oct 20, 1888-May 2, 1951

SELLERS, Lawrence O. 1915-1966
Elsie E. 1924-1988

SELLERS, Odie G. Jun 13, 1912-Jun 24, 1924 d/o C. M. and M. C. Sellers




George W. Conner and Mary Emily Sellers; married on 14 June 1855 by William Marcie, JP at Crawford Co., Mo.

Minerd Sellers and Miss Pollie Harvy Turnbo both lawful age; married on 8 November 1855 by James A. Simpson, JP at Crawford Co., Mo.


Lewis Harrison and Elizabeth A. Sellers both of Crawford Co., Mo.; married on 25 May 1856 by James Walker, MG at Crawford Co., Mo.


Francis M. Sellers and Roda M. Ford both of Crawford Co., Mo.; married on 10 June 1869 by John Godby, MG at Crawford Co., Mo.

R. L. Hood of Marion Twp., St. Francois Co., Mo. over 21; Miss Mattie Sellers of Marion Twp., St. Francois Co., Mo. over 18; 7 August 1889 license; married on 13 August 1889 by Abe Herod, JP at his office, St. Francois Co., Mo.


Louie Akers of Black, Reynolds Co., Mo. over 21; Iza Sellers of Hedgehill, Reynolds Co., Mo. under 21; Affidavit as to ages and qualifications for marriage; Consent of father, Lee Sellers, given as to Miss Sellers; 10 December 1931 license; married on 9 December 1931 (sic) by Rev. Harry E. Jenkins, Minister at Edgehill, Reynolds Co., Mo.; filed 12 December 1931; this entry is omitted from the hand written bride index


Ernest Wilburn Bates of Potosi, Washington Co., Mo. over 21; Glayds Mae Sellers of Boss, Dent Co., Mo. over 18; Affidavit as to ages & qualifications; 18 May 1934 license; married on 19 May 1934 by Virgil C. Parker at Hawes Mill, Dent Co., Mo.; the hand written indices have Gladys Mae Sellers



The following list was published in the Lead Belt News, Flat River, St.

Francois County, Missouri, on Wednesday, October 19, 1966.




Louis Thielman

George Cain

Miss Kate Mahn

Miss Jessie Hobbs

Charles Ingram

Jim Eaton

Gus Sherman

Pete Pratte

Fred Hood

Emil Calman

George Pullen

Wendell (Snapper) Stewart

Dad Apple (Cobbler)

Gingham Poston

Joe Thornton

Dr. David E. Smith

Dr. T. L. Ferguson

Jeff Poston

Jimmy Cramp

John Lodholz

Albert Link

Clarence Peppers

Jade Govro

Ed Phillips

John Davis

George Wininger

Bert Bequette

Bill Reed

Joe Eads

Flem Spencer

George Fake

Mart Gidley

Clarence Norwine

Charlie Brokenshire

Mrs. John Spence

Maude Straughn

A. W. Miller

Charley Selzer

Louis Heinemann

George Bangert

Dad and Granny Saures

Dave Morris

Fred Hoskings

Miss Nellie Grady

T. L. Bunte

Irvin Guyton

Billy Marshall

George Helber

J. H. Malugen

Herman Lauth

Bee Barber

Bert Thurman

Clarence Norwine

F. H. Dearing

Robert Sellers

Jim Francis

Daily Roberts

Lawrence Thomure

Louis Trudo

George Nelms

Red Hubbar [Hubbard]

Jeff Carr

Carl Lodholz

George Hipes

Ki Uke

T. A. Hopson

Morris Chandler

Ki Politte




Arnold L. Sellers June _, 1955 St. Francois 16389 , son of Floyd Sellers and Polly Parker ,premature birth


Harry Sellers May 14, 1922 St. Francois 16572


John R. Sellers September 17, 1932 St. Francois 30194, single,born June 30, 1910 Biodgett, Mo, son of John Richard Sellers and Rosa Elizabeth Chappel


Odia G. Sellers June 24, 1924 St. Francois 18521 , child of Chas Sellers and Mureria? Louis , 12 yrs old


Mrs. Susie Sellers August 14, 1926 St. Francois 26659, born June 20, 1856 Iron Co., Mo, dau of Peter Sutton and Martha Moore (widow of James SELLERS) burial Carson Hill Cem