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Another Michigan site that I came across is http://haldigitalcollections.cdmhost.com/

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         Hi Lynn, I am in Kent County, right next door to Ottawa County. Have access
to Michigan census records starting at 1840. If you need me to do a census
lookup let me know.


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Catalogue of the academic senate of the Univ of Michigan
pg 49 Amos Sellers, BS, Miami Univ, Received MD 1866

Immigrant's surname:   ZELLAR
  Immigrant's given name(s):   Heinrich
                  Ship name:   unknown
          U.S. arrival date:   1869
                       Port:   unknown
            Place of origin:   Goslar, Hanover
                     Source:   Birth Certificate
Born:  20 April,1849.  Died: 27 Jan 1925, Fruitland, Michigan.
Parents:  Johann Zelle(1821-1877),  and Johanna Techner(1826-1953).
Spouse: K. C. Auguste Schluter(1850-1911), married 1 Dec.1872,
Chicago, Illinois
  Jennie Lindquist(1873-1952)
  Wilhelmina Hawkins(1875-1963)
  Amanda Berquist(1876-1924)
  William (1879-1951)
  Charles (1886-1954)
  Hattie Veihl(1889-1973)
  Mary (1890-1890)

               Submitted by:   Jeffrey A. Cyr
              Email address:   jcyr@utc.univ-coop.austin.tx.us

                    Address:   306 West 37th Street
                               Austin, Texas  78705

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         Here in Michigan I have a Leonard McKnight Sellers, died November 12, 1922
age 73. He lived in Cedar Springs and died there. Death cert. says born
Pennsylvania. Never maried so no parents name on cert.
Believe he owned a newspaper named The Cedar Springs Clipper and may have
been involved in politics.


From: TODD
       Todd Gehring <TGehring@advanced-input.com>

I also found a Joseph Sellers on the 1830 Chippewa County Michigan census
listed as between 30-40 years old I don't know if maybe a relation to George
or not?



Peter Sellers Flint, Genesee, Michigan

Samuel Sellers Pinckney, Calhoun, Michigan

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1850 Michigan Sellers

1850 Genesee County--Cityof Flint--Michigan--pg. 174

Peter Saller         40        Farmer          Michigan
Eliza                   28                            Michigan
Samuel               07                            Michigan
Martha H.            05                            Michigan

1850 Livingston County--Deerfield Twp.--Michigan--pg. 913

Caleb Wood         35      Farmer           Pennsylvania
Jane                    34                           Pennsylvania
Hannah                08                           Michigan
William                05                           Michigan
John                    01                           Michigan
William Sellers     68      Weaver          Pennsylvania (ck Phil, Chester, Juniata

1850 Livingston County--Deerfield Twp.--Michigan--pg. 909

John Sellers         42      Farmer           Pennsylvania
Almira                  35                           New York
Augusta               03                           Michigan
Elias                    02                           Michigan
Francis Shulor      13                           New York

1850 Ingham County--Lansing City--Michigan--pg. 57R

Major Seller          28      Brick Maker    New York
Minerva                19                            Vermont
Sarah J.               05                            Ohio
Estella L.             9/12                          Michigan

1850 Calhoun County--Conors Twp.--Michigan--pg. 184

Solomon Sellers     26       Farmer         Pennsylvania

1850 Washtenaw County--Lyndon Twp.--Michigan-pg. 311

Sarah Sellers         43                          Ireland
Thomas Carlo         21       Farmer        New York
George Sellers       21        Farmer       New York
Harriet                   17                          New York
Mary Jane              15                         New York
William H.              13                         New York

All for now. More later, Susan

> Sellers in Michigan---1860
> 1860- Oakland Co. White Lake Twp.--pg. 197
> Charles Sellers     46      Cabinet Maker        England
>    ?       Sellers     40       H. maker               England
> 1860-Calhoun Co., Conors Two.--pg. 673
> Solomon Sellers   30       Farmer                  Penn.
> Sarah A. Sellers   26                                   New York
> 1860--Ontonagon Co., Greenland Twp.--pg.122
> Joseph Sellers     43       Tavern Keeper        England
> Ann Sellers         43                                    England
> Caroline              17                                    England
> Elisa A.              15                                    England
> Ellen                  13                                    England
> John                  12                                    England
> Joseph               09                                    Michigan
> 1860--Ontonagon Co., Rockland Twp.--pg. 115
> James Sellers      30       Mining Capt.         England
> Susanna Sellers   30                                  England
> Kitty                    06                                  Michigan
> Charles D.           03                                  Michigan
> Susanna              10 months                      Michigan
> Job Clemens        29       Miner                   England
> 1860--Washtenaw Co., Lyndon Twp.--pg 484
> William Sellers     23      Farmer                  Michigan
> Sarah Sellers       58?                                 Ireland
> Deneey Sellers    18                                   Ireland
> 1860--Wastenaw Co., Lyndon Twp.--pg. 490
> George Sellers     27      Farm laborer          New York
> Lilly Sellers          25                                  Michigan

View Record Isaac Fellers Bertrand, Berrien, MI 35 1824 Pennsylvania Male (ck StJoseph, IN)
View Record Elizabeth Fellers Bertrand, Berrien, MI 33 1826 Pennsylvania Female
View Record Susan Fellers Bertrand, Berrien, MI 13 1846 Pennsylvania Female
View Record Elizabeth Fellers Bertrand, Berrien, MI 11 1848 Pennsylvania Female
View Record Henry F Fellers Bertrand, Berrien, MI 9 1850 Pennsylvania Male
View Record George W Fellers Bertrand, Berrien, MI 7 1852 Pennsylvania Male
View Record Rhoda A Fellers Bertrand, Berrien, MI 6 1853 Indiana Female
View Record Barbara L Fellers Bertrand, Berrien, MI 4 1855 Michigan Female
View Record Isaac L Fellers Bertrand, Berrien, MI 3 1856 Michigan Male
View Record Emma J Fellers Bertrand, Berrien, MI 9.12 Michigan Female

             "Sue Hallock" shallock@home.com
          1870 Sellers in Michigan

Barry County--Hastings Village--pg. 131
Sellers William      34        carpenter         New York
           Kate          20        Keeps house    New York
           Ernest O.   9/12                            Michigan
           Carrie         10                              Michigan

Berrien County--Hagar Twp.--pg. 192
Sellers Charles        64        Farmer          Pennsylvania
           Elizabeth      59                            Pennsylvania

Sellers Charles        25        Farmer          Ohio
           Fanny          24                             Pennsylvania

Calhoun County--Convis Twp.--pg. 554R
Sellers Solomon      44         Farmer          Pennsylvania
           Sarah          37                             New York
           William          9                              Michigan
           Clarence       7                               Michigan
           Lucilla           1                               Michigan

Calhoun County--Marshall ward 2--pg. 703
Seller Susan           22                              New York

Genesee County--Fenton Village--pg. 85R  (very difficult to read)
Sellers John                       Farmer retired      Pennsylvania
cannot read                         keeps house       New York

Genesee County--Flint Twp.--pg. 107
Sellers Samuel        27        Farmer               Michigan
no wife
            Eliza           46        Keeps home       England
           George         16                                 Michigan
            Mary           12                                  Michigan
            Sarah          12                                  Michigan

Hillsdale County--Litchfield Twp.--pg. 407
Sellers Frank           19      Farm Hand            New York   (can't read
name of family he is living with)

Hillsdale County--Litchfield Twp.--pg. 383R
Selles Michael         27       carpenter             New York
          Lydia             19                                  Michigan

Hillsdale County--Hillsdale Ward 3--pg. 342R
Keefer Henry           42        Saloon Keeper      New York
          Almira          41                                    New York
          George         18                                    Michigan
          Charles         13                                    Michigan
Sellers Kate            13                                    California
Sellers Allenn H.      13                                    California

Jackson County--Brooklyn Village--pg. 38 R
Selluck Loid            38         Dentist                 New York
           Emily          31                                     Michigan
           Nellie          6                                       Michigan
           William        4                                      Michigan
           La--si          2                                       Michigan

Jackson County--Jackson City ward 3--pg. 206 (very hard to read)
Sellers Edward        45                                  New York
           Mary?          38                                  Canada
            ?                 19 F                               Michigan
            ?                 17 F                               Michigan
           George         13                                  Michigan
           Lucille           11                                 Michigan
            ?                   8 F                              Michigan
           Frank             5                                  Michigan

Kent County--Solon Twp.--pg. 554
Sellers Mack          21           Printer             Pennsylvania  ( This
is the Leonard McKnight Sellers that I sent before.Later he owned a
newspaper, The Cedar Springs Clipper.)

Livingston County--Deerfield Twp.--pg. 60
Sellers E.H.              22                Farmer        Michigan
           Mary             21                                   Michigan
           Marion           18                                   Michigan
           Albert             15                                  Michigan

Livingston County--Deerfield Twp.--pg. 57
Sellers William         45              Farmer           Pennsylvania
           Catherine      31                                   Canada West
            John             6                                    Michigan
            Celia             4                                    Michigan

Livingston County--Deerfield Twp.--pg. 55
Sellers Samuel         60?           Farmer             Pennsylvania
           Alice             37                                   Michigan
           Alice             14                                    Michigan
           Samuel          8                                     Michigan
           Jane             8                                     Michigan

Sanilac County--Moore Twp.--pg. 132
Sellers Archibald       25           Farm laborer      Canada

Ontonagon County--Greenland Twp.--pg.752R
Sellers James          42            Miner                 England
           Ann              40                                     England
           Catherine      17                                     Michigan
           Susan           11                                     Michigan
           Charles          13                                    Michigan
           Mary E.         9                                      Michigan
           James           7                                      Michigan
           Amelia           6                                      Michigan
           Richard          4                                      Michigan
           Caroline          1                                     Michigan

Ontonagon County--Ontonagon Twp.--pg 756R
Sellers Joseph         53            Farmer              England
           Ann             52                                     England
           Joseph Jr.    19                                   Pennsylvania

Washtenaw County--Lyndon Twp.--pg. 220
Seller George          43           Farmer                New York
         Betsey Ann    30                                     New York
         Lillie               11                                    Michigan
         George H.       4                                      Michigan
         Margaret M.    2/12                                  Michigan

Wahstenaw County--Lyndon Twp.--pg. 221R
Sellers Sarah           67                                    Ireland

All for now, Susan 

             "Sue Hallock" shallock@home.com

Michigan Sellers 1880

Calhoun County, Eckford Twp. pg. 9
Sellers Charles              64             laborer              Pa.
Pa.     Pa.
           Mary M.             ??             keeping home    Pa.
Pa.     Pa.
           L?? Alfred           29            works on farm    Pa.
Pa.    Pa.
           Edwin                10
Mich.      Pa.    Pa.
           Charles              13
Mich.      Pa.    Pa.

Calhoun Co, Convis Twp. pg. 3
Sellers Solomon            53            farmer                Pa.
Pa.    Pa.
           Sarah A.            46            keeping home     N. J.
Ireland    Ireland
           William              19
Mich.      Pa.    N. J.
           Clarence            17                                     Mich.
     Pa.     N. J.
           Louella               10
Mich.       Pa.    N. J.

Ionia County, Orange Twp. pg. 19
Seiler Alice                    19            housekeeping    Mich.
Mich.  Mich.
         Jacob                   45            carpenter           Pa.
   Pa.     Pa.
         H. Lydia                43            keeping home    Pa.
Pa.     Pa.

Isabella County, Broomfield Twp., pg. 2
Sellers Joseph               41            Farmer              Canada
Eng.   Eng.
           Hannah              40            keeping home    Canada    Eng.
           Annie                 16
Canada   Can.   Can.
           Mary                   15
Can.       Can.  Can.
           Robert                13
Can.        Can.  Can.
           John                   10
Can.        Can.  Can.
           William                8
Mich.       Can.  Can.
           Fansie?               5
Mich.       Can.  Can.
           Elisabeth             3
Mich.       Can.  Can.
           Bessie                 1
Mich.       Can.  Can.

Jackson County, 5th ward Jackson City, pg. 4
Sellers Edward              56           R.R. conductor     N. Y.
Eng.    Eng.
           Mary                 48            keeping home      Can.
Scotland   Scotland
           Edward              25
Mich.      N. Y.   Canada
           Minnie               18
Mich.       N. Y.  Canada

1880 Algoma Twp. Kent Co., Michigan
SELLERS Sarah            48           Ohio
Alonzo                          29           Indiana
William                         27           Indiana
Charles                        26            Ohio
EUGENE                      18           Indiana
Ellsworth                      16            Michigan
John                             8             Indiana

Mackinaw County, Holmes Twp. pg. 33
Sellers Edwin E.           40                    ??               Pa.
    Pa.       Pa.
           Olive L.             36             keeping home     N. Y.
  Conn.   N. Y.
           Edwin F.           9
Texas        Pa.      N. Y.
           David                6
Texas        Pa.      N. Y.
           Paulting            4
Texas        Pa.      N. Y.
           Walter              4/12
Mich.         Pa.      N. Y.

Manistee County, Manistee Town, pg. 48
Seller Henry                32             Gardner              Shlesing
 Shlesing    Shlesing
         Anna                 35             keeps home        Posen
 Posen       Posen
         Otto                  13
Shlesing      Shlesing    Shlesing
         Paul                  12
Shlesing      Shlesing    Shlesing
         Gustaf                4
         ??                      3
Shlesing      Shlesing    Shlesing
         ??                      ?  brother Laborer                Shlesing
     Shlesing    Shlesing

Monroe County, Milan Twp. pg. 28
Seller John P.             25         carpenter & joiner     Can.
 Can.          Can.
         Anna                 25         keeping home          Can.
   Can.          Can.
         John Jr.             9
Mich.            Can.         Can.
         George              7
Mich.           Can.          Can.
         William              4
Mich.           Can.          Can.

Muskegon County, Village of Whitehall, pg., 34
Seller Henry               31         Farmer                     Eng.
     Eng            Eng.
         Augusta            29         keeps home             Eng.
  Eng.           Eng.
        Jennie?              7
Illinois          Eng.           Eng.
        Mina?                5
Mich.           Eng.           Eng.
         ??        F           3
Mich.           Eng.           Eng.
         Henry                2
Mich.          Eng.            Eng.
         Willis                 9/12
Mich.          Eng.            Eng.

Ontonogan County, Ontonogan Twp., pg. 2
Sellers John               31         Laborer                     Eng.
      Eng.            Eng.
           Flora              25          keeping home           Mich.
     N. Y.           N.Y.
           Ada                 6
Mich.           Eng.            Mich.
           ??        M         4
Mich.            Eng.           Mich.
           Joseph             2
Mich.            Eng.           Mich.

Seller Joseph              29         ?                             Pa.
           Eng.          Eng.
         Mary                 23        keeping home            ??
       Maine         N.Y.
         Carol                 5
Mich.             Pa.            ??
         ??    F                3
Mich.             Pa.             ??
         George               1
Mich.             Pa.             ??

Ontonogan County, Greenland Twp., pg., 2
Seller James               51         Miner                       Eng.
      Eng.            Eng.
         Suzanne            50         keeping home           Eng.
  Eng.            Eng.
         James               17          Miner                      Mich.
        Eng.            Eng.
         Annebel?           15                                        Mich.
          Eng.            Eng.
         Richard              14
Mich.           Eng.            Eng.
         Carrie                 10
Mich.           Eng.            Eng.
         Marianna?           8
Mich.          Eng.            Eng.
         Louisa                 6
Mich.           Eng.            Eng.
         Carroll                 1
Mich.          Eng.            Eng.

Saginaw County, Frankenmuth Twp., pg., 28
Seller John Phillip         50       Farmer                      Bavaria
    Bavaria       Bavaria
         Elisabeth            45       Keeping home            Bavaria
  Bavaria       Bavaria

Tuscola County, Akron Twp., pg., 16
Sellers Benson            25        Farmer                      Canada
 Eng.            Canada
           Ellen E.           19         Keeping house          Canada
 Canada        Canada
           M--ma A.--son   2
Mich.          Canada        Canada
           Alma                 6/12
Mich.          Canada         Canada

Akron Twp., pg., 7
Sellers Harvey             29          Farmer                     Canada
    Eng.            Canada
           Catherine         26          Keeping House          Canada
 Canada        Canada
           Freddy             5
Mich.         Canada         Canada
           Hattie               3
 Mich.         Canada         Canada
           Bertie              11/12
Mich.         Canada         Canada

VanBuren County, South Haven Village, pg., 27
Sellers John                42          Shoe Merchant           Canada
Ireland          Eng.
           Mary J.            45          Keeping home             Mich.
    N.Y.             N.Y.
           Charles P.        19          Printer
Mich.        Canada        Mich.
           Hetta B.           15
Mich.        Canada        Mich.
           Ella                  15
   Mich.        Canada       Mich.
           Amasu M.         13
Mich.        Canada       Mich.
           Fannie               11
 Mich.        Canada       Mich.
           Lucy                 4
  Mich.         Canada       Mich.

Washtenaw County, Lyndon Twp., pg., 13
Sellers George            51          Farmer                       N.Y.
      Eng.          Ireland
           ??                   32 wife
N.Y.           N.Y.          Ireland
           ??                    3 son
Mich          N.Y.           N.Y.
           ??                    3/12 daughter
Mich.          N.Y.           N.Y. 

 Mrs. Katherine Mccoy Braddock.
 DAR ID Number: 50589
 Born in Cadillac, Mich.
 Wife of John Sellers Braddock, Jr.
 Descendant of Lieut. Samuel Merrill.
 Daughter of Daniel McCoy and Gail Lyon Ayer, his wife.
 Granddaughter of Alvan Bacon Ayer and Martha Lyon, his wife.
 Gr-granddaughter of Aaron Ayer and Ruth Merrill, his wife.
 Gr-gr-granddaughter of Abel Merrill and Elizabeth Page, his wife.
 Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Samuel Merrill and Elizabeth Bradbury, his wife.
 Samuel Merrill (1728-1822), served as lieutenant under Capt. John Alden and Capt. Jeremiah
 Hill. He was born in Salisbury, Mass.; died in Buxton, Maine.
 Also Nos. 28103, 40252.

        "G. Ian Roberts" <dd404@freenet.carleton.ca
Descendants of George J. Shannon

 1   George J. Shannon b: February 27, 1823 in Matilda, Ontario d: January
..  +Magdalena Diana Crowder b: November 25, 1826 in Matilda, Ontario d:
2, 1900 m: December 26, 1843 in Matilda, Ontario
...... 2   Ira Shannon b: Abt. 1846 in Dundas County, Ontario
..........  +Lucy Ann Sellers  d: Abt. 1919
............... 3   Charles A. Shannon b: January 15, 1872 in Akron,
County, Michigan

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Here are a couple of obituaries from Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan.

Grand Rapids Press, Monday, January 22, 1934
SELLERS- Mrs. Katherine Sellers, aged 75, widow of Alfred Sellers, Sr.,
passed away early Monday morning at her home, 514 Henry Ave., S.E.
Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. W.L. Ranney of Muskegon Heights; Mrs.
Walter Davis and Miss Isabel Sellers of Grand Rapids; one son, Alfred B.
Sellers of Grand Rapids, and a stepdaughter, Mrs. Peter VerMeulen of
Connorsville, Ind.; two grandchildren, three brothers and one sister.
Funeral services will be held Thursday morning at 9 o'clock at St. Mary's
church. Interment in Mt. Calvary cemetery. The body reposes at the Alt

Grand Rapids Press, Monday, October 19, 1936
Mrs. George Seiler Dies in Kalamazoo
     Mrs. George Seller, 73, widow of Capt. George Seller of Kalamazoo and
a former resident of Grand Rapids, died Sunday at her residence in that
city, after a long illness. She leaves a daughter, Miss Leona Seller; a
son, Theodore, both of Kalamazoo; four sisters, Mrs. Jacob Herman and Miss
June Miller of Grand Rapids, Mrs. Rose McBain of Kalamazoo and Mrs Colvin
Dewey of Portland, Ore., and one brother, Anthony Miller of Byron Center.
     Funeral services will be held Tuesday morning at the residence and at
St. Augustine's church in Kalamazoo.

The name is spelled both Seiler and Seller.

Susan in Michigan shallock@home.com

             Washtenaw County, Mi., bio

             "Susan Hallock" <shallock@home.com>

While researching my husbands family in Washtenaw County, Michigan I
came across a couple of bios about Sellers from The History of
Washtenaw and Livingston Counties, Lyndon Township, page 747........

George SELLERS, Jr., was born in New York city, Oct., 30, 1828, and
came with his parents to Lyndon tp. in 1836. He was married Nov. 17,
1857, to Betsey A. DRAKE of Lyndon tp., who was born in Wayne county,
N.Y., Oct. 16, 1841. They have 3 children-Amanda, George H., and Mary.
Maggie is deceased. Mr. SELLERS was a soldier in Co. K, 20th Regt.
Mich. Vol Inf., and during that time suffered the untold horrors of a
southern prison for a few months. His father, George SELLERS, sr.
(dec.), was a pioneer of this county, having arrived here October,
1836, and 6 of his children are still living-Edward, George, Thomas
CARTRAW, a step-son, and three daughters. Mrs. SELLERS died in April,

Tate WATSON, farmer, sec. 1; P.O., Unadilla, Livingston county; was
born in Yorkshire, England, Oct. 9, 1810. His parents, George and Mary
WATSON, emigrated to America in 1834, first stopping at Wyoming, N.Y.,
where Tate remained 11 years, and then removed to Washtenaw county,
Mich., permanently locating on sec. 1, where he has since lived. Mr.
WATSON received his education in England, and has been very fortunate
in business affairs, having accumulated sufficient means to enable him
to pass the remainder of his days in peace and plenty. He was married
in 1845 to Mary McMICHAEL a native of Scotland. They had 2
children-Mary, wife of Charles YOCUM, of Ingham county, Mich., and
George, who died when an infant. Mrs. WATSON died in June, 1866, and
is interred in Unadilla cemetery. Mr. W. was again married, Nov. 24,
1868, to Mrs. Harriet YOCUM, wife of Mahlon YOCUM (dec.), who was born
in New York city Nov. 3, 1831, and daughter of George and Sarah
(SELLERS) YOCUM. By her former marriage she has 2 children-Jennie L.
and Milton T.

Susan in Michigan

From: "Eve Walling" <nudeloree@cbpu.com>
To: <GEN-NEWBIE-L-request@rootsweb.com>
Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2001 7:58 PM

> Anyone know anything about SELLERS,QUIMBY,LANWAY,WALLING, DARLING from the
lower part of Michigan?  I have been unable to get very far with any of them
except my mother's family is related to the Quimby (Harriett) that was the
first US  licensed lady pilot.  Thank  you, ANYONE, in advance.
> Evalynne Loree Walling
EVE, Thanks.
HOW about a county?
WHERE did the Kids  go?

WILL send thro our SELLERS discussion group,
BUT, How do they KNOW who their brothers sisters married etc, Without some Names, etc?
THANKS, marie, iowa

Subject: [CAN-USA-MIGRATION] Coons/Sellers

My grandparents were born in Ontario in 1893 - 96, and immigrated to Flint Mi 1906 - 1912. I don't know when or where they were married and would be grateful for any help. They are Melvin John Coons b. 4 July 1893 Matilda son of Russell C. and Sarah (Haggerty) Coons and Margaret L. Sellers b. 16 Feb 1896. dau of William A. and Elizabeth Sellers.
Thank you

D Schrah [dschrah@yahoo.com]