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march 20, 2003
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> hope this helps, marie, iowa
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> The James Sellers that died in Grainger County, TN was not married to
> Patience Parker.  The James T/Y Sellers that died 1805 in Chatham
> County, NC was married to Patience Parker.
> Georgia
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> This James Sellers is my 4th great grandfather.
> How are you related?
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> > I have that he died 20-Dec-1842 or 1843 in Grainger Co., TN. Possibly
> > the husband of Patience Parker.
> Marie,
Thanks alot, I only recently was told that my James was possibly the husband
of Patience.  I put it out there to see if anybody could help prove or
disclaim it.  You've definately saved me a lot of time.  Thanks for the help.
Now I'm off to find his real wife. 
You also answered my message on the Sellers discussion board.  Is that where
you want me to post my connections?  Or is there a separate discussion group
you were referring to? 
Thanks again,
Merrie Morrison
SOMEONE make sure this CORRECTED on the query board!, msh

march 24, 2003
1....James Sellers ca. 1759 (county ?)NC, died 20-Dec-1843 Grainger Co., TN
2....James Sellers (29-Oct-1791 (Chatham/Burke Co.?)NC - 14-Dec-1853
Crawford Co., MO)
3....Elizabeth Sellers nee Brock (20-Nov-1799 (where ?)- 28-Dec-1839
Co., TN
4....Minyard Sellers (26-May-1836 Grainger Co.,TN - 22-June-1863 CIVIL WAR)
5....Mary Polly Harvy Sellers nee Turnbough (29-Dec-1835 Crawford Co., MO -
18-Feb-1918 Crawford Co., MO)
6....George Washington Sellers (31-Dec-1857 Crawford Co., MO - 23-June-1928
Crawford Co., MO)

Merrie Morrison

MARCH 24, 2003

MERRIE, thanks.
 will send thro Sellers group and link you to Crawford Co. MO where Many of this family have SHARED info. =

WOULD be Kinda nice if you would share your connection to the kids and Names and married and Where they went, etc , of your =

6....George Washington Sellers (31-Dec-1857 Crawford Co., MO -
> 23-June-1928> Crawford Co., MO)

PLEASE send his kids you connect to, etc.
marie, iowa

George Washington Sellers       
born: 31-Dec-1857                  
place: Davisville, Crawford Co. MO         
died: 23-Jun-1828                  
buried:  Sellers Cemetery, Dillard, Crawford Co. MO  "double tombstone of red granite"
Laura Ellen Mallow
born: 16-Mar1864
place: Palmer, Washington Co. MO
died: 8-Aug-1941
buried:  Sellers Cemetery, Dillard, Crawford Co. MO  "double tombstone of red granite"

married:  19-Sept-1880 Davisville, MO

1    Matilda Jane "Tilda" (28-Sept-1881, Davisville - 1-May-1969) married Miles Franklin "Mide" Setzer 16-June-
    1904 at home in Crawford Co., MO by Mr. James Nipper.  Both buried Sellers Cemetery.
2    William Mattison "Matt" (4-Feb-1883, Davisville - 23-Nov-1948) married 1. Lou Gregory 2. Mamie Biggs
    Buried Sellers Cemetery.
3    Melvin Theodore (3-Mar-1885, Davisville - 1-May-1959) married Amanda Arlena "Mandy" Setzer at
    Davisville on 17-Sept-1905 by J.M. Priest.  Buried Sellers Cemetery
4    Minyard Frank (25-Feb-1887, Davisville - 28-Oct-1949) married Lucy Emma Britton at Davisville by John
    Gregory on 10-Jan-1914.  Minyard buried Sellers Cemetery.  Lucy buried Czar Cemetery.
5     Alonzo Harrison "Lon" (5-Feb-1889, Davisville - 9-Nov-1963) married 1. Mella Brown at Steelville  2. Overa
    Campbell nee Brown on 17-Jan-1922.  Buried Sellers Cemetery
6    Ernest G. (14-May-1891, Davisville - 1949) married Ada Billingsley at Shoal Creek by Mr. I.C. Chandler.
    They buried Sellers Cemetery
7    Annie M. (18-Mar-1894, Davisville - 1987) married Ed Billingsley
8    Mamie Dicy (3-Apr-1896, Davisville - 20-Nov-1961) married Melvin Lafayette Hogan on 3-June-1917.  They
    buried Sellers Cemetery
9    John R. I. "Ira" (26-Aug-1899, Davisville - 15-Sept-1955) married Alpha Cottrell at Dillard by A.M. Alcorn.
    They buried Sellers Cemetery.
10    Ella Gerene "Gerene" (14-Jan-1902, Davisville - 1976) married Roy Barr.  Buried Antioch Cemetery, Washington      Co., MO.
11    James Elmer (22-June-1905, Davisville - 7-Sept-1962) married Maude Cottrell 5-Apr-1935.  Buried Sellers     Cemetery.

Melvin Lafayette Hogan            &             Mamie Dicy Sellers
born: 16-May-1896                            born: 3-Apr-1896
where:  Howes Mill, Dent Co., MO                    where: Davisville, Crawford Co., MO
died: 18-Oct-1969                            died: 20-Nov-1961
married: 3-June-1917
buried: Sellers Cemetery, Dillard, Crawford Co., MO
1    Thurston Lavondel (13-Mar-1918 - 29-Sept-1976) married 1. Norma Cottrell 2. Pearl Ellis.  Buried Sellers
2    Harry Lee (1-Dec-1919, Dillard - 10-Dec-1970, Cuba) married 1. Mildred Angeline Setzer on 22-Apr-1940.  2.
    Virginia Avery nee Harmon.  Buried Sellers Cemetery
3    Erma (26-June-1922 - ) married Charles Scull
4    Leonard Franklin (31-Oct-1924 - 9-Apr-1945 WWII)  Buried Sellers Cemetery
5    Jesse Howard (4-Oct-1927 - ) married Ermalea Barr
6    Delores (9-Apr-1930 - 1988) married 1. Edward Kessler 2 Robert Knox.  Buried Sellers Cemetery
7    Betty (29-Aug-1936 (twin) - ) married 1 Robert Cowling (divorced)
8    Paul Dean (29-Aug-1936 (twin) - )

Harry Lee Hogan        &     Mildred Angeline Setzer         &     Virginia Avery nee Harmon
born: 1-Dec-1919            born: 23-July-1923                born:
where: Dillard                where:                        where:
died: 10-Dec-1970            died: 27-Jan-1952               
                    married: 22-Apr-1940                married: 1-Dec-1952
buried:  Sellers Cemetery        buried:  Sellers Cemetery
children by Mildred:
1    Ida Dormalee (3-Nov-1940 - ) married 27-July-1957 at Cherryville to Lonnie Ray Morrison.  Lonnie (8-Apr-1939
    - ) s/o Willis David "W.D." & Anna Gregory nee Chandler Morrison of Davisville area.  Anna & Willis buried
    Czar Cemetery.  Children of Lonnie & Dormalee:
    Lonnie Gene Morrison (16-Feb-1958 - ) married 26-July-1980 Christi Lynn Barr.  They divorced and remarried
    2-July-1982.  Christi Lynn Barr (12-Apr-1958 - )  d/o Finis & Wilma Miles Barr   2 children: 
        Matthew Gene (28-July-1983 - )
        Christopher Gene (11-June-1985 - )
    Randy Leon Morrison (17-July-1960 - ) married Linda Sue Murdick on 17-July-1982.  Linda d/o Paul & Lorene
    Murdick.  She born 17-Mar-1958 - )  2 children:
        Kyle Alan James (30-Aug-1989 - )
        Kevin Michael Ray (11-Jan-1991 - )
    Marvin Alan Morrison (31-Aug-1961 - )
    Merrie Christine Morrison (24-Dec-1963 - )
2    Harry Lee Hogan Jr. (9-Nov-1941 - 17-Aug-1956) Buried Sellers Cemetery
3    Shirley Mildred (1-Mar-1945 - ) married Tartan Collier on 22-June-1963 at Cherryville.  Buried Rolla
    Memorial Gardens.  children:
    Tartan Christopher (4-July-1967 - ) married Naomi.  4 children:
    Timothy James (9-July-1970 - )
    Travis Colby (11-Nov-1973 - )
4    Terry Dale (3-Aug-1951 - ) married 1. Debra Ann Emory on 26-June-1971 at Boss, Dent Co., MO.
    Christina Marie (1-June-1973 - ) married Brad.  2 children:
    Joshua Dale (18-Dec-1979 - )
    Terry married 2. Victoria ?
    Heather (not adopted by Terry as she was married)
    Courtney (adopted by Terry)
    Jamie (adopted by Terry)
Children by Virginia
1    Peter Lynn (born & died: 6-Nov-1955)  Sellers Cemetery
2    Michael Paul (23-Feb-1957 - ) married Jeanne McMahon in Conway, AR on 5-Apr-1985.
3    Penelope Ann (31-Mar-1959 - 20-Dec-1959)  Sellers Cemetery
Stepchildren by Virginia's 1st marriage, raised by Harry Lee Hogan
1    Linda Lee Avery married Elvis Collier on 11-May-1970.  (Elvis brother to Tartan) One child:
    Cheryl Lynn (24-Aug-1971 - )
2    Perle Eldon "Butch" Avery married Carol Faye Wells on 22-Apr-1967.  3 children:
    Mark Eldon (2-June-1965 - )
    Tracy Louise (16-Dec-1969 - )
    Billie Renee (25-Jan-1974 - )
3    Clarence Eugene "Gene" Avery married Linda Ransom.  4 children:
    Tammy Sue (10-June-1971 - )
    Virginia Rebecca (28-Apr-1973 - )
    Clarence Eugene Jr. "Eugene" (29-Feb-1976 - )
    Keith Michael (26-Jan-1978 - )
4    Claudia Ruth Avery married Michael Leroy Dildine on 17-Nov-1967.  3 children:
    Michael Leroy "Michey" (19-Oct-1968 - )
    Kenneth Eugene (20-Oct-1970 - )
    Casey Wayne (2-Sept-1981 - )
5    Fern Evelyn Avery married Jerry Joe Bryan on 5-Oct-1969 at Cherryville.  2 children:
    Lisa Marie (4-Aug-1979 - )
    Christopher Allen (17-Dec-1981 - )