NEW MADRID CO, MO (original district in 1812)
lays next to Pemiscot, Dunklin, Stoddard, Scott, Mississippi Co's MO
lays next to Lake Co, TN
lays next to Fulton Co, KY


             Re: John Gallagher Will

        From: GENNY

Do you have this will of John Gallagher?
Lots of places and names.
I welcome comments as I work on this puzzle.

 Rough draft: John Gallagher Will

Pleas held at the court house in Georgetown Brown County and State of Ohio
August 1842.

Certified copy of will of John Gallagher New Madrid County, Missouri.
Goods & chattels of said decd in this county
four thousand dollars - bond and security.

Whereupon came Wm McMurchy together with John McMurchy and David Trout his
securities and entered into bond in the penal sum of four thousand dollars.

Ordered that Jesse Thompson, Daniel Trout & Peter Barr appraise the
property belonging to the estate of said decedent

Will of John Gallagher 03 Apr 1841

Eliza Gallagher Hickman County, KY  $100.
Cecil Gallagher Hickman County, KY $100.
Malinda Gallagher Hickman County, KY $100
Mary Sellers Hickman County, KY $100
George Sellers Hickman County, KY $100

Mary and George Sellers the money to be placed with John B. Ruddles for the
use and benefit of the said Mary and George, as they the said Mary and
may need or wish.

80 acres of land William Gallagher
80 acres of land John Sellers
80 acres of land Edmund Sellers

$500 Society of Cincinnati Auxilliary to the American Missionary Society
sum of five hundred dollars, the interest to be appropriated to the benefit
of the society forever.

$1000 and I bequeath to June McMurchy the interest of one thousand dollars,
during her lifetime, and at her death the principal to be given to the
orphans and poor fund at Cincinnati.  The income of said one thousand
to be appropriated to the use and education of orphans and poor forever.

All the rest and residue of my estate, goods and chattels I give and
to my firend William McMurchy, whom I nominate, constitute and appoint my
sole executor of this my last will and testament; hereby revoking all other
wills, by me at any time heretofore made.  In witness whereof I have
set my hand and seal the third day of April in the year of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and forty one.

                            John Gallagher

Benjamin Pearce, James Gray, P. W. Brown
had knowledge of the will of John Gallagher

I Richard Barkley Clerk of the county court of said county of New Madrid
hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the 10 day of May eighteen hundred
forty one.  The State of Tennessee,  Shelby County SS.

Given under my hand and seal this 4th day of Jan A. D. 1842    John F. Rofs

Richard Barkley Clerk of County Court of said county of New Madrid County
the State of Missouri.

The State of Tennessee, Shelby County SS.
Came before me in the city of Memphis County of Shelby and State of
Tennessee, Benjamin Pearce, James Gray, & P. W. Brown.

James Rose Justice of the peace for Shelby County, Tennessee
Wm McMurchy May 11th 1841.
John W. Fuller Clerk of the County court

Reuben Massey chairman of the county ct.