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   Kent County, Michigan marriage records, 1845-1926, for Sellers.

Wiliam Sellers and Elma Rounds
Book 6, page 15, Record number 8415
February 2, 1878
Place of marriage-Cedar Springs, Kent Co., Mi.
William Sellers, Residence-Solon Twp., Kent Co., Mi.
Age, 23, Place of birth-Kendallville, Indiana (Noble County)
Elma Rounds, Residence-Solon Twp., Kent Co., Mi.,
Age, 17, Place of birth-Solon Twp.
Minister-Jonathan A. Sprague
Witnesses-Adelaide Sprague and Flora D. Sprague

David Braford and Mary Abb Wagner Sellers
Book 8, page 126, Record number 14178
Date of marriage-May 2, 1885
Place of marriage-Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Mi.,
David Braford, Residence-Grand Rapids
Age, 27, Place of birth-Grand Rapids, Occupation-Laborer
Mary Ann Wagner Sellers, Residence-Grand Rapids
Age, 35, Place of birth-Seneca Co., Ohio
Justice of Peace-William O. Westfall
Witnesses-Hiram W. Stevens and Evy Gleason

Alfred Sellers and Katie Younglas
Book 10, page 160, Record number 2380
Date of marriage-November 28, 1889
Place of marriage-Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Mi.,
Alfred Sellers, Age, 37, residence-Grand Rapids
Birthplace-England, Occupation-Well digger
Father-Richard Sellers, Mother-Martha Cannon
previously married-once
Katie Younglas, Age, 31, residence-Grand Rapids
Birthplace-Dorr, Allegan Co., Mi.
Father-Anton Younglas, Mother-Elizabeth Helling
previously married-none
Joseph Schwick, Rector St. Mary's Church
Witnesses-Joseph Youglas and Elizabeth Klas

Wm. O. Kippey and Mattie E. West/Mattie E. Sellers
Book 13, page 116, Record number 1617
Date of marriage-March 18, 1902
Place of marriage-Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Mi.
Wm. O. Kippey, Age, 38, residence-Grand Rapids
Place of Birth-Greenfield, Indiana, Occupation-Merchant
Father-Jas. H. Kippey, Mother-Harriet M. Smith
previously married-once
Mattie E. West/Mattie E. Sellers, Age, 34
Residence-Stockbridge, Mi.,
Place of Birth-Washenaw Co., Mi., Occupation-Stenographer
Father-George Sellers, Mother-unknown
previously married-once
Henry A. Rose, Clergyman
Wittnesses-Mrs. A. Rose and Florence Rose

Peter Vermeulen and Elizaaabeth Sellers
Book 13, page 171, Record number 2445
Date of marriage-September 16, 1902
Place of Marriage-Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Mi.
Peter Vermeulen, Age 26, Resicence-Grand Rapids
Place of Birth-Netherlands, Occupation-Pressman
Father-H. Vermeulen, Mother-Mary---
Elizabeth Sellers, Age 21, Residence-Grand Rapids
Place of Birth-Canada
Father-Alfred Sellers, Mother-Sarah----
Henry Frencken, Clergyman
Witnesses-George Nickelson and Jennie Homerdyke

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Susan in Michigan

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Here are a few marriages from Kent County, Michigan

Book number 20, page 228
Date of Application-January 9, 1922
Alfred B. Sellers, 23, white, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Mildred B. Cox, 21, white, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Place of Birth for both-Grand Rapids, Michigan
Father of Alfred-Alfred Sellers
Mother of Alfred-Katherine Younglas
Father of Mildred-Elmer Cox
Mother of Mildred-Catherine Winters
Date of Marriage-January 10, 1922
Place of Marriage-Grand Rapids, Michigan
C.O. Grieshaber, Reverend
Wittnesses-Mrs. C.O. Grieshaber, Miss W. Grieshaber

Book 14, page 223
Date of Application-June 16, 1906
James Klinghamer, 23, white, Grand Rapids
Sarah Seller, 19, white, Walker Twp., Kent County, Michigan
Place of Birth for James-Michigan
Place of Birth for Sarah-Ohio
Father of James-John Klinghamer
Mother of James-Catherine---
Father of Sarah-Eugene Sellers
Mother of Sarah-Annie----
Date of Marriage-June 17, 1906
Place of Marriage-Grand Rapids, Michigan
H.A. Day, Minister
Witnesses-Mrs. S.E. Day, Mrs. M.P. Manwell

Book 17, page 34
Date of Application-August 30, 1915
Edward Simpson, 33, white, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Sarah Anna Klinghammer, 26, white, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Sarah Anna Sellers
Place of Birth for Edward, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Place of Birth for Sarah, Ohio
Occupation for Edward-Die maker
Occupation for Sarah-Domestic
Father of Edward-Anton Simpson
Mother of Edward-Sarah Blackstad
Father of Sarah-John Sellers
Mother of Sarah-Anna M. ----
Previous marriage-once for both
Date of Marriage-August 30, 1913
Place of Marriage-Grand Rapids, Michigan
J.T. Husted, Pastor
Witnesses-Emma L. Husted, Lucia Husted
(Both of these records are my gramma, who died three months after the
second marriage.)

Book 17, page 109
Date of Application-March 21, 1914
James H. Johnston, 47, white, Sparta, Kent County, Michigan
Anna M. Sellers Horner, 46, white, Sparta, Kent County, MIchigan
Place of Birth for James-New York State
Place of Birth for Anna-Ohio
Father of James-Henry Johnston
Mother of James-Helen Oliver
Father of Anna-Henry Horner
Mother of Anna-Elizabeth Bowles
Previous Marriage-once for both
Date of Marriage-March 21, 1914
Place of Marriage-Grand Rapids, Michigan
John Loucks, J.P.
Witnesses-Ralph A. Mosher, Henry Fralick
(This is my great-grandma second marriage)

Book 20, page 20
Date of Application-October 8, 1920
John P. Sellers, 28, white, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Doris E. Freeman, 28, white, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Place of Birth for John-Marysville, Ohio
Place of Birth for Doris-Grand Rapids, Michigan
Father of John-John L. Sellers
Mother of John-Dortha Cole
Father of Doris-Wm. L. Freeman
Mother of Doris-Evelyn Graham
Date of Marriage-October 9, 1920
Place of Marriage-Grand Rapids, Michigan
L.R. Vercoe, Arch Deacon
Wittnesses-Wm. C. Seller, Pittsburg, Pa., Winifred Freeman, Grand

Book 16, page 244
Date of Application-September 4, 1912
Walter Davis, 25, white, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Anna Sellers, 22, white, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Place of Birth for Walter-Portland, Michigan
Place of Birth for Anna-Grand Rapids, Michigan
Occupation for Walter-Woodworker
Occupation for Anna-Band maker
Father of Walter-Orin Davis
Mother of Walter-Mary Way
Father of Anna-Alfred Sellers
Mother of Anna-Katherine Yunglas
Date of Marriage-September 4, 1912
Place of Marriage-Grand Rapids, Michigan
John C. Loucks, J.P.
Witnesses-Mary Brovek, Chas. H. Brown

Susan in Michigan