MISSOURI/COOPER CO (made was organized December 17, 1818 (effective February 1, 1819) from Howard County
lays next to
Our neighbors are: Boone, Howard, Moniteau, Morgan, Pettis, and Saline counties.

Cooper County has records of genealogical interest available: Recorder of Deeds: Index to deeds, 1820-1895; Deed records, 1819-1906;
Clerk of the Circuit Court: Index to circuit court records, 1821-1894; Circuit court records, 1821-1888. Clerk of the Probate Court: Index to probate records, 1849-1900; Probate records, 1847-1887; Index to probate minutes, (no dates); Probate minutes, 1860-1903; Administrator’s/executor’s letters, bonds and records, 1819-1891; Inventories, appraisements and sale bills, 1847-1887; Settlement records, 1880-1886; Will records, 1818-1918.


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             Hugh and Sandy Sellers <hubie19@swbell.net>
        From "Sellers Letters" (c) M. Sims


SELLERS, Stephen married WINDSOR, Lizzie, Jan 27, 1881 at Otterville;
         Book E, page 338

SELLER, John married HAWKINS, Maggie, Nov 10, 1880, Book E, page 333
Martin, Luther Sellers, Alice 23 / 11 / 1883 


SELLERS, Lucretia, b 1825 VA d Mar 24, 1885, age 60 bur Concord Cem.
SELLERS, John, d Feb 12, 1904, age 52, late resident of Bunceton; (born ca 1852-where 1900? msh)
          bur Masonic Cem, Bunceton,, MO
SELLER, Marguerite, d Apr 1939, age 77; bur Masonic Cem. Bunceton, MO )born ca 1862,msh)
Sellers  John; died 12 Feb 1904; aged 52 years; last residence was Bunceton, Missouri;
last known nearest relative or friend was Mrs. Sellers
Sellers Marguerite, Mrs.; born circa 1862; died Apr 1939; aged 77 years; last residence was Columbia, Missouri Pilot Grove City Cemetery
Bahm Hattie née Sellers; born 28 Nov 1881; died 12 Oct 1970; wife of William David Bahm Bahm
Infant; Son of W. D. and Hattie née Sellers Bahm; died 2 Apr 1903 Bahm William D., Jr.;
born 09 Nov 1916; died 27 Jan 1982; son of William David and Hattie née Sellers
Bahm Bahm William David; born 7 Sep 1871; died 13 Oct 1958; husband of Hattie née Sellers

Luther; Page Number: 43; Item Number: 3; Date of Report: 18 Dec 1883; Sex: Male; Race: White; Age: 60 Years; Occupation: Farmer; Date of Death: 27 Nov 1883; Martial Status: Married; Nationality: American; Where Born: Virginia; Residency: n/a; Place of Death: Petersburg, Cooper County, Missouri; Cause of Death: Whiskey; Complication: n/a; Length of Complication: n/a; Duration of Disease: n/a; Place of Burial: n/a; Date of Burial: n/a; Undertaker: Friends; Business: n/a; Physician: McClanahan, J. T.; Boonville, Missouri (I believe he is listed as widowed on death form, will reread, msh) YES, he is listed as WIDOWER,msh)



Strutz Reg Maximillian; aged 81 years and a former resident of Boonville; born 11 Nov 1894 in Chicago, Illinois; died 16 Feb 1976; son of F. M. and Julia née Sellers Strutz; husband of May née Bauer Strutz (deceased)


Name: Lucretia Sellers
Birth Date: 1825
Death Date: 24 Mar 1885
Age: 60 yrs.
b. in Va.
Cemetery: Concord Cemetery
Description: Location: In Palestine Twonship, Cooper County, Mo. - T-47-N; R-17-W; Section 21; NE corner of the SE1/4 of the SE1/4 about .4 of a mile northwest of the fork of the Coalbank Creek and the Tutt Branch - about 3 1/4 miles from Bunceton, Mo. This cemetery was recorded by the Cooper County Historical Cemetery Association in 1968 Road Directions: From Bunceton, Mo., go east on Route "J" to the intersection with Route "B" about one mile; then take the gravel road going north (left); follow this road north about two miles; the Concord Cemetery is visible from the road on the west (left) side. The cemetery has a good fence around it. There are some un-marked graves here, some are listed, when it was known who they were. Some graves are marked with native stones or rocks. One stone has illegible name - but, listed as age 50 years. The Concord Baptist Church stood in front of the cemetery.


2645 Seller Valentin Februar 1849 Friedrichsanfang Maurer   

This letter was posted in   Boonville, Cooper County, Missouri on 09 Dec   1847. 
It is addressed to Messers M. S. Hallowell & Co.; Merchants; Philadelphia, Pa.

Gentlemen You will herewith receive check drawn by James Robbs Co.
It on E. P. Baynard Esq. of your city at 30 days after & dated the 25 Nov 47 for $1000-
& 2 checks drawn as above at 30 days after date & dated as above for $500 each.
Making in all $2000. May I ask the favor of you to collect the same, and place the proceeds
as follows – 1st Take up a Note of mine to Messers Reco & Bros. which is about $400,
2nd Take up a Note to Hollowell & Sellers which is upward of $500. ===
Addison Selers District 23, Cooper, MO abt 1818 Virginia , land??? Mrs Selers 27 VA
Catherine 7 MO
Polly A. 4 MO Infant 1f MO next GEO SHOEMAKER 55 TN next JAMES L. HUTCHESON 50 KY
Martha V. 40 VA BELL'S from VA and other VA families, msh =============
Loucretia Sellers Palestine, Cooper, MO 11 abt 1849 Missouri Female, Poor House
Loucretia Sellers Palestine, Cooper, MO 30 abt 1830 Virginia Female
John L Sellers Palestine, Cooper, MO 10 abt 1850 Missouri Male
Laura Sellers Palestine, Cooper, MO 8 abt 1852 Missouri Female
Araminta Sellers Palestine, Cooper, MO 6.12 abt 1859 Missouri Female
Polly Sellers Palestine, Cooper, MO 12 abt 1848 Missouri Female CIVIL WAR = Boonville, 17 Jun 1861
Cooper Jonathan TULLIS Cemetery Unknown b. 3 Dec., 1840; d. abt. 11 Dec., 1879. Served Co C, 7th Mo State Militia Cav. He d. at Clifton City, Cooper Co. Gayle Slagell
Nicholas Meistrell, b. Jan. 26,1841. Enrolled in Boonville, MO on June 20, 1861 as a private in Co. A., Boonville Battalion, Missouri Home Guard. Discharged Aug. 31, 1861. He then enrolled as a corporal for the same company, Sept1,1861-Dec. 18, 1861. Enrolled Dec. 21, 1861 as Com. Sergeant, 1st Regiment Infantry, discharged Feb. 4, 1865. (From pension application) PVMeistrel The plan was to check the advance of the enemy at Booneville,(Cooper Co., msh) and make a determined stand at Lexington. Gen. John B. Clark was ordered to rendezvous his men at Booneville, the other district commanders at some convenient point in their respective districts, and hold them ready for immediate service.
Sellers, John L. 2nd Lt. 6th MO Cav. (may Not be same, msh) == Gen. Price's command, the 2nd Missouri Infantry's (Col.Rive's regiment) fifer played during the Battle of Elkhorn Tavern to boost morale (Col. Rive was killed). ========= other WARS = 1870

Alice Sellers Palestine, Cooper, MO abt 1864 Missouri White Female
Araminta Sellers Palestine, Cooper, MO abt 1859 Missouri White Female
John Sellers Palestine, Cooper, MO abt 1848 Missouri White Male (where 1880? CW?,msh)
Kate Sellers Palestine, Cooper, MO abt 1844 Missouri White Female (ck Barton Co.,Mo per Michael)
Laura Sellers Palestine, Cooper, MO abt 1854 Missouri White Female
Louisa Sellers Palestine, Cooper, MO abt 1847 Missouri White Female
Lucretia Sellers Palestine, Cooper, MO abt 1820 Missouri White Female
Pallie Sellers Palestine, Cooper, MO abt 1846 Missouri White Female
Polly Sellers Palestine, Cooper, MO abt 1830 Missouri White Female
Sarah C Sellers Saline, Cooper, MO abt 1844 Missouri White Female 1880 Polly Sellers Boonville, Cooper, MO abt 1847 Missouri Something other than a direct relationship
Louisa Sellers Boonville, Cooper, MO abt 1849 Missouri Something other than a direct relationship
William Baker 29 Emma Baker 26 James Baker 6 Eugene Baker 4 Stella Baker 3 Edward Taliaferro 31 Edwin Taliaferro 7M Polly Sellers 33 Louisa Sellers 31 Ceasor Fields 45
Minnie Sellers Clarks Fork, Cooper, MO abt 1860 Missouri Something other than a direct relationship
Samuel Jewett 47 Martha Jewett 46 Elizabeth Jewett 16 William Jewett 15 Halbert Jewett 9 Theodore Jewett 6 Minnie Sellers 20


59 Cellars Anthony Clear Creek Twsp. 22 M W S Missouri Baden Baden Farm Laborer Mar 1880 Shot 22

108 Zeller Andrew Lebanon Twsp. 21 M W S Missouri Baden Baden Farmer Mar 1880 Murdered


Nannie F Sellers William, Martha P Lebanon, Cooper, Missouri abt 1876 Missouri White Daughter (living with?)
Viola C Sellers Nannie F Lebanon, Cooper, Missouri abt 1896 Missouri White Granddaughter
Martha R Sellers Nannie F Lebanon, Cooper, Missouri abt 1898 Missouri White Granddaughter

Luerttia Sellers Boonville Ward 4, Cooper, MO abt 1855 Missouri Servant = living with
John S Elliott 65 Laura Elliott 53 John Elliott 20 Luerttia Sellers 55

Margaret A Sellers Bunceton Ward 2, Cooper, MO abt 1862 Kansas Head
Mary V Sellers Margaret A Bunceton Ward 2, Cooper, MO abt 1892 Missouri Daughter





Marie and all,

I need some help in discovering what may have become of Addison Sellers. I'm wondering if we have info, documents, and/or sources through the Sellers group or otherwise that might help provide some answers.

Addison Sellers was the son of Joseph Sellers and Catherine MOYERS and was born in Rockingham County, VA, in 1819 along with his twin brother, Joel Sellers. On March 5, 1844, Addison married Lucretia MOWBRAY and soon after they removed to Cooper County, Missouri, settling in or near Palestine Township.

Addison Sellers, wife Lucretia, and their three children, Catherine, Polly, and Lucretia Louise are found on the 1850 Census in District 23 of Cooper County, MO. A son, John D. Sellers, was then born on April 11, 1851, followed by daughters Laura (circa 1853), and Araminta (Jan 1860).

The 1860 Census for Cooper County, MO, then shows Lucretia Sellers and three of the children, John, Laura, and Araminta, living on the "County Farm for Paupers". The other two daughters, Lucretia Louise and Polly, are found living in two separate households relatively close by but still in Cooper County, MO. Addison Sellers is nowhere to be found. I half assumed at that point that Addison had died.

However, by the time of the 1870 Census for Palestine Township in Cooper County, MO, Lucretia (Mowbray) Sellers had gotten the children rounded up again and all were once again living with her PLUS the addition of 6 year old daughter, Alice. That would indicate that Addison was not dead by 1860 and was alive at least through 1863 or 1864. Unfortunately, Addison Sellers does not appear on any subsequent Census or Cemetery record that I can find. I simply do not know what became of him.

Lucretia (Mowbray) Sellers died on March 24, 1885, in Palestine Township in Cooper County, MO, and was buried in the Old Concord Cemetery in Palestine. As far as I know a gravestone only exists for Lucretia and not for Addison in that cemetery.

It has been suggested that perhaps Addison was in forced military confinement in Cooper County thus explaining why Lucretia and the children were on the "County Farm" as it were, in 1860. However, I have not been able to prove nor to disprove the theory. It doesn't explain either what became of Addison, when he died, was buried, etc.

Any help in the endeavor to discover more about Addison Sellers and his demise in Cooper County, MO, would be greatly appreciated.


Michael Sellers
Michael Sellers [muckham11@yahoo.com]

feb 2008


MICHAEl, I do Not see him after 1850.
No CW info
No death info on her - yes, I see the death info, but, don't know who from. Did Not see her 1880 census for widow? Or remarried?

Kids obits may show info on parents and I haven't followed them thro. Zellers book , I am sure you have checked? Mowbray family info?

Perhaps someone else will know your family.
Would 1870/80 kids census info help in those counties?
Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa




Johnson's History of Cooper County - pages 0850 - 0900
Vollmer and his wife were the parents of four children: Anthony; Joseph, Pilot Grave Township; Sophia, wife of Joseph Sellers, Clear Creek Township; and Frank, Clear Creek Township. Anthony Vollmer was early thrown upon his own resources, and from the days of his youth has made his own way in the world. Thirty years or more ago he rented a farm in Blackwater Township. His affairs prospered, and in 1893 he was enabled to buy a farm of 190 acres in Pilot Grove, where, after his marriage in the spring of 1896, he established his home, and resided there until 1911, when he sold that farm and bought 190 acres where he is now living and which he has greatly improved, erecting a residence and making other


E. J. Melton’s History of Cooper County, Missouri




Pages 210 – 220

(Transcribed by Mark Montgomery)

Lucretia Sellers, 1825-85, from Virginia.