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Subject : James M Sellers of McMinn Co, TN b abt 1827 d 1866 Author : Michael Lynn


I am looking for ancestors of James M Sellers of McMinn Co, TN. He was apparently married to Martha Wasson Had daughter Mary and sons John Isaac, Jonas Lafayette, James Filmore, William B and Pleasant McClelland.
Any help would be appreciated up or down this tree.


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Subject: Sellers Genealogy

I am interested in obtaining any information on James M Sellers of McMinn Co, TN b abt 1827 d 1866 I was told you might have some info on him. He is related to my wife.



Please send me the child you connect to and where they went to and we will see if we can follow them thro the counties/states they went.
This is very important on helping us find our other SELLERS families also.
And others to find you.

I see you show an 1866 death. I only show before 1870. and I haven't checked our other members charts.
Was he in Civil War?

AND don't see any WASSON family info posted on our pages? We Need.

Want to See your family, please send.
Our SELLERS members are Very good on sharing families and Documents.
And we appreciate yours also.

Help where you can.
marie, iowa


aug 2006 (see James M. Sellers ftm)

Thanks for the reply.

Here is a copy of my wife's ancestry.

Please send me any information that you might have on James M Sellers Ancestry.

Let me know what you think.
Look forward to hearing from you soon
Okmulgee, OK

FROM Michael Lynn [mike@lazerexpress.com]
1 James M SELLERS, born Abt. 1827 in TN; died 1866 in McMinn Co, TN.
He was the son of 32. James SELLERS and 33. Elizabeth.
32. James SELLERS, born 1806 in NC. He was the son of 64. John SELLERS. He married 33. Elizabeth.
33. Elizabeth, born Abt. 1806 in TN.
64. John SELLERS, born Abt. 1786. He was the son of 128. James SELLERS and 129. Charity.
Child of John SELLERS is: 32 i. James SELLERS, born 1806 in NC; married Elizabeth.
Generation No. 8
1 James SELLERS He married 129. Charity.
2 Charity

Child of James SELLERS and Charity is: 64 i. John SELLERS, born Abt. 1786; married Abt. 1804.


MICHAEL, thank you for sharing family.

Some of our SELLERS members may have more proof on these families, but, I believe we are assuming. Does your Wife have any living SELLERS males? Cousins, etc? We have a dna test to help proof lines of our SELLERS. This might be helpful.

Are we missing some Land Deed Records in these three counties?

Yes, James M. SELLERS ca 1827 is living close to JAMES SELLERS 1806. But, I don't think we have Proven either family.
But, we know neither are Micah's 1786 sons. (so this does help eliminate his
But, it appears several brothers/cousins here in 1830 with kids these ages. WE must prove as many kids possible to these brothers/cousins.

JAMES SELLERS with wife CHARITY is a very good possibility. And IF their father, kids (per Cain's will) =

WILLIAM ca 1785
MARY THOMPSON (James Thompson had dau Isabella Sellers)
JOHN SELLERS (1775/1794?) (did we stay in Burke Co? or Sullens?living close to E.G.SELLERS in McMinn) MICAH 1786 ISIAH 1790 CAIN 1800? SAMPSON? 1800 JAMES 1806? OR born earlier and we went somewhere else? (2 sons born bef 1804 at home 1820)

THESE are estimated ages. Nothing proven.

I do NOT show the extra generation of a JOHN SELLERS as you do. Doesn't mean he isn't there. And I believe Mrs Moneymaker may have listed him also and maybe others. Sorry, I don't see him.

We do have an Edward George Sellers 1794 TN here in McMinn connected to John Sellers 1760 PA? JEFF CO,TN. He could connect to the Franklin Co., Tn papers. So we may have More kids to sort out! And the Nathan and John SULLENS living close to him, may connect to him? And her WITT families here.

That is where Land records and locations may help.

Right now, we have to go by the documents we have.

Others may have ideas and we appreciate them sharing.

Thank you for sharing and understanding.
marie, iowa