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I am looking for information regarding Hiram N. SELLERS, and his wife was Sarah LEEDS. Hiram was born in 1839 in Ohio. It is possible he died in 1926. Sarah was born in Illinois in 1843.

They were married on 21 September 1861 in Mercer County, IL.

If anyone is familiar with this family, please let me know. Thank you in advance.
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Hiram and Sarah were my stepfather's great grandparents.
Please contact me at and we discuss the family.

Marie---I've just started researching this part of my husband's vast family, so I don't have a lot of information yet.

My husband's grandmother was Gladys Brock who married Ralph David Spence.

His great-grandmother was Cynthia Pearl Sellers who married John Emery Brock.

His great-great-grandparents were Hiram Sellers and Sarah Leeds.

When the weather gets better, I will be visiting the cemetery where Hiram and Sarah are buried. It's not real far from where I live. We've been there a few times before.

Last July, my computer crashed, so I lost over 4,000 names. I am kind of starting over. If I can help you in anyway, please let me know. I will do the best I can.

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MARCH 2007
MELODY, thanks. keep in touch.

I don't show a death date for Sarah or a burial place for her or Hiram. We do have his death date/place, not burial.
Would appreciate.

What we need would be a death certificate or obit on either one.
I kinda thought her father Felix Leeds, but, I see others list diff.

We have some info in Wash/Monroe Co., Ohio on the two brothers? George and John SELLERS. George family is proven thro a court record, and other kids could be John's, just no documents to prove.
Have you collected any of these records?

We have shared links =

Please share ANY document that proves a relative, etc.
Thank You, keep in touch, marie, iowa

Marie---Here is a transcribed copy of Cynthia’s obituary. If you need anything else, please let me know. When the weather breaks a little more, I’ll be going to the cemetery in Reynolds to take pictures.


Obituary for CYNTHIA PEARL SELLERS BROCK---14 April 1941

Funeral services were held at 1:30 pm Wednesday in an Aledo funeral chapel for Mrs. John Brock, age 60, whose death occurred at 4:15 pm April 14 in an Aledo hospital where she had been a patient for three months. Burial was made in the cemetery at Reynolds where her parents, Rev. Hiram and Sarah Sellers, are buried.

Pearl Sellers was born September 23, 1880, on a farm west of Reynolds. Her parents were pioneer settlers of Rock Island County. At the age of 13 she united with the Antioch Baptist Church at Marston and kept that faith through life.

She moved with her parents to Aledo at age 14 and received her education in that city. She was married there on November 12, 1898, to John Brock who survives with 4 children, Mrs. Gladys Spence and James Brock of Aledo, and Mrs. Sarah Allen and Robert Brock of Monmouth.

Also surviving are 2 grandchildren; 3 brothers, Charles Sellers of Rock Island, Oscar of Bellingham, WA, and Lee of Springfield, IL; and a sister, Mrs. Nellie Miller, of St. Petersburg, FL. She was preceded in death by her parents; 3 brothers, Robert, John, and George; and a daughter Helen.

For many years Mrs. Brock had been a faithful worker in the Aledo Baptist church where she was organist and a Sunday school teacher.


We wish to thank our kind friends and neighbors for their sympathy and help during the time of illness in the hospital and at the time of the death of our wife and mother. Also the pastor, singers, pallbearers and for the floral offerings.

John Brock and Family

(Brief notice in Aledo paper, 23 April 1941)

MELODY, thank you very much. Nice.


MELODY, thank you very much. Nice.

Do you have an obit on Hiram? I thought we had a death date, but, only the year of death 1926 is all I see now. If we had the date, probably could order an obit, but, only as good as the people who gave the info. Do you remember if the tombstone had a date?

Thanks, keep in touch, marie, iowa
Marie---I have a death date of 12 March 1926. I'm planning on going to the cemetery next Tuesday, March 27, so I will verify it then. Is there anything else I can look for?

MELODY, thanks.
IL death certs can be ordered on line, but, his may have been issued in FL? THAT'S all I can think of . Don't believe we have proved any relation that came with him in case they would be buried close?
best wishes, marie, iowa
APRIL 2007
Dear Marie---Last week, I went to the cemetery where Hiram N. Sellers is buried. Sarah is buried there as is Hiram's 2nd wife, Helen F. Sellers. Their daughter, Cynthia Pearl Sellers and her husband, John Emery Brock, are buried next to them.

Do you need additional information?

Melody Spence
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Thanks for forwarding this on to me. Very interesting.

I haven't gotten much further on the Sellers / Fullerton family history.
There was a Sellers/Fullerton family reunion last October. I did get a
couple new pictures from there but nothing new on the family. Two of my
3rd cousins have shown interest but one is awfully busy with college and I
don't know if he has much time to dig any deeper. The other took a CD I had
of the family and printed it all out for himself and his dad. Maybe there
is hope.

The closest I come to a Seller DNA is a first cousin had his DNA done for
his dad's side of the family (Stocker). His mother is the daughter of
Myrtle Mary Sellers. It's my understanding it has to be someone with the
Sellers name.

I never did hear from Steve Sellers who has pictures and obituary of Hiram N
Sellers. I have called a couple of times and he is interested in the
Sellers history but just hasn't had time to get the info sent to me.



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>I am forwrding you a letter that came thro our Sellers discussion group
>today, but, did Not go thro our Sellers Forum group and I know TORI
>will enjoy ,as probably his family, IF we can Prove his Great
>Grandfather, after he talks to his dad!
> And will enjoy reading the history on this family,
> altho, his family is in Mercer Co., IL and Mont and Monroe Co., Ohio.
> And Now you know where SELLERSBURG, IN is and our Sellers there that
> came from NC.
> Your Robert Hiram Sellers being son of Hiram Nelson Sellers and I
> believe you have cousins working on this family. Are you a SELLERS
> male? We could use a DNA cheek swab test in this group of Sellers if
> you have a living male Sellers around.
> Enjoy Michael's link below.
> marie, iowa
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KAY, thanks.

I want you to study what I am sending. I am almost sure this connects to John Sellers 1784 son of George died 1832 Greene Co., Pa. His will states sons John and George in Monroe/Washington Co., Ohio.

YES, we COULD use a dna test on male Sellers.'

John Sellers 1784 dau Elizabeth married 1835 Hiram Sweeney (they had son named Hiram Nelson Sweeney) and I believe John named his son Hiram Nelson Sellers 1839? After this family!

Also, I found a member working on this family suggesting same. And sending copy to old member working on same.

I believe you can follow the links from Monroe /Washington Co., OH to IL and back to Greene Co.,Pa
OR click on CAROL'S page and I believe links to same. On above page


I don't believe I found John Sellers 1784, after wife died? He went to 1860 IL. With his dau and her son Hiram Nelson Sweeney.

IDEAS welcomed.
marie, iowa
===I actually found the Marion Co, IL history on Google books. I did Google -
then google books and then in the search column, I put in Sarah Crouse.
About 5 entries down was a story about Jim Sellers & family. There were
other Sellers entries but they weren't on pages that they displayed. The book is in a lot of libraries but none by me. They are also for sale at
several places. I just don't have the $45 - $50 right now to get one. I haven't tried a local gen soc as I keep hoping the people that have the
info will get back to me.

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KAY, thanks. This is the way I see the family also. Not proven in stone, but, best we have now. Yes, obit or death certificate could help. Did you try the local genealogy society, some are on line now and save all obits.

Do you have the extractions from Marion Co., IL history/families? I don't see where we have this extraction and would like to post, if you could send to me, will post on page by you.

Thank you, keep in touch. marie, iowa

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It all seems to fit. I wish I could get Hiram's obit to see if I can piece together anything else.

I took the info you passed on to me with some info I found in a book "History and Families of Marion Co, IL" and put it in my genealogy software.

I put it as unrelated so I didn't commingle it with my other info.

I'm going to try to send the group sheet to you so you can see how it came out. It's probably nothing new to you but I had to put it in some kind of order or I knew I'd never follow it.

KAY, thanks. Found it , but couldn't copy or print. So will show the link to their page so others can read. Histories can have errors in them, but, good info also.
I wouldn't spend 50 dollars for one page either!

Yes, It bothers me that the two boys Nathaniel and Hiram are not mentioned and yet the youngest son Samuel is mentioned.
I did NOT find this family in 1850, so Samuel living with father John? And his two boys living with someone else and no one remembered them??. BUT, it did say KNOWN kids for some reason.

I wouldn't wait, send those letters and get results. They are online, I saw today. AND they may have copy of this Sellers article also. I am sure they can copy one page??

Thanks for sharing. marie, iowa
TO SELLERS discussion group

Does anyone have a copy of the page on SELLERS from

History and Families, Marion County, Illinois - Page 267 by Joan Tinsley Feezor - History - 1995
it was written by a JAMES SELLERS, no address etc, and my files on this family doesn't include him?

The book is still under copyright, but, I believe this one article/page could be shared.

It is under GOOGLE BOOKS, can't copy save.
May not be complete, but, nice to have for these families.
Not on or

Haven't contacted genealogy society.
Haven't done a search on this James Sellers. But, I am sure he would share with us. We don't seem to have a page on him?
Could he connect to the Greene Co, PA SELLERS??? may Not be active member now.
Has anyone had contact with him??

Please help where you can.

marie, iowa
Hi, Kay and Marie---I never have heard from Steve either. Francis Sellers III passed away recently, but I don't know if that was Steve's father or grandfather. I'm thinking it was his father. I haven't done more on this line, because I am really involved in my paternal grandmother's line at the moment.

If you ever come across anything that you think would help me with the SELLERS family, I would really appreciate it.

Melody Spence
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