MIKE, Thanks for sharing. We have the SELLERS Family Genealogy web page.

We have county/state pages and link members connected to these families
to their families and  email addresses.
Our members send documents which we post to these pages. Kinda like

Would you share a small chart = Names, Dates, Places on your family , so
we could link/connect you to these counties/states? Would Appreciate.

Our SELLERS family genealogy page for MARSHALL CO, WV =

I believe we have some Corrections that are Not posted to this page yet,
Sorry to send without them, But wanted to Share how we do things.

ALSO, we have a hard time getting info after 1920, UNLESS members of
these families post it to these counties/states. SO our younger families
can find us= When they only know grandma/granddad!
AND, then it helps as find out where some of Our Aunts and Uncles kids
HOPE you understand, and Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

William Lindsey Sellers  married Emma P Milliken? I understand that they moved from Greene Co PA to Marshall Co WV.
 I'm trying to compile some information on their descendants, since they
are also Milliken descendants.  I have that their oldest daughter, Elizabeth
Sellers married a Mr. McClure; their 2nd daughter was Sarah Ann Sellers b.
1890; and the third child was a son, William Dudley Sellers [1900-1974] who
married Elsie May --- [1902-1973] and had two children of their own: Beulah
Junior.  Do you have anything further on this branch of the Sellers family?
  --Mike Milliken >>