Contributed by Marie Gulledge Wiggins = her many years of research in these counties of NC/SC
SHE  has contributed  many Census, Documents on these familes to  our Anson Co, NC and Chesterfield Co, SC pages

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BY  Marie Gulledge Wiggins


1. Hardy Sellers, Sr. was born Johnston County, North Carolina 2 March 1757, and died in Chesterfield County, South Carolina 17 January l@35.  His burial place is not known suspected it is the old Sellers graveyard behind Hopewell Baptist Church, Chesterfield Count South Carolina.  Search has failed to yeild his parents names.
It is not known when Hardy came to Chesterfield County,but it was here he joined the Revolutionary Army in 1776 and served also in 1777, and also a volunteer for three months at the time Charleston was taken. (Application for Pension is on file in the Anson County court House.)

In 1784 he received a grant of land of 15 acres in what is now Ruby, South Carolina.

Over the next three decades he received State Grants for over 650 acres of land around Ruby.  He owned the earliest mill, Sellers Mill, in that area.

Hardy married at a young age and from 1774 until 1800 had a large family consisting of four sons and five daughters.  His first wife, name unknown, died before 1824 and Hardy married at the age of 72 to Lavinia Gulledge, daughter of Reverend Joel Gulledge, and Zilpha (Huntley) Gulledge.  Lavinia was also sister to Hardy's son-in-law, Jeremiah Gulledge.  Lavinia was 19 years of age when she married Hardy.  They had two children.

In 1834 Hardy applied for a pension for his services in the Revolutionary War, which was

The children of Hardy Sellers   by    first wife were:

2 i. John Sellers went West
3 ii. Abraham Sellers mar Mary Norwood and moved to Mississippi.
4 iii. Phillip Sellers
5 iv. Richard Sellers went West
6 v. Mary Sellers mar Thomas Gaddy
7 vi. Phoebe Sellers mar Jeremiah Gulledge
 8 vii. Jane Sellers mar -------Briley
 9 viii. Daughter, name unknown - nev mar
 10 ix. Daughter, name unknown - nev mar.

It is my opinion there was at least one, if not two other sons.  The 1790 census shows William who left that area before l8lO,andMatthew who has his own household by1900.
Matthew could be another set of Sellers.  'Ihe above sons were all that were named in the will.

     4. Phillip, son of Hardy and -?- Sellers, was bom ca 1774 and died between 18341836, mar -?-.
Not a lot is known about this Phillip.  He received a State Land Grant of 300 acres -in 1808, adjoining his father in Chesterfield County,.and in 1816 he received 80 acres more near there.  'fhe majority of his land was sold for taxes in January 1837.
If Phillip left a will, it has not been located, but a land transaction after the Civil War tells us he gave land to at least one of his sons.  It is believed Phillip is also buried in the old Sellers graveyard.  The name of his wife is unknown.  Between 1774 and 1810 they had a large family of seven sons and five daughters.

The children of Phillip and ---? ---Sellers,Sr.were:

11 i. William Sellers

12 ii. Phillip Sellers, Jr.
13 iii.  Rollen/Roland Sellers
14 iv. Hardy Sellers, Jr
15 v. Elijah Sellers
16 vi. John M. Sellers
17-18-19-20-21, unknown daughters.

     11. William, son of Phillip Sellers (#4).  It is believed this William is the one who mar Gilly Eddins and went to Alabama.  A receipt is in the Equity Records of William Eddins that William, Abraham and Roland signed, and it is stated they are brothers.  However, Hardy named Abraham as his son.

The children of William and Gilly were:

22 i. Son - name unknown
23 ii. Son - name unknown
24 iii.  Daughter - name unknown

     12.  Phillip, Jr., son of Phillip Sr. (#4) mar Mary E. Gulledge, dau of Rev.  Joel Gulledge,
sister to Lavinia and Jeremiah Gulledge.  Phillip died, after 1840.
their children:
25 i. Joel Sellers
26 ii. Phillip Sellers
27 iii.  Elijah Sellers
28   iv. Mary Frances Sellers mar James Rex Moore
29    v. Martha Sellers mar --?--Moore

(This family has been extensively researched by M. T. Gathings and Marie G. Wiggins).

     13.  Rollen/Rolin or Roland, son of Phillip Sellers, Sr. (#4) b 1794 d 9 March 1848, mar
1) Margaret Eddins, d 1841, cause unknown, dau of William and -?- Eddins.  Roland served
in the War of 1812, and it is from the papers his second wife applied for a pension, that we have
so much information on this son.  While we do not know if Phillip left a will, we do know that
Rollen did.  It was mentioned in a deed between Roland R., Phillip A. and Riley that he had left
the land to them in his will.

Rollen is said to be buried in the Sellers graveyard near Hopewell Church, Chesterfield County.  This was a large cemetery, and most of the markers were made of wood, and said to have been beautifully carved.  A farmer set his field on fire one day, the fire got out of control and reached the graveyard, burning all of the wooden markers.
Their children:

30 i. Roland R. Sellers
31 ii. James D. Sellers
32 iii William Riley Sellers b ca 1823 d CSA - nev mar
33 iv. Richard Calvin Sellers
34 v. Phillip A. Sellers
35 vi. William Braddock Sellers
36 vii.  Mahala A. Sellers - no information
37 viii.  Mary A. Sellers
38 ix. Stephen D[avid] ? Sellers b 17 January 1834 d 13 March 1909 never martied.
39 x. Alfred Franklin Sellers
40 xi. Susannah Sellers b 1837 d 12 February 1919, nev. mar. bur Hopewell TWIN.
41 xii.  Sarah Sellers TWIN

    Rol@nd mar 2) 1842 Jane Baxter no info on her.
Their children:

42 i. Flora Sellers b ca 1844 - d date unknown nev mar

43  ii Lucy Sellers b ca 1846 d datee unknown nev mar

     30.  Rollen R., (Roland), son of Rollen (#13) and Margaret (Eddins) Sellers, b ca 1821
Chesterfield County, SC mar Sarah (Pratt) Brooks, who died about 1882, dau of Samuel and
Clarinda (Teal) Brooks of Anson County, NC.
Roland R. was in the Civil War, joined the Confederate Army in Brunswick County, NC and must have been killed during the war as no evidence can be located that he returned home.
After Sarah's death there was a large lawsuit over her estate.
Her father's will left his property tied up and Sarah still had not collected her portion at her death.
(Anson County Estate

Records, Dept. of Archives, Raleigh, NC.  Sarah had four daughters from a previous marriage:
    i. Martha Pratt Brooks (se Phillip A. Sellers below)
    ii. Winnie Brooks mar            ?     Curtis
    iii.Mary Brooks (called Polly) nar William R. Sellers
    iv. Elizabeth Brooks mar a Jacob Lampley..

Their children:
44 i. William A. D. Sellers b ca 1849 d bef. 1860

       31.  JamesD.,son of Roland (#13 )and Margaret Sellers,b ca l822 d in the CivilWar,
mar--?--- Gaskins.  James D. was a Private in Co. B 8 SC Inf.  CSA.  There is a marker for him
in Hopewell Cemetery.  She brought to the marriage one son.

     i. Benjamin A. Gaskins b before 1850.
Their children:
45 i. Queen Ann Sellers b 13 September 1846 d I 1 February 1928, nev mar, bur in
Hopewell Cemetery.
46 ii. ElizaA.  Sellers b ca 1854 - no info
47 iii. / Louisa  Sellers  b ca 1856 - no info
48 iv. Mary J. Sellers b ca 1859        - no info
49 v. Alexander Hossick Sellers (called Hossick) b 1 September 1861 d 15 June 1926 nev
mat, bur in Hopewell Cemetery.

     33.  Richard Calvin (Dick), son of Roland (#13) and Margaret Sellers b 16 August 1824 d 25 June 1894 mar Sarah Jordan b 8 October 1831 d 23 June 1919, possible dau of Lloyd and Rosean (Sellers) Jordan.  Richard was in Co D 6 Cav SCG 1861-1865, CSA.  They are bur in Hopewell Cemetery.
Their children:

50 i. James N. Sellers b ca 1848 mar Sarah A. ? _, no children
51 ii.  Franklin Dennis Sellers
52 iii.  Mary E. Sellers b 25 June 1852 d 30 Sept 1932 nev mar
53 iv. Thomas Jefferson Sellers
54 v. Susannah Sellers b 1 1 Feb 1855 d 23 Jan 1934 nev mar, bur Hopewell
55 vi. Roland Sellers b ca 1858 no d. date, nev mar
56 vii.  Sarah M. (Sallie) Sellers b 20 May 1859 d @O July 1936 nev mar bur Hopewell
57 viii.  Richard Calvin Sellers, Jr.
58 ix. Lucy Jane Sellers b 7 June 1866 d 7 February 1876, bur Sellers Cemetery
59 x. Hardy Jackson Sellers
60 xi. William Riley Sellers b 17 Feb 1871 d 30 Sept 1947, mar but had no children.
61 xii.  Stephen Lemuel Sellers

     51.  Franklin Dennis, son of Richard Calvin (#33) and Sarah Sellers, b 12 April 1850 d 3 December 1927 mar 1) Almira Jane Smith, dau of William P. and Abegale (Crawley) Smith.  He is bur in Hopewell Cemetery, and she is bur in Dundee Cemetery, Clio, Marlboro County, South Carolina.

Their children:
62    i. Sue Sellers d ca 1949, mar Sandy Johnson and is bur in Rowland, North Carolina.
63    ii. Knox Sellers - went to California, mar a woman from Louisianna.
64    iii.  Coleman Sellers is bur in Dundee Cemetery, Marlboro County, South Carolina
65    iv. Charlie Franklin Sellers b 24 September 1877 d 29 May 1928 is bur in Hopewell
Church Cemetery, Chesterfield, never married.
66    v. Tillman Sellers mar Marie -?_ from Clio, South Carolina.
67    vi. Martha Eugenia Sellers d very young, bur Dundee Cemetery
68   vii.  Grover Cleveland Sellers b 29 August 1884 d 12 June 1963 mar Bessie Webster.  They
are bur Hopewell Cemetery, Chesterfield.
69    viii.  Myrtle Sellers b 1890, d date unknown, mar Augustus (Gus) Webster, bur Hopewell.
70   ix. James Walter Sellers mar Lucy -?_.  Went to Jacksonville, Florida.
Franklin (Frank) Dennis mar 2) Minnie Rosella Tucker b 3 February 1885 d 17 Fcbniary
1974, dau of John R. and Mary Ann (Allen) Tucker.  They are bur in Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery, Chesterfield, South Carolina.

Their children:
71    i. Allie Leona Sellers b I February 1907 d 10 July 1932 mar Helton Clffton Sellers, bur
72    ii. Maurice Culbreath Sellers b '13 February 1909 d 15 January 1991 mar Laura Kate
Hancock, bur Hopewell.
73    iii.    Dennis Franklin Sellers bur Hopewell
74    iv. Rosa Belle Sellers b ca 1912 mar Carey Sutton
75    v. Otis Preston Sellers b 16 June 1916 d 19 Feb 1991, mar Helen Gracie Lear, bur
76    vi. Jolm Perishing Sellers b ca 1918 d 18 January 1986 mar Mildred Elizabeth Welsh, bur
Chatham Hill Memorial Garden, Cheraw, South Carolina.
77    vii.  Margaret Juanita Sellers b 16 July 1924 mar Thomas William Lisenby.  Tom is bur at

          53.  Thomas Jefferson, son of Richard C. (#33) and Sarah Sellers, b 28 September 1853
d 26 February 1928 mar Martha Eliza Sellers b 17 October 1857 d 20 September 1918, dau of
Hardy and Mary E. Sellers, Jr. They are bur in Hopewell Cemetery.

Their children:
78    i. Lucy Cornelia Sellers b 10 June 1879 d 12 February 1925 mar James Anderson Oliver,
bur in Hopewell Cemetery,
79    ii. Dora Sellers b 26 July 1880 d 21 July 1951 mar John T. Gaskins, bur Hopewell.
80    iii.  Edward Vanson Sellers b 14 October 1882 d 29 July 1885.
81    iv. Remitta (Nfitte) Susannah Sellers b 31 October 1885 d 22 May 1962, mar William H.
Gaskins, bur in Hopewell.
82    v. Thomas Sinclair Sellers b 28 September 1887 d 31 July 1978, mar Cora Oliver, bur
83    vi. John Riley Sellers b Januray 1889 (census) - no information.
84    vii.  Richard Hardy Sellers b 18 July 1894 - no information
85    viii.  Robert Paul Sellers b 15 June 1896 d 4 February 1980 mar Elizabeth Gaddy
86    ix. Idelle Sellers b February 1899(census) mar William S. Cassidy
87   x. Ethel Sellers b 13 May 1901 d July 1901

         59.  Hardy Jackson, son of Richard C. (#33) and Sarah Sellers, mar Nancy Mary Rivers, dau of William Jasper and Lydia Jane (Massey) Rivers.

Their children:
88    i. Jane Sellers b I July 1886 d 21 June 1930 mar WiDiwn Thomas Collins, bur Mt.
Moriah Baptist Church Cemetery, Union County, North Carolina.
89    ii. Clarence Sellers b 25 December 1903 d 20 October 1969, mar Ada Lounette Lisenby,
   bur Hopewell.
 90    iii. Carson Sellers mar Canie Hancock
 91    vi. Anna Sellers mar 1) Hugh Sellers mar 2) Ray Rushing
 92    vii. Lizzie Sellers mar Thomas Collins
 93    viii. Ophelia Sellers mar Ray Collins

           34. Phillip A., son of Rollen (#13) and Margaret Sellers, b 3 May 1825 Chesterfield,
South Carolina d 2 July 1902 Anson County, North Carolina, mar Martha Pratt Brooks b 16 August 1830 d 27 December 1889, dau of -?- and Sarah (Pratt) Brooks, of Anson County. (Note: It is my opinion Martha's father was Thomas Brooks.  Phillip and Martha had only one son and be was named "'nomas Brooks Sellers").  They are bur in Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery, Anson County, North Carolina.
Phillip joined the Confederate Army, enlisting in Anson County 9 November 186(4) for the duration of the war.  He was listed as present or accounted for until February 1865.
Phillip and Martha were involveded in a lawsuit concerning her mother, Sarah Pratt) Sellers\,?
estate for long after Sarah's death.  It was not settled until about 1882.  It was from this estate
record that much of the information on Martha's family was gathered.

Their children:

94    i. E. Frances Sellers mar J. M. Hinson
95    ii. Eliza Emeline Sellers d. y. before 4 April 1865
96 + iii.  Margaret Jane, Sellers
97 + iv. Thomas B. Sellers
98    v. Susannah Sellers b ca 1862 d 22 February 1921 mar (Daniel?) Webb
98    vi. Helen Sellers b 22 March 1867 (tombstone) d 17 July 1933, mar after her father's
death in 1902, Henry Riley Hinson.
99 +  vii.  Harriet Sellers
100   viii.  Moflie Sellers mar William B. Sellers*
101   ix. Martha Sellers mar William Wight
102   x. Alice Sellers b 7 March 1867 d 26 March 1917 mar John S. Swink. Alice is bur in
   Patrick City Cemetery, Chesterfield County, South Carolina. Her death certificate
   also gives this date.
103   xi. Dora Sellers 5 January 1855(tombstone) d 13 August 1939 mar J. Frank Smith, son
   of Huglunore Smith. She is bur in the Old Richard Tarlton Cemetery, Anson
   County and be is bur in the Hugbmore Smith Cemetery, Ruby, Chesterfield
   County, South Carolina, both of which are inaccessable. They have markers in the
   A. B. Tarlton Cemetery in Wadesboro.  They were divorced.
104  xii.  Flora Sellers nev mar, no death certificate or tombstone has been located for her.
105 xiii.  JohnCalvinSellersd9Julyl931.
(*I am not too sure she is a child of Phillip and Martha's.  She received a lot in Martha's land division, but she was also named as a child of Sarah Pratt Sellers in her estate records, and that she had married William B. Sellers.  I also believe this should be William R. Sellers instead of B')..

        96.  Margaret Jane, dau of Phillip A. (#34) and Martha Sellers, d 1913, mar 9 June 1873 (as his second wife) Thomas B. Hinson b 1834 d 18 January 1900, son of Dixon and Susan Hinson, and a grandson of Elijah Clay Hinson, Sr.  Margaret and several children are bur in St.
Paul's Church Cemetery, Richmond County, North Carolina.  Their children:

106   i. Sarah Eliza Hinson
107   ii. Margaret Hinson b 1876 d 1919, mar Will Coble of Richmond County, North
Carolina.  No children given.
108    iii.  Phillip Thomas Hinson
109   iv.  William Thomas Hinson
110   v. Bessie L. Hinson. No information.
111   vi. Riley Dixon Hinson
112   vii. John Dupre Hinson b 1884 d 1954 mar Lucy Ragon and lived in Richmond County,
   North Carolina.
113   viii. Hattie Hinson b 1890 d 19-2 mar M. E. Adams and lived in Richmond County,
   North Carolina.

          106. Sarah Eliza, dau of Margaret Jane (#96) and Thomas B. Hinson, b 1874 d 1953 mar
  Ashley Washington Gaddy of Richmond County, North Carolina.

  Their children:
114   i. Rosa Lee Gaddy mar -?- Yates.
115   ii. Tincey Gaddy mar -?- Coleman.
116   iii.  Blanche Gaddy mar -?_ Whitley.
117   iv. Annie Mae Gaddy mar 1) -?- Davis, mar 2) _?-'Ihomas.
118 v. Frances Eliza Gaddy
119 vi. Raymond Gaddy
120 vii.  Sherwood Gaddy
121 viii.  Earl Gaddy

       108.  Phillip Th6mas, son of Margaret Jane (#96) and Thomas B. Hinson, b 1877 d 1941
mar Lucy Chavis.  Phillip lived in the Wolf Pit area of Richmond County and fanned the Fowkes
farm for nineteen years.  I have no data on the mother's deatf4 but the two eldest children drowned in the Pee Dee River and Phillip had a heart attack and died tryiing to save them.  Their mother was already dead.  They were bur I August 1941 in St. Paul's Church Cemetery, Richmond County.
Their children:

122 i. Louise Hinson - Drowned
123 ii. Thomas Hinson - Drowned
124 iii.  Brooks Hinson
125 iv. Leonard Hinson
126 vil.  Alfred Hinson
127 viii.  Margaret Hinson

     111.  RileyDixonsonofMargaretJane(#96)andThomasB.Hinsonbl882dl957
mar Frances Sellers.  They are bur at Zoar Methodist Church, Chesterfield County, South Caro-
Their children:

 128 i. Robert Hinson
129 ii. Ruby Hinson
130 iii.  Lizzie Hinson
131 iv. James Franklin Hinson (This information by Emma G. Goodwin.  However, Anson County Marriage Records (1869-1900) gives the following:
Thomas Hinson, son of Dixon and Mary Hinson, mar M. F. Sellers, dau of Phillip and Martha Ssellers).

        97.  Thomas B., son of Phillip A. (#34) and Martha Sellers, b ca 1860 d 25 April 1894 mar Mary Hinson, dau of Thomas B. and Sallie (Clark) Hinson.
Their children:

132 i. Jullius B. Sellers
133 ii. Carrie Sellers

After Thomas' death Mary mar 2) Fred Ratliffe and had: a) Fannie, b) Helen, c) Fred
Ratliffe, Jr. She mar 3) John T. Henry, and had: a) John, b) Ber@ c) Claude Henry.

        99.  Harriet dau of Phillip A. (#34) and Martha Sellers, b 1861 d 1926 mar 13 January
 1873 (as his second wife), John W.  Deese b 1837 d 12 June 1915, son of John Pratt and Mary (Polly) Deese.
(Data from marriage and death certificates). Harriet is bur in Morven City Cemetery.

Their children:

134   i. Edward (Edd) Deese - no information
135   ii. Cleve Deese - no information
136   iii.  Flora Elizabeth Deese b 9 August 1893 d 2 September 1954 unmarried, bur Morven
City Cemetery.
137+ iv.  Minnie Deese
138   v. Helen Deese
139   vi. Nezzie Deese mar Hugh Swink (or Swank)
140   vii.  Evelyn Deese mar Lon Braswell
141   viii.  Ann Elizabeth Deese mar Bum Price
142   ix. Lucian Deese
143   x. Bradley Deese

        137.  Minnie, dau of Harriet (#99) and John Deese, (dates unknown to me) mar Lewis
Eddins (dates unknown) son of John and Sarah Frances (Goodwin) Eddins.
Their children:

143 i. Fannie Mae Eddins mar Roy Barney Deese
143 ii. Clyde Eddins b 20 January 1909 mar Maniie - ?
144 iii.. Julia Deese b 20 March 1915 mar Lester Ratliff b 9 May 1909 d 14 Novet-nber 1957,
son of James F. and Catherine (Bryant) Ratliff.

        35.  William Braddock (Dock), son of Rollen (#13) and Margaret (Eddins) Sellers, (no dates) mar Elizabeth Gaskins b 30 December 1828 d 1 1 August 1914, dau of Darling Monroe and Mary (Nelson) Gasldns.  They are bur in Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery, Chesterfield.  Dock was a Veteran of the Confederate Army, serving as a Cpl in Co D 6th SC Cav.  There is a CSA marker in Hopewell cemetery for him.
Their children:

145 i. Mary E. Sellers b ca 1849 (census) no information
146 ii. Jacob Sellers b ca 1850 - no information
147 iii. James P. (Jake) Sellers b 3 January 1851 d I 1 July 1940 mar Eliza E. Tucker, bur
148 iv. John D. (or T.) Sellers b 5 August 1852 d 28 April 1936 mar Sarah Tucker, bur
   Thompson Creek Baptist Church Cemetery.
149 v. Martha A. Sellers b 9 March 1856 d 9 February 1922 mar Matthew Griggs, bur
   Thompson Creek.
150 vi. Helton Joe Harrell Sellers b 8 September 1858, Chesterfield, d 8 June 1932 Anson
   County, North Carolhia, shot by W. J. Tarlton, bur Hopewell. He mar 1) Martha
   Vick, 2) Hattie Vick 3) Annie Bittle.
151 vii.     Allison Brddock (Alce) Sellers b 21 March 1861 d 27 March 1939 mar 1) Ella
  Huntley, mar 2) Frances (Fannie Elizabeth Bapt. Church Cemetery.
152 viii. Margaret T. Elizabeth (Peggy) S 1865 d 30 January 1934 mar
  James Franklin Rayfield, bur Hopewell.
153     ix. Eliza (Lizzie) Sellers b ca 1867 mar James Franklin Gulledge, son of Edward W. and Sarah E.izabeth (Hancock) kGulledge. Buried in  Gulledge Family Cemetery, Mt Croghan, South Carolina

       14.  Hardy, Jr., son of Phillip Sellers, Sr. (#4) mar Mary E. Hancock.  Hardy was killed
during the Civil War.  On the 30th day of October 1841, Hardy, Jr. gave to "Edw.  Burch,
Theophilus Guy, Rollen Sellers, Joel Gulledge, Junr, John Jordan, William M. Burkley, Levi
Johnson, John P. Sellers, Matthew Atkinson, William A. Mulloy, and others who are now members of The Hopewell Baptist Church of Chesterfield ... and others who are now members ...
containing two acres more or
a certain tract of land .... wheron the meeting house now stands, containg two acres more or less."  they are probably bur in the Sellers Family Graveyard.
Their children:
154 i. Lauretta Jane Sellers b 10 September 1846 d .10 May 1900, mar James William (Big Jim) Crawley, bur Hopewell.

155 fl. Sarah Frances (Fannie) Sellers b December 1849 d 1914 mar James Jackson Steen, bur Cross Roads Baptist Church Cemetpxy.
156 iii.  Mary Ann Sellers b 20 May 1851 d 3 August 1922, mar James Jackson Hancock bur Hopewell.
157 iv. Harriet Sellers - no information
158+ v. Susannah Wood Sellers
159 vi. Martha Elizer(sic) Sellers b 17 October 1857 d 20 September 1918, mar Thomas Jefferson Sellers, bur Hopewell.
160 vii.  Rebecca Sellers b July 1858, mar Hardy Jackson Allen

         158.  Susannah Wood, dau of Hardy, Jr. (#14) and Mary E. Sellers, b 9 May 1855 d 29
April 1939, mar William James (Dock) Thurman b 24 June 1852 d 9 October 1932, son of John
A. and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Copeland Thurman.  They are bur in Ruby City Cemetery.
Their children:

162 i. James Perkins (Perk) Thurman b 1 July 1880 d 19 January 1964 mar Mollie Sullivan.
163 ii. William Frank Thurman b 27 May 1883 d 10 March 1962 mar Mary Ella Gulledge,
dau of Jim and Lizzie (Sellers) Gulledge, bur Ruby City Cemetery.
164 iii.  Phillip Samuel (Phil) Thurman b February 1886 mar Pauline Sellers - no information
165 iv. Mae Susannah Thurman b 13 February 1892 d 21 February 1972 mar Thomas
Clyde Webster, bur Douglas MiU Baptist Church Cemetery.
166 v. Canie Thurman b 20 June 1894 d 8 May 1984 mar William Redman (Red) Eddins,
bur in Ruby City Cemetery.
167 vi. John Thomas (Tom) Thurman, b 6 December 1897 d 14 April 1951 mar Cora
Geneva Gulledge, dau of Jim and Lizzie (Sellers) Gulledge, bur in Ruby Cemetery. 162.  James Perkins, son of Susannah W.

           (#159) and Dock Thurman, mar Mollie Sullivan b 1 July 1889 d 19 May 1979, dau of Thomas and Nancy (Dinkens) Sullivan.  They are bur in Ruby Cemetery.
Their children:

168 i. Madge Christine Thurman mar Lloyd Davis
169 ii. James Knox Thurman mar 1) Nefle Moore, mar 2) Mildred Gulledge
170 iii.  Gladys Cleo Thurman mar Rufus L. (Speedy) SuPPtton
171 iv. David Perkins Thurman mar Margaret Crawley
172 v. Johnnie Sullivan Thurman mar Maxey Lemmon
173  vi.  Thelma Thurman mar Douglas Venters
174 vii.  WiUiain Boyd Thumian mar Evelyn Wilson Eddins
17 5 vii.  Michael Warren Thurman mar Georgia Mae Dalrymple

          15.  E iijah, son of Phillip Sellers, Sr. (#4) b ca 1800 d before 1870, nw ?  Elijah was in the 4th SC Cavalry of the CSA, and i@ bur in the old Martin Cemetery, near the old Wesley Hancock farm, near Woodward's MiU.
Their children:

176 i. Lavinia Sellers b 1828 d 1898 mar William Hurst, Sr., as his second wife.
177 ii. Hardy J. Sellers b 1831 d 1910, a CSA veteran, mar Elizabeth Smith, bur Shiloh
Methodist Church, Chesterfield..
178 iii.  John E. Sellers killed CSA b ca 1833 k. 1864 Haws Shop, Virginia
179 iv. Phillip Albert Sellers bl836 d 1896 mar Annie Jane Douglas, bur Jones Cemetery.
180 v. Elijah Sellers.  CSA b 1838 d 1864, k. at Hawes Shop
181 vi. Lucy A. Sellers b 1841 d 1918 mar Duncan D. Douglas

         16.  John M., said by Tony F. Smith to be son of Phillip, Sr. (#4) b ca 1800-18 10 d before
1850, mar Jerusha Ann Smith, dau of Riley Smith.  As John W. lived on property that was bought -by Matthew, Sr. a great great granddaughter believe him to be the son of Matthew.

 Their children:
 182 i. Riley Sellers b 1831 mar Fanny
 183 ii. Susannah Sellers b 1833 mar Lewis Melton
 184 iii. Samuel J. Sellers b 1834 mar Mary Ellizabeth Hurs@ bur Hurst Cemetery.
 185 iv. William Sellers b 1837 - no information
 186 v. Elisba Sellers b 1840 - no information
 187 vi. Timothy Sellers b 1843
 188 vii. John Sellers b 1845 - no information
         3. Abraham, son of Hardy, Sr. (#l) mar Mary Norwood of Darlington County, SC,
dau of John Norwood.  Mary died either before Abraham moved to Mississippi, or just after.  All went to Mississippi.

Their children:
 189 i. John Warren Sellers
 190 ii. Hardy Sellers b ca 1816
 191 iii. Mary Sellers b ca 1817
 192 iv. Phillip Sellers
 103 v. Elias N. Sellers

             1 . Hardy Sellers, Sr. mar at age 72, 2) Lavinia Gulledge b ca 1809 d -?-, dau of
Rev.  Joel Gulledge of Anson County.

Their children:

104 i. Hardy Huntley Sellers mar Mary E. Sinclair, dau of James Sinclair.
105 ii. Zilphia Ann Sellers mar 1) Dixon P. Gordon

Their children:

106 i. James P/S Gordon

Zilpha Ann mar 2) William Jeptha Gaddy, son of James and Rilla Gulledge Gaddy.

their children:

107 i. Thomas Hardy Gaddy b 20 Oct 1855
108 ii. William Preston Gaddy b I Apr 1857
fO9 iii.  Mary Eliza Gaddy b I Apr 1859 d age 4
110 iv. Rflla Lavinia Gaddy b 4 Mar 1861
III v. Robert Jeptha Gaddy b 18 Mar 1864 d 19 Mar 1934 mar Eliza Eugenia Burch
112 vi. Elijah Johnson Gaddy b 3 Sept 1866
113 vii.  Zilphia Ann A. Gaddy b 25 July 1871 mar Irene Cadell Burch (sister to EE)
114 viii.  Wakm.Francis Gaddy

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> sort out my Sellers ancestors.
> Yvonne


Are you looking for a book called the 'Descendants of Hardy Sellers' which was compiled by James C Pigg? According to the description he acknowledges the assistance he received from the late Marie Gulledge Wiggins and many others, on this line. He states that she had forwarded a book to him which she had started and shortly before she passed away, sent all her Sellers material to him, knowing she wasn't going to be able to finish the work and told him to do what ever he wanted with it.... with places to look at what he has and an order form which is at:

I did order the book and since there is an index could look up specific names if you or anyone would like.

Sincerely, Linda


LINDA, thank you.
I hope she got to see it in print before she passed. She wanted to Share with all of us. And JIM PIGGS got it on paper/published!

We/I only have extractions from her and Brenda/Anson Co., NC. Have a couple SELLERS/RATCLIFF document pages here I should try and get scanned for our SELLERS pages.
She had many pages of census info, which I believe we have posted, but ours , not annotated by her! She had several documents proving some families and assuming possibilities and some unproven kids also.

I don't see much on ELIJAH SELLERS = couple civil war records, but, article/book refers to a will , etc? okay, Piggs ref = heirs of Elijah Sellers to Helton J. Sellers (1882), CAN you send extraction of that?

Thank you for sharing SELLERS.
marie, iowa