SELLERS: MISSOURI 1900 Soundex
             Hugh and Sandy Sellers <hubie19@swbell.net>
>From "SELLERS LETTERS" (c) M. Sims

1900 CENSUS SOUNDEX - MISSOURI - Head of Household only:

SELLERS, Alfred     age 46 born VA Jul 1853     Lewis Co, Dickerson TWP
SELLERS, Alfred R.      49      TN Feb 1851     Harrison Co, Grant TWP
SELLERS, Alvin A.       36      KY May 1864     Audrain Co, Wilson TWP
SELLERS, Andrew         53      TN Dec 1846     Crawford Co, Osage TWP
SELLERS, Benjamin       48      PA Jun 1851     Douglas Co, Brush Creek TWP
SELLERS, Calvin         67      TN May 1831     Henry Co, Deer Creek TWP
SELLERS, David L.       36      VA Jun 1863     Lewis Co, Canton TWP
SELLERS, E. C.          41      OH Oct 1858     Gentry Co, Athens TWP
SELLERS, E. M.          64      TN Nov 1836     Jackson Co, Brooking TWP     
SELLERS, Elzie L.       30      IN Mar 1867     Jasper Co, Twin Grove TWP
SELLERS, Enoch J.       40      TN Apr 1860     Harrison Co, Grant TWP
SELLERS, Geo. W.        59      OH Jul 1840     Harrison Co, Grant TWP
SELLERS, J. J.          58      TN Nov 1841     Christian Co, Porter TWP
SELLERS, J. M.          42      OH Jan 1858     Pulaski Co, Liberty TWP
SELLERS, Jacob F.       23      TN May 1877     Greene Co, Campbell TWP
SELLERS, Jake W.        39      IN Feb 1861     Holt Co, Union TWP
SELLERS, Jas.           49      TN Jun 1850     Wayne Co, Williams TWP
SELLERS, Jas. N.        33      PA Sep 1866     Buchanan Co, Washington TWP
SELLERS, James R.       31      OH Dec 1868     Jasper Co, Lincoln TWP
SELLERS, James W.       44      OH Sep 1855     Gentry Co, Athens TWP

Following are complete families that contain SELLERS, any spelling
Cooper Co, Pilot Grove TWP
SELERS, John, age 49 Apr 1851 in MO, father b VA, mother b VA
........Margaret, age 38 Aug 1861 in KS, father b KY, mother b VA
........Hattie, age 18 Nov 1881 in MO
........Bertha, age 15 Apr 1885 in MO
........Mary, age 8 May 1891 in MO

SHULTZ, Wm. O., age 58 Mar 1842 in TN, father b TN, mother b TN
........Martha P., age 48 Aug 1851 in MO, father b KY, mother b KY
........Peter H. age 17, May 1875 in MO, father b TN, mother b MO
SELLERS, dau of Wm O and Martha, Nancy F., age 24 Sep 1875 in MO
  her dau's Viola C. age 4, Apr 1896 in MO, father b MO, mother b MO
............Martha O. age 2, Mar 1898 in MO, father b MO, mother b MO

SELLERS, Lou, age 45 b 1854 in MO vitals and sex unknown in listing
         received, living in household of John S. ELLIOTT, Cooper Co,
         Boonville TWP

SELLERS, Charles E., age 33 Sep 1866, IL Boone Co, Centralia TWP
.........Margaret C., age 34 Feb 1865, IL
.........Bernard F., age 6 Sep 1893, MO
.........Lena E., age 3 Sep 1897, MO
.........Theodore, age 1/12 May 1900, MO

SELLERS, Orville, age 30 Jan 1870, MO Ralls Co, Clay TWP
.........Nannie, age 37 Jan 1873, MO
.........David, age 10 May 1890, MO

SILLER, Samuel, age 56 Oct 1844, VA Platte Co, Fair TWP
........?Allevilbe, age 48 Sep 1852, MO
........Jessie P., age 20 Mar 1880, MO
........Nellie M., age 17 Aug 1882, MO    





        Narrator:  Mrs. Minnie Davis Robertson of Lexington

     Mrs. Davis writes about her father Tilton Davis who was here in the first 
days of Hamilton and also lived in Kingston as a lawyer.  Tilton Davis was a 
nephew of A.G. Davis who founded Hamilton and Tilton was the one who rode a 
swift horse to Plattsburg to enter the town site for his uncle and the town 
     At that time, he and his father Thomas Colson Davis were living or near 
in Kingston.  T.C. Davis was commonly called by his second name Colson.  Mr. 
and Mrs. T.C. Davis are both buried in the old Hines cemetery just over in 
Rockford township.  One of their children lies there also.  They were related 
to the Hines family, Mrs. Elizabeth Hines (wife of the old settler Wesley 
Hines) being a sister of T.C. Davis.
     From her father, Tilton Davis, Mrs. Robertson ascertained that her 
grandfather Thomas Colson Davis arrived in Howard co. Mo at an early age with 
his parents, but they do not know where he came from.  Later he went to 
Caldwell co with his brother Albert G.  The sister Elizabeth Hines was already 
there.  He married Mary _, and they had children:  Eliza married Dr. Jones of 
Kingston, Martha married [William A. Moore] Esteb, Lucy married Morris Hill, 
Fannie married George Hill, Jeff Davis and Tilton her father.
     Several children died young, names unrecorded.
     Her father Tilton Davis married Eugenia Ardinger, daughter of John 
Ardinger, one of the original town company of Hamilton who kept stores in 
Hamilton and Kingston at early dates.  There is a street named after him in 
Hamilton.  He was a southern sympathizer at Kingston during the war, and his 
store was headquarters for Southerners.
     After the war, Tilton Davis bought a splendid brick mansion just outside 
Lexington which Gen. Price had used as a hospital in the war.  This house was 
built by Col. Wm. B. Anderson in 1863 when Tilton Davis was living at 
Kingston.  There the Tilton Davis family lived for over 50 years, rearing 
their family in this historic house.  Today it is known to sight seers as the 
old Anderson house.  He died in this house 1916.  It is now used as a museum.
     He had 6 children:  Minnie Robertson, Woodson, Lee, John, Eugenia, and 
Tilton III.  Minnie married Wm. Robertson of Ky. who died 1929.  Tilton 
married Marcia Sellers daughter of Col. Sellers of Wentworth Military academy. 
 They have children Dorothy (Mrs. Gunther), Lucia, Gene, Sandford Sellers 
Davis, who is educational director for C.C.C. and Marcia Mac youngest 
     Mrs. Robertson recalls interesting facts about her father Tilton Davis 
who was a young man in the days of Hamilton's birth.  He was a cousin of Ben 
Holliday of Pony Express fame, he was highly educated, very brilliant in 
conversation, and took great delight in reading the classics to his children. 
 He was the first prosecuting attorney in Lexington after the Civil War, and 
was licensed to practice in the U.S. Supreme Court and in foreign courts.
     Interview  Summer 1935.