I just came across a web page concerning Sellers genealogy.  it is a
confusing  format and dates of entries are not evident.
  My husband is a descendant of Laird Sellers' dau. Angeline Blackburn.
  I saw the name Young Sellers with your information.  I found a Young
Sellers in Jackson Co. AL  and have wondered if and/or how he connected
the TN Sellers.
  I will gladly share any info. I have with anyone interested.
Miriam Blackburn

MIRIAM - will send thro our SELLERS group and see if anyone connected to
YOUNG SELLERS born ca 1789 NC
with wife SARAH ca1803 TN
and kids born AL from 1828
and living in JACKSON CO, AL from 1830

And if any connection to Chatham Co,NC
We had some SELLERS from NC come south -

We would appreciate receiving a small chart of info on your Angeline
Who /when/where married and kids born when/where and went to?

Also would appreciate the page name or county/state  it refers to =that
have much format? and will see if there is anything I can do to correct.
Sometimes, info just gets posted and we don't get back to 'making it look
better' Sorry.
Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

   From:  DJohn31548@aol.com

  Sorry for the delay in replying- one of the "bugs" caught me last week.
All seems well now.
  I think I figured out how to get to the Sellers info..  Is it your page?
What I was getting was info. contrubuted by Malinda James from Moniteau Co.
MO. but couldn't get anywhere else except to a TX county.  I have
corresponded with Malinda  in the past and we shared info.

    Angeline F. Sellars b. June 13, 1835; d Sept. ll, 1874 buried Mt.
Pleasant Cemetery in Miller Co. MO.  Daughter of Laird and Elizabeth
Go(o)dwin Sellars- 2nd wife.   Married May 27, 1853 James G. Blackburn, b.
August 20, 1828; d Dec. 30, 1906, buried Alley .Sullivan Co.MO
1. John L. Blackburn  b jan. 10, 1855 ; m Lena Marshall  lived in
Miller Co. MO

2. Louisiana Blackburn b. Oct 7, 1856 m Andrew J. Buster  lived in Eugene,
Cole (?) Co, MO

3. Louisa Blackburn b April 17, 1859, m William Mitchell  lived in TX but
returned to Tuscumbia MO.

4. James Green Blackburn b March 6, 1861   m. 1st Nancy Burns; 2ndMrs.
Stepp; 3rd Mrs. Mollie Barrens in 1908, divorced 1909; 4th Carrie Pope

5.William R.L. Blackburn b. May 8, 1863 m 2nd Jennie Buster lived in Miller
Co, MO, OK back to Tuscumbia, MO then Sullivan Co. MO

6. Tennessee Blackburn (male) b May 5, 1866 d Sept..30, 1871

(Source: Genealogy of the Branner Family by John Branner, 1913   and
research and family history)

   Grandaughters of Laird Sellers married brothers of James G. Blackburn.
believe these were daughters of Fannie Sellers Wallace, decd.  I believe
Fannie was dau. of Ann Hackney, Laird's first wife.

   The Blackburn brothers were sons of John and Christina Branner
born in Jefferson Co. TN and moved to MO c 1840.

CAROLINE WALLACE b June 2, 1839; d Feb. 20, 1885 m Casper Branner Blackburn
April 12, 1830; d Dec. 25, 1897.  They moved to Benton Co. AR but returned
MO at the outbreak of the Civil War. About 1876  they moved to TX in the
Worth area-Weatherford, Bridgeport and Decatur. Casper died  in Decatur.
Caroline Wallace Blackburn died in Wise co. TX and was buried there
1. James Alexander Blackburn m Lizzie Milliken and Eugenia Valentine .
Descendants and living today in Anadarko, OK
2. Melcina Julia Blackburn b 1861 m John Robinson
3. Christina Tennessee Blackburn b August 25, 1865 m C.O. Sikes
4. emma Blackburn b July 22, 1868  m D.J. Locke
5. William E. Blackburn b March 30, 1872
6. Minnia Lee Blackburn b Dec. 25, 1875  M Crist L. Tackel
7. Ella Blackburn b Jan 7, 1880 m H.C. Herron in OK

ELIZABETH A. WALLACE b August 15, 1836 d April 13, 1893  m Oct. 5, 1854
William M. Blackburn,b Nov. 12, 1831 d Feb 7, 1899   They lived in MO
1.Elvira Francis Blackburn b March 28, 1857 m I.R. Spalding
2.William Noland Blackburn b Oct 5, 1860  m .....Spalding
3. Martha E. Blackburn b Nov. 20, 1865 m Wm. T. Albertson
4. Ida B. Blackburn b Feb. 17, 1868 m Robert M. Pinkston moved to OK
5.Josie Blackburn b March 11, 1873, m. George Ben Johnston moved to OK
6. Andrew J. Blackburn b Sept 9, 1878 m ...Spalding
7. John E. blackburn b Sept 26, 1881 m Alice Mitchell

JULIA ANN WALLACE  b July 18, 1840, d Feb 25, 1912 m August 22, 1861 (2nd
wife)  Theodore R. Blackburn b July 4, 1835, d Feb 11, 1906  They lived in
Moniteau Co. MO.
 Children of Julia Ann and Theodore:
1.Charles Theodore Blackburn b. May 19, 1862 m Clara Taylor
2. Fanny Blackburn b July 31, 1865 m. E. Amos
3. Mary Blackburn b Nov 11, 1866, m James Enloe
4. Mattie Blackburn b March 16, 1870 m James w. Piercey
5. Michael T. Blackburn b Sept 28, 1871m Fannie Morris
6. Nora Blackburn b March 21, 1873, m W.E. Amos
7. Cassie Blackburn b July 21, 1875 m George Smith
8. J. Walter Blackburn b Oct 22, 1878, m Lucy Long
9. Andy Blackburn b aug. 2, 1882m Nellie M. Morris

  I hope this is not too much.  My husband descends from James and Angeline
Sellers Blackburn through their son James Green Blackburn and Nancy Burns,
his ggrand parents  who lived and died in Miller Co. MO  where my husband
also was born.
  I have additional information on Laird Sellers in TN and some of his
children with some big gaps  which I will gladly share.

Miriam Blackburn

MIRIAM - Thanks - Sure many will appreciate - Our TN pages should be linked
LAIRDS (LARD) - if you need more info/help advise.

How did we prove Laird SELLERS first wife as  ANN/AMEY HACKNEY - will or
If You or ANYONE has copy would Appreciate sending same, so we can post it.
marie, iowa