MONROE CO, MI (made in 1817 from WAYNE)


need some Census/county info here, so people can SEE your families!



This details the preservation of an abandoned, hidden-on-a-farm historic cemetery in Monroe County, MI, just over the state line. I have no ancestors up there, but perhaps my late husband does; he had some family in Monroe County. Wow, I'd like to see something like this done for Barton-Stevenson in Allen County, OH (even though the township does keep it in better shape than this cemetery was when the preservation efforts began). My Sellers 2nd great-grandparents (and Barton 3rd great-grandparents) are buried there. Theirs is probably the largest monument in the place, but it has broken apart over the decades. A BIG tip of the hat to the farm owners, for not having a problem with me going back there. I always call them before I go down there (and I always get their voicemail), and I let them know I'm coming. The only time there's ever been any issue is when they called me back a couple years ago in December to let me know that there would be guys with guns back there ! and I'd better wear some orange! As it turned out, it took a couple of those hunters to point us to the right spot!

A Happy Memorial Day to all. Please remember those who gave their lives so yours could live free. And if you ARE a veteran -- THANK YOU!

- S.

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