Subject: Re: MILES, Henry County 1880-1920s?



I would be interested if you ran across information on MY Miles
line, which is clearly different from the one you have described.

William "Billy" Allen MILES b.1850 Independence Co. Arkansas
and still in Greene Co. AR in the 1870 Census. I find him in 1883,
married to Mariah Elizabeth HANCOCK b. Putnam Co. TN 1851, in
Henry Co. MO registering their 5th child, Henry Ebert MILES b.
1883 in Tebo Township. He is shown as reporting in Calhoun, but
as far as I know he always lived near Leeton, in Johnson Co.
Nonetheless, his and his wife's death certificate show them as
Tebo, Henry Co.

Children born between 1876 and 1896 were Altie Lee m. W.R.
Waldridge, Abbie Winnieford "Winnie" MILES m. G.W. Waldridge,
Cordie Etta MILES m. Rountree, Ebbie Athine MILES, Walton
Hurst MILES (my g.) m 1.Coppage 2.Alexander, Henry Ebert
MILES, Arthur Powell MILES m. Sellers, Thair Vance MILES m.
E.E. Wallace, Ora Jessup MILES m W.D.Crowley, Ivy Karry Miles
m. HR Lovelace, Lillian Gertrude MILES m. S.C. Murphy.

I would sure appreciate anything that you might have come across
as, perhaps, you had to eliminate these MILESes from your

Leland "Lee" Miles
Cartagena, Colombia

On 14 Jul 2005 at 18:31, Laura Anderson wrote:

> ======
> Stephen MILES and wife Nancy "Nannie" Ann PAXTON arrived in Henry
> County around 1880, give or take a couple years. They lived there
> until their deaths in the 1920s. One of their daughters, Clara F.
> Finks Pearson, also stayed in Henry county, until her death in the
> 1970s. I think the rest of the MILES children went elsewhere, to
> Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.
> Nanny (Nancy) MILES, daughter of Stephen MILES and Nannie PAXTON, was
> born about 1874 or '75 in (I think) Cass Co., MO, and was raised in
> Henry county. She married William Nalley GOSSETT on 21 June 1893 at
> Lewis Station, Henry Co., MO. William and Nanny GOSSETT had three
> children - Beulah, Florence and Della Gossett - in (or near) Lewis
> Station, and then Nanny died in 1900.
> William remarried, to Margaret "Maggie" LYTLE, on 19 Feb 1902 at
> Huntingdale (in or near Lewis Station). Margaret LYTLE was the
> daughter of Spencer LYTLE and wife Harriett LOWRY or LURIE or LURA or
> some other spelling. Marrgaret LYTLE was born 1873 in Sedalia, Pettis
> county MO. Her children with WIlliam Nalley GOSSETT were Leland, Owen,
> Nellie Alice, Wilbur, Ella and Ralph. Sometime around Dec 1911, the
> GOSSETT family moved to Manderson, Big Horn county, Wyoming. The
> children mentioned, Nellie Alice died 8 Sep 1909 and Wilbur GOSSETT
> died 26 Mar 1911, but I haven't been able to find them in the Henry
> county cemeteries. I also cannot find them in the family plot in
> Wyoming. I still think they died in Missouri, though. [W. N. Gossett's
> Public Sale at the Spencer Lytle farm was dated Wed., Nov. 1, 1911. 
> The farm was 5 miles west of Calhoun, MO, 2-1/2 mi. N of Lewis Station,
> 10 mi NE of Clinton.]
> I have done a bit of research on the MILES family, the GOSSETTs and
> the
> LYTLEs. Harriett LOWRY's mother was Martha PAXTON, a sister to Nannie
> PAXTON who married Stephen MILES. Buelah GOSSETT married H. H. GILMAN
> and my contacts in the GOSSETT family seem to think that Beulah and her
> husband stayed in Lewis Station. I have found nothing about them so
> far.
> If anyone is interested in these families, please contact me. I would
> still like to know more about the families' time in Henry County. I
> found Stephen Miles' homestead in the very north part of Deer Creek
> twp, north of Lewis Station, and I think the Gossetts and Lytles were
> in Tebo twp. I would love to know if they are mentioned in those Henry
> County History books, but I haven't been able to find one yet. They
> would be in the books covering 1885-1900 and 1901-1911. I wonder also
> if there are any remnants of the old farms left. Pictures would be
> great! I'd be happy to share any of my data if anyone is interested!
> Contact: Laura Anderson
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