From:[] I checked my database and I do not have a Michael SELLERS. I also do not have any GORDON, NEWTON or MINCEY. Info I have on the Sellers that lived in Marion County, FL, is: William Sellers b. 1725 England His children: Benjamin Elisha b. Tarboro, Edgecombe County, NC Joel Matthew Henry Sion William, II Mary Unity Above Elisha married supposedly twice. Once to a Sarah Thompson. No children have been discovered. Second to a Catherine b. 1780 in NC. Children were: Mary W. Sellers to m. James G. Basford Reverend Willets Daniel Sellers b. 1807 in Brunswick County, NC It was the above Rev. Willets Daniel Sellers that came to Marion County. He mar. Sarah Stanaland in 1830 in Brunswick County, NC. Their children were: Daniel Willets Sellers b. 1831 Brunswick d. 1858 M. Rebecca Sellers b. 1834 same mar. James Richard Stewart Hosea Sellers b. 1836 d. 1837 both Brunswick County, NC Amelia Emmaline Sellers b. 1837 Brunswick mar. Philemon Bryan Stewart Jesse Edwin Sellers b. 1839 same mar. Georgia Ann Meadows (Lived, died and buried in Electra, Marion County, FL.) Moriah Sellers b. 1841 d. 1847 both Brunswick Margaret Sellers b. 18 Dec 1842 Brunswick mar. Joseph Fort. (Lived, died and buried in Moss Bluff, Marion County, FL. Sarah Sellers b. 1843 Brunswick mar. Washington Harrison Lydia Sellers b. 1846 Brunswick (no other info) Mary Catherine Sellers b. 1853 Electra, Marion County, FL mar. James H. Daughtry Nancy Ellen Sellers b. 1858 Electra mar. William Haywood Brinson Rev. Sellers and his wife were buried in an old cemetery called the Little Lake Bryant Cemetery a mile or so north of Electra prior to Electra having its cemetery. The Little Lake Bryant Cemetery no longer exists. I believe all of the Sellers in the south are related. But since it is not a direct line of mine, I do not actively work on it. I do collect all I can get to add to my Sellers database in order to continue to record the history, both ancestral and descendant, of the family here. It appears your Michael could very well be another child of Elisha. I know that Rev. Sellers first was a short while in Putnam County - began a church there. THE HISTORY OF LAKE COUNTY, FL, states W. D. Sellers and his wife Sarah were the first settlors of Emeralda Island (in now Lake County) so you can see that he was in the area of Lake County. Patent dated 1854. Haven't studied the dates to see when he was where. But is indicative of other family being around there. I think this early info was taken from some book on the Sellers family but I don't have any info on it. Sorry we don't link up so far. If you find in the future that you do link up, I will be happy to share what I have with you on the older generations. Happy Hunting. Marie Nations RESEARCHING: FORT, GOODSON, HOLTON, SNELL, as direct lines, SELLERS, PILLANS, HALFORD, HUDNELL, WATERS, GRIGGS, MORRISON, ROBERTSON, WARD, THOMAS, as indirect lines. Thank you for the reply Marie. I'm posting this message on the SELLERS-L. You may get some feedback. In a separate message I'll post more information on Michael's parents/family from NC and SC. Thank You..........Ray Revette/FL