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Mike Sellers [michael.sellers@comcast.net] (oct 2007)
DNA member, Aug 2008 # = 129447

Michael Donald Sellers b.1956 Aurora, CO
Donald R. Sellers b. 1930 Tipton, KS Father
Fred Thomas Sellers b. 1901 Tipton, KS d. 1962 Grandfather
Charles Nelson Sellers b. 1865 Attica, IN d. 1919 G Grandfather
Thomas Jefferson Sellers b. 1843 New Castle Tnshp, Coshocton Co. Ohio d. 1883 GG Grandfather
Abraham Sellers b. 1794 Virginia d. 1864 GGG Grandfather

(ckTippeCo,In and Warren Co, In)



       Abraham Sellers ca. 1794
       Tue, 1 Jan 2002 21:14:27 EST

I am descended from an Abraham Sellers born in either VA or PA about 1794.  The earliest I can trace him back is the 1840 Census in Coshocton, CO, OH.  In the neighboring county to the west, Knox Co., there is an Abraham
Sellers in the 1830 census along with a Jacob and John Sellers.  I have found a reference in a Knox County history stating that both Jacob and John Sellers were from Greene Co. PA.  I have not been able to connect my Abraham to that family.

Tonight I found an interesting item in the 1860 Warren County, Indiana census where my Abe is listed as residing in Liberty Township.  This children listed correspond to known family members.  What is interesting is
Abraham is listed as a "mulatto".  Many year ago when my a Sellers cousin of my Dad's started in researching
the family, she was warned not to pursue the matter as she was likely to stir up a "hornets nest".  Well, I think that I have found the reason.  This same cousin several years ago told me that she is trying to find some information on a George Sellers who may have raised Abe.

One of Abe's children who fought in the Civil War lists Hampshire County Virginia (now West Virginia) in his
enlistment papers as his place of birth.  I found in the LDS' IGI, a record on a birth of an Abraham Sellers born to
a Samuel Sellers and Catharine Bodder in Richmond, VA.  This would seem promising but it really makes no sense.  Samuel Sellers was the tavern owner around which the village of Sellersville, PA grew.  Samuel and Catharine had several children including an Abraham born in 1788.  This Abraham died young and was buried in PA.  There is no indication of there ever being a second Abraham and I can't connect them in Richmond, VA as there seems to be no family there.

I have been trying to connect  Abe with the rest of the Sellers family for a long, long time without any luck.  The issue of Abe being a mulatto can explain for some of the dead ends.

Can you enlighten me on any of this?

Mike Sellers
Aurora, CO.

MIKE, thanks.
WHAT Proven child do you connect to=
WHERE in 1850 =
Name, age and born where=
married when/where=-
and kids born when/where.
WE Need Help/Contributions/SHARING of these families =
SEND what you can.
1850 kids on to 1880?
These Counties all connect and made from same and Must be studied.

SPELLINGS of NAMES, COLOR of familiy = USE ALL records = THESE records were written/posted by WHO Took the records and THEIR spelling/sounding or words - thinking -
state - federal may have had some guide lines for census, but, I don't know what they showed for JUDGING race of people?
THESE records of color/etc  were Not what Our SELLERS told them?
BUT, what census taker wrote?
By Color of Skin? (in June/July, many were dark skin from 10/12 hours working in sun)
Or Shape of Heads?
(I am sure many of our ancestors married into OTHER nationalities that were mixed, etc)
TRACE the family and their kids and land.
WE don't care if OUR family is called ANY color/name/ =
AS long as it is proven to these names of our family!

SOMEONE give me some document on this =

THANK YOU for understanding and sharing.
marie, iowa

Msellersco@aol.com wrote:
One of Abe's children who fought in the Civil War lists Hampshire County Virginia (now West Virginia) in his enlistment papers as his place of birth.
PLEASE SEND name, file info - very important.
marie, iowa
(this is Isaac born ca 1825? msh)

The enlistment papers for one of Abraham's sons, Soloman Sellers states that he enlisted in Lafayette, IN on 11/12/1864. He says that he was born in Hardy Co. Virginia (now West Virginia)
       Re: Abraham Sellers ca. 1794
       Wed, 2 Jan 2002 23:40:25 EST

I am descended from a Thomas Jefferson Sellers (son of Abraham Sellers) born June 10, 1843 New Castle Township, Coshocton County Ohio.  I think that you are right about the mixed race people not being in census data.  Every other census I have found Abraham lists him as a white male.  In 1850 I believed that Thomas lived
near his parents in Warren County Indiana.  I forget which township he lived in.  It most likely Pine or Liberty Township.
Thomas' wife was an Elizabeth "Lizzie" Archer born in KY.  They likely were married in 1864 or 1865 in Pulaski Co.
Illinois.  Children of this union:

Charles Nelson Sellers b. 2/22/1865 born in Attica, IN     (my g. grandfather)
Bettie J. Sellers           b. 8/10/1869  born in Indiana (Likely Attica)
Mary A. Sellers           b.  7/10/1871 "      "     "          "        "
William Walter Sellers  b.  6/22/1874 "      "     "          "       "
Sarah F. Sellers           b.  9/14/1878  born inroute in Illinois from Indiana to Osborne Co. Kansas

Elizabeth died the next after Sarah's birth on 9/15/78 and was buried in an unmarked grave in Illinois.

Hope that this is helpful.

Mike Sellers
Aurora, CO 

       Re: Abraham Sellers ca. 1974
       Thu, 3 Jan 2002 01:01:23 EST

The enlistment papers for one of Abraham's sons, Soloman Sellers states that he enlisted in Lafayette, IN on 11/12/1864. He says that he was born in Hardy Co. Virginia (now West Virginia)  He was mustered into the 72Reg. of the Indiana Volunteers.  The copy of the enlistment paper I have does not indicate any file number.

Another son, Isaac Sellers,  I have a document from the Executive Department of Indiana - Adjutant General's
Office stating proof of military service.  I guess that this was required for his survivors to get his pension.  Its
dated 10/5/1887 saying that Isaac enlisted on 12/5/62 in company D of the 86th Indiana Regiment.  He was
mustered into service the following month on 1/1/63.  He died at Williamsport, IN on 10/18/1864.  His nativity and
dob is not indicated on this form.  Again, I do not see any form or record number.  Family records indicate that
Isaac was born in 1823 Hampshire Co. Virginia (now West Virginia).

A third son of Abraham who served in the Union Army was an Andrew Jackson Sellers.  He was born about 1838
in Ohio (likely Coshocton Co.)  He died while on active duty on 6/1/1862.  The document I have on him is a
certificate of final payment for his military service payable to his father Abraham  for pay due from 5/1/62 to
5/1/62 and for the Bounty Act of 7/22/1861.  The certificate number appears to be 27.000.  The date of this
correspondence from the Treasury Dept. was 9/10/1863.

Finally, a fourth son Thomas Jefferson Sellers (my g.g. grandfather),  I have a Certificate of Disability Discharge.
This is a hard document to read, however it basically states the Thomas was no longer to comply with military
duties due to "chronic bronchitis".  It was effective on 6/6/65 .  I believed he received this at the Army hospital in
Pulaski, Illinois.  It states that he enlisted at Lafayette, IN on 8/8/62.
He was born in Coshocton Co, Ohio and that he may be corresponded to at Rainsville, Warren Co, Indiana.

I have also a request for Pension for Children under age 16 filed by his brother Charles W. Sellers on 1/12/1884
for his children Bettie, Mary, Walter, Sarah and Lettie L. Sellers.  It  was filed in Osborne County Kansas. This
request also states that Thomas had served in the 72nd Reg. of the Indiana volunteers.  It also stated that the
decedent had requested a pension as allowed under the Pension Act, application number 180244 and it was
issued to him.

Abraham was married to a Nancy.  Nancy's maiden name and date of marriage is unknown.  Both state in census
data that they were born in VA and that Nancy was born in 1811.  Abraham died in Feb. 1864, Nancy died in 1878.
 Both were in Warren Co Ind.
Children born to this union:

Isaac Sellers born 1823 in VA
Solomon Sellers born 8/24/1825 in VA
Robert Sellers born  1832 in OH
Andrew Jackson Sellers abt. 1838 in OH
Thomas Jefferson Sellers 6/10/1843 in Coshocton Co. Ohio
Mary J. Sellers born 1847 probably in OH
George Sellers born abt. 1849 birthplace unkwn.
Sarah Sellers  born 1851 in IN

Again, I hope that this is useful.

Mike Sellers
Aurora, CO

MIKE, thank you very much.
check out the links, etc.
I see we need 1820 HARDY CO, WV census with ages, etc

and an 1810 CENSUS anywhere , maybe VA, for an ABRAHAM SELLERS/SOLLERS/CELLARS/ZELLERS.

DO we have a listing of WILLS for these counties?

DID they own land when they went to OH? ANY county? = land grants, etc
COUNTY histories, township history sometimes helps in the first county they went to.

WAR of 1812 in VA/WV?=

THANKS for sharing SELLERS! marie, iowa

       Re: Abraham Sellers ca.1794VA
       Fri, 4 Jan 2002 22:53:38 EST

Regarding the 1820 Census for Abraham Sellers in Hardy Co. Virginia, I have 1 white male in the 16-26 year range.
 This would be correct if he was born about 1794.  I cannot find an Abraham Sellers, Zoller etc. in the 1810 VA,
MD or PA censuses that has an Abraham of the correct age.  Also, in 1810 my Abraham would be about 16 and
likely not the head of a household at that time.  I have contacted both Hampshire and Hardy counties for any wills, probate information on any Sellers in those counties for the 1790s and early 1800s with no luck.  I''ve looked on the web for any such information that others may have collected on Sellers of that time period in the northern
part of VA, the western counties of MD and south central and south western counties in PA.  I've also searched the web and other family members on any tax records or land sale transactions in hope of gathering information.
 Unfortunately, the only proof of land ownership I have on any family members isn't until Abraham's son,
Thomas Jefferson Sellers, arrived in Osborne County, Kansas in 1878.

Regarding land ownership for Abraham in Ohio:  From census data and family information, it appears that he probably lived in New Castle Township in Coshocton County from at least 1840 to 1847.  It is likely that he may have been there a few years longer.  The 1830 Ohio census has an Abraham of appropriate age in Union Township in Knox County.  These two townships are right next to each other.  However, I cannot prove land
ownership at this time.

Thanks again,

Mike Sellers 

MIKE, thank you for sharing and checking out about
everything I can think of also!
Sometimes the Townships they lived in, in the early years,
like 1820 Knox, has a history on who came and from where.
I see the 1880 census on Thomas leaves his parents
birthplace Blank!
But, you have the two birthplaces of kids which is esp good.
I believe the WV history/documents is what we are missing or
IF you have extracted any info/documents from this area
that's not posted, please send.
Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

       Re: Abraham Sellers ca.1794VA
       Mon, 7 Jan 2002 22:41:20 EST

Regarding a county history of Knox county.  Such a thing exists.  There is a copy in the Denver Public Library.  It does mention a John and Jacob Sellers and their sons. However, there is no mention of an Abraham,  This same history says that the above individuals came from Greene County, PA.  All of my research to this possible
connection has not yielded any information.

I don't have any Hardy Co. WV    Hampshire Co. WV documentation.  I have contacted both counties in past years for any Sellers wills or land transactions
from that era.  Unfotunately,  without being able to narrow down my search to any specific information and a more specific year,  I  was unsuccusful in my inquiries.The only other thing that I have considered is to see if I can find any birth records on Abraham's sons, Solomon and Isaac.  However, I have assumed that most counties
and states would have not been recording that type of statistic in the years 1823 and 1825.  If I had a clue as to that family's religious affilation, I would try to see if I could run down any baptisimal records..

As mentioned before,  I know that most county records people need to have at least some basic information to narrow down their search to avoid going on a wild goose chase.  The one thing I haven't tried is to see if their is a
marriage record on Abraham in either county for the years of approximately 1820 to 1823.  Abraham's wife at the time of his death was a Nancy, but I have had some doubts about her being the mother of Isaac and Solomon.
 Those two boys had obvious Old Testiment names.  The other children's names were not as religious in nature.
 My ancestor was Thomas Jefferson Sellers, this is obviously a more secular name.  The eldest two boys were born in WV.  All other children except the youngest was born in Ohio.  I have question if there was a first wife and I have no clue to her name.  So,  from your experience, is there much of a possibility of learning anything
about  marriage of  an Abraham with no name of a bride and is requesting them to search 3-5 years around 1820?
 Is this an unreasonable request?

MIke Sellers 

MIKE, thanks.
I believe the best documentation you have on SOLEMON and
birth is their
CIVIL WAR records. They tried very hard to make these exact.
YES, church records In these counties of HARDY and HAMPSHIRE
would be Great, if available.

ONE thought = 1812 WAR RECORDS=?

HAVE you a chart on SOLEMON and ISAAC and where they went ,
etc and
I added their births to these counties for any help.
AND don't know if we have his family chart?
ANYONE have?

AND then we SEEM to have another? SELLERS family OR a child
stayed here?

WE NEED more Study, I am sure AND from ALL surrounding
WE have some 1850/60 Hardy Co, WV births shown = source not

I FIND IT VERY  interesting = part of your family went
to/thro FOUNTAIN CO, IN ?
neighbors = ?

ALKIRE'S ARE here and when I was researching =
MONOS T. SELLERS (my family) born ca 1785 VA from 1820
to 1830 Madison/Tipton Co,In.
IGNATIUS SOLLARS 1769 (Frederick Co, VA ca1800)  from ROSS
CO, OH to
1830? VERM CO, IN(lays next to Fountain )

 Harmonious ALKIRE went  in 1850 or before to Fountain Co,
(THIS name from Hardy Co, WV history - thro OH, maybe KY,
??same family??)

WHO are YOUR neighbors in Fountain Co, IN?

I may be Misleading us here - Lets stay on SOLEMON  and
and what and where they are =

SEND and will see if we can follow to other counties or
continue these county info?
I am sure you have our Hardy/Hamp Co, VA info?

Kinda sorry this covers too many areas. I have a hard time
following this type of letter.
But, I was following these families like I was thinking =
NOT proven.
marie, iowa

       Info on sons of Abraham Sellers ca1794, Solomon & Isaac
       Sat, 19 Jan 2002 11:47:35 EST
Dear Marie,

Sorry for taking so long in responding to you about the sons of Abraham Sellers.  I had some conflicting information that I had to spend some trying to straighten out.  Unfortunately,  I don't have too much on them.

For Solomon:

Solomon served in the Civil War.  It appears that he may have been in the 44th Indiana Regiment and transferred to the 72nd Inf.  His brother, Thomas (my ancestor), also served in the 72nd.  He was mustered out of the Army on July 24, 1865.

Solomon and his family are listed in the 1860 Indiana census in Warren County, Pine Township p. 48, 339.  He is also listed in the 1870 Census Warren County?, Adams Township p. 10, 72.  States value of real estate $1,200,
personal property $600.  He married a Sarah Ann Hickman.  He died 10/25/1879, Sarah died 1/27/1879.  Both are buried in the Mound Cemetery in Warren County Indiana,

For Isaac,

He was born in Virginia in about 1821.  He was likely born in Hardy or Hampshire Counties - now in W. Virginia.
 He served in Company D of the 86th Regiment of the Indiana Infantry.  Served was mustered in the Army 1/11/1863.  He outfit saw much duty, about half of the Regiment was lost at the battle of Stone River.

As best as I can determine, he married a Mary A. Thrush on 5/12/47 in New Castle Township, Coshocton County, Ohio.  (This information is according to another family member.)  Mary was born 12/12/1828 and died 2/22/1873.  Solomon died at Williamsport Ind.  Mary appears to died there too.  They had 8 children:

John W. Sellers b. 1844 d. 5/18/1873
Thomas Sellers b. ca. 1845
Abraham Sellers  b. ca. 1850
Solomon Sellers b. 9/22/1852
Robert Sellers b 3/31/1854
(Alfonse) Alexander Sellers b. 10/13/1854 d. 2/23/1945 m. Mary Louise Rochell 8/21/1881
Henry Sellers b. 1/25/1860 d. 3/2/1862  Warren Co. Ind.
Isaac B. Sellers b. 2/24/1862.

Well, that's about all I have on these guys.

Mike Sellers

MIKE, Thank you very much for caring and sharing.
NOW in 1820 HARDY CO, VA =

1820 HARDY CO, WV CENSUS = NEED AGES of ALL members of the family!
and Neighbors =
1 white male in the 16-26 year range. (per Mike Sellers Msellersco@aol.com)

NEED census info on EACH family above
IS there an 1810 census OR tax list?
YOUR family is here = CHECK OUT these other families and NEIGHBORS =
Marriages of daughters, etc May have went also.?
did ANY others go to OH with them = neighbors in 1830/40/50?
marie, iowa


It has been quite some time since I last wrote you about my ancestor. The following is som information U have already given you but hoprfully a little more in depth.To review:

This is where the trail has ended on my branch of the family tree after thirty years of research. My ggg grandfather was Abraham Sellers. Going backwards on his life, he last lived and died in Warren Co. IN in February 1864. His wife’s name was Nancy Ann. He is there in Liberty Twsp. for the 1860 census. In 1850 he is in Tippecanoe Co., IN. Warren Co and Tippecanoe Counties lie next to each other. In 1840 he was living in New Castle Twsp. in Coshocton Co. OH. This is where my gg grandfather Thomas Jefferson Sellers was born in 1843.

In 1830 he was living in Union Twsp. in Knox Co. OH. In this same census there are two brothers, John and Jacob Sellers, also living in Knox Co. John was in Pleasant and Jacob in Morris Twsp. In a history of Knox Co. both are mentioned and both claim to have come from Greene Co. PA. Unfortunately, there are no references to any of my ancestors or their documented kin. Union and New Castle Twsps lie next to each other on the Knox-Coshocton County line.

For quite some time I tried to connect my Abraham to the Sellers families of Greene and Washington counties in PA without success. In the 1860, 1850, 1840 and 1830 censuses, Abraham’s nativity is listed as VA. The 1860 census lists his age as 66 placing being born about 1794. There is an Abraham of the correct age living in Hardy Co. Virginia (now W.VA) in 1820. Abraham’s eldest son, Isaac’s, Union Army enlistment papers lists him being born in Hampshire Co. VA. Hardy and Hampshire are adjacent counties.

The 1820 census list an Elias, Henry and a Abraham in Hardy Co. Frank Sellers’ research has fairly well documented that Elias and Henry were brothers, sons of a John Sellers and nephews to a Frederick Sellers. John and Frederick’s mother’s name was Margaret. This is where the trail goes cold for me. The proximity of Abraham to both Elias and Henry would lead one to believe that he likely would be related to one or the other. However, years of research by another family member and myself have been unable to bridge the gap of linking Abraham to the next generation.

Census data consistently indicate that Abraham is a “Free White Male”. However, the 1860 census indicates that he is “mulatto”. Is this an anomaly or a hint that there might be a question of his “legitimacy”? If he is of mixed race, might that explain the difficulty in trying to find additional documentation on him?

As a young boy, I can remember being told by my g grandmother that our family originally came from Pennsylvania and that there was even a town there named after our family. My g grandmother grew up in Colorado, moved to Kansas with my g grandfather and subsequently lived the majority of her life there. She did not have the opportunity to travel around the country and her knowledge of the Sellers family would have been anecdotal. There was no reason for her to make up this story and suggests that I might be descended from Philip Heinrich Sellers of Bucks Co. PA. I have tried and tried to connect me with PHS and cannot make that link.

Abraham was born in about 1794 in VA, died in Feb 1864.

Abraham was married to Nancy Ann 1811-1878, b VA d. Warren Co. IN

Abraham’s children:

Name Born Place Died Place
Isaac 1823 Hampshire Co. VA 10/10/1864 Warren Co., IN
Solomon 8/14/1825 Hardy Co. VA 10/25/1879 Warren Co., IN
Robert 1832 Coshocton Co. OH
Andrew Jackson About 1838 Coshocton Co. OH 6/1/1862 Jacksonport, AR
Thomas Jefferson 6/10/1843 Coshocton Co. OH 6/10/1883 Osborne Co., KS
Mary J. 1846 Coshocton Co. OH
Charles William 1847 Coshocton Co. OH 4/27/1892 Osborne Co., KS
George About 1849 Coshocton Co. OH
Sarah A. About 1851 Coshocton Co. OH

Isaac Sellers m. Mary A. Thrush 5/12/1847 in New Castle Twsp. Coshocton Co., OH. Mary was born 12/12/1828. Mary died 2/22/1873. Isaac and Mary died at Williamsport, IN.

Isaac was likely born in Hampshire Co. W. VA. He served in Company D of the 86th Regiment of the Indiana Infantry. He was mustered in 1/1/1863. His outfit saw much action. About half of the regiment was lost at the battle of Stone River. He died in Warren Co., IN Oct. 18, 1864. Isaac mustered in the Union Army for a 3-year enlistment. He was home 22 months later where he died.

Their children were:
Name Born Place Died Place
John W. Sellers 1844
Thomas Sellers 1845
Abraham Sellers 1850
Solomon Sellers 9/22/1852
Robert Sellers 3/31/1854
(Alphonse) Alexander Sellers
10/13/1855 2/23/1945
Henry Sellers 1/25/1860 Warren Co., IN 2/2/1862 Warren Co., IN
Isaac B. Sellers 2/24/1862 Warren Co., IN


Solomon was born in Hardy County VA 8/14/1825.
He was married to Sarah Ann Hickman b.1/14/1826 in Indiana d. 1/27/1879

Solomon served in the Civil War. It appears that he was in the 44th Indiana Regiment and transferred to the 72nd Ind. Regiment. His brother Thomas also served in the 72nd. He was mustered out of the Army on 7/24/1865.

In 1860 census it lists him in (p.48, 339) Warren Co., Pine Twsp. 1870 (p.10, 72) they resided in Warren Co., Adams Twsp., IN. States real estate value $1,200 & personal property $600. Solomon died October 25, 1879. They are buried in the Mound Cemetery in Warren Co., IN. Their children:
Name Born
Mary Alice Hickman Abt. 1857
Armanda Hickman Abt. 1858
Maria A. Hickman Abt. 1860


Andrew Jackson Sellers was born in Coshocton Co. He joined the Union Army and served with the 9th Reg. Ill. Cav. He drown at Jacksonport, AR 6/1/1862. There is no record of him having married or having children.

My gg grandfather was Thomas Jefferson Sellers. He was born 6/10/1843 in
New Castle Twsp, Coshocton County Ohio. He moved with his family to Indiana and was in Tippecanoe Co. for the 1850 census and in Warren Co. for the 1860 census.

He enlisted in the Union Army in Lafayette, IN on 8/8/1862 with the 72nd Indiana Infantry Reg.

Family history states that he was captured and imprisoned in the infamous Andersonville Prison in GA. However, he escaped by hiding in a hollowed out tree for three days. There is no record of his ever being at Andersonville, but the 72nd Indiana was part of “Sherman’s March to the Sea”. The unit fought in battles starting in Tennessee going south to Atlanta and then east to Savannah. His regiment was in an area where he could have been captured, put in Andersonville and quickly escaped back to Union lines before the liberation of the camp.

During his service he contracted “bronchitis”. He received treatment at the Army Hospital in Mound City, IL. It is there he likely met Elizabeth Archer of Pulaski, IL. They were married in Pulaski Sept. 19, 1863. He received a medical discharge as a result of being unable to fulfill his military duties 6/4/1865. They moved to Pine Township in Warren County IN. They later decided to move and homestead in Kansas. She died enroute to KS on Sept 15, 1878 probably as a result from childbirth as that is the day after her daughter Sarah was born. She was buried somewhere in Illinois.

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Archer was born in 1846 in Kentucky.

Their children:
Name Born Place Died
Charles Nelson Sellers Feb. 22, 1865 Attica, IN Oct. 19, 1919 Osborne
Co., KS
Bettie J. Sellers Aug. 10, 1869 Indiana
Mary A. Sellers July 10, 1871 Indiana
William Walter Sellers June 22, 1874 Indiana Oct. 3, 1933 Oakley, KS
Sarah F. Sellers Sept. 14, 1878 Illinois Feb. 1, 1947 Cascade,

Thomas and his children homesteaded 160 acres in the area on Twin Creek in Winfield Twsp., Osborne Co. His brother Charles and his wife Nancy also came west from Indiana to homestead. Their farm was about six miles further west near the community of Covert.

Two years after arriving in Osborne County, Thomas married Melissa Briery of Wisconsin on June 5, 1880. From this union they had one daughter, Lettie L. Sellers who was born Nov. 15, 1881. However, Thomas was soon to again loose a wife leaving him with a small baby to care for. Melissa died in Jan. 1881, two months after Lettie was born.

Thomas was plagued by poor health having never fully recovered from his respiratory ailment acquired during the war. He died from “chronic bronchitis” on his 40th birthday, June 10th 1883, leaving six children orphaned.

Thomas’ brother Charles filed for Thomas’ pension benefit on behalf of the children. Melissa’s parents adopted Lettie. Charles and Nancy took in the “younger” children. At age 18, my g grandfather Charles Nelson Sellers was head of the remaining family.

Charles Nelson Sellers married Maude Stewart in Monument, Colorado on Sept 3, 1893. They resided for a while near Eastonvelle, Co in El Paso Co. Colo. However, they soon returned to Charles former home in Osborne County and settled near the Cheyenne community.

Maude Stewart was born 6/1/1877 in Prairie, AR. She died Feb. 28, 1965 in Osborne, KS.

Their children were:

Name Born Place Died
Charles William Sellers July 23, 1894
Hazel Clare Sellers June 14, 1896 Tipton, KS
Etta Pearl Sellers Aug. 25, 1898 Tipton, KS
Fred Thomas Sellers Sept. 8, 1901 Tipton, KS June 21, 1962 Beloit, KS
Walter Stewart Sellers June 28, 1903 Tipton, KS
Gladys Lavina Sellers June 1, 1905 Tipton, KS
June Stella Sellers July 13, 1910 Tipton, KS

Charles Nelson Sellers died at home from complications due to an appendectomy on Oct. 19, 1919. He is buried in the Cheyenne Cemetery in Osborne County. Maude is buried next to her 2nd husband, Ferd Van Meer in Elmwood Cemetery, Beloit, KS.

Charles William Sellers is the 7th child of Abraham and Nancy Sellers. He was born in 1847 in Coshocton Co. Ohio. He died 4/27 1892 in Osborne Co. KS. He was married to Nancy A. Foster who born in 1847 in Indiana. They left Warren Co., Indiana in 1878 joining Charles’ brother Thomas to homestead in Osborne CO., KS.

Their children were:

Name Born
Mary J. Sellers 1870
Amanda Sellers 1871
Maria Sellers 1879
(boy) Sellers 1880

To sum up things, I strongly believe my Abraham is closely related to the Elias and Henry Sellers in Hardy Co., VA in 1820. If anybody can shed some light on this, it would be appreciated.

You of course can post this information where you feel it is most appropriate. There are several references to "Mike's Page" but that was with an old email address. Please note my new one.

Mike Sellers
Aurora, CO


MIKE thank you. Will post on your page and update your email.

YES, I am Very interested in the WV SELLERS. My Monos Sellers 1785 VA had kids Elias and Jonathan. No Margaret, Susan, or Henry, thou. Altho I believe they lost some kids between 1820 and 1826 and will never know what those named.

My family believed we came from Bucks Co., PA also. I believe that was the only history available at that time and everyone accepted it. Altho, I believe we don't have the names of all the kids from these brothers either. Maybe, some church records we need to find?

Yes, Frank has been so helpful in sharing his documents and that's as far back as I can see also.

Colored or? People before 1870 are hard to trace. Slave schedules help IF they were colored. But, You also just have census errors. My Monos Sellers 1785 VA is marked Colored on the 1830 IN census. My brothers dna and mtdna does Not show any.

Our WV census shows several families this way. There may be more WV records we don't have OR in a VA county we don't have. Deeds or court minutes are very helpful

WV or VA 1812 war records? We don't have much. Sometimes, not much info, but, if shows where they came from and land was in OH would really help.

Have you taken your dna??? Please write me on this. mari@netins.net Thanks for sharing . marie, iowa


The Abraham with wife Nancy is mine. Son Thomas is my gg grangfather. This
other Abraham N.W. Sellers is a stranger to me. Early on in my genealogy
research before I knew really all that much about this generation of the
family, this Abraham tended to confuse me because of the similarity of names
and both being in Warren Co. IN during the time of the 1860 census. My Abe
died 4 years later, this fellow lived a few years longer. This guy may be
totally unrelated and just happened to be in the same area. He might have
been a cousin to come look for greener pastures
"out west" when my ancestor migrated from OH. I can only speculate that they
may have known each other. It seems to me most people did not use middle
initials back then and every thing you ever see on this second Abraham
always has N.W. so I think that may have been done for practical reasons
with another person in the area with such a similar name.

Mike Sellers
Aurora, CO

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Who was this other ABRAHAM SELLERS IN 1860=
Quick look, I didn't see his chart. Do you have?
marie, iowa, good nite.

THOMAS 16 OH (ca 1844)
ABRAHAM N.W. SELLERS 60 VA, WHITE, WARREN TWN (where 1850/1870?msh)