Michael Sellers [muckham11@yahoo.com] (august 2008)
Mike and Amber Sellers [mikeamber@cox.net] (2005)
       "Michael Amber" <mikeamber@lvcm.com>


I wanted to respond to this since this particular "Sellers Family History 1771-1975" was put together by my grandmother, Mrs. Whitfield T. Sellers.  I am the 8th generation of this family.

Jerome H.B. Sellers was my Great Great Grandfather.  The land deeded to him by his father, John, was first deeded to John by his father, Henry.  Henry was deeded the land, circa 1761, by his father, Adam Sellers.  It remained Jerome's until his death in 1907.

At that time, the land was sold to and owned by  Rev. G.B. Fadeley until Jerome's son, my Great Grandfather, George W. Sellers re-bought it from him in 1914.  George owned it until his death in 1950 when it was then deeded to my Grandfather, Whitfield T. Sellers
 Whitfield passed away this past Monday, May 6, and is survived by the original 'author' of our family history, my Grandmother, Mrs. Whitfield T. Sellers.  The farm will eventually be deeded to Whitfield's son, my Father, Dennis W. Sellers.

So, except from 1907-1914, this particular tract of land and/or farm has remained in our family.  Each successive generation was either born on it or owned it or both until myself.

Jerome did indeed father 14 children:  Elizabeth, Mary Jane, Rebecca, Emma, Nannie, James, Samuel, Martha, John, William, George, Frances, Thomas, and Carrie.  Most of the children, except for George, did indeed settle throughout the Midwest.

We know that John Sellers was Jerome's father, Henry Sellers was John's father, and Adam was Henry's father ... thus extending back to circa 1761.  We have no records before that time, and I'm always hopeful to find some kind of history to further extend us back in time.

And, last but not least, I have an original copy of the Sellers Family History mentioned above.  If either of you receive this message and know of any possible ideas or searches I can do to further trace this family history or if I can help either of you with more info, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Michael Sellers

Sun, 12 May 2002 19:34:09 -0600

I believe we have a common forebear, Henry Sellers.  But there isn't any
proof as yet.  Perhaps we can work on that.  I have some evidence, but lack
christening and marriage records for the Henry and Adam families.  I hope we
can find something more!
Frank S.

MICHAEL, thank you!
We  have members of our SELLERS discussion group that have worked on
OTHER SELLERS in this area, but, I don't believe on ADAM SELLERS'

So, a list with Names and Dates would be much appreciated.
Would also appreciate Where any of the kids went to in IA and SD.
What is the legal description of the land your family has?

We have a web page where we link the SELLERS in these counties / states
back to where they came from and the families working on them.

We have some  records on the HEINRICH and ANNA MARIE ZELLERS family of
Rockingham Co, VA which is probably as you have. Don't know if anything
new has been found. But, the more of these kids we Prove to parents,
the further ahead we get!

Thank you for sharing SELLERS.
marie, iowa

          Sun, 12 May 2002 20:31:28 -0700
          "Michael Amber" <mikeamber@lvcm.com>

Hey :-)
Its nice to know someone else is working on this as well.  I'm sure you're
MUCH farther along than I.
I just really started getting into this recently, and I'm just beginning to
find connections and/or clues as to where to continue looking.  The
following is what I have so far.  I hope I don't make it confusing.  Most of
the current strings and search results that I have found were because of YOU
(haha!)  I have noticed your name virtually everywhere!
Ok ... the following is what I have in regards to this particular tree
branch of the Sellers family with a few notes/questions mixed in.
Hope it helps!

First Generation:  Adam Sellers (dates unknown)- married Susannah Teter
(dates unknown).
Second Generation:  Henry Sellers (dates unknown)- married Elizabeth
Magdalene Hedrick (dates unknown).
Third Generation:
    * John Sellers (dates unknown)- married _____ Brown, daughter of Dr.
John Brown, a German Reformed preacher.  (Brown's first name unknown).
    * Elizabeth
    * Henry, Jr. (married Rhoda _____).  (Rhoda's last name and all
accompanying dates unknown)
    * Mary  (married John Sowers).  (Dates unknown).  Children: Charles
Sowers;  John Sowers.
    * Polly (married William Burner)  (Dates unknown)
    * Anna Priscilla (married Reuben Maggard). Children:  Elizabeth
Magdalene (Elizabeth married John I. Wood).   NOTE:  What's interesting to
notate here is that until today, I had no dates whatsoever for Anna
Priscilla, however, I came across another correspondence of your's that
helped me to 'prove' this part of the line 100%.
The correspondance is/was as follows:

KEN, thanks -
I see Maggerts and SELLERS in Rockingham Co, VA ca 1830 -BUT, DON'T see
yours - and Eliz SELLERS-
MANY wills here - but, she could have been on a will before she married-
A little more work in VA, might show land, etc-
WILL save your info and THANK YOU for sharing SELLERS-
marie, iowa

    *Elizabeth Magdalene, born November 24, 1823
    *Jerome H.B., born November 14, 1825, died February 27, 1910.  Married
Margaret Belle (b. Nov. 2, 1832, d. June 17, 1907) on August 24, 1854.
    *Elena Charles, born June 25, 1828, died June 26, 1829.
    *Theodore Napoleon, born May 12, 1830, died (unknown).  Married Virginia
    *John Wickcliff, born March 19, 1832, died May 20, 1861.  Married Martha
Wood (date unknown) (Possibly killed in battle during Civil War).
    *Samuel Addison, born February 6, 1835, died May 5, 1864 (Confirmed
killed in battle during Civil War).
    *James Montgomery, born October 7, 1840, died December 28, 1871.
Married Mary Elizabeth Berry (dated unknown).
    *William Laten, born February 18, 1840, died June 21, 1871.

    *Elizabeth Catherine, born July 29, 1855, died September 25, 1886.
Married Samuel Pence, January 15, 1885.
    *Mary Jane, born may 20, 1857, died (unknown).  Married J.A. Mitchell
November 14, 1904.
    *Rebecca Belle, born November 25, 1858, died (unknown).  Married W.H.
Dryden October 25, 1887.
    *Emma, born September 6, 1860, died (unknown).  Married George W. Brown
March 25, 1884.
    *Nannie Bear, born October 17, 1861, died (date unknown) 1948.
    *James Montgomery, born November 6, 1863, died (unknown).  Married
Rachel Masincup December 23, 1891.
    *Samuel Howard, born February 17, 1865, died August 2, 1940 (LIVED IN
SOUTH DAKOTA).  Married Clara M. Bruce, November 20, 1895 (she died May 16,
1913).  Married Fannie Gulton, August 11, 1920 (she died may 30, 1928).
    *Martha Ellen, born October 3, 1866, died February 25, 1958.  Married
Clarence Lightener, may 12, 1891.
    *John Newton, born January 13, 1869, died August 7, 1945 (LIVED IN
IOWA).  Married Gertrude Lowell, February 7, 1901.
    *William Arthur, born March 6, 1870, died February 1935 (LIVED IN IOWA).
Married Ida Harrell, October 3, 1900.
    *George Whitfield, born August 12, 1871, died June 19, 1950.  Married
Scottie Gilkeson, November 29, 1899.
    *Frances Gertrude, born February 2, 1874, died April 25, 1951.  Married
W. H. Tewalt, April 12, 1905.
    *Thomas Epps, born August 30, 1876, died December 1937.  Married Dalia
Montgomery, October 3, 1906.  Married Sally Thomas October 25, 1916.
    *Carrie Holland, born October 2, 1880, died June 2, 1965.  Married Fred
Scantling, February 10, 1909.

Samuel (South Dakota), John and William, (both in Iowa) went and settled in
"the west".  Most of their descendants are there.  The other brothers and
sisters stayed in Virgina.  I went on a trip with my grandfather, Whitfield
T. Sellers (son of George Whitfield), in the summer of 1980 and met most of
Samuel, John, and William's descendants.  What eventual history I know of
them I notated below.  Samuel, John, and William's descendants in South
Dakota and Iowa are as follows:

Descendants of Samuel Howard and Clara Bruce Sellers (South Dakota):
    *Jerome Bruce, born March 4, 1897, died (unkown).  He died in the 1980's
after this particular Sellers Family History was compiled.  Married Nora
Eva Dunham, April 6, 1930.  Married Evelyn Peterson, March 30, 1968.  Lived
in Mt. Vernon, South Dakota.  Committed suicide by hanging himself from the
rafters of his barn in early 1980's.
    *Mary Elizabeth Sellers, born July 27, 1898.  Married Harlow Gilbert
Johnson, February 14, 1924.  Lived in Madison, South Dakota.  Died in late
1980's of natural causes.
    *Leona Marie, born October 9, 1899.  Married William Glen Hartman, June
1903.  Lived in Hot Springs, South Dakota.  Died in 1980's of natural
    *Arrena Lucile, born September 21, 1901.  Married Charles Clement
Svoboda July 28, 1926.  Lived in Clarenson, Illinois.  Died in 1980's of
natural causes.
    *Jessie may, born May 10, 1903, died March 2, 1907.
    *Robert Lee, born January 18, 1905, died May 26, 1937.  Lived in
Yankton, South Dakota.  Married Nora Verda Brown, November 1933.

Descendants of John Newton and Gertrude Lowell Sellers (Iowa):
    *Margaret Virginia, born February 18, 1902.  Married Morris Burk
Whitiver, February 19, 1943.  Died in the 1980's of natural causes.
    *Marguerite Allison, born July 16, 1907.  Married John Maaks, February
14, 1936.  Died in the 1980's of natural causes.

Descendants of William Arthur and Ida Harrell Sellers (Iowa):
    William died in 1935 in Iowa.  Descendants, if any, are unknown.
SELLERS) (Virginia)
    *Margaret Elizabeth, born July 5, 1905, died March 1, 1966.
    *Whitfield Trimble, born December 8, 1907, died May 7, 2002.  Married
Mary Jane Gum, August 5, 1939.
SELLERS) (Virginia)
    *Dennis Whitfield, born December 14, 1943.  Married Nancy Lee Berry,
April 16, 1965.
    *Rebecca Scott, born march 9, 1946.  Married Edward Lee Lovegrove,
August 10, 1968.
    *Harry Peterson, born February 21, 1950.  Married Alice Elizabeth
Hawkins, April 6, 1971.
    *Michael Hamilton, born November 29, 1965.  Married Amber Lynn Vallo,
September 20, 2001.
    *Andrea Denise, born February 20, 1972.  Married Christopher Hull,
August 20, 1993.

With the impending birth of my first child next month (June), the Ninth
Generation will be here :)

I have more information concerning nearly all of the children, but I
included what is both important to the search along my own personal lineage
as well as those children that moved west into the Dakotas and Iowa that
might help you further account for/prove more children in the family tree.

As you can see from the very beginning, where the line came from (ie, Adam,
Henry, John) is non-existent, and that's where I'm trying to not only find
more information and dates about but also where Adam may have come from to
begin with.

You mentioned in your previous email about the records on Heinrich and Anna
Marie Zellers family of Rockingham County, Virginia.  As far as we know and
from the research done so far, the Heinrich and Anna Marie Zellers line is a
totally different and seperate one and is not along my own family tree
lines.  They could prove to be part of it with more research, but as of now
its been disproven rather than proven.

As for the legal description of the land, I haven't uncovered it.  All I
know is that August County Clerk's office records in Virginia show that in
1761 it was deeded from Henry (2nd Generation) to his son John (3rd
Generation) for 5 pounds and then it was deeded to Jerome H. B. (4th
Generation) in 1858 and was known (and still is) as "The Cliffs".  Although
its been pared down and several farms have been carved out of it, it still
stands at approximately 150 acres.  The original size is thought to have
been near 1,500 acres or more.

Any information, hints, and/or records that you could provide in my search
would be GREATLY appreciated.  My grandmother, Mary Jane Gum Sellers is
nearing 90, and with the passing last week of my grandfather, Whitfield
Trimble Sellers, the ability to go on with any family tree search seems to
lie with me.
Again, any info you can pass along or help me with would be appreciated.

Michael Sellers

Mon, 13 May 2002 07:05:34 -0700
         "Michael Amber" <mikeamber@lvcm.com>

Thanks again for all the info.  And, I did some additional research last
night thru Ancestry.com and found that you were indeed correct about the
Heinrich and Anna Marie Zellers connection.  I am a direct descendent.  It
also cleared up the problem I was having in finding "Adam Sellers" in the
line of my Family Tree.  Johan Adam Zellers was Heinrich and Anna Marie's
son, and the rest is history haha!
I found mostly complete birth, death, and marriage records for that entire
side of the family which is my direct Tree.  I'm hoping now to find out more
about Heinrich and Anna Marie and push the line even farther back.
Do you have any information on them at all?


          Mon, 13 May 2002 17:57:42 -0700
          "Michael Amber" <mikeamber@lvcm.com>

I sent you the rather long and tedious family history a few days ago and
tried to help outline the South Dakota and Iowa for your side.  I hope it
helps.  I have information on virtually every line that ran along with what
I sent you.  I don't know if the additional children and marriages would
help.   Possibly, they have already been linked and would be a waste of
time.  However, they also might be of use ...?
The "Sellers Family History" as done by my grandmother, Mrs. Whitfield T.
Sellers, is very thorough.  However, if light of recent findings within the
last week, I have found quite a few errors in her research and, overall, the
manuscript it quite confusing in the way it tracks the children and the
accompanying birth, death, and marriage records.
I'd be more than happy to send you a copy if you think it would help, and
I'd be glad to try and re-write it to make it more "reader friendly".  Let
me know if you think it would be of value to yourself or other Sellers out
there, and I'll send it and or start reworking it.  It is 9 typed pages long
with single spacing ...

Again, I appreciate your help.  I have checked the "Immigrants" list and
found it very interesting but not very helpful.  But, with the new info in
hand, I'll recheck it.  Something might pop up and mean something that
didn't before.

And, last but not list, I have come across references to some type of
manuscript, book, or document called the "Zellers to Sellers Repository".
It is supposed to be complete with virtually all our Sellers lineages.  Have
you heard of this and/or seen it?


I rec'd a family chart from you with Names and dates, But, NOT many places.?
The Places would be helpful in Linking to the counties/states where these
SELLERS lived.

Now the SAMUEL SELLERS 1865 VA , is still in 1880 VA ( that went to SD) =
I did place a link there = But, I believe he went Later than we have records
available for, But, okay, IT Helps the younger SELLERS find you.
OK, I see some of his kids in IA.

IOWA, don't believe I saw any county/states shown?
This family was still in VA in 1880
we have some 1900 census with indexes.
WHEN /WHERE were these kids or this family in IOWA, = I may have these

1910 and 1920 aren't indexed and you have to know the township, page, etc to
find OR you can ask for a LookUp on the USGENWEB pages under states/counties.

ALL FAMILY HISTORIES have some errors = THEY did the Best they could with
INFO available then.

WE/ SELLERS will try and correct and Add New Documents to what info was
available at that time.

WE have many histories/families that are Hard to Follow =  BUT, without
them, we wouldn't have much!
AND wouldln't be able to prove what we have now!
YES, it takes work, time, money and documents, but, some are available and
many of our SELLERS have shared with us !

 I believe we have members who have copies of your ggrandmothers booklet,
But, they never received permission for us to  post this info?
I believe FRANK SELLERS (letter I sent to you a day or two ago ) has worked
on this family .
SO, it is NOT published on the SELLERS web pages.

IF you have it on your computer and send to me, we can post it on a page =
NAME of BOOKLET, by her and contributed by you =
I believe This would be Best way to present it.

You can kinda see how we do our pages?
And Any changes can we done, anytime to pages you want changed, etc.
AND I appreciate you sharing with us.
Would Appreciate in ORIGINAL format (any notes in brackets and initialed by you)

NOW  You state = And, last but not list, I have come across references to
some type of manuscript, book, or document called the "Zellers to Sellers Repository".
It is supposed to be complete with virtually all our Sellers lineages.  Have
you heard of this and/or seen it?

PLEASE send url or page number, etc to above = ZELLERS to SELLERS Repository
don't believe we have or read and Our SELLERS should study, etc
THANKS for sharing
marie, iowa

For Michael--
I have a Sellers record from Peaked Mountain Church that turned up in an odd
place, the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, Volume 37, Number 4,
page 194.  Perhaps it repeats your great grandmother's records.

Baptism record of Jeremiah Sellers found in records of Peaked Mountain
Church, Rockingham County, VA.  Occurred on November 4, 1829.  Jeremiah b.
August 23, 1829.  Parents Emmanuel and Sarah Sellers, of Rockingham Co., VA.
Frank Sellers

          Tue, 14 May 2002 19:57:39 -0700
          "Michael Amber" <mikeamber@lvcm.com>
I have no records whatsoever indicating a Jerimiah born to an Emmanuel and
Sarah Sellers.
I double checked and I don't have any records listing Emmanuel nor Sarah,

          Tue, 14 May 2002 19:14:12 -0700
          "Michael Amber" <mikeamber@lvcm.com>
          "marie sellers hollinger" <mari@netins.net>

Unfortunately, everything I sent you is all I have.  My grandmother began
the search in the early 1970's and finished it up in 1975 ... long before
the Internet, the technology, or the access to records we have now.
Everything she came up with was by reading and finding the exact record(s)
herself in the individual clerks offices of the counties.
I wish I had more detailed info to offer concerning dates, places, states,
counties, etc., however, I do not.
As for the 3 children, Samuel, John, and Will, that went "west":
    Samuel Howard Sellers was born February 17, 1865.  He would indeed have
been in Virginia for the 1880 census as he was only 14, nearly 15 at the
time the census was taken.  Date of his departure or reason for leaving for
South Dakota is unknown.
As for where Samuel might have lived or ended up in S.D., this is also
unknown.  It is known, however, that some offspring lived in Mt. Vernon,
Madison, Hot Springs, Clarenson, and Yankton, South Dakota.

    John Newton Sellers was born Janury 13,1869, and he too would have still
been in Virginia for the 1880 census as he was only 10, nearly 11.  Again,
date of departure or reason for leaving for Iowa or why he ended up there is
As for where John might have lived or ended up in Iowa is unknown.  I do
know that one offspring lived in Emmettsburg, Iowa just outside of Spencer,

    William Arthur Sellers was born March 6, 1870.  He too would have still
been in Virginia for the 1880 census as he was only 9, nearly 10.   No
departure date nor reason for leaving for Iowa is known.  However, I think
we can presume that as close in age as he was to John Newton, they were
probably very close brothers and decided to go together, or the one decided
to go with the other.
No further facts about William Arthur exist after his departure for Iowa.
All I know is that he married Ida Harrell on October 3,1900, presumably in
Iowa.  No offspring or further facts are known.

I hope what little info I sent is helpful.
And, no, I don't have my grandmother's Sellers Family History on the
computer yet.  BUT, my wife, who is expecting our first son next month, has
plenty of time on her hands these days, and has volunteered to put it all
together on the computer so that I can get it out to you and the rest of the
Sellers clan :-)

talk to you soon!

          Mon, 17 Jun 2002 22:09:02 -0700
          "Michael Amber" <mikeamber@lvcm.com>

Hey Marie,
I hope what I forward about the Peaked Mountain records does help somewhere
along the way.   Since Hinke and the other gentleman were translating the
record from German into English, I can certainly see where an misspelling or
error can occur here and there.  It just struck me as funny that in all this
time and in all the articles written about this record, no one had
previously brought it forward.  Wierd, huh? :-)
Anyways, I am still trying to get the "Sellers Family History" of my
grandmother's completed on the computer so I can send it to you and so maybe
it can help others in their family searches.  My first child is due in the
next week, and my time seems to be more and more limited.

In the meantime, I've been able to piece together here and there more and
more about Heinrich Zeller/Sellers children and their children, etc.  But,
I'm still COMPLETELY stumped about Heinrich's origins and immediate family.
Have you come across *anything* that would give many of us an idea of who
Heinrich's parents or even siblings might have been and/or how he ties into
the Zellers' overall?  I still have nothing more than him coming over in
1738 on the Queen Elizabeth, being in PA for a period of time before moving
to VA in early 1750...



       Christian and Peter Sellers from Sellers-L@ Rootsweb
       Sun, 14 Jul 2002 18:39:48 -0700

I don't know if I'm doing this correctly, so if not please let me know.  I just recently subscribed
to the Seller-L@Rootsweb list and came across the email correspondance between you and Robert C.

He mentioned the info about Peter Sellers, Christian Sellers, and about a possible family connection
between them and Philip Heinrich Sellers.

First off, Christian Sellers was Peter's nephew.  Christian was indeed the firstborn son of

Adam Sellers and a grandson of Heinrich Zeller (1704-1773).  Christian did marry Mary Elizabeth Schneider
in Rockingham County, VA on July 30, 1801.  They eventually ended up in Parke County, Indiana
where both are buried at Old Moriah Cemetery.

Was the connection between this line of Sellers from Heinrich Zeller ever tied into the line from
Philip Henry Sellers?  Its been uncovered that both Heinrich and Philip Henry were in the Tulpehocken,
Berks County, PA area at the same time.  The rumor still persists that they were cousins.  Is this
still a rumor or was Robert able to uncover anything?

Michael Sellers

MICHAEL, thanks.
There is NO wrong way of asking or sharing SELLERS.

I believe there is a Proven connection from Rockingham Co, VA

SOME think  the PHILIP HEINRICH SELLERS to US 1728  born Weinheim, Germany   to  BUCKS CO, PA
was a cousin of  HEINRICH ZELLER/SELLER immigrant 1738 born Weinheim, Germany to ROCK CO, VA
I Believe both of these births are proven?
NEED WEINHEIM, GERMANY records, baptisms, births, etc posted to Prove who lived there!

NOW the BERKS CO, PA may NOT be proven to this family  ?=
he died 1756 Berks Co, Pa-MORE info available?

Please study and advise ANY and ALL possibilities.
And Thank You for sharing your concerns.
marie, iowa

          Sun, 14 Jul 2002 21:49:46 -0700
          "MikeAmber" <mikeamber@lvcm.com>
Thanks so much for the response.  What I have in a nutshell is that;
Philip Heinrich Sellers to US 1728 from Weinheim, Germany to Buck Co, PA is
Heinrich Zeller to US Sept. 16, 1738 from Weinheim, Germany aboard the Queen
Elizabeth to Philadelphia is proven.
Since its not yet known exactly where Heinrich Zeller settled in PA, I've
taken a look at the location of several of the families that were known to
have married into the Zeller/Sellers line and vice versa.
The Conrads, Fudges, Harnsbergers, Hedricks, and Nicholaus' all married into
the Zeller family via Heinrich Zeller offspring.  *ALL* of these families
were first located in the Tulpehocken, Berks County, PA area before
migrating to present-day Rockingham County, VA at or during the same
timeframe that Heinrich Zeller migrated his family to the same area in VA.
These families all remained interwoven and interactive with the Heinrich
Zeller family after the migration to Virginia.

Philip Heinrich Sellers was also in the Tulpehocken, Berks County, PA during
this same period.  The rumor of Philip Heinrich Sellers and Heinrich Zeller
being cousins is still prevalent.  This rumor, matched with the inferred
fact that both were in Tulpehocken at the same time, really makes it
worthwhile to dig and uncover what relationship, if any, these two had.  If
they were cousins, this could finally pop the cork on how Heinrich Zeller
ties into the overall Zeller lines.


       Mon, 15 Jul 2002 01:34:28 -0600
       "MikeAmber" <mikeamber@lvcm.com>
    :   GERMANS-TO-PHILA-L@rootsweb.com
Subject:  [G2P] Heinrich Zeller-Sellers ( August 17, 1704-1773) Weinheim,

My 6 Great Grandfather, Heinrich Zeller was born in Weinheim, Germany circa
August 17, 1704.  He and wife, Anna Maria (Maiden name Unknown) sailed to
America aboard the Queen Elizabeth, captained by Alexander Hope.  They
landed in Philadelphia on September 16, 1738.  He was listed as "Henrick
Seller" on the ship's registry.  They brought daughter Anna Barbara and son
Johannes Zeller with them with a third child, Peter, born soon after
Heinrich and the family stayed in Pennsylvainia until migrating to
Rockingham County, in the McGaheysville, Virginia area, circa 1749.  He died
circa 1773 in Virginia.
I have NO idea who Heinrich's parents and/or siblings were and no idea how
he fits into the Zeller line from Weinheim, Germany.  We know he was born in
Weinheim, emigrated to America in 1738, and the family has been traced from
there to present day.  However, nothing is known of Heinrich's ancestry in
Germany.  If anyone has any info pertaining to Heinrich, an idea of how he
fits into the Zeller lineage, or any idea of resources to use for searching,
please let me know.  All ideas and info are welcome!

Michael Sellers

MIKE, thanks for sharing ideas.
WE could use a TIMEFRAME chart  on each of these families.

I don't think I SEE either of these SELLERS/ZELLERS in BERKS CO, PA.
Berks Co made in 1752 and we were long gone?
So we had to be in Bucks, Chester or Phil Co, PA? and  VA?
Other info available? Please send.
The Tulpehocken area of now  Berks Co, Pa in 1722 is =
The Tulpehocken area (Tulphehocken history) = may have been discovered by
ZELLER in 1722 before the first migration in 1723 of 15 families - this area
described as being near the junction of Mill Creek and Tulpehocken Creek
the PRESENT villages of Stouchsburg (Berks County) and Richland (Lebanon

1730 HANS (JOHN) SELLER (JOHN SELLERS) had 125 acres of land surveyed, on a
Branch of Tulpehocken Creek in LANCASTER CO. (Heidelberg twn)-BERKS CO now.

1734 HENRY SELLER warrants 200 acres in (then) LANCASTER CO., PA-(now)BERKS
1738 =115 acres on a branch of Swatara Creek in Tulpehocken twn.
THIS HENRY SELLER in 1734 is probably the son mentioned in will of  1756 =
HENRICH ZELLER will 1754/56 TULPHOCKEN twn, BERKS CO, PA=(1752 from

                                   JOHAN HENRICH ZELLER
                                   JOHN DAVID ZELLER
                                   HARTMAN ZELLER* (went to Wash Co, MD)?
                                   JOHN ZELLER
                                   ANNA MARIE SALTSGEBER
                                   BARBARA LEREW
                                   CATRINA PONTIUS* (some kids went to ROSS
                                   ANNA ELIZABETH BARTORSE

WIFE on will            =ANNE MARIA


HEINRICH ZELLERS may have had a brother JOHN ZELLERS
This Heinrich ZELLERS immigrant WHEN? don't see - we have info?
to US- June 10/14 1710- NEW YORK

1752/54/56 Tulpehocken twn, BERKS CO tax list=HENRY ZELLER


That is all I SEE, Mike. Fill me in on what you see, have, etc. Thanks for
marie, iowa
Mon, 15 Jul 2002 22:28:28 -0700
          "MikeAmber" <mikeamber@lvcm.com>

I don't have a timeframe chart on either of these families concerning their
lives in PA.  That's a majority of the problem and one of the main reasons
for posting for help.
Concerning Philip Henry Sellers, I only know that its been rumored that
Heinrich Zeller may have been a cousin but never proven nor disproven.  I
know nothing else of that family line as it does not tie into mine.
All we know of my ancestor, Heinrich Zeller, is what I outlined in the
earlier email(s).  He sailed to America aboard the Queen Elizabeth, landed
in Philadelphia September 16, 1738, was in PA for a period of time, then
appears in present-day Rockingham County, Virginia, near McGaheysville,
circa 1750.  He died circa 1773.  We know nothing of what he did, what he
had, nor really where he was while in PA.
Heinrich brought with him his wife, Anna Maria (maiden name unknown), young
daughter Anna Barbara and young son, Johannes.  The immediate family is as

Heinrich and Anna Maria Zellers had;
    1) Anna Barbara (February 27, 1732-circa 1800).  Born in Weinheim,
Germany,  she married John Jacob Nicholas on December 7, 1752 at the Peaked
Mountain Church in Rockingham County, VA.
    2) Johannes (circa 1735-February 1804).  Born in Weinheim, Germany,  he
married Elizabeth Pirkey in Rockingham County, VA.
    3) Peter (circa 1738- ?).  Born in Lancaster County, PA.  Township
unknown.  He married Maria Magdalene (maiden name unknown) in Rockingham
County, VA
    4) Adam (1747-1821)  Born in Lancaster County, PA.  Township unknown.
He married Barbara Teeter in Rockingham County, VA.  Died in Warren County,
Ohio and buried at Salem Cemetery on Lower East Springboro Road.
    5) Susannah (?-?)  Born in Lancaster County, PA.  Township unknown.
Married Jacob Argabrite (Argenbright), presumably at the Peaked Mountain
Church in Rockingham County, VA.
    6) Anna Catherine (?-?)  No information known.
    7) Anna Maria (?-?)  No information known
    8) Michael (before 1750-1812).  Birthplace unknown.  Married Christina
    9 Anna Margaret (before 1750 in Rockingham County-?)  Married Heinrich
Manger (Monger)

We just simply don't have any idea of how Heinrich Zeller ties into the
overall Zeller lines out of Weinheim, Germany to PA nor do we now who
Heinrich's ancestors and/or immediate family were.  The rumor of him being a
cousin to Philip Henry Sellers is just that ... a rumor, until its proven or


MIKE, thanks.
I wonder if we could be missing some info in AUGUSTA CO, VA (Rock Co, made from in 1778)

OR Phil, Pa?
didn't we have to file papers within 7? yrs?

AND naturalization papers. We have some on SELLERS, wonder if we copied all ZELLERS/ZOLLARS?

We have only a Small amount of Lancaster Co, Pa info = maybe we need more?
I can't quite connect these families - Can you send me a direct connection so I can SEE and link them?

Thanks for sharing and understanding my questions, etc.
 marie, iowa

Do we have a listing anywhere of the 1840 Augusta County Virginia Census records?

I have recently come across a long-lost cemetery transcription for a Catherine SELLERS, consort of Jon. SELLERS, stating she died on May 17, 1842, Age 40 years 2 months and 10 days.
The transcription was made and notated in 1938 for a gravestone at the Lutheran Church in Churchville, Virginia (where I was born and raised).  The gravestone, along with most of the cemetery itself, is long gone and buried.
I believe that this Catherine SELLERS was Catherine (Brown) SELLERS, wife of John Conrad Sellers, my 3rd Great Grandfather.  John is listed in the 1850 Virginia Census with Frances as his wife.  Its long been wondered who this Frances was since Catherine was recorded as the wife of John Conrad Sellers and mother of Jerome H.B. Sellers for the record of Jerome's wedding in August, 1854.  Catherine's final resting place has never been known ... until possibly now.  If this Catherine is who I think she is, I feel the 1840 Augusta County Census records should show her listed with John.

Any idea if the 1840 Census records are posted or available somewhere?


Michael Sellers

MICHAEL, do we have a diff email for you?
have you sent your family connection?
marie, iowa

Thanks for the reply.
Quickest way for me to send a short record of the 1850 Census showing John
and Frances is from the Sellers Family site that you attached.  My other 3
sources websites are down presently.

1850 Augusta County Census
JOHN SELLERS 53, VA FARM, PAGE 263 (born ca 1797 VA) =

This listed John and Frances for the household, however, John was married to
Catherine (Brown) Sellers.  Catherine does not show on the 1850 Census.
That's why I'm in the hopes she does show in either the 1840 Augusta County
Census or 1840 Rockingham County Census with John.  If she does, then the
gravestone inscription I uncovered for a "Catherine Sellers 1802-1842,
consort of Jon. Sellers", in Churchville (Augusta County) is probably of her

There must be a posted copy of the 1840 Federal Census somewhere, yes?


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Subject: Re: [SELLERS] RE: 1840 AUGUSTA CO, Virginia Census

Thanks again for the reply.  Its a shame this record doesn't list the names
of the people in the household that were over the age of 16.
In taking the limited 1840 info and matching it to what we have for the
family, this is how it compares:

The 1840 Census info you sent includes two adults (male 40/50 and female
30/40), and 7 children (3 males and 4 females).
In comparison, according to the Sellers Family Tree, John Conrad and
Catherine (Brown) Sellers did have 7 children by 1840.  However, they had 6
males and only 1 female.  The female was 17, and the ages of the boys by
1840 were 15, 10, 8, 7, 5, 3, and a newborn.  Its a close fit but not

One thing I did notice in going back over the family records for John Conrad
and Catherine (Brown) Sellers is that all of the children were born by 1840.
The gravestone record for the Catherine Sellers in question lists her death
as being in 1842, which is a strong coincidence in there being no more
children born after 1840.
There is a also the possibility that John Conrad and Catherine Sellers were
still in Rockingham County in 1840 but its a small one.

Is it even worth it to try and find a source which gives the names of ALL
individuals in a household for the 1840 Census?  Without a source positively
identifying the "female 30/40 = 1800/10" in this Census record it'll be
impossible to determine if its actually Catherine (Brown) Sellers or not.


They didn't start using names of family members in census till 1850.
For Names, you need Deeds, Wills and county records.
Civil War, War of 1812, Church records available in this county.
Neighbors might help.

Now, I didn't copy all the kids on the 1840 census. Please reread/check, so I didn't mislead you.
How does this compare to the kids on the 1850 census? They could still be living with JOhn and new wife?

HOW about the 1880 census on these kids and where Parents/Mom born?
IF we don't have posted, can get the 1880 info if still in this county.
AND their OBITS are probably available =

1840 AUGUSTA CO, VA CENSUS= (census schedule)
male 30/40
2 females 30/40=
female 10/15
female 5/10
GEO CASH 70/80

000000001-000000001= male 60/70= 1770/80 and female 60/70=1770/80

2130001-??0101(120101 if faded) =
male 40/50 = 1790/1800
3 males 10/15 = 1825/30
1 male 5/10
2 males u 5
female 30/40 = 1800/10
female 15/20
2? females 5/10 (don't know if listed, erased or faded,msh)
1? female u 5 (don't know if listed, erased or faded, msh)
TOTAL of family should be listed at right hand side???, msh = didn't extract!!
Ancestry.com lists these census on line - usually free every so often
Rootsweb.com has free census on line
PLEASE click this blue line and read our AUG CO, VA info that has been sent to us.=
THANKS for sharing, caring.  marie, iowa

Mon 8/19/2002 6:09 PM
Sellers.Michael [msellers@acresgaming.com]
(is this same page, email address? - MUST have a way of connecting families, OR your PAGE name, etc,  msh)
While continuing to figure out the mystery of who Frances Sterrett was and why she shows up on the Augusta Census records with John Conrad Sellers in 1850, I came across the attached correspondance from March 16, 2000 from the Sellers-L@Rootsweb.com.
The John Conrad Sellers and Catherine BROWN Sellers are the ones I was asking about.  John Conrad and Catherine were my 3rd Great Grandparents.  The John Wickcliff Sellers mentioned below was the brother to my 2nd Great Grandfather, Jerome H.B. Sellers.
Until now, I didn't even have a marriage date for John Conrad and Catherine.
I see that the issue of John Conrad Sellers being married first to Catherine Brown and then to a Frances Sterrett was a question a couple of years ago.
Do you remember how it was determined that Frances was his wife on the Census info and which land deeds/records were found showing John and Frances?
John Conrad Sellers bought the farm in Augusta County, just outside of Churchville, VA, that has been in the family to this day.  Each successive son was born AND raised there from the early 1800's to now.
Please send what info you might have concerning this earlier query and hopefully it might determine once and for all if the Catherine Sellers, consort of Jon. Sellers, gravestone at the Lutheran Church in Churchville is indeed of John Conrad's first wife.
Until I found the query itself, I had no idea they attended Freiden's Church in Bridgewater.  By the way, Catherine's parents, Dr. John Brown and Elizabeth (Falls) Brown are buried at Freiden's ....

Michael Sellers

JOAN - Thanks - But, Looks like this family does mean checking more
John Conrad Sellers married Oct 16, 1822 Rockingham Co, VA Catherine
We show John Conrad Sellers and Catherine baptized son May 18,1832 at
Friedens Church,named John Philip Archebald SELLERS.
Then a Frances STERRETT becomes Johns wife on census and land deeds.
Catherine has son JOHN (John Wickcliff Sellers or John Robert Sellers)
that married Martha WOOD and John died 5-20-1861 (Wonder if this could
be Civil War?) and their daughter IDA Brown? Sellers married SISSON.
I don't show the census, if you have would appreciate and if you have
more documented on this family.
Will save your info and if Anyone else is working on same, will give
them your email
.Thanks, marie, iowa
Joan Graves wrote:

> John W. Sellers was born in Rockingham County, Virginia, 19 Mar 1832.
> He was a son of John W. Sellers and wife K.S. As far as I know, Martha
> only had one child, Ida Brown Sellers, born 13 Jun 1860, and she
> married A.G. Sisson in Van Zandt County,TX  in 1882, according to the
> VanZandt marriage records which I found last night.   I have not
> researched the Sellers family other than that given above, I expect
> the family lived on the other side of the Blue Ridge Mountains from
> where Martha's family lived. I have not looked at the 1860 census for
> either one of them, but she was living at her father's house in
> Albemarle County during the War, but that would have been after John
> was killed. She ended up back in Virginia as a much loved
> schoolteacher, and there are people still alive named "Mattie Sewell"
> after her. I have photos of her as a young woman and an old lady, she
> was my husband's great aunt. The family  may be in the 1890 census for
> Texas, I can't remember which one isn't available. I can probably look
> up Rockingham County marriages up until 1855 for you, nobody seems to
> publish the later ones. Let me know, and be gentle, I don't know much
> about computers. Joan

MICHAEL, thanks!
I believe the WICKCLIFF name is connected and Perhaps some of our SELLERS can continue.
Did you contact JOAN? I would think she would be linked to one of the pages?
Thanks for sharing
marie, iowa

If anyone needs it, I can fill in the info for all of John Conrad and
Catherine (Brown) Sellers' children, including John Wickcliff Sellers.  I
didn't contact Joan  since the original message was so old I didn't know if
she was still involved or not.
If you have it or can uncover it, I'm still in need of the marriage info and
land records/deeds involving John Conrad and Catherine (Brown) as well as
John Conrad and his apparent 2nd wife, Frances (Sterrett) Sellers.  As I
stated earlier, John Conrad Sellers is in my direct line as such:

John Conrad Sellers (1797-1874)
    Jerome H.B. Sellers (1824-1910)
        George W. Sellers (1871-1950)
            Whitfield T. Sellers (1907-2002)
                Dennis W. Sellers (1943-    )
                    Michael H. Sellers (Me)

I'd love to be in contact with Joan in order to compare family tree notes
and records!

MikeAmber [mikeamber@lvcm.com]

MICHAEL, thanks.
I believe I would try her old email address = worse, it will come back and
you could then do a New Search on her. AND I'm sure she would like to
talk/discuss with you also!

DON'T believe we have copies of these land deeds on our SELLERS pages.
WE Need All documentation we can get. esp, if it is available.
They appear to be available as =  FRANK SELLERS = (desc of Heinrich SELLERS)
JOHN CONRAD SELLERS 1797 wife FRANCES is listed on deeds as his wife as
early as FEB 1848.
He also believed his first/other wife CATHERINE BROWN was alive in 1860?
DON'T know who that was and maybe corrected by now.

Mary Koontz Arrington states JOHN CONRAD SELLERS 1797 wife CATHERINE
BRAUN/BROWN was dec'd in FEB 1848 when her father JOHANNE BRAUN/BROWN died.

marie, iowa

Mike --- I recently ran across a statement by a couple of Link family
researchers that Barbara Sellers, wife of Henry Sellers who d. 1829 in Greene
Co., IL, was born Barbara Link.  She also was married a second time.  Did you
ever run across a Link link?

I've been on vacation out west and not very active recently.  I'm catching up
with your new messages.

Is it possible to somehow get copies of the land deeds or at least to get the dates for them?  Would be a great help in trying to pinpoint when John Conrad Sellers and Frances Sterrett were married AND when John Conrad bought the present Sellers family farm in Churchville, Augusta County, Va.

MICHAEL, these must be available as they are referred by date of FEB,1848 .
WE just don't have the info posted.Our land records aren't posted this new.
VA has many digital files online.
didn't see listed on Augusta Co, VA page.

IF you don't receive an answer here, might ask for a look up on
Augusta Co, Va page?

marie, iowa

Here's an interesting ironic twist to the Kersh and Sellers searches ....
As we've been discussing, Elizabeth Sellers, daughter of Adam Sellers,
married Jacob Kersh, son of Matthias Kersh, on May 1, 1796.  This was
Elizabeth's first marriage.  Her 2nd marriage was in 1823 to Matthias
And now for the ironic twist.  According to the Peaked Mountain Church
records, the sponsor of John Mathias Snyder's baptism on January 26, 1793
was .... Mathias Kersh.
I found this to be really interesting....