MARION CO, MO (made in December 23, 1826 from Ralls County .
a county in the E. N. E. part of Missouri, bordering on the Mississippi river, which separates it from Illinois,
Marion County was named for General Francis Marion, and was organized as dependency of Ralls county, under act of Dec. 14, 1822.
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MCCLAIN William SELLERS Mary J. 6 Jul 1857

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Name: Mr. H J Meredith Marriage Date: 20 Apr 1872 Marriage Location: Hannibal, Marion, Missouri Marriage County: Marion Spouse Name: Miss Mary Selleck


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Article Title: Kansas City Star

Article Date: October 29 1899

Article Description: Missouri's Philadelphia

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"This isn't the only Philadelphia in the country," remarked a typical drummer, as he lounged against the cigar stand in the Continental hotel the other afternoon. "There's another Philadelphia out in Marion county, Mo., which was originally designed to be a second Quaker City, and which was founded by old William MULDROW, a visionary old Missouriian. He was the original Colonel Mulberry SELLERS of Mark Twain's 'Gilded Age,' immortalized on the stage by the late John T. RAYMOND, in common with many other schemes. MULDROW planned to start a Quaker colony in Marion county, Mo., and the site selected was called Philadelphia. This was away back in the 70's. MULDROW came here, got in with the Quaker element, joined one of the influential meetings and threw himself heart and soul into the good work. When the spirit moved him, which was very often, he would speak eloquently of the need of funds to reclaim the wild and wicked West; assist in the establishment of towns, colleges!
and churches on the fertile plains of Missouri, and make the bleak and barren wastes blossom by planting thereon the hoarded shekels of the Phildelphia philanthropists. And he was fairly successful, too. Quite a town sprang up, based on Philadelphia capital; but that is a thing of the past. I went through there last month and it looked like a deserted village."