"Elizabeth Roseberry Mitchell's Graveyard Quilt" by Linda Otto Lipsett?

>Do you have access to the book "Elizabeth Roseberry Mitchell's Graveyard
>Quilt" by Linda Otto Lipsett?  In the family record page, Elizabeth
>Mitchell is identified as the daughter of Thomas Mitchell (1772-1852)
>and Elenor Hill (1776-1848). David Sellers was her first husband and
>Elijah Ullom was her second husband. Elizabeth's paternal grandparents
>are Kent Mitchell and Hannh Wood, who are listed with their children in
>"The Tenmile Country and Its Pioneer Families" on pages 394-395.
>Elizabeth Mitchell's brother, Shadrack Mitchell, was the husband of
>Elizabeth Roseberry.
>Hope this helps.

There is not much beyond the marriage of David Sellers to Elizabeth
On page 82 of the book it has the following:

"Nestled in the hills about six miles from Waynesburg [Greene Co., PA] was
small hotel on Main Street in Clinton.  Originally the land had belonged to
the Sellers family . . . "

So, it would be reasonable to conclude that David Sellers probably belonged
to whatever Sellers family was living in that area in the late 1700's and
early 1800's.

Hope this helps someone.