The Sellers Family of Lincoln and Cleveland Counties, NC

Philip Heinrich Söllers (1698?-1769) was descended from a family of butchers in Germany. He came to Philadelphia on board the ship the James Goodwill in 1728. Travelling with him were his wife and at least one small son, Philip (1724-17??). They settled near Telford, PA. According to the DAR, Philip was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He had many children; the two eldest were George and John.

George Sellers (1756-1839) and his brother John migrated to North Carolina during the 1790s. They settled in what was then Lincoln County and became farmers. John seems to have had no children (he left his property to his nephews), but George and his wife Susanna Best had several children. Two of their sons were also named George and John and have been the source of much confusion.

I no longer believe John Sellers (the younger) to be Eli's father. I now think that George Sellers, Jr. and Anna Mary Froneberger were his parents. Please see my page of speculation to see how I arrived at this conclusion. I also have a new page of census information and a partial roster of the Froneberger cemetery where George Sr. and many family members are buried.

In the 1850 Cleveland County census a Mary Sellers is listed as the head of a household. Living with her are several of her sons, including Eli (1819-1902). Eli did not marry until after the Civil War, in which he participated briefly. He was discharged due to rheumatism after about half a year - not surprising when you realize he was 45 when he enlisted. He married Martha Lackey (1844-1910) in 1868. She was 24 and he was 49.

Their son Thomas had a large family: thirteen children over a period of 27 years. Below is a picture of a family reunion from 1933.

Thomas Filetus Sellers and Family
circa 1933

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Another version of this picture with families depicted is available here. I also have a picture of Thomas and family taken around 1904. These are both really cool!

Here's yet another family picture, this one from 1909. Thanks to Brenda Rutherford for getting me the picture.

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1). Annotated Federal Census info for the Sellers family of NC Lincoln, Cleveland, and Macon Counties All comments in parentheses are my commentary, and merely represent my guesses on the identities of the people involved. In addition, the census especially in the early years was notoriously inaccurate, and the handwriting of census takers is often hard to decipher. Be warned. Lincoln County 1820 Census p. 296 George Sellers, Jr. He was indexed as George Sellers, Jr., but the actual entry on the microfilm looks like Sr to me 1 male 0 to 9 2 males 10 15 2 males 16 25 1 male 26 44 And I think this is George Sr, age notwithstanding, living with mostly grown children and possibly a grandchild.1 female 16 25 1 female 45 Susannah Best, 60 Lincoln County 1830 p. 166 George Sellors 2 males 0 to 5 George, age 3 and Jacob, age about 1 2 males 5 to 10 William, age 7 and Abraham, age 6 1 male 10 to 15 Eli, age 111 male 30 to 40 George, age 36 1 female 5 to 10 Elizabeth, age 12 1 female 20 to 30 Anna Mary Froneberger Sellers , age 37? Cleveland County 1850 Page 183 Felix Sellers, 59 NC Katherine, 27 NC Susan J., 27 NC Phillip, 7 NC Sarah A 4 NC Mary, 3 12 NC Tabitha Neal, 17 NC Page 184 Mary Sellers, 50 NC If I m correct, this is Anna Mary Froneberger, widow of George Sellers, Jr. See my page of speculation. Her age is a little off, but that s not uncommon. Eli, 30 NC And here s Eli. Abram, 24 NC George, 22 NC Jacob, 20 NC Newton, 18 NC Daniel, 16 NC Jane Froneberger, 16 NC This may be Anna Mary s niece. Source gene sellerscensus.html MINDY S PAGE Mindy Green March, 2001http bonanzajb gene sellers.html My name is Mindy Green and I am descended from George Sellers 1755 56 1839 of PA and Lincoln Co., NC. On your Lincoln County page you quote from my website at http bonanzajb gene sellers.html I was wondering if you would mind putting a link to my site on the page, before or after the quote so people can find out about updates and more information. You could also list my new email address at it s recently changed. You also might be interested to see the two Sellers wills I have transcribed. They re available from bonanzajb gene will.html I hope to have some new info up soon. I recently found the much overgrown Froneberger cemetery where George Sellers and some of his family are buried. Here are some of my observations about what I found According to the IGI, George Sellers 1756 1839 was married three times first to Susannah Best ?d. before 1809, mother of George Jr, John, Philip, Henry, and Caty among others , second to Magdalena Schneider who he married in PA, mother of Felix , and third, debatedly, to Anna Mary Froneberger. My info is from a woman I met over the internet, who was a descendant of Felix. She had done a lot of research and had info to back it up, but unfortunately when my hard drive perished I lost all the emails we had exchanged, and her snail and email addresses. I m pretty sure I have a printout somewhere, but I ll have to dig. In any case, according to her, George was married twice to Susannah Best and Magdalena Schneider, and his son George actually married Anna Mary Froneberger. They had one son Philip who was raised by his uncle Philip after George Jr s death presumably in 1825 or thereabouts. She believes that Eli and siblings were actually the children of John Sellers and Mary Rush. With all that in mind we went to the Froneberger cemetery. In a line are Barbara Sellers, Philip Sellers, Susannah Sellers, George Sellers, Anna M. Sellers, and a small stone that reads C. Sellers. Barbara and Philip s graves are similar and the dates support our belief that this is George Sr s son Philip and his wife Barbara Froneberger. Susannah and George s stones are identical as befits a husband and wife, and are also signed by the carver, WNC. His reads In memory of George Sellers died Dec. 3rd 1839 aged 83 years, which fits with everything we know about him. Hers however was a surprise. It says she died Jan 19, 1843, aged 83 years. The four in 1843 was hard to read, but we rubbed it and you can definitely see the angle and the crossbar of a 4 . If this really is Susannah Best, as I believe it is, then George Sr. cannot legally have married either Magdalena Schneider, or Anna Mary Froneberger! Anna Mary Froneberger s stone is in fact next to George Srs, but on it s other side is C. Sellers, died May 22 1836or 1830 the stone is very poorly carved . This is the only other Sellers buried there except for an Eli F Sellers, who I think may have been a child. What if the C. with a period very close to the bottom of the C was actually a G? And this is George Sellers, Jr? The dates aren t right, but I don t think we ever knew his death date with any certainty. Coming at it from another angle, Anna Mary s headstone reads born Jan 3 1793 died Nov 22 1869, so in 1850 she would have been 57 years old. However, in the 1850 Cleveland Co census, Eli age 30 appears living with his brothers and his mother, Mary, age 50. It s just another reason to believe Anna Mary was not Eli s mother. I hope this is of interest. Any light you can shed on all this would be much appreciated. Mindy Green March, 2001