I am seeking information on my branch of the Sellers family.  My
name was Devan Sellers and he was married to Anna Belle McLeod in
just before 1920, I believe.  His parents were John Sellers and Cynthia
Strahan Sellers.  John's parents were Irvin Sellers and Sarah Ann Davis
Sellers.  Irvin's father's name was probably John, but I don't know his
spouse's name and I don't know when they arrived in Covington County,
Mississippi.  Family lore says that Sarah Ann Davis was a close relative of
Jefferson Davis.  The old folks also say that we came to Mississippi from
"Carolina."  Does anyone have any information?  Thanks!

Mary Anna Sellers Evans
Gainesville, Florida

    Hello, Susan Baker!

Thank you for the information, Cousin.  My uncle has been to the Salem
Cemetery near Collins, Mississippi. He tells me that both Irvin and Sarah
Davis Sellers are buried there.  The dates on their headstones were October
1827-April 1899 for Irvin, and July 14, 1830-July 20, 1913 for Sarah Ann.
think Irvin's headstone also notes that he was wounded in the Battle of
Vicksburg.  There might be others in your line in that cemetery and I may
a chance to drive over there when I go home to Hattiesburg for Christmas.
there information that you particularly need that I may find there?  I
know where you're located, but if you're near Collins and would like
directions to the cemetery, I have them.

My uncle also listed the names of John Sellers's brothers and sisters.  I
think he got this information by word-of-mouth.  It overlaps somewhat with
your list of siblings, but there are differences.  Perhaps some of the
children went by middle names or nicknames.  He lists John, Columbus,
Irvin, Fancy, Reuben, and two sisters whose names he did not know.

It's interesting to see an EVANS in your family.  My husband David's family
are Quakers who came to Pennsylvania in the late 1600s, hot on the heels of
William Penn, and they stayed there until David's father moved to Tennessee
the 1940s.  They kept excellent genealogical records that I will happily
if there's any possibility you can use them--there are a lot of Evans in
world.  Interestingly, there is a Sellers family mentioned in a book on
Philadelphia Quakers, but I have no reason to think we have a connection to

I have also heard the vaguest of tales that there is Native American blood
the Sellers line, but that's all I know.

Thanks again,
Mary Anna