Sellers in Missouri
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     The Mississippi River, 500 miles of which is the eastern border of Missouri, was 
first seen by white men in 1541 when the Spanish explorer, Hernando deSoto, saw the mighty river.  One hundred thirty two years later, two French explorers,
Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet, were the first white men to see the Missouri
River.  In 1682, another French explorer, Rene-Robert Cavelier La Salle, took
possession of the section as part of Louisiana and claimed it for France.  A Catholic mission
was established on the present site of St. Louis about 1700.  The firstpermanent Missouri

settlement was established about 1750 by the French.  It was located along the Mississippi River about 50 miles south of St. Louis and was called Sainte

     The first actual American settlement in Missouri was in 1787 when John Dodge

established himself in Ste. Genevieve County.  He was followed there by
Israel Dodge in 

1790 and three years later by Dr. Jesse Bryan.

     From 1682 until 1803 control over the Missouri section was passed back
and forth 

between France and Spain.  In the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, ownership
passed to the 

United States.  In 1805 Missouri became part of the Territory of Louisiana
and remained 

so untio 1812 when it became Missouri Territory.  Most of its early
settlers came from 

Kentucky and Virginia, with some from North Carolina, South Carolina,

Pennsylvania and Tennessee.  It was not until 1815 through various peace
treaties that 

Indian tribes halted raids on white settlers.

     Missouri became the 24th state in 1821.


1830 St. Louis County, MO
1838 Jul 07 - Capt. Isaiah Sellers of St. Louis married Amanda M. F. Welch
of Frankfort 

[Franklin] KY, at residence of Jesse Pell in Smithland [Livingston] KY; by
Rev. Willis.  

[Missouri Republican, St. Louis, MO, 10 Aug 1838]


1840 Buchanan County, MO
  John Sellers #152, Nodaway
  Elias Sellards #154, Jefferson
  Samuel Sellards #154, Jefferson
  Thomas Sellars #158, Crawford
  David Selley #165, Platt Township
  Drewry Sellars #168, Platt Township

1840 Dec 17 - Charlotta Sellers married William Scott in Buchanan Co., MO.
1842 Dec 24 - Leroy Sellers born to Thomas Sellers and Melissa Pennington
in Buchanan 

Co., MO [IGI]

1840 Caldwell County, MO
  J. W. Selley #183, Rockport

1840 Crawford County, MO
1841 --- -- - Joseph S. Sellers born to William Harvey Sellers and Mariah
Williams in 

Crawford Co., MO [IGI]

1840 Greene County, MO
  Thomas Sellar #278

1840 Grundy County, MO
1842 Jan 29 - Frances Seeler married John McCamron in Grundy Co., MO. [IGI]

1840 Howard County, MO
  Charles Sellert #036, Chanton

1840 Lincoln County, MO
  John A. Sellar #204

1840 Oregon County, MO
1848 Sep 03 - Archibald Sillars married Tilitha Huddleston in Oregon Co.,

1840 Platte County, MO
1849 Feb 04 - Elizabeth Jane Sellars married Samuel W. Cole in Platte Co.,

1840 Ralls County, MO
  William Selter #245

1840 Ripley County, MO
1843 Jun 12 - Malinda Sellers married Isaac Perkins in Ripley Co., MO [IGI]

Perkins settled the estate of Archibald Sellers in 1856 in Oregon Co., MO]

1840 St. Charles County, MO
  William Sellers #051, St. Charles

1845 Oct 03 - Benjamin Sellers died in his 45th year. [Missouri Republican,
St. Louis, 

MO;  06 Oct 1845; there was a note  for Lebanon [Warren] OH to please copy;
1840 Warren 

Co., OH has a Benjamin Sellers in Turtle Creek Twp.]


1850 Adair County, MO
p. 027 Sarah A. Seller,

1856 May 12 - Sarah A. Sellers married William Hamilton Thorington at
Kirksville in 

Adair Co., MO [IGI]

1850 Benton County, MO
p. 313, Lindsey

1850 Buchanan County, MO
1852 Jul 27 - Amanda Sellers born to Alfred Sellers and Elizabeth A. Kinnet
at Saint 

Joseph in Buchanan Co., MO. [IGI]
1856 Jul 29 - Robert D. Sellars married Mary E. Rice in Buchanan Co., MO

1850 Camden County, MO
1858 Mar 12 - Mathilda Sellers born to Anderson David Sellers and Frances
in Camden 

Co., MO [IGI]

1850 Cape Girardeau County, MO
p. 396, George Selert, Cape Girardeau

1850 Carroll County, MO
p. 010 Joseph Seelar

1850 Cass County, MO
p. 080 Margaret Sellers
p. 081 Elijah M. Sellers

1851 Sep 18 - Margaret Sellers married William B. Agnew in Cass Co., MO
1859 Nov 17 - E. M. Sellers married Martha J. Welton in Cass Co., MO. [IGI]

1850 Chariton County, MO
p. 196 Jordan Sellars, Yellow

1850 Clark County, MO
p. 240 A. Sellers, 19th District

1850 Clay County, MO
p. 378 John Sellers, Fishing
p. 389 Joseph Seller, Fishing

1850 Cole County, MO
1855 May 06 - Gracy D. Sellie married Jacob H. Amos in Cole Co., MO [IGI]

1850 Cooper County, MO
p. 149 Addison Selers

1850 Crawford County, MO
1853 Dec 14 - James Sellers II died and Buried New Dillard Cemetery in
Crawford Co., 

MO; born 29 Oct 1791 NC; son of  Rev. War soldier James Sellers Sr. of
Chatham Co. and 

Burke Co., NC and Bradley Co., and Grainger Co., TN
1855 Jun 14 - Mary Emily Sellers married George W. Conner in Crawford Co.,
1855 Nov 08 - Minerd Sellers married Pollie Nancy Turnbo in Crawford Co.,
MO [IGI] [son 

of James Sellers Jr. and Elizabeth Brock of Grainger Co., TN]
1856 Apr 06 - Elizabeth A. Sellers married Lewis Harrison in Crawford Co.,

1850 Dent County, MO
1855 Dec 30 - Rebecca Sellers married James May Berton Tinker in Dent Co.,

1850 Franklin County, MO
p. 052 Anthony Sellers
p. 071 Joseph Celly
p. 132 Edward Sellers

1850 Gasconade County, MO
p. 143 John N. Celler, Hermann

1852 Dec 18 - Anna Sellers married Lorenzo Dowalls in Gasconade Co., MO.
1858 Nov 09 - Cyntha Elizabeth Sellers married John R. Shivers in Gasconade
Co., MO 


1850 Hickman County, MO
p. 056 Edward M. Cellis, 37th District

1850 Jasper County, MO
p. 388 Isaac Sela

1850 Johnson County, MO
1857 Jun 02 - Wesley M. Sellars married Luvicy I. Ranken in Johnson Co.,

1850 Lewis County, MO
p. 348 James M. Sellers, 48th District

1850 Linn County, MO
1856 Feb 19 - Alfred Sellers married Sarah Fane in Linn Co., MO. [IGI]

1850 Madison County, MO
1851 Mar 03 - Christopher Seeler married Caroline Kennel in Madison Co.,

1850 Marion County, MO
1854 --- -- - The citizens of Fabuis Township in Marion Co., MO, at a
meeting called to 

consider the status of             
                  Rev. William Sellers of the Methodist Church, concluded
he was 

connected to the underground railroad,    
                   a subterranean line devised to sneak slaves into Canada.

Courier 92 Mar 1854]

1857 Jul 06 - Mary Jane Sellars married William McClain in Marion Co., MO

1850 Miller County, MO
1858 Nov 25 - Sarah C. Sellars married William H. Allen in Miller Co., MO

1850 Lewis County, MO
p. 348 James M. Seller, 48th District

1850 Mercer County, MO
p. 381 David Sellers

1850 Moniteau County, MO
             Laird Sellars married Elizabeth Goodwin 16 Jun 1830 in Wilson
Co., TN
p. 7B:87   Sellers, Laird               79 M NC $600 [indexed as David
Sellers!!] son 

of James T. Sellers and Patience of  Chatham Co., NC; first married  Annie
                    Elizabeth           45 F NC nee Goodwin
                    Lafayette           17 M TN married Eliza Taylor 1854,

Co., MO
                    Angeline            15 F TN married James G. Blackburn

Moniteau Co., MO
                    Elizabeth           14 F TN
           Wallace, Julian              11 M TN son of Frances Sellers and


             William C. Sellars married Elizabeth W. Smith 19 Sep 1837,
Wilson Co., TN
p. 7B:88   Sellers, William C.       32 M TN $250; son of Laird Sellers and

                    Elizabeth           30 F TN nee Smith
                    Sarah               11 F TN marry William H. Allen 1858

Co., MO?
                    Wesley              10 M TN marry Luvicy I. Ranken 1857

Co., MO? Jacob's dau married a Rankin!
                    William              8 M TN
                    Lafayette            4 M MO
                    John                 6 M MO
                    Doucilla             1 F MO
           Wallace, Caroline            12 F TN daughter of Frances Sellers
and John 


1853 Oct 27 - Angelina F. Sellars married James G. Blackburn in Moniteau
Co., MO [IGI] 

[daughter of Laird Sellers and Elizabeth Goodwin; another IGI source same
married 27 

May 1853 in  Miller Co., MO]

1854 Nov 09 - Marcus D. L. Sellars married Eliza Taylor in Moniteau Co., MO
[IGI]  [son 

of Laird Sellersand Elizabeth Goodwin; see 1876 Cooke Co., TX and 1914
Potter Co., TX]

1855 Mar 15 - Last Will and Testament of Laird Sellers:  State of Missouri,
County of 

Moniteau; I, Learde Sellars of the County of Moniteau and state of
Missouri, being of 

sound mind and memory do make and publish this my  last will and
testament...First, I 

give and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Elizabeth Sellars, one half  of my
lands which 

I now own, including the mountain house and one half of the farm on which I

reside, during her natural life or widowhood and at her death or marriage
the lands to 

go to my  son, M. D. L. Sellars.  I also will and bequeath three negroes to
my beloved 

wife, Elizabeth Sellars,  to wit: Jordan and Harriett and Marget...and at
her death or 

marriage, three negros to be sold to the  highest bidder and if she
marries, she is to 

have three hundred dollars of the money arising from the  sale of the above

negroes is to be disposed of as follows to wit: To my son, Joseph H.
Sellars,  fifty 

dollars and the remainder to be equally divided between my daughters Nancy

Martha Smith  and Angeline Blackburn and my sons William C. [Carroll]
Sellars and M. D. 

L. [Marcus de Lafayette] Sellars.  I also give and bequeath to my beloved
wife two 

choice of herd of my horses, four cows one choice, yoke of oxens, twelve
head of ewe 

sheep and all my household and kitchen furniture and a year  provision and
all of my 

farming tools and clocksmith tools and also my wagon to remain with my wife
on  the 

farm and at her death or marriage it is all to be sold and the money
arising from the 

sale to be disposed of as follows to wit:  It is to be equally divided
between my 

daughters Nancy Sellars,  Martha Smith, Angeline Blackburn and my sons,
William C. 

Sellars and M. D. L. Sellars, all which I have give and bequeath to my
beloved wife is 

in lieu of her dower.   I give and bequeath to my son, Alford Sellars, who
is deceased 

to his children and to their heirs, Ten  Dollars. I give and bequeath to my
son, Alvis 

Sellars, who is now deceased, to his children and their heirs, Ten
Dollars.   I give 

and bequeath to my son, Joseph H. [Hackney] Sellars, besides what I have

provided for him, Ten Dollars.  I give and bequeath to my son, Andrew J.
Sellars, who 

is now deceased and to his children, Two Hundred  Dollars.   I give and
bequeath to my 

son, William C. Sellars, One Hundred Dollars.  I give and bequeath unto my
son, M. D. 

L. Sellars, the other half of my land, which I have not disposed of   and
also a negro 

boy named Lewis and if said negro boy lives the said M. D. L. Sellars shall
pay the  

following monies Three hundred dollars, Nancy Sellars, Martha Smith,
Angeline Blackburn 

and  William C. Sellars.  I give and bequeath to my daughter, Mary Miller,
who is 

deceased, to her children One Hundred Dollars.  I give and bequeath to my

Nancy Sellars, Three Hundred Dollars.   I give and bequeath to my daughter,

Smith, Three Hundred Dollars.  I give and bequeath to my daughter, Fanny
Wallace, who 

is now deceased and to her children, Fifteen Dollars.    I give and
bequeath to my 

daughter, Angeline Blackburn, one negro girl by the name of Tabeth and if
said negro 

died she is to have two hundred dollars in lieu of said negro and also one

dollars.  The remainder part of my negros and all my personal property not
named in 

this instrument to be sold and after my lawful debts are paid the rest of
the money 

remaining on hand to be paid out as I give and  bequeath to my children and
if there 

isn't money enough on hand, the remainder to be paid at the death  or
marriage of my 

wife, Elizabeth Sellars, and if there is any money left after carrying out
my will and  

bequeath the remainder is to paid my daughters Nancy Sellars, Martha Smith,

Blackburn and my sons, William C. Sellars and M. D. L. Sellars.  I appoint
Richard W. 

Tabor and Champ Smith my executors.          Signed Lard Sellers
Witnesses: James T. 

McMinn and John Etter

1850 Oregon County, MO
p. 400 Early Sellars, 65th District
p. 400 Arch Sellars, 65th District

1856 Jul 31 - Final settlement of Archibald Sellars estate in Oregon Co.,
MO, by Isaac 

Perkins.  [Mirror Newspaper, Springfield, Greene Co., MO; Isaac Perkins
married Malinda 

Sellers 12 Jun 1843 Ripley Co., MO]

1850 Osage County, MO
p. 477 Engelbert Sellerhoff, Linn Twp.

1850 Ray County, MO
1857 Mar 26 - William Sellers married Elizabeth G. Allen in Ray Co., MO

1850 Saint Charles County, MO
p. 014 Michale Sellas, St. Charles
p. 022 Edward Selser
p. 113 Joseph Seeler

1850 St. Francois County, MO
p. 153 Jane Sellers

1850 Saint Louis County, MO
p. 009 Frederick Sellah, St. Louis
p. 121 J. S. Sellie, St. Louis
p. 138 F. Sellers, St. Louis
p. 172 P. J. Seller, St. Louis
p. 275 Joseph Seller, Carondel...
p. 313 Louis Celler, St. Louis
p. 316 S. P. Selleck, St. Louis
p. 340 James Seeler, St. Louis
p. 360 Sands E. Selleck, St. Louis
p. 366 Elizabeth Sellers, St. Louis
p. 367 James Sellers, St. Louis
p. 459 Willoughby Seldon, 82nd District

1850 Shelby County, MO
p. 222 John P. Selson

1850 Vernon County, MO
1856 Mar 20 - Jane Sellers married Jacob Miller in Vernon Co., MO [IGI]


1860 Adair County, MO
1861 Oct 28 - Lucy Sellens born to Robert Sellens at Kirksville in Adair
Co., MO [IGI]

1860 Atchison County, MO
1861 Jun 12 - Sarah Sellers/Fellers married Jesse F. Marshall in Atchison
Co., MO [IGI]

1860 Barry County, MO
1867 Dec 29 - Melinda Sellers married Milton Glass in Barry Co., MO [IGI]

1860 Buchanan County, MO
1869 Jun 11 - Michael Cellery was christened at Saint Joseph Church at
Easton in 

Buchanan Co., MO;                         
                 parents Michaelis Cellerey and Annae Tumbers. [IGI]

1860 Cedar County, MO
1869 Jan 24 - Celia C. Sellars married Andrew J. Whitley in Cedar Co. MO.

1860 Crawford County, MO
1860 Aug -- - James Sellers Jr. moved from Grainger Co., TN to Crawford
Co., MO.
1864 Nov 13 - Jerry Sellers born to James Sellers Jr. and Catherine Bowers
near Dillard 

in Crawford Co., MO.
1869 Jun 10 - Francis M. Sellers married Roda M. Ford in Crawford Co., MO

1860 De Kalb County, MO
1864 Sep 23 - John Lafayette Sellers married Maria Angeline Doke at
Maysville in DeKalb 

Co., MO [IGI]  [son of John Abraham Sellers and Mary Telitha Mingus of
Haywood Co., NC]

1860 Knox County, MO
p. 148 George Selsar, Saltriver Twp.
p. 160 Larken Selsor, Saltriver Twp.

1860 Lafayette County, MO
1864 Mar 17 - George Seller christened at Immaculate Conception Church at
Lexington in 

Lafayette Co., MO;  parents Isidore Seller and Mary Dietrich. [IGI]

1860 Lewis County, MO
p. 048 James N. Sellers, Dickerson
p. 073 S. Seloor, Dickerson

1860 Dec 20 - William Sellers married Catharine Barnes in Lewis Co., MO
1869 Jul 31 - William Henry Sellers born to Morgan Sellers and Julia Ann
Quail at 

Monticello in Lewis Co., MO [IGI]

1860 Linn County, MO
p. 644 J. B. Sellars, St. Chatharine

1862 Feb 27 - Jordan Sellars married Elizabeth Whelby in Linn Co., MO [IGI]
1863 Jan 08 - W. C. Sellers married Julia A. Whitley in Linn Co., MO [IGI]
1868 Apr 12 - Sarah Sellars married Charles L. Carter in Linn Co., MO [IGI]
1868 Dec 31 - Mary A. Sellars married John P. Frakes in Linn Co., MO [IGI]

1860 Macon County, MO
1861 Jul 19 - James Sellers married M. L. Greer in Macon Co., MO [IGI]
1865 Mar 16 - John C. Sellers married Nancy J. Wiggans in Macon Co., MO
1866 Jul 04 - Louisa Sellers married L. T. Drake in Macon Co., MO [IGI]

1860 Maries County, MO
p. 609, W. H. Sellar, Jefferson Twp.

1860 Marion County, MO
1865 Jun 24 - William Seler married Sophier Cones in Marion Co., MO [IGI]

1860 Mercer County, MO
p. 183 George Selsor, Medicine Twp.
p. 185 Andrew Selsor, Medicine Twp.
p. 185 Francis Selsor, Medicine Twp.
p. 283 David Sellers, Harrison Twp.

1868 May 28 - Hester E. Sellers married Phillip P. Smith in Mercer Co., MO

1860 Moniteau County, MO
p. 699 Laird Sellars, High Point
p. 757 Catharine Sellers, Tipton PO

1862 Dec 05 - Laird Sellers died at his home in Moniteau Co., MO; age 91.

Republican, St. Louis, MO, 23 Dec 1862]

1860 Newton County, MO
p. 824 Wiley Sellers, Lost Creek Twp.
p. 825 George Sellers, Lost Creek Twp.
p. 825 John Sellers, Lost Creek Twp.

1865 Dec 30 - Nathaniel Sellers married Emaline Sheere in Newton Co., MO
1866 Feb 04 - John C. Sellers married Sarah C. Tatum in Newton Co., MO.

1860 Osage County, MO
p. 228 Engillas Sellerhoff, Jackson Twp.

1860 Pemiscot County, MO
p. 487 Benjamin Sellers, Gayoso PO
p. 520 Eliza Sellers, Gayoso
p. 520 Daniel Sellers, Gayoso
p. 524 Ben Sellers, Gayoso

1860 Pettis County, MO
p. 827 J. Sellers, Georgetown

1865 Oct 12 - Mary A. H. Sellers married John M. Elgin/Elkins in Pettis
Co., MO [IGI]
1865 Dec 21 - Eunetta G. Sellers married Joseph Cox in Pettis Co., MO [IGI]

1860 Phelps County, MO
p. 005 M. E. Sellin, Rolla Twp.

1863 May 04 - William Harvey Sellers born to James N. Sellers and Eliza A.
Chambers in 

Phelps Co., MO [IGI]
1865 Apr 11 - George Washington Sellers born to James N. Sellers and Eliza
A. Chambers 

in Phelps Co., MO. [IGI]
1867 Feb 14 - John J. Sellers born to James N. Sellers and Eliza A.
Chambers in Phelps 

Co., MO [IGI]

1860 Platte County, MO
p. 684 F. S. Selley, Weston City

1860 Putnam County, MO
p. 475 Adam Selah, Jackson Twp.
p. 496 George Selah, Jackson Twp.
p. 531 James Selah, Breckenridge
p. 532 Elizabeth Selah, Breckenridge

1860 Randolph County, MO
p. 940 H. H. Selsor, Salt Spring
p. 941 L. R. Selsor, Salt Spring

1860 Ray County, MO
p. 107 Jerry Seley, Fishing River

1860 Ripley County, MO
p. 468 John Cellers, Current River Twp.
p. 469 R. Seller, Current River Twp.

1860 Saint Charles County, MO
p. 842 Edward W. Seltzer, Cardenne Twp.

1860 Saint Louis County, MO
1861 Jun -- - Charles [Luici] Cella, an Italian fruit dealer at 7th and
Pine, St. 

Louis, was killed when Col. Kallman's  Regiment fired on civilians.

Republican 18 Jun 1861; St. Louis Missouri Democrat 25 Jun 1861]

1864 Mar 06 - Capt. Isaiah Sellers died at Memphis, TN; senior of the lower

pilots, age 61; funeral at home  of his nephew, Isaiah W. Hood. [Missouri

St. Louis, MO, 10/17 Mar 1864; see 1830 Livingston  Co., KY for marriage to
Amanda M. 

F. Welch]

              Isaiah Sellers was a person of real importance in the life of

War St. Louis and the lower Mississippi River.  He lived and died on the

River.  He was one of the greatest pilots the Father of Waters ever knew.

Sellers contributed river news to the New Orleans Picayune and he would
sign "Mark 

Twain".  Mark Twain was an old river term used by leadsmen to signify 2
fathoms, 12 

feet, which meant safe water.  Samuel Clemens took over the pen name of
"Mark Twain" 

after the death  of Capt. Isaiah Sellers.  Capt. Sellers introduced
bell-tapping as the 

signal to take soundings.  He devised many rules for river navigation.  A
photograph of 

Isaiah Sellers' distinctive monument in  Bellefontaine Cemetery in St.
Louis appears in 

the St. Louis Globe-Democrat 25 Jul 1935.

1867 Jan 17 - Leonard J. Sellers married Mollie Robinson at St. Louis in
St. Louis Co., 

1868 Jan 15 - John T. Sellers married Mary E. Weast at St. Louis in St.
Louis Co., MO 

1869 Jan 25 - Harriet Sellers married William Sellers at St. Louis in St.
Louis Co., MO 


1860 Sainte Genevieve County, MO
p. 216 Richard Sellers, Ste. Genevieve
p. 224, N. B. Sellein, Ste. Genevieve

1860 Saline County, MO
p. 361 William F/H Sellers, Black Water
p. 362 John Anna Sellers, Black Water

1867 Dec 18 - Jonnie Sellers [bride] married W. I White in Saline Co., MO
1868 Sep 24 - Thomas W. Sellers married Mattie C. Elgin in Saline Co., MO

1860 Shelby County, MO
p. 237 John Selsor, Black Creek
p. 285 Washington Selsor, Twylor Twp.
p. 287 Richard Selsor, Taylor Twp.
p. 287 James Selsor, Taylor Twp.
p. 324 J. G. Sellers, Tiger and Black
p. 339 James Selsor, Taylor Twp.

1865 Aug 10 - Luw Sellars [bride] married E. F. Warren in Shelby Co., MO

1860 Vernon County, MO
p. 061 M. Sellars, Deerfield Twp.

1860 Warren County, MO
p. 156 Benjamin Celler, Elkhorn Twp.

1860 Webster County, MO
1865 Jun 08 - Mary Sellers married William Conley in Webster Co., MO [IGI]


1870 Barry County, MO
1871 Apr 06 - Sampson Sellers married Sarah White in Barry Co., MO [IGI]

1870 Bollinger County, MO
1877 Jan 24 - Sarah Jane Sellers married John M. Reaic in Bollinger Co., MO

1870 Boone County, MO
1877 Nov 13 - Matilda Jane Sellers married Samuel C. Gallop in Boone Co.,

1870 Buchanan County, MO
1875 Mar 15 - John Seller married Elizabeth Anthony in Buchanan Co., MO

1870 Christian County, MO
Polk Twp:
  Sellers,          Sarah       55 F TN
                        William         14 M TN
                        Rebecca         10 F TN
                        Franklin          7 M TN
                        Lilley          24 F TN

Porter Twp:
  Sellers,         Johnson      24 M TN
                        Elizabeth       21 F TN
                        Laura             1 F MO

1870 Clay County, MO
1871 Mar 03 - Rosalie Sellars married E. R. Wilcocks in Clay Co., MO [IGI]

1870 Cooper County, MO
1873 Mar 19 - Lona Sellars married Hugh Hays in Cooper Co., MO [IGI]

1870 Crawford County, MO
1872 Mar 22 - Roman M. Sellers born to William Memphis Sellers and Mary
Jane Hedrick 

near Dillard in Crawford Co., MO
1877 Mar 07 - Corneillius Sellers married Melvina Hedrick in Crawford Co.,
MO. [IGI] 

[another IGI source says married in Dent Co., MO; son of James Sellers III
& Catherine 

1877 Oct 01 - Elizabeth Sellars married Moses B. [Bennett] Caps in Crawford
Co., MO 

[IGI] [Daughter of James Sellers III   
                & Catherine Bowers]

Notes on James Sellers I born 1759 in NC and died 20 Dec 1842/43, Grainger
Co., TN; 

served in Revolutionary War in NC; lived Chatham Co., and Burke Co., NC and

Co., and Grainger Co., TN:
1.  James Sellers II born 29 Oct 1791 Chatham or Burke Co., NC married
Elizabeth Brock 

24 Apr 1817, Grainger Co., TN:
    11 children:
      1.  Mary Sellers born 1818 married Anderson Nicely 02 Dec 1838,
Grainger Co., TN
      2.  Sarah Sellers born married Lewis Dalton 18 Jan 1844, Grainger
Co., TN
      3.  George Sellers born 1822 married Eliza Bowers 20 Dec 1846,
Grainger Co., TN
      4.  James Sellers III born 08 May 1824; died 1900; married #1
Catherine Bowers, 

28 Feb 1847, Grainger Co., TN; had
              11 children:
              1.  Andrew Jackson "Andy" Sellers born 03 Dec 1847, Grainger
Co., TN, 

married Catherine Hogan Cottrell,  widow of Harlan Cottrell.
              2.  William Memphis Sellers born 01 Jun 1849, Grainger Co.,
TN, married 

Mary Jane Hedrick, daughter of John Hedrick and Dorcas Turnbough and had 6
                        1.  Roman M. Sellers born 22 Mar 1872, Crawford
Co., MO; 

married Effie Hughes, daughter of Thomas D. Hughes and Marina J. Mason, on
25 Mar 1900, 

Dent Co., MO.
                        2.  Artie Sellers born 19 Aug 1874 married George

Hogan and had a daughter, Lena, and son Wilber
                        3.  Lettie Sellers born 12 Sep 1876 married Frank
Fiebelman and 

had a son, Ernest
                        4.  James Otis Sellers born 29 Mar 1879 born in
Texas married 

Nannie Richards; daughter was Velva Parker of Dent Co., MO.
                        5.  Ava Sellers born 29 Apr 1881 in TX; died 14 Dec

buried Maple Grove Cemetery.  Crawford Co., MO
                        6.  Noah Lee Sellers born 09 Oct 1883 in Crawford
Co., MO; died 

1968; married Ada Victoria 
                                  Morris, daughter of Ferdinand "Roe"
Monroe Morris and 

Virginia Gilmer, on 26 Nov 1913 and had 5 children.
                                  1.  Carl Monroe Sellers, 1914-1964,
married Daphene 

Pyatt; 3 Children: Lee Roy, Linda &  Rosemary Sellers.
                                  2.  William Otho Sellers, 1916, married

Wofford Kay
                                  3.  Helen Virginia Sellers, born 1919,
married Arley 

Cooksey, and lives in St. Louis, MO.
                                  4.  Eldon Burr Sellers, born 1921,
married Doris 

Thompson, and lives in Kirkwood, MO
                                  5.  Vernon Noel Sellers, born 1924,
married Wanda 

Thompson, sister to Doris,;  2 children: Wayne David and Terry Noel 

William Memphis Sellers moved to Howes Mill in Dent Co., MO in 1887.
William Memphis 

Sellers died Oct. 1935 and  Mary Jane  Hedrick Sellers died 1907. Both are
buried Maple 

Grove Cemetery with a young daughter.

              3.  Elizabeth Sellers born 03 Jul 1850, Grainger Co., TN,
married Moses 

Bennett Capps 01 Oct 1877  Crawford Co., MO.
              4.  Cornelius Sellers born 04 Jun 1852; died 1926, Myrtle
Creek, OR; 

married Melvina Hedrick 07 Mar 1877  Crawford Co., MO. Melvina died 1924,
Myrtle Creek, 

OR; in 1878 started west from Missouri through  Texas back to Missouri and
on to Myrtle 

Creek, OR:
                        1.  Noah Sellers born 20 Jan 1878 Dent Co., MO
                        2.  Otto Sellers born 1880 in TX
                        3.  Mary Sellers born 1882 in Texas
                        4.  Tennessee Sellers born 1884 in Texas; started
back to 

Missouri again
                        5.  Johnathan born 1887 in Arkansas
              5.  Minyard Sellers born 20 Jun 1855, Dillard (Crawford) MO;
married Nan 

                        1.  Lillie Sellers married C. B. Florence; died
1930 in OK
                        2.  Ennis Sellers born 1890; married Amie Borger;
died Oklahoma 

City, OK
                        3.  Willie Sellers married Lon Burton; died 1934 in
Paoli, OK
                        4.  Son Sellers died in early childhood in Mineral
Wells [Palo 

Pinto] TX
              6.  George Sellers born 14 Jul 1856, Dillard (Crawford) MO;
never married
              7.  Lewis Calloway Sellers born 30 Apr 1858, Dillard
(Crawford) MO; died 

as a child.
              8.  Eliza Sellers born 18 May 1859 married Allen Turnbough
              9.  Polly Sellers born 31 Aug 1860 married Nathan Jackson
              10. Rev. Jerry Sellers born 13 Nov 1864 near Dillard in
Crawford Co., MO. 

m. #1  Missouri Belle Cottrell,
                        Missouri died 03 Apr 1885; had 1 child:
                        1.  Viola Sellers born 11 Mar 1885, Crawford Co.,
MO, married 

Fred Farmer and had 10 children:
                                  Haskell, Lloyd, Edgar Lee, Ferman, Emma
Gregory, Ersa 

Engelhardt White, Bessie Betke,  Fronia Miner, Ida and Urbon.

              Rev. Jerry Sellers married #2 Margeiline "Margie" Turnbough,
daughter of 

Jeptha Turnbough and Elizabeth
              Dunlap, in 1887 in Crawford Co., MO and had 10 more children:
                        2.  Alice Sellers born 08 Oct 1887 married Rev.

Stafford and had 5 children: Earl,  Zoia Brooks, Zola, Zelma and Edith.
                        3.  Charles M. Sellers born Sep 1888 married
Minerva Lewis and 

had 3 children: Mrs. Lewis Dunlap, Lawrence & a daughter who died young.
4.  Corby Lee Sellers born 16 Mar 1890 married Saphrona Belle Hughes and
had 6 

children:  Norma Freeman, Guy, Jerry, 
Erna League, Lela League and Melba Sellers Sellers.
                        5.  Ferman Esby Sellers born 19 Apr 1892 married
Emma Alcorn 

and had 2 children: Gladys Bates and  Cowell "Junior" Sellers.
                        6.  William A. Sellers born 09 Oct 1893 married
Effie G. 

Hutchins and had 2 sons: Norman and  Norbert
                        7.  Tom Sellers born 14 May 1896 married Esther
Grace Maxwell 

and had one daughter: Wilma Norris.
                        8.  Ida E. Sellers born Nov 1898 married #1 Fred
Maxwell; #2 

Wilburn McKeethen and had  3 daughters: Marple Stout,Ima Keilholz and June
                        9.  Zona Sellers born 1899 married Eldred Mason and
had one 

daughter, Freda, who died in infancy.
                        10. Ira Sellers born 22 Sep 1901 married Gladys
Wisdom and had 

one daughter: Vinita Jimmerson.
                        11. Walter Leonard Sellers born 26 Apr 1906 married

Lucille Mason and had 3 sons: Dorman,  Paul and Larry.
                        12. Arow Sellers
              11. Laverna Sellers born 1865
     #2 Catherine Wilhite in 1878, Iron Co., MO ; had 7 more children.
              12.  Namon Sellers born 09 Jan 1879; died young
              13.  Luiza Sellers born 09 Sep 1881 married Francis Marion
Bell on 16 Jul 

              14.  David Sellers born 07 Mar 1883; died 20 Dec 1959; buried
Maple Grove 

Cem., Crawford Co., MO
              15.  Henry Sellers born 01 May 1885; died 10 Nov 1953; buried
Maple Grove 

Cem., Crawford Co., MO.
              16.  Lee Sellers born 10 Feb 1887; married Rachel Reeves;
died 02 Feb 

1961; buried Maple Grove Cem.
              17.  James "Jim" Sellers born 08 Apr 1891; died 1969; married
Eula Anna 

              18.  Denny Sellers born 23 Feb 1894; married Effie Callahan;

Steelville, MO
    James Sellers III and both wives are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery
near Dillard, 

MO, in Crawford County.

      5.  Elizabeth Sellers possible marriages: Andrew Jackson Bowers,
Jesse F. Beeler 

and James Vittetoe
      6.  Martha Sellers born 19 Apr 1828; married Pryor L. Monroe 1851,
Grainger Co., 

      7.  Anna Sellers born 24 Apr 1830; married William C. Devault 1851,
Grainger Co., 

      8.  Dicy Sellers born 1833; married John Colvin 1851, Grainger Co.,
      9.  Elander Sellers born 1834; married #1 Ephraim Dyer 1853, Grainger
Co., TN; #2 

Wesley Nicely 1855,
              Grainger Co., TN
     10. Minyard Sellers born 26 May 1836 in Grainger Co., TN; moved to

(Crawford) MO in 1852: married 
              Polly H. Turnbough, daughter of George and Noema Turnbough in

Co., MO:
              1.  James Sellers moved to Newport, Arkansas
              2.  George W. Sellers [1857-1928] married Laura E. Mallow. 11

Matt, Frank, Ernest, Ira, Melvin, 
                        Alonzo, James, Tilda Setzer, Mamie Hogan, Anna
Billingsley and 

Gerene Barr.
              3.  William H. Sellers [1861-1930] married Emma Copeland, his

sister, daughter of Ransom Copeland and 
                        Louisa Simms on 03 Sep 1883 in Dent Co., MO: 11
children: Della 

White, Ethel White, 
                        Virgie Campbell, Tessie, Jake, Hugh, John, Walter,

Carl, Minnie Stotler and several 
                        children who died young.
         Minyard Sellers was killed in the Civil War and is buried in
National Cemetery 

in St. Louis, MO.  
         Polly Turnbough Sellers later married #2 Ransom Copeland, who had
married #1 

Louisa Sims.
     11. Minfrea Sellers born 1839 in Grainger Co., TN; must have died by
Elizabeth Brock Sellers died 28 Dec 1839 and is buried in Grainger Co., TN;

Sellers II married #2 Winney Wickliff 
04 Jan 1842, Grainger Co., TN,  and James Sellers II died in 1853 in
Crawford Co., MO.

2.  John Sellers born 12 Aug 1802 NC; died 19 Sep 1860, Grainger Co., TN;

Elender Brock; Children: Lutherny E.;
       John H.; Sarah M.; Mary M.; Louisa M.; Winney M.; George H.; Anna H.
Sellers per 

1850 Grainger Co., TN census
3.  Robert Sellers born 1805; deceased by 1840; married 30 Jan 1823,
Grainger Co., TN, 

Mary Idol
4.  Sarah Sellers married a Goforth
5.  Rebecca Sellers born 1797 NC married Jacob Jackson 10 Mar 1831 Grainger
Co., TN
6.  Elizabeth "Betsy" Sellers born 1800 NC; single in 1850 Grainger Co., TN
7.  Nancy Sellers married a Dotson **
8.  Margaret Sellers married a Clemmons
9.  Ruth Sellers married a Dotson **

**Either Ruth or Nancy had the name Cynthia and married Samuel Dotson Jr.
22 Jan 1829, 

Grainger Co. TN

1870 Dent County, MO
1878 Jan 20 - Noah Sellers born to Cornelius Sellers and Melvina Hedrick at
Howes Mill 

in Dent Co., MO [IGI]

1870 Dunklin County, MO
1874 Sep -- - Susan Sellers married John Loftis in Dunklin Co., MO [IGI]
1878 Jan 06 - John D. Sellars married Nancy C. Meabory in Dunklin Co., MO

1870 Henry County, MO
1872 Feb 01 - Lewis Sellers married Sarah Webster in Henry Co., MO [IGI]
1873 Aug 13 - Harvey Gordon Sellers born to John W. Sellers and Rachel
Rebecca Wiltsee 

at Montrose in Henry Co., MO [IGI]
1875 Jan 23 - Tabitha Sellers married James Gregor in Henry Co., MO [IGI]
1875 Sep 14 - Livingston Lang Sellers born to John W. Sellers and Rachel

Wiltsee at Montrose in Henry Co., MO   [IGI]
1878 Aug 20 - Walter Scott Sellers born to John W. Sellers and Rachel
Rebecca Wiltsee 

at Montrose in Henry Co., MO [IGI]

1870 Holt County, MO
1878 Mar 24 - Hiram Sellers married Mary E. Adams in Holt Co., MO [IGI]

1870 Howard County, MO
1872 Aug 28 - Alma Elizabeth Sellers born to William B. Sellers and
Virginia Adaline 

Head near Roanoke in Howard Co., MO.       [IGI]

1870 Iron County, MO
1878 Jan 17 - James Sellars married Catharine Wilhite in Iron Co., MO [IGI]

Sellers II, widower of  Catherine Bowers; son of James Sellers Sr. of
Grainger Co., TN]

1870 Jackson County, MO
1879 Sep 19 - Charles C. Sellers married Caroline Lingard in Jackson Co.,
MO. [IGI] 

1870 Jasper County, MO
1874 Dec 27 - Lillie May Sellers married Gaines C. Chappel in Jasper Co.,
1876 Oct 13 - John Sellers married Ellen Dilliard in Jasper Co., MO [IGI]
1878 Sep 19 - J. E. Sellers [groom] married L. E. Rogers in Jasper Co., MO.

1870 Knox County, MO
1876 Oct 19 - Hannah S. Sellens married R. H. Murphey in Knox Co., MO [IGI]

1870 Lewis County, MO
1872 Apr 21 - Mary Ana Cellers married Charles K. Klusmeier in Lewis Co.,
1873 Mar 05 - Robert Elmore Sellers born to Morgan Sellers and Julia Quail

Monticello in Lewis Co., MO [IGI]
1873 Jul 10 - Salley F. Sellars married Gideon A. Sayles in Lewis Co., MO
1877 Sep 13 - John Sellers married Loda A. McKim in Lewis Co., MO [IGI]

1870 McDonald County, MO
1874 Feb 22 - Sarah Sellers married John T. Price in McDonald Co., MO.

1870 Newton County, MO
1877 Oct 07 - Mary Jane Sellers married Andrew Maben in Newton Co., MO

1870 Pettis County, MO
1870 May 26 - William P. Sellers married Belle Reeves in Pettis Co., MO

1870 Phelps County, MO
1870 Jun 12 - William Harvey Sellers married Mariam Johnson in Phelps Co.,
1873 Mar 06 - Sarah F. Sillers married William Calvin Hocutt at Rolla in
Phelps Co., 

1874 Mar 01 - Phebe J. Sellars married B. L. Sexton in Phelps Co., MO [IGI]
1876 Dec 31 - Lizeann Sellers married John Hatton in Phelps Co., MO [IGI]

1870 Randolph County, MO
1871 Dec 05 - William Sellers married Virginia Burns in Randolph Co., MO

1870 St. Charles County, MO
1873 May 04 - Ludwig Seeler married Anna Catharina Mathilda Fleishmann in
St. Charles 

Co., MO [IGI]

1870 St. Louis County, MO
p. 029 Magdalena Sellers           21 F W Prussia 3 Subdivision
p. 036 Henry Seler                 25 M W Prussia 3 Subdivision
p. 051 Lezo Selar                  40 M W Italy   8-WD, 15 Subdivision
p. 124 Mag Sellers                 24 F W Germany 2 Subdivision
p. 171 John Sellers                34 M W OHio    6 WD E Division
p. 253 George Sellers              40 M W NY      6 WD 3 Division
p. 338 Robert Sellers              77 M W England 11 WD 19 Subdivision
p. 341 Louis Selair                55 M W France  San Ferdinand Twp.
p. 382 George Seller               26 M W Hano    9 WD 16 Subdivision
p. 409 Samuel Seller               42 M W Switz   St. Louis Twp.
p. 414 Jacob Seller                26 M W Switz   St. Louis Twp.
p. 505 Joseph Seler                28 M W Prussia 2 WD East
p. 526 Robert Sellow               55 M W CT      7 WD 14 Subdivision
p. 544 Mary Sellers                13 F W MO      4 WD 8 Subdivision
p. 581 John Selera                 53 M W Italy   4 WD 9 Subdivision
p. 596 John Sellar                 43 M W Bade    4 WD 9 Subdivision
p. 830 L. Sellers                  41 M W PA      5 WD 10 Subdivision
p. 856 Charles Sellers             22 M W NY      5 WD 10 Subdivision
p. 903 Robert Selley               40 M W Ireland 12 WD 22 Subdivision

1870 Nov 08 - John M. Sellers married Marie Therese Chenie, daughter of
late Antoine L. 

Chenie, at St. John's Church by    
                 Rev. P. J. Ryan. [Missouri Republican, St. Louis, MO 13
Nov 1870; a 

note for Lebanon, OH to pick up]

1870 Saline County, MO
1875 Feb 04 - B. F. Sellers married Sallie T. Sellers in Saline Co., MO.
1878 Jan 16 - Emma Ford Sellers married T. H. McLanahan in Saline Co., MO.

1870 Scotland County, MO
1872 Sep 26 - Alexander Sellers married Mary Golliher in Scotland Co., MO.

1870 Webster County, MO
1873 Jan 16 - Margaret Sellens married Alexander Rose in Webster Co., MO

1880 Barry County, MO
1881 Oct 26 - Elvona Sellers married Winston Reddick in Barry Co., MO [IGI]

1880 Caldwell County, MO
1882 Dec 26 - Mary A. Sellers married W. H. Mayes in Caldwell Co., MO [IGI]

1880 Cedar County, MO
1885 Feb 18 - Elizabeth Sellers married W. H. Umbarger in Cedar Co., MO.

1880 Clay County, MO
1885 Oct 18 - Martha C. Sellers married Franklin Marley in Clay Co., MO

1880 Cooper County, MO
1880 Nov 10 - John Sellers married Maggie Hawkins in Cooper Co., MO. [IGI]
1881 Jan 27 - Stephen Sellers married Lizzie Windsor in Cooper Co., MO

1880 Crawford County, MO
1880 Jan 14 - Lizzie Sellers married Allen Turnbough in Crawford Co., MO

[daughter of James Sellers III & Catherine Bowers]
1881 Apr 09 - Polly Sellers married Ransford Copelin in Crawford Co., MO
[IGI]  [nee 

Turnbough; widow of Minyard Sellers, who died in Civil War]
1883 Oct 09 - Noah Lee Sellers born to William Memphis Sellers and Mary
Jane Hedrick 

near Dillard in Crawford Co., MO.
1884 May 22 - Jerry Sellers married Missouri I. Cotrell in Crawford Co., MO
[IGI]  [son 

of James Sellers III & Catherine Bowers]

1880 Dent County, MO
1883 Sep 03 - William H. [Harvey?] Sellers married Emma Copeland at Salem
in Dent Co., 

MO [IGI]  [son of Minyard Sellers and Polly Turnbough Sellers Copeland;
Emma is his 

step sister, daughter of  Raymond Copeland and Louisa Sims]

1885 Sep 06 - Polly Sellers married N. J. [Nathan Jackson] Butts in Dent
Co., MO [IGI]  

[daughter of James Sellers III & Catherine Bowers]

1880 Dunklin County, MO
1881 Jun 11 - Green F. Sellers married Sarah Jane Armstrong in Dunklin Co.,
1884 Aug 06 - Nancy C. Sellers married W. A. Pitman in Dunklin Co., MO

1880 Grundy County, MO
1881 Jan 16 - H. C. Sellers married Hannah R. Wiseman in Grundy Co., MO

1880 Henry County, MO
1883 Jan 29 - M. Sallyers married Mary Eckers in Henry Co., MO [IGI]
1883 Nov 23 - Alice Sellers married Luther Martin at Petersburg in Henry
Co., MO. [IGI]
1884 Nov 23 - Anna Sellars married Alonzo Weakly in Henry Co., MO. [IGI]

1880 Jackson County, MO
1880 Dec 07 - Frank Cookman Sellers married Jennie Plumb McLean in Jackson
Co., MO. 

1884 Dec 20 - Rose Sellers christened at Saint Patricks Church at Kansas
City in 

Jackson Co., MO [IGI]

1880 Jasper County, MO
1880 Feb 15 - Malissa B. Seller married Frank Witter in Jasper Co., MO
1880 May 23 - Matilda E. Sellars married Joshua King in Jasper Co., MO

1880 Johnson County, MO
1881 Mar 13 - John M. Sellers married Annie Laura Wadell in Johnson Co., MO

1880 Knox County, MO
1885 Feb 12 - Charles Sellens married Hattie L. Lear in Knox Co., MO [IGI]
1885 Apr 09 - Lucy Sellens married Willis F. Ellston in Knox Co., MO [IGI]

1880 LaClede County, MO
1882 Dec 06 - Martha M. Sellers married Andrew J. Holman in LaClede Co., MO

1880 Lawrence County, MO
1881 Aug 28 - Fannie Sellers married M. W. Terrel in Lawrence Co., MO [IGI]

1880 Lewis County, MO
1880 Dec 29 - Alfred Cellars married Mary Dunlap in Lewis Co., MO [IGI]
1882 Dec 26 - John Sellers married Mattie Jones in Lewis Co., MO [IGI]

1880 Linn County, MO
1882 Jan 01 - Susan Sellers married Joseph Simonson in Linn Co., MO [IGI]

1880 Marion County, MO
1883 Mar 27 - Fannie B. Sellers married L. P. Davis in Marion Co., MO.

1880 McDonald County, MO
1880 Apr -- - Mary C. Sellers married J. V. Wells in McDonald Co., MO [IGI]
1880 Nov 11 - Sarah M. Sellers married Henderson W. Chapman in McDonald
Co., MO [IGI]
1884 Sep 21 - Margaret Sellers married Ross Wallace in McDonald Co., MO.
1885 Oct 18 - Mary A. Sellers married H. J. Chapman in McDonald Co., MO

1880 Newton County, MO
1884 Dec 23 - King Sellers married Laura Harris in Newton Co., MO [IGI]

1880 Nodaway County, MO
1884 Mar 20 - Jennette E. Sillers married Jacob McKee in Nodaway Co., MO
1885 Oct 29 - Jennie Sillers married Andrew Graham in Nodaway Co., MO [IGI]

1880 Pettis County, MO
1882 Aug 24 - Dora Sellers married James Warren in Pettis Co., MO. [IGI]

1880 Phelps County, MO
1888 Oct 19 - James Joshua Sellers born to William Harvey Sellers and Emma
Eliza Sharp 

in Phelps Co., MO [IGI]

1880 Saint Louis County, MO
1883 Apr 19 - Preston H. Sellers married Sadie J. Monagan at St. Louis in
St. Louis 

Co., MO [IGI]

1880 Saline County, MO
1880 Sep 01 - William O. Sellers married Sarah R. Hopper in Saline Co., MO
1882 Dec 11 - C. M. Seller married Fannie Hopper in Saline Co., MO [IGI]

1880 Schuyler County, MO
1882 Oct 15 - Rebecca Sellers married John J. Jacoby in Schuyler Co., MO.

1880 Shannon County, MO
1881 Jul 31 - David W. Sellars married Liza A. F. Pomering in Shannon Co.,

1880 Webster County, MO
1880 Jan 27 - Martha Sellers married Charles Blanchflower in Webster Co.,
1883 Jan 25 - Mary Catherine Sellers married John Dobbins McFall at
Marshfield in 

Webster Co., MO [IGI]  Children: William Creath McFall; John Reginald
McFall; George 

Irving McFall; Oscar Leroy McFall;  Winona McFall; Kathleen McFall; source

Maury Co., TN Vol. XXII, 1986, p. 40.


1890 Audrain County, MO
1897 Feb 21 - Lena Esther Sellers born to Charles Edward Sellers and
Margaret Catherine 

McGraw in Audrain Co., MO [IGI]

1890 Buchanan County, MO
1897 Dec 23 - Dollie Sellers married Russell R. Durfee at Saint Joseph in
Buchanan Co., 


1890 Gasconade County, MO
1897 Mar 18 - Albert Isaac Sellers born to William Harvey Sellers and Emma
Eliza Sharp 

at Redbird in Gasconade Co., MO.    

1890 Greene County, MO
1895 May 07 - Rennie Cecil Sellers born to Robert Malare Sellers and
Caroline Ellen 

Austin at Springfield in Green Co., 
MO                  [IGI]
1898 Aug 26 - Melvin Erwin Sellers born to Robert Malare Sellers and
Caroline Ellen 

Austin at Springfield in               
                 Greene Co., MO [IGI]

1890 Lewis County, MO
1892 Aug 26 - William Henry Sellers married Cleopatra Frances Piner at
Canton in Lewis 

Co., MO [IGI]
1895 Jul 24 - Roxie Cleo Sellers born to William Henry Sellers and
Cleopatra Frances 

Piner at Lewiston in Lewis Co., MO [IGI]
1897 Aug 29 - Joseph Morgan Sellers born to David Lee Sellers and Iola Edna
Bonney at 

LaGrange in Lewis Co., MO [IGI]
1898 Feb 16 - Paul Virgil Sellers born to William Henry Sellers and
Cleopatra Frances 

Piner at Lewiston in Lewis Co., MO   

1890 Phelps County, MO
1890 Nov 02 - George Jacob Sellers born to William Harvey Sellers and Emma
Eliza Sharp 

in Phelps Co., MO [IGI]
1892 Mar 04 - Jesse P. Sellers born to William Harvey Sellers and Emma
Eliza Sharp in 

Phelps Co., MO [IGI]

1895 Jan 31 - Anna Lucy Sellers born to William Harvey Sellers and Emma
Eliza Sharp in 

Phelps Co., MO. [IGI]


1900 Audrain County, MO
1900 May 05 - Theodore Roosevelt Sellers born to Charles Edward Sellers and

Catherine McGraw in Audrain Co., MO   
1902 Oct 01 - Harold Sellers born to Charles Edward Sellers and Margret

McGraw in Audrain Co., MO [IGI]

1900 Cedar County, MO
1903 Mar 28 - Ruby Sellers married James Dillon at Stockton in Cedar Co.,

1900 Dent County, MO
1902 Mar 04 - Benjamin Franklin Sellers and Rachel Elizabeth "Lizzie" Pyatt

who he married in 1883, arrived in  Dent Co.,, MO from Whitehall [Greene]
IL.  Their 

children were:  Goldie May, Charles Henry, Sylvia Ray,  Harriet Susan,
Daniel Ross, 

Sarah Alice, Edith Elva and Zelina Pyatt Sellers.  Frank's son by first
marriage to 

Sarah Lyerla, Archie Emerson Sellers and wife, Edith Smith Sellers came to

later.                   Benjamin Franklin Sellers, son of Daniel Sellers
and Meeka 

Beck; grandson of Henry Sellers and Barbara Omart.

1906 Aug 20 - James Ross Sellers born near Hobson in Dent Co., MO to
Charles Henry 

Sellers and Villa Baird [Smith?]

Notes on Archie Emerson Sellers, son of Benjamin Franklin Sellers, and
Edith Smith 

[Baird?]: Had 11 children, 4 that died  in infancy:
1.  Vernon Sellers
2.  Kenneth Sellers
3.  Dan Sellers
4.  Una Sellers Castleman
5.  Amy Sellers Ragan
6.  Charlotte Sellers Gibbs
7.  Glenn Sellers

Notes on Benjamin Franklin Sellers and Rachel Elizabeth Pyatt:
1.  Goldie May Sellers married W. O. Baird 15 Jun 1905; had one daughter,
Eva May, who 

only lived three days; 2 stepsons.
2.  Charles Henry Sellers married Villa Smith [Baird?]; 3 children: James
Ross, L. De 

Norvan and Myrtle E. Sellers;        
          married #2  Freeda Willis, one child Dortha V. Sellers.
3.  Sylvia Ray Sellers married 21 Aug 1904, Joe Kistler and returned to
Illinois; 1 

daughter Edna Kistler Hickey.
4.  Harriet Susan Sellers married 06 Jan 1907 Virgil L. Huffman; 7
children: Virgie, 

Frank, Geneva, Joseph                 
       (died in infancy), Richard, Cordelia and Elic..
5.  Daniel Ross Sellers married 13 Sep 1911 Ada Cross; returned to IL; one

Elizabeth Sellers Swartzbaugh.
6.  Sarah Alice Sellers married 01 Apr 1914 Robert Dawson; moved to
California; 9 

children: William, Norton, Gladys,       
       Gerald, Weston, Goldie, Eva, Armstrong and Benjamin (who died in
7.  Edith Elva died young
8.  Zelina Pyatt Sellers died young

1900 Greene County, MO
1902 Apr 12 - Stuart Alvin Sellers born to Robert Malare Sellers and
Caroline Ellen 

Austin at Springfield in Greene Co., MO. [IGI]

1900 Newton County, MO
1909 Sep 15 - Dela Bee Sellers married Robert Walter Boyer at Neosho in

Newton Co., MO. 



1910 Atchison County, MO

1917 Mar 09 - A sketch of the life of Thomas Sellers, Atchison County's
oldest citizen 

appeared in Westboro Enterprise.

1910 Clark County, MO
1913 Feb 08 - James M. Sellers married Margaret Hill in Clark Co., MO [IGI]

1910 Lafeyette County, MO
1918 Jun 06 - Lt. McBrayer Sellers of Lexington was killed in action at

Thierry, France, during WWI.  He received the Distinguished Service Cross
at Chateau-

Thierry.  He carried messages until severely wounded and  refused medical
aid until the 

last message had been delivered by him personally.  He was in the Marines.

1910 St. Louis County, MO
1910 --- -- - John Sellers born to William Harvey Sellers and Emma Eliza
Sharp at St. 

Louis in St. Louis County, MO. [IGI]

1910 Vernon County, MO
1915 Mar 08 - George Sellers married Ella Dial at Nevada in Vernon Co., MO.


1930 Lafayette County, MO
1938 Mar 04 - Col. Sanford B. Sellers [possibly a Jr.], head of Wentworth

Academy at Lexington died.  Col. Sellers was born 24 Jul 1854 in Anderson
Co., KY, and 

as a boy went with his family to Texas.   After his father's death, he got
a job as a 

cowboy there.  He returned to Kentucky to complete his  education and in
1877 graduated 

from Centre College in Danville [Boyle] KY.  He taught school in Kentucky
and Texas.  

He became head of Wentworth Military Academy in 1880 and remained there
until his