CALDWELL CO, MO (made in 1836 from Ray Co)
lays next to Carroll, Livingston, Daviess, Dekalb, Clinton Co's




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1900 Caldwell Co MO census:
Sellers, John        May 1834     66   TN
              S. Jane   Mar 1842      58    TN
              Tom         May 1866     34    TN
Pollard Tom H.    Jan 1884       16    MO (wife's nephew?)

1910 Caldwell Co  Rockford Twp MO census
Sellers, Thomas S.   43 TN TN TN    Farmer   married 0 years can read and
owns farm free of mortgage
              Ella              27  KS OH OH

My cousin says this John Sellers is the son of William P. Sellers and
Margaret Matheny.


>From THE SALEM POST, Salem, Mo. October 15, 1931.




     October 13--Nathan SELLERS and Gladeen AKERS. 


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Subject:  Re: John and Jesse Pollard of Jefferson and Sevier Co.'s TN

Wanda,  John Sellers and Susan Jane Pollard were my great grandparents.
Stephen Thomas Sellers, Susan's son, was named for her brother Stephen
Thomas Pollard.  A rift developed when John Sellers and his brother James,
hid from the Confederate soldiers sent to conscript them into the southern
army, hid in the smoke house, and swam the Ohio River to join the Union.
After the war, so the story goes, John came back, packed up Susan and moved
to Princeton first in Missouri where their daughter Melisa died and is
buried in the Farley Cemetary.  Then, they moved to Polo, Mo. and bought
land in Caldwell Co. John and Susan Jane are buried in the old Log Creek
Dunkard Cemetary outside Polo.  I have a picture of the huge grey tombstone.
Brother James Marshall Sellers is buried there and my grandparents, Stephen
Thomas Sellers and his wife Ellen Jeanette Ray are buried in the Prairie
Ridge Cemetary a couple of miles away. I'm driving to Polo on the 6th of
July to go to the Kingston c!
ourthouse to find the land deed, if I can, for their 80 acres.  Lois